Leroy Cool Meets Chancellor George Osborne

Excuse me, arenít you George Osborne.


Yes, I am.


I thought I recognised you; I donít usually fly first class. Arenít you the Chancellor of the Exchequer?


Yes, I am. Arenít you American?


Does it show?


I recognise the accent.


Are you going to St Moritz?


Er, yes.


Iíd like to have been an economist, but my Dad said I didnít have the brains for it.


Oh, Iím sure he was wrong.


I dunno, there are a lot of things I canít understand. I mean, I remember reading the Guardian newspaper in June last year when you were in China, and you said the key to recovery was for Britain to increase its exports, especially to China.


Yes, I remember that.


But surely the more you export, the harder you have to work?


Er, itís really not that simple.


No, I suppose not. Same as with government borrowing, I mean, I always thought it made more sense for a government to create its own credit than to borrow money. Why donít you do that?


No government can just print money, Leroy.


Really, why not?


Because that would cause inflation.


But if you borrow money you have to repay it, right?


Of course.


With interest?


Yes, with interest.


And you borrow this money from the banks, right?




Who create it ex nihilo?


Er, yes.


So instead of borrowing at interest money from the banks which they create ex nihilo, wouldnít it make more sense for the government simply to create its own credit and forego paying the interest?


Thinks - Oh God, if thereís one thing I canít stand itís an uppity n...




Thinks - never stop asking daft questions kid.


Well, wouldnít it?


No, I canít do that.


Is that what youíre going to tell your masters at Bilderberg 2011 when you meet them in St Moritz?


My what?


I mean, my what?


The Bilderberg Group, you are in their pockets, arenít you, George?


Good grief, no!


Oh, it must be the Maastricht Treaty that stops you creating your own credit, and commits you to the enslavement of your people.


Good grief, is this really first class? I only have an economy class ticket. Government cutbacks, you know. Bye Leroy.


Bye George. Guess my Dad was right; Iím too dumb to understand economics.



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