Rabbi Ahron Cohen of Neturei Karta addressed the 39th meeting of the New Right in Central London on June 3, 2012; this meeting – unusually held on a Sunday – was a memorial for Jonathan Bowden. The Rabbi spoke on the subject of Judaism v Zionism. Below are my introductory remarks.


Introducing Rabbi Ahron Cohen


In December 2006, I travelled to Tehran to deliver a paper at the Global Vision conference on the Holocaust, an event that was held under the auspices of a supposedly tyrannical régime, yet could not strangely enough have been held in a nice democratic country like Germany because there it would have been illegal, while in the UK the usual ragbag mobs of self-styled anti-fascists would have rendered it impossible.

On the way to the hotel I shared a taxi with our next speaker, who belongs to a group I call the REAL Jews, as opposed to the political gangsters like Gerry Gable and Abraham Foxman who use that name as a fig leaf to further their own sinister agendas.

In Tehran as here, Rabbi Ahron Cohen was in the minority; he travelled to Iran to address people with whom he held fundamental differences of opinion, and to attempt to persuade them that they were wrong and that he was right by using the powers of rational argument, reason, logic and common sense.

These are devices for which our major political enemies have no use at all, preferring instead lies, wailing and whining, ad hominem, ridicule and satire, the silent treatment, legislation of all things effected by more lies and deception, and when all these things fail, naked terror.

Rabbi Cohen has likewise been a victim of these despicable tactics in spite of both his religion and his great age, and for that reason especially, I ask you to give him a warm welcome and to listen carefully to what he has to say.

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