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Can We Afford Kosher Crazies
The World Trade Center Atrocity?

On the July 2001 conviction and gaoling of Jeffrey Archer for perjury and perverting the course of justice in his 1987 libel action against the Daily Star newspaper, the media was awash with all manner of allegations about his sex life, his incessant lying and his dodgy deals, including ripping off charities. Although the scale of these revelations was surprising, something of that nature was to be expected. We’ve all seen this sort of thing before, of course, often in more serious cases. In the run-up to any major trial the media has to be wary of the Contempt Of Court Act, but after a man has been convicted, he’s fair game for any amount of mud to be thrown at him, however ill-founded the new allegations may be.

In the Archer case however it was clear that not everyone who cried I told you so was simply pretending to be wise after the event. Many people both in and out of the media were aware of Archer’s sexual escapades, and more importantly of his dodgy dealings. One author produced an unauthorised biography of Archer shortly after the Daily Star libel trial, (1) and although Archer had been tolerated by the Tory hierarchy it was equally clear that some extremely powerful and influential Conservatives had marked his card. Archer had influence in the Conservative Party, but not power.

Archer pulled wires effectively, and made it clear that he would have no qualms about bringing further libel actions. After the Daily Star verdict, one can hardly criticise any newspaper for failing to grasp the nettle. (2) Most of the evidence against him was impeachable; eyewitness testimony is always impeachable, but documentary evidence of a certain kind is a different kettle of fish.

Which brings us to Gerry Gable. Who is Gerry Gable? Although he is nowhere near as well known as Jeffrey Archer, he is just as big a liar, if not more so. But the lies of Gerry Gable are far, far worse than those of Jeffrey Archer, because whereas Archer lied both for personal gain and to boost his already massive ego, the lies of Gerry Gable and his Searchlight gang have been used for far more sinister purposes than to generate a steady income for this filthy cabal.

In particular Gable and company have used their lies to attack and in some measure to destroy freedom of speech and other freedoms which our forefathers paid for with their precious blood. They have used their lies to hoodwink academics, the police, Parliament, the European Parliament, Jewish, “anti-fascist” and other organisations, including the mass media. And, most sinister of all, they have used them to poison the minds of our youth. White youth have been brainwashed with a fanatical hatred of the very concept of whiteness; black, Asian and other youth have been fed the fantasy of universal racism; and Jewish youth have been fed the lie that “anti-Semitism” is always and only the fault of the wicked (Aryan) goyim, and that the Jew never earns any of the hatred and animosity which is at times directed towards him.

It is true that Gable and his gang have not done this all by themselves, and that they have many aiders and abettors across a broad “anti-racist” and “anti-fascist” popular front. But it is equally true that the lies and distortions of Gable and his hate-machine have been documented thoroughly, and that unlike Jeffrey Archer, most of this documentation is in the public domain, is easily accessible, easily verifiable, and for the most part unimpeachable.

I propose here to focus on four such lies in particular:

a) the synagogue arsons lie

b) the Column 88 “Nazi Underground” lie

c) the “my wife was a mole” lie and

d) Gable’s lie and hate campaign against the Italian-born asylum-seeker Roberto Fiore.

I stress again that the documentation on all these lies has been in the public domain for many years, and that most of it is unimpeachable.

A) The Synagogue Arsons Lie

Gerry Gable has claimed repeatedly in print that during the 1960s he and his Searchlight gang brought to justice the killers (murderers) of a Jewish student. This lie has appeared in print many times, for example, in 1987, Gable told the Jewish Chronicle newspaper that after the fatal fire in question: “I stood in the burnt-out shell of that yeshiva at four in the morning and made a private vow to get the people who’d done that”. (3) Which he duly did. The only problem with this fantasy is that the fire in question was started accidentally!

There was indeed a series of arson attacks against synagogues in London in 1965, and two groups of fanatical young neo-Nazis were eventually brought to book for them. But the fire at the Mesifta Talmudical College in Cazenove Road, Stamford Hill in November 1964 did not appear on the indictments. Nor did Gable help bring the actual arsonists to book. One of the arsonists involved had an attack of conscience and confessed his involvement to one of Gable’s Jewish friends, a notorious homosexual and militant “anti-fascist” by the name of Harry Bidney. Bidney persuaded Paul Dukes to go to the police, which hardly required any great effort, although he also tried to implicate the totally innocent British Nazi leader Colin Jordan as the mastermind behind the arsons campaign. The real mastermind, the inspiration if you like, was Jordan’s fanatically anti-Jewish wife Françoise, the former Françoise Dior.

The three trials at the Central Criminal Court, of the two arson gangs and later of Mrs Jordan, resulted in surprisingly lenient sentences for most of those concerned. Files relating to two of the synagogue arsons trials have been preserved and can be consulted at the Public Record Office: CRIM 1/4469 relates to REGINA V DUKES + ORS; CRIM 1/4749 relates to REGINA V JORDAN. (4) Reports on the accidental fire at the Mesifta College appeared in the local and Jewish press at the time, in particular the Hackney Gazette And North London Advertiser for December 22, 1964, which killed stone dead all speculation of foul play. Until Gable’s lie machine swung into action two decades later.

B) The Column 88 “Nazi Underground” Lie

If you read back issues of Searchlight for the mid to late seventies you will find many references to the so-called Nazi Underground, Column 88. These stories also found their way into the mainstream press, for example the Daily Telegraph for April 30, 1976 and July 3, 1976, and the Daily Mail, July 3, 1976.

The legend of Column 88 - which did exist after a fashion - was cooked up by two men: the late Maurice Ludmer (Gable’s collaborator and then editor of Searchlight), and a Gentile communist named Richard David Roberts. The Daily Telegraph reported on Column 88 because Searchlight managed to con a gullible Quaker journalist, Peter Gladstone Smith, although he was far from the only journalist to be taken in.

Searchlight’s coverage of this supposedly mysterious and sinister organisation included COLUMN 88 THE STORY OF BRITAIN’S UNDERGROUND NAZIS - A SEARCHLIGHT EXCLUSIVE, published in the May 1975 issue, pages 3-6; and EXPOSE, the cover story and in-depth exposé, published in the May 1976 issue, pages 2-4.

It was claimed at the time that Column 88 was not only the so-called Nazi Underground but a private army. Don’t take my word for it, check out the back issues for yourself.

As late as 1991, Gable himself claimed in print that Column 88 “has existed in this country since the war years.” (5) And that the main reason John Tyndall was ousted from the leadership of the National Front is that he had reneged on his oath of allegiance to Column 88, into which he had been inducted at the age of nineteen, ie back in the early 1950s. (6) Yet when we consult the April 1993 issue of Searchlight, we read at page 11 that Column 88 was not the Nazi Underground at all but “a honey-trap organisation controlled by British intelligence”.

Gable and company can’t have it both ways; either Column 88 was the Nazi Underground or it wasn’t. If the latter is the case, what are we to make of the revelations of Gable’s so-called Nazi “mole” Ray Hill, who in the 1984 pseudo-documentary The Other Face Of Terror - which Gable produced - flashed a Column 88 membership card at the viewer?

The full truth about Column 88 may be a great deal more bizarre than a simple media scam by a left wing magazine. In July 1994, in connection with his researches, the current writer wrote to the much touted leader of Column 88, Les Vaughan; he didn’t reply. The previous December I had brought a libel action against Gable, (7) and in the process of disclosure, Gable’s lawyers served his list of documents, which included letters from many people to whom I had written in connection with my investigations and who had apparently forwarded these letters to Gable. One of these people was Les Vaughan, who had written on my letter in felt tip:

over to you -

Vaughan had literally been hounded by Gable and his gang; the July 1985 issue contained an article:

The Column and the Convoy

Vaughan’s photograph appeared on the front cover. This man has been branded a potential mass murderer by Searchlight, among other things. Why would he have forwarded my letter - or any letter - to Gable? The only reason I can think of is that he had been in Searchlight’s pocket all along.

C) My Wife Was A Nazi “Mole”

Gerry Gable has been married no less than four times; he and his current wife, Sonia, tied the knot in 1984; she is somewhat younger than him. Around 1992, when the current writer was researching Searchlight’s accounts at Companies House, he came across an unusual name that sounded familiar to him. That name was Sonia Hochfelder; it was said to be the maiden name of Company Secretary Mrs Sonia Gable. I soon realised where I had seen that name before; a photograph of Sonia Hochfelder appeared in an early issue of Searchlight. (8)

Further inquiries revealed that Sonia Hochfelder was at that time a leading member of the National Front and a contributor to the theoretical journal of the League of St George, which is referred to routinely by Gable and company as a neo-Nazi organisation. In other words, by his own logic, Gerry Gable’s wife was a Nazi.

Although this information was in the public domain, it was not widely known. The current writer rectified that in 1993 (to put it mildly!) with the publication of a “tribute” to Sweet Sonia, and more extensively in 1994 with the publication of his book Liars Ought To Have Good Memories. (9)

This left Gerry and Sonia Gable with three options: they could ignore this exposé and hope it would go away (fat chance); they could own up to it, and no one would have thought any less of Mrs Gable for it because we all make mistakes, especially when we are young. (10) Or they could do what Gerry does best: lie. They chose the latter course.

Mr and Mrs Gable then let it be known that she had indeed been a member of the National Front, but rather than being a genuine member, she had been a mole. That is she was some sort of latter day Kosher Mata Hari risking life and limb to gather intelligence on the wicked Nazis. Leaving aside the fact that the National Front was not and never had been a Nazi organisation, and the other pertinent fact that it was in any case a perfectly legal one, as was the League of St George, there remained one small problem. Hochfelder is, as I said, a very rare name; it is also a clearly Jewish name. How could she have been a mole? How could she have been an undercover agent?

It is clear from contemporaneous documents that the ethnic origins of Miss Hochfelder were no big secret in the far right at that time. For example, in the August 1978 issue of League Review, a correspondent named C. Horner wrote in protesting at an article Sonia had written.

His letter reads thus:

“Dear Sir, I am heartily sick and tired of Jew S. Hochfelder’s ceaseless efforts to force this troublesome tribe of self chosen people down our throats...Must their infiltration, whining and take-over be put up with even in the last bastions of white-racial circles?”

This is not a pleasant letter, some might even construe it as anti-Semitic. Whether or not that is the case, what is inarguable is the fact that Sonia was no mole, because a mole would have concealed her Jewish origins, and a mole would certainly not have written passionately in defence of Zionism in the theoretical journal of the League of St George, as did Sweet Sonia.

D) Roberto Fiore - terrorist and mass murderer?

For a magazine that is so concerned for the welfare of “asylum-seekers”, Searchlight and its controller have a strange attitude to a certain Mr Roberto Fiore. Unlike most so-called asylum-seekers who are really economic migrants, Roberto Fiore fled to this country with a genuine fear of political persecution. In August 1980, a bomb exploded at Italy’s Bologna station causing massive loss of life. According to the Guinness Book Of Records, 1985, this was the greatest (ever) civilian death toll from a terrorist bomb: 85 were killed and 200 injured.

The outrage was immediately blamed on “fascists”, and, fearing a witch hunt, a number of right wing activists fled the country. One of these was Roberto Fiore, who turned up in Britain.

Over the years, Gable has made all manner of outrageous and for the most part demonstrably false allegations against this man in particular. Due to his incessant lies many people believe that Roberto Fiore was implicated in the Bologna bombing, that he was allowed into the country because of some sort of clandestine arrangement with the security services, and that he was not extradited to Italy to stand trial for mass murder because the authorities bungled the case.

In fact, Roberto Fiore was never implicated in the Bologna bombing; he was charged with subversive association, a crime that has no basis in English law, and it was this which led to the case against him being dismissed. Fiore has since returned to Italy, indeed he is pictured at a march in his home country in the February 2001 issue of Searchlight, which begs the question, if he really is a terrorist mass murderer and/or mastermind, why wasn’t he arrested and thrown into gaol on his return?

It is true that not every Italian who fled to Britain in the wake of Bologna was whiter than white. Luciano Petrone, who was wanted for a number of robberies and the murder of a police officer in Rome, was arrested (in Britain) on January 27, 1983; he was extradited in 1985. (11) Indeed, Fiore himself may not be whiter than white. He has been investigated by the Charity Commissioners for one thing. Notwithstanding the fact that this, and other such investigations, have been prompted in large measure if not exclusively by Gable’s lies and hatemongering, there is a canyon-wide gulf between a businessman who may be a bit dodgy, and one who orders or executes terrorist outrages. (12)

Here is what the British government had to say about Roberto Fiore in a written answer: (13)

Mr. Renton [holding answer 17 May 1989]: In 1981 the Italian Government requested the extradition of Mr. Fiore for a number of offences, but the request failed in the courts because a prime facie case could not be established. No further request has been received from the Italian Government for his extradition. When the extradition provisions of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 are brought into force later this year the United Kingdom will be able to ratify the European convention on extradition, which does not impose a prime facie requirement.

Consideration has also been given to Mr. Fiore’s deportation under section 3(5)(b) of the Immigration Act 1971. Under Community law, a Community national working here can be deported on grounds of public policy, public security or public health. In accordance with case law established by the European Court, however, it would be necessary to have evidence of personal conduct constituting a present threat to the requirements of public policy. Mr. Fiore has been interviewed by officers of the immigration department of the Home Office, but the evidence available does not meet the strict criteria for deportation required under European law.


In other words, the British government has no evidence that Roberto Fiore has been anything but a law abiding member of the community since he arrived here. Of course, it may be that he has known terrorists and other criminals, but so what? There are probably seven or eight million people in Britain with criminal records, (14) and anyone can be smeared with guilt by association. For example, in the same Jewish Chronicle article in which Gable claimed falsely to have solved the 1960s synagogue arsons, he boasted that one of his own sons was serving in the Israeli army. Does that mean that Gerry should be held responsible for his son’s actions, if, for argument’s sake, the latter were to shoot dead a Palestinian schoolgirl on her way to buy milk? (15)

The July 2001 issue of Searchlight contains yet another rant at Roberto Fiore. In a signed article, Gable accuses him openly of murdering two people. Curiously, the authorities do not record either of these deaths as murders. Rosine de Bounevialle was an elderly woman who was found dead in her bath. An open verdict was returned, but the police appear to be satisfied that no crime was committed.

The death of John Gaster in 1998 was indeed a mystery, but although this elderly man died shortly after being attacked in public - something that is not exactly unknown in South London - he did not die from his injuries, as Gable would have his readers believe, but from an unidentified infection. This would appear to rule out an assassination at the behest of Roberto Fiore or anyone else, unless Gaster was a victim of germ warfare.

Unimpeachable Evidence - Impeachable Lies

The current writer’s documentation on the lies and perfidy of Gerry Gable and his Searchlight gang are unimpeachable. I invite the reader to verify this modest claim for himself. Gable’s response has been predictable. If he comments at all it will be to the effect that Alexander Baron is an anti-Semite, a fascist, a Nazi, a conspiracy theorist, a crank, or simply mad. I’ve had all that and worse thrown at me over the years, and not just from Gable.

Okay, let’s accept all the above, you can add schizophrenic and psychopathic too if you wish, but what did the Jewish Chronicle say about the Mesifta Talmudical College fire in December 1964, and what did Gable tell the paper in October 1987? What did Searchlight say about Column 88 back in the mid-seventies, and what does it say about it now? What does the British government say about Roberto Fiore? If this man is a terrorist and a murderer as Gable claims, why is he still at liberty? Regardless of my politics, my motives or my sanity, Gable is a damned liar.

Two Endnotes (1) Donald A. Martin

I said above that I would focus on four of Gable’s lies; I propose to add two distortions: the campaign against Donald Martin, and a recent throwaway comment about the late Morris Riley.

A big article in the September 2001 issue of Gable’s hate sheet announces VICTORY! Antisemite forced to resign from top business post.

Searchlight had previously published a series of dramatic revelations about Martin’s shady past, and present, and this was the culmination. In fact these revelations were neither dramatic nor revealing. The bottom line is that Donald Martin distributes the Protocols Of Zion, a document of Russian (pre-Soviet) origin which is widely denounced as anti-Semitic by historians and other academics. In fact, although the Protocols has been exploited extensively by anti-Semites (including the Nazis), the document itself is more mystical than anti-Semitic.

Donald Martin is a book publisher and distributor; the fact that he distributes a particular publication hardly implies total endorsement - or any endorsement - of its contents. In this connection I might point out that Gable’s magazine has on occasion published documents or extracts from documents which it brands anti-Semitic, fascist or racist. So what?

The current writer has known Donald Martin for many years; I corresponded with him in the 1980s, and I have known him personally if slightly since the early 1990s. He has never expressed anti-Semitic views or opinions to me or in my presence, and in fact in the early 1990s, he met with an anti-Zionist rabbi with whom I was working to discuss the real nature of the so-called Jewish Question.

Donald Martin’s heresy is that he is aware of the nature and extent of Jewish/Zionist power and mendacity, and is candid enough to acknowledge it publicly when relevant. As far as I know, he does not endorse the authenticity of the Protocols Of Zion. In the November 27, 1993 issue of his bulletin On Target, Martin published an article called Robert Welch’s Timeless Warning Against Anti-Semitism. This article is part of a speech called If You Want It Straight, which Welch made in 1969.

Robert Welch was an American conspiracy theorist and founder of the John Birch Society. Among other things he believed that the Protocols Of Zion was written by Lenin. This belief may be many things, including wrong, but it is not anti-Semitic.

Curiously, Jewish Chronicle correspondent J.J. Goldberg quotes approvingly, almost gloatingly, from the Protocols in his smug monograph Jewish Power. On page 284 of this book we read: Protocol Number 2: “Through the Press we have gained the power to influence while remaining ourselves in the shade.”

And what are we to make of Goldberg’s claim that “For all of the rank anti-Semitism lurking in the Jewish-conspiracy theories, the notion of Jewish influence in the media is not necessarily anti-Semitic in and of itself...The movie camera was invented by non-Jews, but the Hollywood dream factory was created by a handful of immigrant Jewish entrepreneurs...These few - Adolph Zukor, William Fox, Samuel Goldwyn, Louis B. Mayer, Carl Laemmle, Marcus Loew, the Warner Brothers, and a few others - turned a technological curiosity into a multibillion dollar industry.”

And “Virtually all the senior executives at the major studios are Jews. Writers, producers, and to a lesser degree directors are disproportionately Jewish - one recent study showed the figure as high as 59 percent among top-grossing films.”

Goldberg concludes: “The combined weight of so many Jews in one of American’s most lucrative and important industries gives the Jews of Hollywood a great deal of political power.”

So it seems that what is good for Jews is not good for Gentiles, but this is nothing new for those of us who have documented the mendacity of Gable and his hatemongering co-racialists in Organised Zionist Jewry.

Two Endnotes (2) Morris Riley

In his News from the sewers (16) column in the September 2001 issue, Gable writes: “Strangely, Jones seems to think that Searchlight paid out £9,000 to somebody over a libel action. That’s news to me, but I am only the publisher. Perhaps he is getting confused over a case brought by a character called Morris Riley, which ended up with him several thousand pounds worse off and dropping dead from a heart attack a few months later.”

Anyone reading this column could be forgiven for thinking that when Morris Riley sued Searchlight for libel, he lost the case. The truth is that Morris Riley sued Gable personally, Searchlight Magazine Limited, one-time Searchlight columnist Ray Hill, and Searchlight’s printer, Russell Press Limited. Russell Press paid £5001 into court sometime before the trial. Morris accepted this payment, which was augmented by a proportion of his costs. Immediately prior to the start of the trial, the remaining three defendants paid £750 into court. Morris declined to accept this, and on February 23, 2000, a jury at the High Court found for Morris Riley against Gable, Searchlight and Hill, and awarded him £5,000 damages.

Because of complications caused by the payments into court, Morris was ordered to pay the costs of the three remaining defendants from February 10 till the end of the trial in addition to his own costs for the same period. But the first three defendants, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine Limited and Ray Hill, were ordered to pay their own costs and Morris Riley’s costs from the commencement of the action up until February 10.

Morris Riley was my good friend, and I assisted him with the case. Just before he died he told me that after tax allowances, etc, (with which he was familiar as an accountant) he had made a small profit on the action. More importantly, he inflicted a crushing defeat on Gable. (17)

Although Gable is fond of making scurrilous allegations against people who generally don’t have the resources to defend their reputations, when push comes to shove he is a coward. Both he and his creature Hill declined to give evidence at the trial. Curiously, in his witness statement, Gable claimed that he, not Hill, had written the defamatory article in question, and that Hill had stopped writing for the magazine sometime before. This claim contradicts the claim he made in his witness statement in Baron v Gable & Others, where he stated overtly that Hill was writing the Hill Street News column at a later date.

Also in his former witness statement, Gable claimed that Morris was a Walter Mitty character, someone who fantasised about being a spy. Yet in the same witness statement he claimed that Morris had worked for both MI5 and MI6, and that he had evidence to that effect! (18)

This is typical of Gable’s schizophrenia, he has an almost unique ability to believe two entirely disparate and mutually exclusive facts simultaneously, and if anyone points this out, well, he must be anti-Semitic.

When I sued Gable, he whined in his April 1997 witness statement that “I saw that he was continuing with his sustained attacks on me and Searchlight, and his efforts to stop me earning my livelihood by defaming me to people I knew and worked with.”

And how do you earn your livelihood, Gerry? By spreading lies, suspicion, hatred and fear, you pathetic, whinging parasite. What I was doing was playing Van Helsing to your Dracula. A burglar might just as well whine that his local constabulary are making sustained attacks on his livelihood by setting up a neighbourhood watch scheme.

Gerry Gable: Sociopath

Independent researcher Larry O’Hara once told the current writer that he had evidence that Gable had been implicated in two murders. This sort of allegation is every bit as scurrilous as those Gable makes about Roberto Fiore, but if O’Hara believes such things about him, Gable has only himself to blame, because his hate campaign against O’Hara is directly responsible for loony Larry’s paranoia.

Gable may not be a murderer, (19) but he is most definitely a sociopath. One author has described sociopaths in the following terms: “Sociopaths, according to the psychological literature...are manipulative and deceitful; they totally disregard the feelings of others; they are amoral and ruthless in personal dealings; they lie incessantly; they are ‘voluble and verbally facile’...and they blame others for their actions.” (20)

That sums up Gable to a tee; he is manipulative, deceitful, has a total disregard for the (Aryan) goyim, he is totally ruthless, lies incessantly, and, like so many Jews, he blames others for his actions, in particular for the hatred he incites wilfully against anyone who doesn’t subscribe wholeheartedly to his particular brand of “anti-fascism”.

It would be easy to blame Gable for all the lies and disinformation he has sown, and all the misery he has caused over the years, but the sad truth is that Gable’s success is less a barometer of his duplicity than of the venality of the media, academics, and Jewish and “anti-fascist” organisations who have given aid and comfort to his hatemongering by endorsing his poison uncritically, when as in the case of the Jewish Chronicle and the 1960s synagogue arsons cited above, all they had to do to expose his lies was to consult their own archive. And herein lies the danger...


On September 11, 2001, the greatest single act of mass murder of innocent civilians outside of war time occurred when “Islamic” fanatics hijacked a number of internal aircraft in the United States crashing one of them onto the Pentagon, and two into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York. At the time of writing - December 2001 - the number of missing persons is estimated at nearly three thousand. The exact, final death toll will undoubtedly never be known. Why and how could something like this have happened? How could Western intelligence agencies have failed completely to pick up on a crime of this magnitude which it now appears likely took years to organise, plan and finance?

One reason is that over the past thirty and more years they have spent more time chasing mythical Nazi conspiracies than in trying to understand the real nature of terrorism, its causes and cures. This is hardly surprising when one considers the following. Richard Thurlow, a so-called academic, writes of the National Front and “various mimetic Nazi organizations”, in his book The Secret State:

They have probably been subjected to Secret State surveillance, but “whether there has been much need for MI5 to do more than invest in an annual subscription to the well informed independent left-wing anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, remains doubtful. Certainly this source has highlighted the international connections of the extreme right...” (21)

Thurlow wrote similar garbage in an earlier book, of Searchlight he said: “This is the most interesting intelligence source for post-1945 British fascism. Gerry Gable is particularly keen that more academics should be made aware of his resources”, (22) adding that “Gerry Gable’s intelligence activities...appeared to find out more about the extreme right than the fascists knew themselves.” (23)

And of Gable’s creature Ray Hill, he wrote: “The activities of Ray Hill led to the exposure of a gunrunning operation to Northern Ireland involving members of the National Democratic Party, the thwarting of a plot to explode a terrorist bomb at the 1981 Notting Hill carnival, and the passing of information to the authorities of the provision of ‘safe houses’ for wanted terrorists, who in return (it was alleged) were providing paramilitary training and proceeds from previous bank robberies on the continent. Hill provided evidence that practically all of Britain’s nazis were implicated in some of these activities, including the British Movement, the League of St George and Column 88.” (24)

Another academic, and so-called terrorism expert, has been taken in by the same garbage. In his “acclaimed survey” (25) of the far right, Paul Wilkinson writes that Column 88 “had infiltrated military units and established weapon training-camps and exercises.” He also reports totally uncritically on the so-called Notting Hill Carnival bomb plot, which was entirely a product of Gable’s sick Jewish mind, him and his creature Ray Hill.

A photograph between pages 136 and 137 of Wilkinson’s book is captioned “Outside the synagogue in the Rue Copernic, Paris, after a bomb-attack on 3 October 1980 which left 4 dead and 12 wounded. FNE, the fascist anti-Semitic group, claimed responsibility”. In fact, it is well documented that this claim was made by a French Jew, Jean Yves-Pellay, who made an anonymous phone call specifically to discredit the organisation. To the best of my knowledge, no one has ever been brought to book for this particular terrorist outrage.

I leave it to the reader to decide whether the likes of Thurlow and Wilkinson are guilty of venality, laziness, sloppiness, or some permutation of the three, and to wonder why somebody of my humble station is capable of deconstructing Gable’s lies so effortlessly without the benefit of a university education, or funding, while the cream of British historians and political scientists don’t even question them in any meaningful sense.

If men like these are the best academia can produce, and if the security of the Western world is dependent on their tiny brainwashed minds, then we shouldn’t be surprised if we get bombed to Kingdom Come, and quite frankly, if we do, we will have deserved it.

Although Gable’s stomping ground is Britain, he has occasionally ventured into foreign territory, including the United States. Searchlight is in fact part of a loose knit network of Kosher crazies and goy fellow travellers who have spread lies and nonsense about the mythical fascist menace across the Western world. In the United States, Gable’s correspondent Leonard Zeskind, and organisations such as the (misnamed) Anti-Defamation League and the (extremely well funded) Southern Poverty Law Center have been waging a similar disinformation campaign. Again, like the authorities in the United States and elsewhere, they were caught completely off-guard by the terrible atrocity of the World Trade Center.

Since September 11, 2001, there has been much debate about the full extent of the “Islamic” terror network throughout the West, including frighteningly well-founded speculation that in the near future such fanatics may commit mass murder by even more outrageous means; the apparent ringleader of the suicide gang, Mohamed Atta, is known to have inquired about crop spraying aircraft. We know for certain that well-funded, dedicated and fanatical terrorists have access to agents of chemical, and perhaps biological, warfare. As long ago as 1995, a Japanese suicide cult released deadly sarin gas onto the Tokyo subway resulting in the deaths of eleven people, and injuring more than five thousand. A better planned and executed attack could have killed thousands, and in the hands of people like Mohamed Atta and his invisible network, we could be looking at millions of deaths.

If freedom, and indeed Western civilisation, is to survive, the likes of Gerry Gable must be purged from our media and other institutions like the tapeworms they are and replaced by intelligent, unbiased men and women of integrity whose commitment is to truth and tracking down real terrorists rather than running around in circles like headless chickens chasing shadow Nazis in some perverted ideological struggle of Jewish victimhood against Aryan evil. Or in the case of Doreen Lawrence and her gang, squandering precious resources rooting out and fighting the chimera of institutional racism when the streets are not safe for people of any race to walk.

It is a frightening thought that Gable sits on the Racial And Violent Crime Task Force of the Metropolitan Police where he has undoubtedly filled the heads of the likes of John Grieve with all manner of nonsense, lies and fantasies, and has as a quid pro quo been given access to confidential police intelligence files. (26)

Ancillary to the above is the need for Western policy makers to shrug off the mantle of political Zionism, which has led to so much trouble in the Middle East. Only when the Palestinian people receive national and social justice will the voices of Osama Bin Laden and Mohamed Atta fall on deaf ears.

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