The anthology VIRIDIAN: a song for GREENPEACE contains the following in this order:

A short FOREWORD signed A Baron and dated September 1988

Never Mind Yesterday
Midas Shadow
Waste Wood, Waste Paper
Be A Friend Of The Earth
Four Minutes To Midnight
Recipé For Dodo Soup
Song Of The Shark

Can’t Sink A Rainbow - words and music

Deer Me
Lament For a Tiger
Song Of Cuckmere
Mr Nobody
Frankenstein 2000

This latter consists of parts (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), (v) & (vi) Song Of The Cyborg.


Midas Shadow is as published but with minor corrections in punctuation, etc, ditto the others, for example, in the original, the titles were capitalised, while Mr Nobody was rendered MR. NOBODY - not a world of difference.

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