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Six Million Reasons
To Hate The White Race


The Second World War ended with perhaps fifty million dead, and atrocities committed on both sides, for such is the nature of war. Allied atrocities included such acts of insanity as Hiroshima, Nagasaki, the fire-bombing of Tokyo and the destruction of Dresden. However, at the end of the war, the victors hit on the novel idea of putting the vanquished on trial, mostly Germans but also many Japanese, and collaborators such as the World War One hero and leader of Vichy France, Marshal Petain. The focus of the spurious war crimes trials was, and remains, the Nazi death camps, including the alleged extermination camps of Auschwitz and others in the East.

The British, who liberated Belsen, found some thirteen thousand corpses lying around the camp, which was disease-ridden, particularly with typhus, and, on account of severe logistical and other problems, a scene of mass starvation and utter horror. Similar scenes were found at other liberated camps, including Dachau, although by no means all the liberated inmates were infected with typhus, or starving. Some of those liberated at Dachau were fit enough to abuse their former captors. (18)

A study of the true nature of the Nazi camps is beyond the scope of the current work, it will suffice to say here that all the camps, and the Nazi ideology which is said to have created them, have, by clever propaganda and manipulation of the media, become associated permanently in the public mind with racial hatred and genocide. Although it has never been claimed

  except by the sensationalist press and the ignorant – that Belsen was any sort of extermination camp, (19) the public perception of the Holocaust has always been, in the minds of the British public at least, the terrible scenes found at Belsen, and these have been used not only as proof that the Nazis gassed Jews, (20) but as proof that any form of white racial consciousness, white racial awareness or antipathy towards any form of race-mixing, is inherently evil and must lead inevitably to genocide. (21)

Both individual Jews and Jewish (specifically Zionist) organisations have quite ruthlessly exploited the Holocaust – whatever it was – for financial, and more often, political, purposes. They may and do scream to high heaven that any such suggestion amounts to rabid anti-Semitism, but it is a point that is hardly worth debating. The most cynical exploiters of the Holocaust though have without doubt been the Socialist International and their fellow travellers in the race industry.


Racial Realities In Recent History –
Colonialism And Imperialism


Over the past few hundred years the white race spread out over the entire globe subjugating all before it, and imposing its customs and institutions on the non-white peoples of the world. Hardly any of the non-white races was left untouched by the long arm of colonialism, and indeed, much of this subjugation was accomplished by one small island nation, Britain. Incredible as it may seem to those white British kids growing up today, at one time the greater part of the civilised world was mapped in the red of the British Empire on which the sun never set.

Because of the pervasive influence of the aforementioned socialists and their fellow travellers, the negative aspects of colonialism and Imperialism have been drummed into the heads of, especially the young, to the exclusion of all else. It is certainly true that many formerly subject races could make out an impressive case against the White Man. The peoples of Tasmania were wiped out, the native peoples of North America were likewise treated at times barbarically, and the colonialism and Imperialism of the British and other European powers certainly did exploit the peoples of Africa and India. But overall, the Imperialists bestowed far more benefits on their subjects than misery.

The distinguished liberal historian Professor Quigley has written that: “British rule in the period 1858-1947 tied India together by railroads, roads, and telegraph lines. It brought the country into contact with the Western world, and especially with world markets, by establishing a uniform system of money, steamboat connections with Europe by the Suez Canal, cable connections throughout the world, and the use of English as the language of government and administration. Best of all, Britain established the rule of law, equality before the law, and a tradition of judicial fairness to replace the older practice of inequality and arbitrary violence.” (22)

This was far from the only contribution of the wicked Imperialists to the Indian sub-continent. The Research Bulletins of the Agricultural Research Institute at Pusa for 1911-12 report on flax experiments, wheat cultivation, research into horse diseases, rice diseases, bee-keeping, and much more. (23) Other, equally impressive contributions to the welfare of Indians and other colonial peoples were made in many other fields.

Nowhere was the impact of colonialism greater than in Africa. Contrary to the fantasies of the Boas school of cultural anthropology, there was never any civilisation in Black Africa in any meaningful sense of the word. The first prerequisite for civilisation is a written language, and it is a fact that the Negro has never developed any written language. Thus, even slavery has not been entirely without benefit to the Negro, albeit to later generations rather than those who suffered under it and died in their millions while being transferred to the New World in the most brutal and inhuman of conditions.

Because of the hysteria over racism which has been generated by the scenes found at Belsen and elsewhere, and of the alleged Nazi genocide of the Jews, any suggestion that different races have different (ie inferior) potential to contribute towards the advance of civilisation has become taboo throughout academia as well as throughout the media. The word racism (24) has been used as a catch-all device to blame the White Man for all the sins of the world and to excuse all black shortcomings. Whites have been portrayed as inherently evil; blacks as oppressed. The word racism is used to designate not only a belief in innate racial differences (its original meaning) but hostility to racial integration – including forced integration – hostility to miscegenation and the resultant racial death, telling politically incorrect jokes, poking fun of foreign accents, preference for the company of one’s own kind, you name it.

There are those, it is true, who believe that the Black Man has no innate capacity for civilisation at all, that he should be segregated, or even denied the common cultural inheritance (25) which is the right of us all. These people though are, and always have been, an insignificant minority, and in any case such racial intolerance, bigotry or outright hatred is by no means unique to whites. (26)

Since the end of the Second World War, the former colonies of the European powers have been slowly, and sometimes brutally, decolonised. All manner of reasons have been advanced for this, including conspiracy theories, many of them bordering on the absurd. Probably the wisest words ever written on this subject were those penned by Elmer Pendell in his study Sex Versus Civilization. Undoubtedly the world communist movement played a major role in the destruction of colonialism, if only by the spread of communist ideology rather than actual conquest.

The classic example was Rhodesia. This was a country that had been successfully self-governing for over 40 years; its white population numbered some 220,000 to about 4 million Negroes. A declaration of rights was entrenched in its constitution; the franchise was not restricted to the whites but was extended to all citizens who owned property or earned a certain minimum income. In addition to this a chief or headman could vote. The reason for this was clearly, as Pendell states, that a country cannot be governed by ignorance or stupidity, and that where the majority of a country’s citizens are illiterate, as they were in Rhodesia, some sort of overlordship is not only inevitable but necessary. (27)

In 1980, when Rhodesia was handed over to the murdering Marxist thug Robert Mugabe, we witnessed the spectacle of illiterate people voting. As Pendell points out:

“Illiterates are likely to be tools of persons already in power – so in effect there is less of government by the people as the suffrage is broadened.” (28) And when that happens “the Communists offer their own government machinery – by internal agents. They have something that is better than chaos, and they succeed in convincing their victims of that.

Also they manage to keep a fairly harmonious relationship between the people and the government. That is done by suppressing all but one political party, and by maintaining strict control of the press and other means of communication. The government in a Communist country does not reflect the will of the people; rather it directs the will of the people...” (29)

This is precisely what happened in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe of course. The likes of the British National Party argue that the resultant despoilation of Rhodesia is the result of the Black Man’s innate inferiority; the reality is that it was largely the result of communist subversion; those few African countries that have retained their capitalist economies have proved this. And whatever the ability of any race to build and maintain a civilisation, that ability will be enhanced by a capitalist system: a demand economy and diffusion of power; and regressed, perhaps back to the Stone Age, by the adoption of collectivism, and the resultant stagnation and tyranny. It is, in any case, mattoids rather than morons who have been responsible for almost all of the human tragedies and environmental disasters of the Twentieth Century, and it is mattoids rather than morons who will lead to the eventual ruin of mankind.


Racial Realities In Recent History:
Racism, Racism, Racism


Although it would be foolish to deny the existence of racial bigotry, prejudice, etc, the very concept of racism is a Marxist one. This bogus concept has been imposed on Western society by all manner of dirty tricks, emotional blackmail and outright lies. Again, gas chambers and six million exterminated Jews usually have something to do with this. The first and biggest lie is that race doesn’t really exist, that it is a social concept rather than a biological one. This is nonsense of the first order. Race exists and is real; one can hardly deny the existence of white people, of ethnic Chinese, of the short-necked Esquimaux, (30) of the diminutive pygmies or of the Bantu. Before the Second World War, most biologists, anthropologists and others were quite candid about racial differences, often to the point of embarrassment. (31)

Nowadays, the largely Marxist dominated race industry does not shrink from outright lying, and the lies are so grotesque that it is a wonder that anyone would believe them.

A particularly grotesque example is a series of pamphlets spewed out by the so-called Institute of Race Relations in the early eighties. The first in the series, Roots of racism, claims that “there is in fact no such thing as different races, not scientifically speaking. Despite all the years of investigating and charting – this blood group and that, this bone structure and that, this disease and that – scientists have found no biological characteristics that belong exclusively to any one group of the world’s people. Separate ‘races’ do not exist. All we are left with are the scientifically meaningless variations of skin colour.” (32)

The most insidious thing about this poison is that it was produced under the guise of educational material in order to indoctrinate the young.

On the very same page, the barely hidden agenda of this pamphlet and of its publisher comes right out into the open: “It is the white nations which have, and appear determined to keep at any cost, wealth, and therefore power, grossly out of proportion to the size of their populations, and it is the non-white nations which struggle relentlessly for justice and equality.” (33)

This is very clearly Marxist rhetoric. All whites are seen as oppressors, all non-whites as oppressed. The fact that the white nations have proportionately more wealth and power could just have something to do with the fact that they created this wealth and power by their own industriousness. Again, the capitalist system has more than a little to do with this, for as Ayn Rand tells us: “Under the inept government of the czars and with the most primitive methods of agriculture, Russia was a major grain exporter...That Russia should now be on a list of hungry, wheat-begging importers is the most damning indictment of a collectivist economy that reality can offer us.” (34)

Indeed, for all the talk about racism and racial disadvantage, the American Negro has always enjoyed a far higher standard of living than the white Russian. In his 1966 book Bondage of the Free, the American author Kent Steffgen pointed out that American Negroes then owned 4.5 million automobiles – one to almost every four persons – while in the Soviet Union, there was only one car for every 350 people, and most of these were either state-owned or owned by high-ranking officials. Other economic statistics were equally impressive. (35)

It is certainly true that in the United States there is a large and growing black underclass, but although there are most definitely proportionately more blacks on welfare and living in poverty, this is hardly exclusively a black problem. There are many whites also living in poverty, and some minorities, including late arrivals, do proportionately better than whites in many economic and social spheres. There are numerous factors besides race which are responsible for such social trends and the enormous fluctuations between different races.

To take just two disparate examples: persons of Italian descent make up a disproportionate percentage of the catering and restaurant industries in Britain, while virtually all the top heavyweight boxers in the world are not only Negroes but Americans. One reason for the high rate of relative poverty amongst blacks is the simple fact that blacks have coped with the nuclear family very badly. A very high percentage of black households, especially in the United States, are headed by a lone female, more often an unmarried mother than a divorcee. At the other end of the scale, Asians in general have extended families, divorce is relatively rare, and they are very clannish in other ways, which also partially accounts for their phenomenal entrepreneurial success. Racism is not the problem for the underclass, and “anti-racism” is not the solution.

Returning to the poisonous pamphlet Roots of racism, the assertion that the non-white nations struggle relentlessly for justice and equality is in any case plain wrong. The capitalist bloc of Far East nations, led by Japan, has been spectacularly successful economically and most or all of them enjoy very high standards of living. This is all the more remarkable when one considers the devastation Japan suffered in the Second World War. Furthermore, injustice, oppression and appalling civil rights abuses and human rights violations can be found in virtually every country on Earth. The idea that whites oppress non-whites end of story, is too absurd for words.

There is even one predominantly black nation which compares extremely favourably with any white nation. The island paradise of Bermuda whose population is a mere sixty thousand, has the fifth highest standard of living in the world. The people of Bermuda, two thirds of whom are black, pay no income tax, suffer virtually no unemployment, and frequently hop across to the United States on shopping trips. Crime is all but unknown on the island. (36) Another non-white nation which enjoys an extremely high standard of living is the island of Brunei. As with Bermuda, one does not have to look far to see the reasons for Brunei’s high standard of living. These two island paradises are totally atypical, but they indicate that there are many causes of poverty, backwardness and oppression besides the universally proclaimed nonsense of racism and Imperialism. (37) And, incidentally, of the far right’s much trumpeted genetic inferiority of blacks. (38) Which brings us to so-called racially motivated violence.

Frequently, much is made of this by the media and by “anti-racist” organisations, and absurd figures for racial incidents (meaning white on non-white) including murders are bandied about from time to time. Yet consider the following statistics. Between 1969 and 1987, 2,618 people were killed and more than 33,000 injured in the Troubles in Northern Ireland. (39) Northern Ireland has a population of less than 1.6 million. (40) The majority of these thousands of innocent people were murdered simply because they were Protestants or Catholics. This is what white people do to each other; why should they behave any differently towards non-whites? If there had been proportionately that many racially motivated murders in Britain, we would be talking about a virtual genocide. Then there is the well-documented case of the misreporting and cynical exploitation of so-called racial attacks. (41)

Nor does the story end there. In the United States the most serious crime problem is black on black. A statistic which the current writer has often seen bandied about – one that is truly horrifying – is that one black American male in 21 will eventually be murdered, mostly by other blacks. (42) Predictably the socialists and their fellow travellers even blame this on racism. The disproportionate number of young black males in prison (a figure which is not so much shocking as scandalous), is seen as the result of oppressive policing, ethnic bias in sentencing, and other such nonsense. The fact that more young blacks may be inherently dishonest, thuggish or whatever, is dismissed as racist rhetoric. (43)

In the wake of the genocide in Rwanda, the Socialist Workers Party crowed that: “The roots of Rwanda’s civil war lie in the divisions caused by decades of colonial rule by Western powers and the deep poverty that the capitalist world system has brought to Africa.

There will be no solution from French troops or the United Nations. They represent precisely the forces which have pillaged Africa.

The only lasting way out is for Rwandans of all ethnic backgrounds to unite against the foreign troops and the rich.” (44)

The truth is that while Black Africa was ruled by the colonial powers it was relatively stable and prosperous. To accuse the whites of being responsible for genocide many years after they have left the country is too absurd for words. (45) Incredibly though, there are some who want to have their cake and eat it, for while the Socialist International did everything in its power to bring about the downfall of Imperialism, some African leftists blame their former rulers not for imposing Imperialism on them, but for abandoning it. An article in the London Times in October 1994 reported that an African diplomat had claimed that many colonial powers should be sued by their former colonies for forcing independence on them without holding referenda! “They left many uncivilised people who, divided ethnically, were incapable of governing themselves”, he said. (46) Even more incredibly he suggested that a new form of colonialism should be imposed upon them by their neighbours. (47)

It was, though, Kent Steffgen who pinpointed the real reasons for the vast majority of ethnic tensions: “The Civil Rights Movement has publicized itself as a drive for economic advancement for the Negro but actually revolves about an attempt to invade the social privacy of whites.” (48) People resent having their privacy invaded; they resent being told with whom they must associate, and whom they must employ, whom they should like, and they most emphatically resent being branded bigots and haters when they follow their own instincts, interests and other pursuits while at the same time minding their own business.

“Migration patterns show that when a colored family moves into a previously all-white residential district, a colony of Negroes follows, and this family is soon back in an all-Negro district.” (49) This is the well attested phenomenon of white flight, although it isn’t confined solely to whites. In many major cities across the world can be found small enclaves of ethnic Chinese which are usually known locally as Chinatown. These are Chinese ghettos, and some of them become tourist attractions. No one forces the Chinese to live in small, tightly knit communities; similarly no one forces Negroes to live in Harlem or other black enclaves. (50)

Finally, Steffgen refers to the work of Dr Ernest van den Haag, who was then Professor of Sociology at New York University. Prejudices, he says, whether ethnic, religious or racial, increase rather than decrease in proportion to the degree of non-voluntary contact between separately identifiable groups. (51) In other words, people of all races resent being socially engineered and manipulated, especially by those like the Socialist International who exploit them quite cynically in order to advance a political agenda.

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