The Rising Tide Of Colour:
From The Yellow Peril
To The Black Plague,
The Other Face Of Hatred


The virtually unchecked non-white immigration into Britain and other once overwhelmingly white nations has not been without its benefits, but overall it has caused far more problems than it has solved. In particular it has allowed all manner of self-seekers besides the Socialist International to carve out lucrative careers for themselves in and around the race industry; it has also led to Draconian so-called “anti-racist” legislation which is, in some respects, more repressive than were the race laws of Nazi Germany.

So-called positive discrimination and other practices, (57) in particular the quite blatant advancement of non-whites in the media and other fields, often at the expense of more talented whites, the ease with which cries of racism have been used to stifle debate, legitimate criticism, or even to put some groups totally above criticism, this and the falling white birth rate coupled with the barely concealed promotion of miscegenation by the media, and the ridiculing of their Anglo-Saxon heritage, has led some people to perceive the hidden hand of a conspiracy at work. The truth is that there are many agendas at work here, but as things stand, the white race is on the way out, although some people won’t be satisfied until the last white woman has passed child-bearing age.

All this and more has led some white people to seek radical solutions; one of these solutions appears to be the re-emergence of a racial philosophy, often with elements of fascism attached to it, or outright Fascism/Nazism. (58) Many white people are worried by what they see as the rising tide of colour. This was actually the title of a book which was published by Lothrop Stoddard as long ago as 1920. In this the author refers to “The world-wide struggle between the primary races of mankind – the ‘conflict of color,’ as it has been happily termed” and claims that this “bids fair to be the fundamental problem of the twentieth century, and...perhaps the gravest problem for the future.” (59)


The American Nazi leader Lincoln Rockwell, who was assassinated in 1967, suffered from similar delusions to Lothrop Stoddard, though instead of the Yellow Peril he saw the Black Plague; this is actually the title of a chapter in Rockwell’s book, White Power. Apparently, the blacks or indeed all the non-whites of the world, are going to rise up and smash us. At the very least they will outbreed us, something they are doing anyway. Here is what Rockwell had to say about the so-called Black Plague:

“To stop a plague of bed bugs takes killing, not words.

To stop a plague of traitors, agitators and black half-animals is going to take killing, not words.

Locusts and bed bugs which do not invade your home do not need killing. Inferior humanity which leaves the White Man alone does not need killing, either, and can be left to limit their own numbers by their own stupidity, improvidence and cruelty.

But it is forever too late for those colored people who ATTACK the White Man to be permitted to survive.

We have no intention of attacking of exterminating those who leave us alone.

But let this be a declaration of war upon those savages who dare to shout ‘Kill Whitey,’ and on those Jews and others who dare to encourage, agitate, arm and finance them in this bloody insanity.

It’s them, or us!” (65)

It is difficult to credit that these words were written by a graduate of Brown University. Rockwell’s claim that what he refers to as inferior humanity can be left to limit their own numbers by stupidity, improvidence and cruelty is particularly ironic; it is difficult to read anything but cruelty into these words, though at a push one can add both the stupidity and the improvidence he rails against, because it was certainly both stupid and improvident to have written this, and to act like this – as he did throughout his political career. Certainly such bellicose pronouncements and cold, rational hatred do much to mask the genuine grievances of those whites who seek to preserve their heritage, they also play into the hands of the Socialist International and others, whose raison d’Ítre is to destroy it.

Again, it must be stressed that the Black Plague is every bit as much a delusion as the Yellow Peril before it. I’m not saying that the Los Angeles riots or other riots before them were an optical illusion. Nor am I saying that the race riots we have experienced in Britain are a fantasy; indeed they have certainly been played down by the media at the behest of the government and under pressure from the race industry and other vested interests.

The current writer has long been in touch with people in both far right movements and in the media who have confirmed the truth of this. Racial violence is not a fantasy, and it may well be that most racial violence in the (still but rapidly diminishing) predominantly white world is directed against white people rather than by them. The Black Plague is a fantasy because the picture it paints is inherently flawed: the world is not made up as the so-called “anti-racist” lobby would have us believe of whites and non-whites. (66) We have already mentioned the reality of black on black crime. This, and most of all the history of modern decolonised Africa, is surely proof enough that blacks are every bit as capable of brutalising and murdering each other as they are whites, or whites them.

This scenario is repeated across the world, as is inter-ethnic violence. Some of the worst racial violence in Britain has not been so-called Nazi and skinhead gangs attacking non-whites but the violence between various warring clans of Asians in areas like Southall, West London. And we have already mentioned Northern Ireland. Incidentally, during the LA riots, Korean shopkeepers were targeted along with whites, and it is insufficient to say that they were so targeted simply by freebooters; there has been much genuine resentment against Koreans in the United States the same way there has been against Asians here. They are both envied and resented for their commercial success by the indigenous population who wonder why these Johnny Come Latelies can enter the country and in a few years own their own businesses, even though many of them can’t even speak good English, when they, the natives, are stuck in menial, low-paid jobs, or living off welfare. This is not so much racial hatred as ignorance of economics. (67)

It is easy for most people to see such delusions as the Black Plague and the Yellow Peril nowadays, but the biggest delusion of all is racism. Earlier we touched on the Protocols Of Zion; this and other conspiracy literature portrayed the rising Jewish merchant class of the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries as part and parcel of an all-encompassing megalithic conspiracy. The bogus theory of racism is yet another conspiracy theory, for just as the Jews were said by the peddlers of the Protocols to control the economy, the banks, the government and virtually everything else, so racism is meant to exclude all non-whites from positions of power in the Western Establishments.

In 1992, an article published in the (now thankfully defunct) anti-male hate “feminist” magazine Spare Rib claimed that AIDS had been created in a US laboratory and that its purpose was to eliminate Afro-Americans by the year 2000. A secret memorandum to that effect was said to have been found. (68) Who would believe such lunacy? A lot of people, apparently. Indeed, as I write these words, this modern day blood libel has been given further credence. A doctor visiting Zimbabwe is said to have launched his new book in the capital, Harare. It is called Aids – Origin, Spread and Healing, and claims that AIDS is not transmitted sexually but by agents in the air and food, and that it was developed as “a well-orchestrated move by the governments of some developing countries to reduce the African population and ‘subtly re-introduce colonialism’.” (69) Incidentally, this doctor is said to be German; (70) one would have thought that in view of all the libels that have been visited on his race this century, that he, indeed any highly intelligent and educated German, would have more sense.

Now replace this slur on the United States government (the Spare Rib version above), with the claim that AIDS was manufactured not by those damned racist Yankees but by the Jews, and see the reaction this draws. In this and many other respects the theory of racism parallels that of the Elders of Zion: dark, mysterious forces, secret meetings, the ruling elite of white Anglo-Saxon males excluding all non-whites from positions of power, and so on. (71) Where once Jews and blacks were fair game for baiting by the bigoted and scapegoating by the malevolent, now the white Anglo-Saxon male can be, and very often is, blamed for all the world’s troubles.


The Doctrine Of “Racism”:
Sick, Evil, Manipulative


The most sickening thing about the doctrine of racism as perpetuated by the socialist left is the way it smears all whites as bigots if they reject any degree of forced race-mixing or if they express the slightest antipathy towards the genocide these monsters have planned for them. And for all mankind.

In September 1991, the boxer Michael Watson collapsed in the 12th round of his super-middleweight world title challenge against Chris Eubank. (88) As a result of what for all boxers is an occupational hazard, he nearly died. (89) Michael Watson is black, of course. Boxers are not usually renowned for their innate modesty, but Watson, although always quietly confident, was never the sort of person to shoot his mouth off outside the ring. Even after he defeated his arch-rival Nigel Benn in six thrilling rounds in May 1989 he remained the quiet, personable young man he had always been. Although lacking the charisma of the likes of the flamboyant Benn or the arrogant (and at times offensive miscegenist) Eubank, Watson won much public support.

After the fight had been stopped, it was evident immediately that the 26 year old Watson was in grave, and almost certainly life-threatening, trouble. In the wake of the fight the hospital switchboard was deluged with calls from fight fans. (90) Were all those fans black? Were all the people who later raised funds for Michael Watson black? (91)

Likewise, were and are all the people who have donated countless millions of pounds, francs, Deutschmarks, dollars and shekels to African-oriented charities black? Are all these people nascent Nazis or foaming-at-the-mouth anti-black racists because they are opposed to unrestricted non-white immigration into Britain or other predominantly white countries? As undoubtedly many of them are. Or because they would not welcome a black into their home, or into their family? As surely most of them wouldn’t. (92)

As long ago as 1771 an English judge ordered the release of a black slave who was held in irons on board a ship lying in the Thames bound for Jamaica. Lord Mansfield declared his detention to be unlawful because “The air of England is too pure for any slave to breathe”. (93)

Are we expected to believe that this same judge was not in any way racist? That in 1771 he, or any upper class Englishman, or any Englishman at all, would have invited a Negro – any Negro – to his home, or that he would not have regarded with the utmost revulsion the mere suggestion that a Negro should marry his daughter? Was Lord Mansfield, and are the majority of white people today, nascent Nazis? Are they even now building gas chambers in the British National Party’s Welling bunker in preparation for the next Holocaust, or are they likely to, simply because they crack an occasional joke at the black man’s expense, or because they want their grandchildren to be white?

I could go on in this vein, but the point should have been made by now. Again, I do not wish in any way to dispute the existence of racial prejudice, bigotry, or even racial hatred, and I would certainly never condone them. These things exist, but racism, as foisted onto the rest of mankind by the socialist left and their fellow travellers, is entirely a political concept, and one whose purpose is not to promote a fairer, more just, or even more egalitarian society, but to promote the concept of “anti-racism”, which is nothing less than a vehicle for socialist ideology, a method of self-aggrandisement for the socialists and their fellow travellers, and a means of both manipulating and tyrannising the white majority. Most of all, “anti-racism” is the ultimate form of racial hatred, and for this reason it must be not only totally rejected but eventually deconstructed by all who are opposed to socialist tyranny.

Furthermore, whatever the sins of the white race against non-whites, they are at least matched by the sins of other races, often against their own kin. A couple of examples will suffice. As long ago as 1820, the Religious Tract Society published a Christian appeal against the slave trade: AN ACCOUNT OF THE Murder of a Female Negro, Who was Flogged to Death by order of an UNMERCIFUL CAPTAIN is said to be “fully attested” by the Rev. J. Pyne of Bristol, and appeals to its readers thus: “Let each friend of his country, pray that God will pardon our nation for the awful sin it has committed, in permitting the practice so long to exist; and beseech him in his providence to prevent it from being in any degree revived here, or from being entered upon by other nations.” (94)

In 1811, a man named Arthur Hodge was tried, convicted, sentenced to death, and hanged for the murder of a Negro slave called Prosper on the island of Tortola. (95) Slavery was abolished in Britain in 1833; and in the United States (the Thirteenth Amendment) in 1865. By contrast, it was abolished in Iraq only in 1924 and in Ethiopia in 1942. (96)

Slavery still exists in many countries, although it isn’t always recognised as such. The Anti-Slavery Society is still extant. (97) As recently as June 1995 it was reported that non-whites resident in Britain were keeping their servants in what amounts to virtual bondage. (98) One might add also that the 14th and 15th Amendments in the United States gave Negroes the vote (with poll taxes and literacy tests), while women received the vote only in 1920, with the 19th Amendment. And in Switzerland, women received the vote only in 1971!

The fact that a white man was hanged in 1811 for the murder of a Negro slave proves that even a slave was regarded as worthy of life by the White Man’s system of justice (99) even then. How much was a black man’s life worth under the government of Idi Amin? (100) How much is it worth now in war-torn Rwanda if he happens to belong to the wrong tribe? (101) Further comment would be superfluous, yet all we in the West ever hear about is the evils of something called racism. One pundit has written poetically that “All things considered, I prefer discrimination without murder to murder without discrimination.” (102)

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