Free The Krays

Gangsters, they called the Krays,
Hard men with wicked ways,
But I was just a kid when they were tops.
I read the papers, sure,
But they don’t tell the score,
The press is always biased t’ward the cops.

Ronnie and Reggie got
The big L for a lot
Of crimes, including murder: nasty stuff.
But take me at my word,
They’ve done some heavy bird;
Can’t justice be compassionate and tough?

There’s people just as bad
Been let out, like that lad
Who’s now a social worker: Jimmy Boyle.
The Krays no more would be
Against society
If they too were released, so why the spoil?

Lord Longford is a creep,
An’ don’t ’e make yer weep
By saying Myra Hindley should be freed?
If she gets her parole,
(The dirty nonce’s moll),
Justice and common sense will go to seed.

But what of Reg and Ron,
The Mafioso dons?
Not now: they’re famous people are the brothers,
Get visits from the stars;
Folk heroes behind bars,
And there’s not many men so loved their mothers.

And did they murder kids,
Or beat up invalids?
Not half: they fought a gangland war, that’s all.
They ran their little racket,
And made themselves a packet;
’Twas dog eat dog, their rivals had to fall.

And, in their off-beat way,
Both Reg and Ronnie Kray
Were nice guys, always took care of their own.
They’re getting on a bit,
When will the Board see fit
To give the lads a chance, and send them home?

Not for a long while yet,
But me, I’ll not forget
The brothers Kray, though years and years may pass.
Nor will the press and police,
Nor the public (bloody geese),
Because the Krays, especially Ron, had CLASS.

[The above was first published in the 1987 anthology We’re Coming For Your Telecom Shares.]

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