Alexander Baron’s Entries On Find-A-Grave — Introduction


I signed up with Find-A-Grave specifically to publish an entry for Chris Tame. I contributed extremely sporadically for many years, but in 2018, I began to get into the site in a big way. On February 25, 2020, I received the message below from its controllers; it was headed “First Warning”.

I found this a bit odd, so replied the same day as follows:

I received the following response at once.

And couldn’t quite believe it. John Gacy is famous!? There followed my final message.


Here are my account settings at February 27, 2010. It has now been terminated.

All my entries can be found on the next page in alphabetical order of surname together with some explanatory text.

All the PDF pages bar one were created February 27, 2020, as the reader will see.

I wanted to create entries for Morris Riley and Mrs Jefferies, but hit a roadblock in each case. Morris was a good friend, and I went to his funeral. The service was held at his local church, but I can’t remember the name of the cemetery, which was some distance away. Nor could I remember the precise date of his funeral, which was I think a week or so later. I e-mailed the church a few years ago, but received no response.

Mrs Jefferies appears to have died in 2000. I wrote to her daughter asking her for details and if she could supply me with a photograph. Again, I received no response.

Re the entry for Lawrence Wright, when I checked this on May 28, 2020 I saw it had been merged with the original entry (for Horatio Nicholls). When I was at school, the word merged meant joined together; here apparently it means deleted. Fuck them.

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