Alexander Baronís Entries On Find-A-Grave

ANDERSON, Margaret: An obituary for a teenage cancer sufferer; I found this while researching unrelated matters.
BIDNEY, Harry: A notorious person; see also his entry at SearchlightArchive
BIMPSON, Francesca: A 3 year old girl who died in an arson attack; see also my video Rape And Corroboration
The final sentence of the entry has been omitted from this screengrab; it reads ďFrancescaís family went on to set up the Francesca Bimpson Foundation.Ē
BLACK, Robert: A notorious serial killer; may he burn in Everlasting Hell.
BONE, Fiona: A shocking case; see also entry for Nicola Hughes, below.
BOWDEN, Jonathan: I knew Jonathan slightly. Dead far too soon at just 49; see also the obituary I published at Digital Journal.
BRABY, Miriam: Someone I found while researching other matters.
BURCH, Jane: The widow of Philip Burch and an extremely erudite woman in her own right. I met her on a visit to Leeds, where I once lived.
BURTON, Lisa: A schoolgirl who was hit by a car. I found her while researching other matters.
CADOGAN, Mary: I never met her, but Mary was an associate of Mark Taha.
CALDWELL, Thomas: I knew Tom; see Image Gallery.
CHESTERTON, A.K: A great patriot, unfairly and grossly maligned by the usual suspects.
CRAWLEY, Geoffrey: A distinguished photographic expert; I corresponded with him once.
DE FREITAS, Eleanor: A lying malicious little tart who falsely and gratuitously accused a man of rape then committed suicide after he enacted proceedings to bring her to book. This is the memorial after the arseholes at Find-A-Grave gutted it.
DENNIS, Andrew: I found this bloke in my local press.
DOUGLAS, C.H: The great Major Douglas, another of those people who has been written out of the history books for all the wrong reasons.
DuQUESNE, Terence: I never knew him but did speak to him once. I attended both his funeral and his memorial service. See The DuQuesne Gallery.
ETHERINGTON, Amie: A car crash victim I found while researching other matters.
FARRELL, Kyle: A murder victim, one who deserved it according to that man-hating cunt Julie Bindel and her corrupt lover lawyer Harriet Wistrich.
FAURISSON, Robert: I remember him speaking in Tehran.
FELLOWS, Nicola: This tragic girl was murdered by Russell Bishop. See also the entry for Karen Hadaway, below.
GOODMAN, Charles: This bloke was a recluse. And Goodmanís cousin. He was the executor. I made several trips to Herne Bay with him to help him clear the bungalow. I also took the photos at the funeral.
HADAWAY, Karen: This young girl was murdered along with her friend Nicola Fellows, above. For the full background, see this entry on The International False Rape Timeline.
HANCOCK, Anthony: I knew his quite well. Tony was an important person; donít believe what you read about him from the usual suspects.
HUNTER, Paul: I found this bloke while researching other matters. His birth was registered at Sheffield, not Sheffield Beach, South Africa, but by the time I noticed the mistake it was too late to correct.
HUGHES, Nicola: Another murder victim; see also the entry for her colleague Fiona Bone, above.
IKONIMIDIS, Manos: I found this tragic kid while researching other matters. The woman pictured with him is his mother.
ISRALOW, Calvin: Pictured here with his eldest daughter, who grows lovelier every time I see her.
JAGGER, Joe; The father of a famous musician.
JORDAN, Colin: A notorious person. I never met CJ, but I did correspond with him quite a bit. I also published his strictly unauthorised biography.
KATZ, Volve: Not a murder victim, in spite of what that piece of filth Gerry Gable has claimed repeatedly.
KNOTT, Anthony: Another tragic case from my local press.
KUSTOW, Danny: This is my memorial, and here is one added by someone at a later date, a semi-literate who doesnít know how to research.
LEESE, Arnold: Another notorious person; Iíve written about him before.
LEONARD, Deke: A vastly under-rated musician; see also this article.
LEVY, Norma: This is my entry for the notorious prostitute and madam. And this is how it was mutilated. Unreal.
MARSTON, Debbie: A cancer victim; I found her while researching other matters.
McGINN, THOMAS: My neighbour for seventeen years. See also the Image Gallery under Maple Road, Penge, circa 1992.
McKAY, MURIEL: I remember this notorious case from my childhood. My entry was totally gutted, but at least somebody left the poor woman a flower.
MOLE, George: I found this bloke while researching other matters.
PEARCE, Clarke: Another murder victim. I set up a dedicated website about this case, but see in the first instance my speech of September 17, 2005.
PIKESLEY, Pamela: Born Pamela Webb, she was the elder sister and only sibling of the actor David Webb, see below.
RIDGWELL, Wendy: This tragic young girl was yet another murder victim. This is how they gutted the original entry.
ROFFEY, Hollie: A baby whose struggle for life was big news at the time.
ROSHER, Wendy: Better known as Wendy Wild, this lying hag was one of the false accusers of Rolf Harris. This is how my entry for her was gutted. They also removed the flower and unflattering comment left by a Rolf Harris fan with whom Iíd been in contact.
SADDIQUE, Shazad: This blokeís death was reported by the mainstream media.
SANDERSON, Claire: Yet another murder victim; see next entry for her twin sister.
SANDERSON, Diane: The twin sister of the above.
SMITH, Sidney: An associate of Goodman. His funeral service programme can be found here.
STORIE, Valerie: The survivor of the A6 Murder, a remarkable woman.
TAME, Chris: Read more about him on this page.
THOMPSON, Peter: Yet another murder victim; see entry also for Lorraine Underwood, below.
TODD, James: I was proud to call James a friend. Sadly, towards the end of his life he went a bit gaga.
TRIFFITT, Jayne: I never knew her, but I knew someone who did.
UNDERWOOD, Lorraine: A murder victim, she was buried with Peter Thompson, above.
URIELY, Michael: A sudden and tragic young death, see also this article.
WEBB, David: I never met David Webb but did speak to him once. See also The David Webb Virtual Archive & Fan Site.
WEIR, Colin: I found this bloke in the press while researching other matters.
WEST, Alison: An accident victim; I found her while researching other matters.
WICKSTEAD, Albert: I never met Bert Wickstead, but did correspond with him once.
WRIGHT, Lawrence: The founder of the UKís Tin Pan Alley, here is what I wrote about him; see also this Baron Bibliography entry.

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