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Welcome to The DuQuesne Gallery. Terence DuQuesne died in a Croydon hospital on April 17, 2014. Though I never met him, I have been informed that I spoke to him once, and indeed I do remember vaguely receiving a phone call and doing some research for him years ago by personal recommendation in a field outside his area of expertise. Apparently I left him with distinctly mixed emotions: on the one hand he was said to have found me “gruff”; on the other hand he was pleased that I didn’t charge him. I’m sure I would have found him a fascinating individual, but that is now academic.

On April 30, I visited his ground floor flat in Norbury Crescent, South West London with his Executor E.A.C. Goodman where we rescued the photographs exhibited on this page – apart from the first two which Goodman had already forwarded to me. DuQuesne had suffered a stroke while lighting a joss stick. Although the resulting fire had caused extensive damage, fortunately his office appeared to have been totally untouched, apart from a certain amount of smoke.

All the photographs below (bar one) were found in a living room, drawer, and as far as I know have not previously been published. The photograph of the man himself, above, was scanned from the back cover of THUNDER AND LOTUS selected poems 1995-1997.

Addendum: See Funeral Documents below
Miscellaneous Documents below

Terence DuQuesne relaxing, possibly in Egypt.

Terence DuQuesne with an attractive female companion.

The same woman as above.

An undated photograph of a pyramid.

Terence DuQuesne riding a camel.

Terence DuQuesne riding a camel.

Terence DuQuesne photographed outdoors, probably somewhere in Egypt, probably Luxor.

Pagan DuQuesne with his jackal-headed deity, Anubis.

Pagan DuQuesne with his jackal-headed deity, Anubis.

As Anubis.

As Anubis.

As Anubis.

Sit like an Egyptian!

In Egypt with four-legged friend.

Outdoors, apparently somewhere in Egypt.

With friends in Egypt.

The photographs below were in an envelope marked thus:

Dec 2001

With friend/helper in Egypt.

The above photograph was received by e-mail from the lady concerned, Paula Veiga; it was taken in 2007. Click here for a larger version.

The two photographs immediately above were received from Daniel Jacobs on July 6, 2015; they are said to have been taken in 2010.


The DuQuesne Gallery: Funeral Documents


A Pagan funeral service was held for Terence DuQuesne on June 19, 2014, ie as near to the Solstice as possible, the coroner had delayed the release of his body due to the complex circumstances of his death. After the service he was cremated at Honor Oak Crematorium. The documents below were provided by his close friends Dwina Murphy-Gibb and David Pennell.

The funeral timetable

For Terry, The Shaman At The Gate

Above: Dwina delivers a eulogy over Terry’s coffin.

Above: Terry’s publisher Daniel Jacobs talks about his contribution to human knowledge.

Above: Terry’s executor, friend and co-author Ted Goodman was Master of Ceremonies at his funeral service.

Above: Terry with Irish wolfhounds; photograph supplied by Dwina.

Above: A portrait of James Terence DuQuesne (1942-2014).

Order Of Ceremony For The Committal Of The Ashes Of Terence DuQuesne..., June 21, 2015


Miscellaneous Documents


I received the documents below from Goodman in 2017. This section will be the last addition to this page.

GCE certificate, July 1957
GCE Certificate, July 1958
GCE certificate, July 1959
GCE certificate, July 1960
GCE certificate, January 1962
GCE certificate, July 1962

The above five certificates are approximately 25.3 by 20.2cm, whatever paper size that is.

Bibliographia Personalis, 1964-February 1983
Record of a tarot reading, September 13, 1977
Change of name deed poll (photocopy), July 5, 1978

Mysterion – a poem by Terence DuQuesne.

Pagan Principles – I received this from Goodman in January 2020. I do not agree with everything it says; I certainly do not respect all life forms, Gerry Gable for one!

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