Welcome to The TEMPLE Of CANDICE, dedicated to the most beautiful, most alluring, and loveliest woman in history or mythology.

The photos below are in two series: the first are in approximate chronological order, with heavy emphasis on approximate. The second series are subsequent finds and uploads, not in any particular order but dated when possible. They tell the story not only of the alluring Candice Night but of the greatest love story ever in music.



Candice aged 4 as a chimney sweep in Mary Poppins.

A young Candice, in blue.

Candice with her younger sister.

A young Candice modelling.

A young Candice.

Shadow Of The Moon

Spirit Of The Sea, Japan, 1997 - a screengrab of her first ever television appearance.

Shadow Of The Moon, Japan, 1997.

Shadow Of The Moon, Japan, 1997.

A young Candice performing in 1997.

The early days of Blackmore’s Night, circa 1997.

The young Goddess with the not so young Guitar God, circa 1997.

Early days of Blackmore’s Night, probably 1997.

She only has eyes for him, probably 1997.

A young Candice with Ritchie, 1997/8.

Unverified but apparently Olsberg, October 4, 1998. The Golden Girl is simply radiant.

With her Minstrel, probably 1999.

CNN Christmas Show, taped September 1999.

Castles tour, 2000: Past Time With Good Company

Performing with Blackmore’s Night, Heidelberg, July 24, 2001.

Under A Violet Moon, Schloss Burg Solingen, 2002.

2003 - probably American date format, ie April 7.

The model look, apparently 2004.

Golden girl Candice performing Cartouche in 2004.

Castles & Dreams, 2004.

Candice and Ritchie - August 2005 or earlier.

Candice in concert, 2006.

Candice in concert, 2006.

Street Of Dreams, 2006.

Candice circa July 2006. Here she is again and again!

Candice performing with Blackmore’s Night in Paris, September 20, 2006.

Light The Universe, (circa October 2006) - this was taken from YouTube. Not a good picture, but I always love the Golden Girl look.

Light The Universe

Light The Universe

Light The Universe

Candice in 2007.

Performing June 11, 2008.

Performing June 11, 2008.

Candice on her wedding day with her bridesmaids, October 5, 2008.

Candice on her wedding day.

Candice and Ritchie on their wedding day.

Candice and Ritchie on their wedding day.

Russia, 2009, (unconfirmed). Does this woman look 38 or 28, maybe even 21?

Performing with Blackmore’s Night in Chicago, 2009.

A fan gets up close in Florida, 2009.

Florida, probably 2009.

Mr and Mrs Blackmore, Eggersberg, 2010.

Blackmore’s Night, 2010.

Candice eight months pregnant with Autumn, circa April 2010.

One of the many things I’ve always loved about Candice is the way she never exploits her sexuality. Although she does show a bit of cleavage on occasion, most of the time she dresses up, and she never flashes her thighs or even her midriff, but here she is showing off the proud baby bump of the late term primigravida.

With baby Autumn, circa May 2010; photo by Keith Major.

Candice with her first born, the Strawberry Girl, August 2010.

Candice with baby Autumn, late 2010 or early 2011.

Candice in full Mediaeval garb, circa 2011.

Candice in full Mediaeval garb, circa 2011.

Candice with Autumn, one year old, circa May 2011.

Rock chick! Taken in or before July 2011 - timeless as ever.

With baby Rory, circa mid-2012.

With baby Rory on stage, July 23, 2013.

Apparently March 2014.

Candice and friends, March 2014.

Summer 2014.

September 2014.

Proud mother Candice with daughter Autumn and son Rory, circa 2015.

Will O’ The Wisp, 2015.

Love is all around.

Performing with Blackmore’s Night, probably 2016.

With Adam Pascal, apparently November 2016.

A visit to the theatre, November 2016.

Proud wife and mother, November 2016.

Late December 2016.

With Autumn and Rory, apparently early 2017.

Candice with her brother, apparently April 2017.


Double take!

With Ritchie.

With Ritchie.

Candice in blue hat.

In high hat.



He only has eyes for her.

Was any princess more alluring than this peasant girl?

Lady in black.

At home with Ritchie.

With Ritchie.

Mr and Mrs Blackmore, the formal look.

The Mediaeval look - of course!

Is that a shawm or a wand the Faerie Queen is holding?

Following the dream.

Performing without the band.

Catch a falling angel.

Not such a deep purple.

Model pose.

Model pose with big hoop ear rings.

A crown of flowers.



Early days of Blackmore’s Night - the mystical look.

Classic Mediaeval pose.

Yes Ritchie, she did fall from Heaven!

Angel with woodwind.

Once In A Garden

Once more in a garden!

The model look again, but slightly older.

Having fun with Ritchie.

Home again.

Tambourine in hand, shawm under her arm.

Performing with Blackmore’s Night.

On stage with Blackmore’s Night.

On stage.

The man in the middle is Miguel Francolini.

Posing for the camera with Ritchie.

Halloween fun with Ritchie.

The peasant girl look again.

On stage, Candice plays mostly shawm, but her first instrument was the piano.

The modern look.

At home with Ritchie.

The classical look.

Dressed up to the nines and loving it.

Posing in the garden.

Enchanting and stunning in equal measure.

The classical look at home.

The Faerie Queen with her Minstrel.

In contemplation.

Nature Girl.

Performing with Blackmore’s Night.

The only thing better than Candice is four of her!

Candice with diminutive fan.

Dream girl.

The Golden Girl with Ritchie and friends.

Candice turns the world upside down.

The magic of motherhood.

New York Renaissance Faire.

With Autumn.

Taking it easy.

Candice in Australia with her sister.

Candice in Australia.

When he was younger, Ritchie Blackmore was renowned for his bizarre sense of humour; it appears to have rubbed off on the Faerie Queen.

With Rory.

The Golden Girl look again.

Happy birthday, Ritchie - April 14, 2016.

An intimate performance.

Living the dream.

At home with her man.

Pool hall Queen!

At home with Ritchie and friends.

With friends or fans, smiling for the camera.

Canoeing with a friend. Or is it kayaking?

Late April 2017.

On the beach with Autumn and Rory.

With Autumn and Rory.

With Autumn and Rory.

Castles & Dreams - a classic ghostly image.

With Autumn.

In the studio.

In the country with Autumn and Rory.

Posing with Andi Deris, 2006.

Classic pose.

Kitchen capers with Autumn and Rory, apparently May 2017.

Candice the proud mother.

With Rory.

Friends in the kitchen.

With Autumn and Rory in the garden.

Halloween dinner.

Father’s Day, 2017.

With a young fan.

Candice and Ritchie with a fan, probably June 2017

With Autumn and Rory, apparently early 2017.

Candice in her modelling days.

With Ritchie.

At the O2, June 2017.

At the O2, June 2017.

Probably also at the O2 - and a mirror image?

With Ritchie and baby Autumn.

Probably June 2017 at the 02.

The Loveliest Woman in Creation has the hump!

Loveliness quadrupled! From July 2017 or slightly before.

Trying to move a mountain, circa 2015.

Performing with Ritchie, apparently August 2017.

With Ritchie, 2017.

Performing, 2017.

An intimate performance, posted August 2017.

With Ritchie, apparently August 28, 2017.


Glasgow, 2017.

Glasgow, 2017.

Munich, August 1, 2017.

Apparently September, 2017.

Probably July 2017.


On stage with Ritchie.

Candice on her wedding day.

Candice on her wedding day.

Candice and Ritchie on their wedding day.

Rock Chick, apparently from 2017.

Young love. Well, young love and fourth time lucky!

Posing in black skirt.

Candice in black wig.

Halloween 1990 at Bohemia, Long Island.

Halloween party, 2006.

On stage, New Jersey, November 7, 2013.

Burn, front cover. For those not in the know, Burn was the first album by Deep Purple Mark III. It was released when Candice was two years old!

Ritchie with the Lady in Red. This is no trick of the camera, she really does radiate light!

With tamborine.

Cutting the cake at her wedding, October 5, 2008.

Posted to Facebook in November 2017: No, Ritchie isn’t singing!

Posted to Facebook in November 2017: Taking a bow.

Posted to Facebook in November 2017: On stage.

Posted December 2017: Performing.

Posted December 2017: With Santa!

Posted December 2017: With Autumn and Rory.

With baby Autumn.

Ritchie looks the happiest man in the world, understandably so!

Posted December 2017: Candice looking very seasonal.

A visit to the museum, posted to Facebook, November 2017.

Posted October 2017 - the oldest woman present, and the loveliest.

In her element - fantasy.

Performing with Rainbow, 2017.

Performing with Rainbow, 2017.

Performing with Rainbow, 2017.

Performing with Blackmore’s Night, apparently in October 2017.

Performing with Ritchie.

With Ritchie.

Performing with Blackmore’s Night, probably July 2017.

Performing with Blackmore’s Night, probably July 2017.

Performing, probably in July or August 2017.

Performing, August 2017.

December 2017.

All in all, you’re just another head on the wall!

On stage, apparently November 2017.

With a female fan, probably June or July 2017.

Circa July 2017.

Uploaded to Facebook in July 2017.

On stage, circa 2017.

With Autumn and Rory, apparently December 2017.

Younger with Ritchie - and wearing make-up!

With Ritchie - hard drinkin’ man!

Looking thoughtful.

Candice with Mick Fleetwood, circa Christmas 2017

Christmas spirit: Candice with Autumn and Rory.

Men with hats.

What the Dickens!

Christmas 2017 with Ritchie.

Dickens again, Oliver Twist, of course.

Candice, undated.

With Autumn and Rory on stage.

With Autumn on stage.

With Ritchie, living the dream.

Candice. Is that a hijab the Faerie Queen is wearing!? This was uploaded to Facebook in January 2018.

Florida Renaissance Festival

A wedding photo, with doves.

Candice on stage.

Candice on stage.

On stage, and loving every minute of it.

With Autumn.

Candice and Ritchie.

Another wedding photograph, outside.

Looking thoughtful, uploaded in or before September 2017.

Candice with the actor Hugh Jackman.

Ritchie - hat on head, arm round Angel.


Candice with Rory.

Candice in the studio, January 2018.

With Ritchie, 2018.

With Ritchie, 2007 tour.

Cutting the wedding cake.

Candice and Ritchie performing at their wedding.

Candice and Ritchie performing at their wedding.

Candice and Ritchie performing at their wedding.

Valentine’s Day.

With Ritchie outdoors.


2010 tour.


Family fun, probably January or February 2018.


More family fun.

Guess who?

Apparently Brighton, June 2007.

Classic pose with her favourite woodwind. (See also the full body photograph captioned “The peasant girl look again” (above).

Dinner with friend, posted to Facebook March 2018.

At home with Ritchie.

At home with Ritchie.

At home with Ritchie.

Posted February 2018.


Posted March 2018.

With Rainbow, 2018 promo.

With Rainbow again.

Band photo including Autumn.

Easter fun 2018.

Performing - posted March 2018. I swear she gets lovelier with every passing year.

Posted April 2, 2018.

Cute montage of Candice and Ritchie.

Candice in Moscow.

Candice and friends outside the Kremlin.

At the Kremlin.

At the Kremlin, close up.

Candice and Ritchie with a fan, uploaded 2018.

Simply amazing, uploaded April 2018.

Performing, apparently April 2018.

Performing, apparently April 2018.

Performing in Moscow, April 2018.

Performing in Moscow, April 2018.

On stage in Saint Petersburg, Russia, April 11, 2018.

On stage in Saint Petersburg, Russia, April 11, 2018.

On stage in Saint Petersburg, Russia, April 11, 2018.

On stage in Saint Petersburg, Russia, April 11, 2018.

Candice with feathered friends in Saint Petersburg, Russia, April, 2018.

Toast to tomorrow!

Big in Japan!

Pre-birthday, 2018.

Candice and Ritchie meet the Prime Minister of Russia, 2018.

Candice with friend/fan, 2018.

Performing, apparently early 2018.

Performing, apparently early 2018.

Candice Night fans come in all shapes and sizes, on two legs and four!

Candy in disguise...with glasses!

A rare pout from the Loveliest Woman in Creation.

The party continues.

Birthday kiss from Autumn.

Candice at Burg Rabenstein, apparently 2008.

Through the metal grill.

A younger Candice with Ritchie and one of her many woodwind instruments.

The clock ticks on!

With Ritchie, the Golden Girl look again.

Uploaded to Instagram, May 2018.

A young Candice from the 1990s.

Cute pose.

With baby Autumn.

With baby Autumn.

Sunflower Girl.

With Autumn, posted May 28, 2018.

Blackmore’s Night, 2012.

On stage.

Dining out.

Him and her.

In the car park at night, probably 2018.

With Ritchie, circa 2000.

Early 1990s.

Montage by the German fan club.

Another wedding day photograph.

Candice with William Shatner.

Candice with her father, apparently on her wedding day.

Recording with Ritchie in 1999.

With Ritchie, 1990s.

Candice performing in Germany, 2018 - enchanting and stunning in equal measure.

Band poster, 2018.

In the woods.

Group photo - July 2018.

Performing in 2018, classic pose.

July 26, 2018 - stunning.

July 2018: What is she holding?

August 2018.

On stage, 2018.

On stage, 2018, a similar shot.

August 2018.

On stage with the Strawberry Girl.

Candice and Ritchie.

Greenport, New York.

Strong woman!

Attacked by a monster!

Summer fun.

Once again in a garden.

More Kremlin capers.

Backstage with two of the boys from the band.

Birthday girl.

Who is the man in the middle?

Rothenburg, 2017.

A very young Candice in her modelling days - stunning.

She may be on the edge of the table, but she only has eyes for him.

Two Angels for the price of one!

With football-mad Ritchie in 1993.

At Cove City Sound Studios, September 2018.

Recording at Cove City Sound Studios, September 2018.

At Cove City Sound Studios, September 2018.

Ye Olde Kissing Bridge.

With the Strawberry Girl.


With a rapidly growing Autumn.

Another classic pose.

Queen Of The Sea!

Against the wall.

Ritchie drinks the hard stuff!

In concert, apparently 2018.

Candice and Ritchie with fans.

Their tenth wedding anniversary.

Clowning with Ritchie.

With Scarlet Fiddler.

By the sea.

Work and play.

Play Minstrel, play, 2018.

Play Minstrel, play, 2018.

The Jester!

On stage.

Candice sightseeing.

Candice out and about.

The tourist - at Shakespeare’s house, circa June 2017

The nascent superstar.

Ritchie and Candice on stage.

With her lover man.

Choosing a shawm.

Mr and Mrs Blackmore.

Halloween fun, 2018.

Halloween, 2018.

Halloween, 2018.

Lovely as a Hatter!

Candice in her modelling days.

Interview time!

The Golden Girl is smiling.

Him and her - seasonal.

The tourists.

The early days of Blackmore’s Night, probably 1998.

In conversation.

December 16, 2007.

A poor quality photograph, but the Golden Girl still looks radiant.

Backing singers for Rainbow.

The young soccer fan.

On stage with Autumn.

With Ritchie - early days.

Mr and Mrs Blackmore.

The Golden Girl and her man.

Ritchie with a young Candice.

Under A Violet Moon

The Golden Girl raises...a bottle!

Performing with Blackmore’s Night.

Candice aged 27 with Ritchie.

Blackmore’s Night

Candice looking very medieval.

The tourists.

The background singer is in...the background!

Back to back.

Performing with Ritchie.

Blackmore’s Night in black and white.

Out in the street.

Candice and

Candice and Ritchie with a fan.


Performing with Blackmore’s Night.

Performing with Ritchie.

Performing with Ritchie.

Living the dream.

Partying with fans, 2015.

Happy birthday, Ritchie.

Candice and Ritchie in 1999; twenty years on, she looks even lovelier.

Spirit Of The Sea

Locked Within The Crystal Ball

Candice meets the Easter Bunny!

She glows!

Not now, Autumn, I’m working!

With band members.

Blackmore’s Night in black and white.

With a fan.

Candice and friends.

Nature Girl.

Posing by the water with Ritchie.

Japanese tour, 1997.

Distance shot by the water.

With Ritchie twice, and Autumn twice.

Having a dolphin of a time, May 2007.

Swimming with dolphins.

Love the flowing hair.

A tall story!

Back to back.

Candice meets a famous fan.

Er, where are the sheep?

Dance lessons at home?

Music lessons!

Candice in Australia with her sister.

More music lessons!

Living the dream - with a unicorn!

Another wedding photo.

With Rory at the Long Island Aquarium.

Performing with tamborine.

Real fairies have wings!

A montage.


Cartouche, 2008.

The wedding of her brother, apparently.

The green screen.

A young Candice with Mötley Crüe, apparently early 1990s.

Candice with friend/fan.

Candice at her wedding with feathered friends!

Performing in Helsinki, 2018.

Loud magazine, 1998.

Out and about with Autumn and Rory.

With Ritchie and Autumn.

With Autumn. Little girls grow up fast!

With pet cat.

With her sister in Australia, and er, a slippery character.

Signing a CD for a fan.

On stage again.


A family allotment!

A real swinger!

Yet another wedding photograph.



Why wouldn’t she look pleased?

Performing and posing.


Circa June 2012.

December 2017.

Black Roses

I love it when she positively glows!

Wedding dance.

Celebrating something.

Sight-seeing with Autumn and Rory.

Performing at Rothenburg, August 19, 2017.

Another wedding photo.

A young Candice with Lita Ford.

At Spoutwood Farm Fairie Festival, May 6, 2007.

With Tim Rice.


Candice as Batgirl?

Once In A Garden with Autumn.

On stage with Ritchie, 2019.

With Ritchie outside, 2019.

Family portrait, 2019.

On stage with Ritchie, 2019.

At Stonehenge, 2019.

Playing her favourite instrument, the shawm.

From 2019 - fifty-eight years old and glowing!

2019 - the Faerie Queen enjoys her work.

2019 - taking a break.

2019 - looking serious.

2019 - performing.

Candice meets a young fan.

2019 - fronting the band.

Apparently with a fan; she looks great even in poor light!

In the spotlight.

In the starlight!

Berlin - 2019.

With Sammy Hagar.

Performing in 2019. She positively glows!

Him and her, apparently 2019.


Bright orange, Germany, 2019.

With Ritchie at the airport, 1993.

Performing, 2018 or 2019.

Take a bow, 2019.

A younger Candice with Ritchie.

Performing, probably 2018 or 2019.

Home Again, 2019.

Lady In Black!

Performing with Ritchie.

With her father and her younger sister.










Boxed up and ready to go.

Of course Candice likes foxes!


Performing with Rainbow, the final concert of 2019.

Dressing room!

Signing autographs.

Performing Soldier Of Fortune at Burg Abenberg

On stage.

In the desert.

In sunhat.

At the Hoover Dam.


An intimate setting.

An intimate setting.

A horse instead of a unicorn!

Happy 2020.

In Las Vegas.

Happy birthday. How young is she?

On stage with Ritchie.

With the man who died eight times.

Mad as a hatter...

And lovely beyond words.

Renaissance Faire.

The Faerie Queen may be on target but Ritchie looks, er, bemused.

Candice and Autumn with Sarah Brightman.

With Rory in 2019.

With Autumn, September 2019. Niagara Falls?

Lady in blue.

Young love. Well, she is!

Apparently a very young Candice with her grandparents, but I could be wrong.

Stunning, even in black and white.

Proud mother with baby.

A young Candice with her sister.

That hat again!

Hat on the beach.


Feather In The Wind
Candice and Ritchie perform live from Minstrel Hall on March 28, 2020 during the Coronavirus Lockdown.

That bright orange look.

It had to be purple!

Candice in Ukraine.

The young model.

Live from Minstrel Hall, April 9, 2020.

On stage.

That lantern looks familiar!

In her element.

The pirate look.

On stage with Ritchie.

With Rory and Autumn, uploaded January 2020.

From the coronavirus lockdown, March 29, 2020.

From the coronavirus lockdown, March 29, 2020.

From the coronavirus lockdown, March 29, 2020.

Another screengrab from the worldwide lockdown.

The Clock Ticks On, from the coronavirus lockdown, April 9, 2020.

With daughter Autumn on her tenth birthday.

The Maid Marion look!

Entertaining a couple of er, friends, during the lockdown.

A young Candice with a young looking Ritchie.

Posted on her forty-ninth birthday, and looking half her age.

A group photograph.

Him and HER.



Hmm, wonder who that is behind the mask.

Waving to the audience.

Post May 9th, 2020, the day after her forty-ninth birthday.


Performing: classic pose.

Another classic look.

On stage.

By the Christmas tree.

Having fun.

On stage again.

Candice with a dude who looks like...Daniel Negreanu?

The classic look - white on a green background.

Family fun: December 9, 2019.

December 2019.

Locked within the crystal ball.

Showing cleavage with taste as only Candice can.

More festive fun.

The only thing lovelier than Candice is two of her! The single version can be found here, above

October 9, apparently somewhere on tour with Deep Purple.

A young Candice - the epitome of loveliness.

A book at bedtime.

Candice with the late, great Jon Lord.

A drink with Ritchie.

The food of love!

Ritchie played Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum on May 2, 1981, six days before Candice celebrated her eighth birthday. This is a somewhat later photograph!

With Ritchie and selected band members.

Classic black and white posed photograph.

Another wedding photo.

Him and her.

Her and him.

With a fan. In disguise!

Candice with her new pet cat!




With him and the bloke in the middle.

With Autumn and Rory.

With Ritchie and fans.

The Lady with the tambourine.

Uploaded to Facebook, August 2, 2020. An unexpected birthday present!

Oliver Twist again.

Ritchie introduces Candice to The Book Of Taliesyn!

Ritchie introduces Candice to The Book Of Taliesyn!

The damsel in the tower. Well, on the balcony.

If a woman looks at you like that, you’ll know it’s the real thing.

Fires At Midnight

The young Candice adapting to the jet set rock star lifestyle.

Uploaded to Facebook, December 2019.

Uploaded to Facebook, December 2019.

Uploaded to Facebook, December 2019.

With Christina Skleros, apparently in Germany, 2019.

The Sunflower Girl!

At Montauk, New York.

In red hat...

...and blue.


Well, his middle name is Dartanyan!

Stunning portrait.



Dreaming of castles.

The early days of Blackmore’s Night.

Family and friends.

Loveliness Incarnate.

Apparently from an advertisement.

In the bar.

Birthday girl, classic pose.

Unicorn Girl! Halloween.

From Facebook, September 15, 2020.

A young Candice taking time out from touring.

Flat out.

Getting to grips with Ritchie.

Candice performing. Uploaded in September 2019.

On stage with Ritchie.

A young Candice poses for the camera with Ritchie.

A young Candice at Stonehenge with Ritchie.


The Sorcerer’s Apprentice!

On stage with Ritchie.

Who do you think is the happiest?

On stage with Ritchie again.

In an orange-yellow light.

Just looking lovely.

In performance.

A young Candice with Ritchie in 1993.

Candice and friend.

In hat.

Pork for dinner?

Does that drink belong to Ritchie?

Classical pose with Ritchie.

Party time, November 2019.

A young Candice in Germany with Ritchie and friend.

Classical pose with Ritchie.

With Ritchie.

Party time.

With music industry executive Merck Mercuriadis.

A young Candice with Ritchie en route to Prague.

On stage with Autumn and Rory.

Posted to Instagram, August 2020.

Performing for Italian television.

With Ritchie.

The luckiest man in the world.

With Ritchie and unknown man.

Yes, a truly magical world.

Candice with Rory and Ritchie with Rory.

Blackmore’s Night.

The snake charmer!

With a fan.

Formal - the young model.

Another hat.

Renaissance Faire again.

The Faerie Queen about to take flight!

Family fun.

Ever the happy couple.

Relaxing with Ritchie and friends.

Lady in green.

With Ritchie and a happy fan.

Candice and family with LAUGHING MAN.

Early days.

Candice and Ritchie.

With her man.

Probably 1993.

Hanau, 2017.

Candice with furry friend.

On stage with the band.

Group photograph.

Another still from Will O’ The Wisp

With a young fan.

Young love. Well, she is.

A young Candice modelling - in black and white.

And in colour.

Candice with Ritchie, apparently February 2021.

Ritchie with his favourite football team. And favourite mascot.

More from Light The Universe

More from Light The Universe

More from Light The Universe

More from Light The Universe

More from Light The Universe

From the Under A Violet Moon tour - this would have been July or August 2000 in Germany.

Candice with her late father and baby Rory.

Who looks the happier?

Uploaded February 2021.

Candice with baby Rory.


Apparently 2019.

Apparently 2013.

Apparently 2013.


Posted on her fiftieth birthday.

Candice at 50.

Candice at 50.

Him and Her.

Posted February 2021.

Candice with Rory.

Candice with Ritchie.

Performing with Ritchie.

The prize winners.

Confused but not dazed.

Recording at Cove City, June 2021.

At Cove City, June 2021.

Under a, er, massive red Moon.

Uploaded to Facebook by Candice on what would have been Jon Lord’s eightieth birthday.

Candice and Ritchie, June 3, 2021.

Candice, June 3, 2021.

Candice in her youthful modelling days.

Candice with Autumn and Rory, a near duplicate of photo 531 (above).


Very blonde, very pale.

Another hat!

With Ritchie...and a fan? Probably 1990s.



With Ritchie, probably 1996.

He went thataway!

The young tourist with her man.

Standing somewhere...

A punishing sight.

Him and her.

Her and him.

Taking time out from a tour.

Blackmore’s Night.

Blackmore’s Night.

The luckiest man in the world.

The Mediæval look.

A wonderful portrait.

How young does she look here?


The young Candice with Ritchie at Stonehenge - a different edit of photograph 621 above.

Uploaded to Facebook in December 2021.

Uploaded to Facebook in December 2021.

Uploaded to Facebook in December 2021.

Uploaded to Facebook in December 2021.

Uploaded to Facebook on December 7, 2021.

Uploaded to Facebook on December 7, 2021 - classic.

With Autumn, uploaded to Facebook in December 2021.

Second Element – difficult to believe this woman was nearly 50 years old when this video was recorded.

Second Element

Second Element

Second Element

Second Element

Second Element

Second Element

Second Element

Performing with Rainbow, 2017. (This is a very slightly different photograph or screengrab from one above).

This and the next four images are screengrabs from a high quality video uploaded to the Blackmore’s Night YouTube channel on May 27, 2022. It was taken in Germany on August 14, 2005, when Candice was 34 years old.

Candice with Ritchie, but see prize winners, (above).

A very young Candice.

Candice with Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac.

Cut down portrait.

Watch out for those canines!

A typically beautiful (and stunning) portrait.

Playing her favourite shawm.


Uploaded New Year’s Day, 2022.

Candice pours a drink for the boys.

Candice performing in 2022.

Candice in a live YouTube hangout, November 3, 2022.

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