Songs By Geoff Long - Introduction

Many years ago I met a blind man in Sydenham; I canít remember where but it was probably at the station; probably I helped him onto the train - I always like to do one good deed every day, which is why itís best to catch me in the morning. I ran into him again from time to time and we had the odd conversation, usually about music, because most of the time he was on his way somewhere busking, and me being a one-time songwriter...

Mr Long - as I always call him - is a bit of a character; he worked in a bank for many years, and his other claim to fame is that he is on nodding terms with former Home Secretary David Blunkett - they went to the same blind school. I still see him now and again - though he never sees me (the old ones are the best, as my solicitor always says). A good few years ago now he gave me a copy of his CD, which I said I would post to the Internet. Sometime later when I opened a YouTube account, I uploaded - or attempted to upload - a couple of tracks from it, but for some reason they would not convert. When I ran into him a while ago he commented somewhat caustically on my broken promise, even though I pointed out that I had given him a mention on SongFacts.Com.

In August, I finally began to use my YouTube account for my own sinister purposes, and posted a few home made videos to it, but in spite of my dabbling with a couple of conversion programs I still wasnít able to successfully upload any of his songs. So, at long last...

I suggested many years ago to Mr Long that he was Sydenhamís answer to Stevie Wonder; hopefully he will also be Sydenhamís answer to Susan Boyle. The four songs listed below from his after the party CD are his own compositions: Itís Only A Simple Song and Island Dream were co-written with Leigh Stirling; Roll On and Song Of A Sad Man are solo efforts.

Simple Song was burned to the original CD with the wrong credit (Stingís Fields Of Gold), which Mr Long also recorded.


October 8, 2009

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