Flog It To Death

Friday The Thirteenth.
Jaws II.
Rocky II.
Friday The Thirteenth, Part II.
Piranha II. (with wings!).
Rocky III.
Jaws III D.
Friday The Thirteenth, Part III D.
Jaws Meets Piranha II.
Son Of Jaws.
Son Of Jaws Meets The Werewolf.
Rocky (The Piranha) Meets Jaws II.
Son Of Dracula Meets Rocky.
Psycho II.
The Continuing Adventures Of Psycho.
The Further Adventures Of Rocky The Psycho Piranha.
Rocky The Psycho Piranha Meets Jaws II, (The Werewolf)
On Friday The Thirteenth Part III D.
Abbott And Costello Meet Jaws And Rocky (The Zombies).
Airport II.
Rocky The Psycho Zombie Meets Jaws The Werewolf Piranha At Airport II
On Friday The Thirteenth Part III D.
Son Of Dracula Meets Psycho The Airport At Piranha With Jaws II.
Rocky III Meets Rocky II, And The Winner Meets Psycho Jaws.
Rocky II Meets Jaws The Werewolf.
Piranha Meets Rocky Jaws The Psycho Zombie.
Rocky II Meets Jaws The Werewolf, (again).
Piranha Meets Jaws.
Piranha Jaws.


[The above was first published in the 1987 anthology We’re Coming For Your Telecom Shares.]

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