Original Riddles By Alexander Baron (Previously Unpublished)

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(1) My first is in darkness,
Never in light,
My second in bark,
But not in bite;
Though biting Iím fond of,
My third and my fourth
Both appear in account,
But neither in north;
My fifth is in unicorn,
And in umbrella,
My last two complete me,
A horrible fella!
I live in a castle,
Iím ever so old,
My story has been
Many, many times told;
Once in a book,
Several on the screen;
My habits are deadly,
As well as obscene.
Who am I?

(2) A hole to mount?
Itís nothing with a count.

(3) Fifty in the back
Or be will colour lack.

(4) My first is in puzzle and also in clue,
My secondís in black and in bold and in blue,
My third is in pony and also in horse,
My fourth is in envy but not in remorse.
My fifth is my last, and it may be said
Although I sound black, Iím usually read.

(5) Itís black and read all over, yes,
But not a silent ethnic press.

(6) Youíll find my first in cookery,
My fourth and last in thief,
A kitchen is my workplace.
How do you like your beef?
What am I?

(7) I start with a solo,
Iím partial to gammon,
I worship a god
But his name isnít Mammon.
I have seven letters,
Iím regal and wise,
If you know your Good Book
Thatís a feeble disguise.
Who am I?

(8) Youíre quite sure
This nation is pure?

(9) Youíll need this when you go abroad.
I will? A credit card? Good Lord!

(10) Malevolent spirit, perhaps of a wog,
Itís almost a decapitated young dog.

(11) The company with no return
The man the Klansmen love to burn.

(12) Give Ginger a whack
And watch him turn black.

(13) Give the nigger a boot
And heíll get to the root.

(14) Heís black, sounds wank,
Met Tyson, got a spank.

(15) Of six million dead he knows thereís no proof:
A slimy Jew whoís found up in the roof.

(16) Almost said
Get this and youíre dead.

(17) In five and eight, a place thatís known
To turn a famous face to stone.

(18) Briefly, the Baronet begins to trade
Without the use of money, Iím afraid.

(19) Tokyo mix
City fix.

(20) In letters eleven and eight,
The slave rode this to Northern State.

(21) A femme fatale will anger mount,
And make a creature like the Count.

(22) The top man terminated with a bullet and a city?
In letters seven, seven can you solve this little ditty?

(23) Vehicle terminates: I do declare
In letters seven itís a slanted square.

(24) Kay runs around, and well, Iím beat:
She gives Tibetans milk and meat!

(25) I may not be a misery,
But Iíve still got the hump!
Nine letters make my name: a ship,
Although the sea Iíve never seen.
Know what I mean?

(26) In three, five, what a load of crap,
He nets three balls, but in his cap?
Who does, the centre forward?
Hat Trick.

(27) A famous artist and inventor, so it has been said,
In letters eight, two, five he has a lion at his head.

(28) A handkerchief less half a grand
Turns to plantain, you understand.

(29) Side of a building and a road
Near Mammonís dollar bill abode.

(30) When Flo is rid of one youíll find
The state sheís in, (but not her mind).

(31) Click here for this riddle.

(32) In triple time begin it
And dance about a minute.

(33) He may be of a different race,
Or even come from outer space?

(34) A fellow and what he wears on his head,
Together with the browning of his skin
Will name a well known neighbourhood, itís said.

(35) A lone hen oi! It isnít what it seems,
But something íbout which every golfer dreams.

(36) Possessively feminine
German with;
A word thatís in use
To describe a recluse.

(37) The dark man with a common name:
A forger with a legal aim.

(38) Return to where your plans go down the drain,
And start to plot,
And scheme the lot
Four, two, three, seven, five.

(39) Now red
Itís said:
A mixed marvel.

(40) Mummyís pet is not her minion,
Rather her declared opinion.

(41) In seven, three
Electric chicken she.

(42) Such music is said
To be denser than lead.

(43) The cowís mate is asleep,
Know what I mean?
Or is it a demolition machine?

(44) A saint and map, you see:
Alas, the postmanís fee.

(45) In letters five and six donít ridicule
This bluesman who comes from a dirty pool.

(46) A man of principle he was, did he design an arch?
No, that wonít do,
So hereís a better clue.
Two letters name a pioneer,
A thinker and a seeker,
If you should find him, then I fear
Youíd better shout Eureka!
Who was he?

(47) A side of pigís permitted in this play,
Six letters, pass a village on your way.

(48) Can loons be wise?
If shuffled, I surmise.

(49) A double negative can be
Another way to say H.P.

(50) Listen to this, I fear
Itís something you canít hear.

(51) A man who fights to make a mint,
In sixteen (total) you will see;
He does his mercenary stint
And ends up with a melody.

(52) Can a domestic animal
Begin to make a fuel?
This sounds a bit bizarre,
But put some in your car.

(53) A taxi starts, itís finished with an age, although itís green,
And on your plate or in the garden seen.

(54) Not quite the boss? Heís itchiní
To dominate the kitchen.

(55) In five and five I understand
The Queenís ďsmall roomĒ holds the best hand!

(56) Ray sat on it confused until
I shook him up, but heís there still!

(57) She meets one, and another;
The answerís not her brother,
He doesnít drive an Audi,
But a camel: heís a Saudi.

(58) Itís in the kitchen, cup and plate,
And names an Oriental state.

(59) Youíll see me on a chequered board
Or see me in the air,
But youíre too slow to guess my name
In letters four, I swear.

(60) In letters eight, sheís not amused to be
In Australasian territory.

(61) Part of a scientist may abscond:
A little fella in the pond.

(62) A quid will buy most of this dish,
Because itís a five lettered fish.

(63) A victory comes first
With two ewes in the middle,
A thousand at the end,
And Iíll complete this riddle
By saying that in six
The word Iíve spelt means nix.

(64) King Solomonís mine?
No, his canine:
Chew on this one in six, five.

(65) Thereís three hundred and sixty-five of these
In someoneís diary (and hanging on trees).
Five letters.

(66) A box youíll need, but not until
Itís time for me to read your will!

(67) Primordial stuff I declare
Found absolutely everywhere,
It isnít dark, in fact you might
Say there is nothing quite as light.

(68) Give her a ring;
What will she do?
Sheíll come, and,
With luck, so will you.
Four, four or four hyphen four.

(69) Five letter this one sir, (or maíam):
The fish eater from Rotterdam.

(70) A famous wizard changes one provided
In six a modern city is divided.
(But not any more!)

(71) Respectful term for maybe
A palindromic lady?

(72) Whatís that, you say:
A magic bird of prey?
Six letters.

(73) The God of War has two of them;
The Love Goddess has none;
But you and I
And everybody else we know has one.
Name it in four letters.

(74) The nicest crime? It has to be:
Itís one for all the family.

(75) This man is a loser in ten letters, seven,
He blows all his bread at roulette,
Or poker, or gee-gees, heís never in Heaven
Unless he is placing a bet.
And after, thereís only regret.
What is he?

(76) Youíll see me glowing yellow in the city of the night,
Youíll eat me in a halide with your chips.
No! Donít get too excited that youíve solved my little game,
Cos what I want from youís a seven letter Latin name.

(77) I sound like a brave sort of person,
(A woman) but really Iím not,
In fact Iím a lady theyíre cursiní
For Iíve sent many people to pot.
Six letters my name has, a hero
You will find is located within,
Take me and youíll end up like Nero,
Committing a cardinal sin.
Or just killing yourself.
What am I?

(78) The boxerís fighting for this thing
The housewife keeps her money in.

(79) A riddle with which I am sure to confound,
Itís a book, or a space, it might even be sound.

(80) This lady may be none too bright,
But sheís always about at night.
Three letters.

(81) The girl who, no surprise,
Is always first to rise.

(82) Man from the valley said
To be easily lead.

(83) A British boxing champ might wear
This with his trousers. I declare.
Eight letters, four.

(84) Four, seven, six, we start the week you say
With a usurerís vacation? Okay!

(85) Heís stark naked, Iíll have you know,
This sprinting gambler raking in the dough.
Whatís he on in seven, six?

(86) A pair of comedians in six, three, eight.
Of which one has a price while the straight man, his mate...
Has taken holy orders!

(87) Six letters: the last two are found in cleric,
While Foreign Office Nazis head this relic.

(88) Rap back to heir and tíwould appear,
In six, the clergyman is here.

(89) Red rum confused with Roman grand:
The man whoís sitting in the band.

(90) A former prefix married to a rat:
Heís in the film, and a surplus at that.

(91) Five in the navy
Name my pal;
Youíll see him
Digging the canal.

(92) Start with a negative,
End with a joint of pork,
Itís somewhat north of Birmingham,
And further south than York.

(93) Antipodean who may leave
You in the hole: six, I believe.

(94) A crooked line leads where-o?
Youíd better ask the Pharoah!

(95) It ends a fight
Between two men
When one canít beat
The count of ten.

(96) Heíll file about with one,
Thatís how it has to be;
Because of what heís done
Theyíve thrown away the key.

(97) When the President loses his head
He inhabits the Whitehouse instead.
Eight letters.

(98) A number of insects declare their intent:
In seven they move in and start to pay rent.

(99) In three and five
A scary guy;
In eighty-nine
We watched him fry.

(100) Sex with a duo,
Not one of those theories.
Instead, itís a book,
Number two of a series.

(101) A branch of mathematics:
(One of great uncertainty?);
Eleven, six:
And tricks
With numbers - spin a coin and see
What it is.

(102) Disease? Good lord,
I thought you said applaud!

(103) Footwear to limb and, four plus three
Gives something made illegally.

(104) Three, three, one, four:
Not in - zilch score.

(105) Trees in the plural, (very charred),
Or else theyíre gathered up,
For he who wins the series
Takes them home (also the cup).

(106) Lois has it,
But her fella
And her best friend
Wouldnít tell íer.

(107) Theyíre pygmies, I suppose,
And viridescent, though youíd trace
These fellas to a modern fairy tale...
Or outer space?
Six letters, five and three.

(108) The French dead, gravity and three,
Assist a homeowner to be.

(109) This dark girl was two-forty to a pound,
But sheís no longer seen to stamp around.
Five and five.

(110) The brokerís taste when so construed
May to a swimming style allude.

(111) In seven, seven, does this seem
A fraudulent Egyptian scheme?

(112) Sounds like the chickenís done
Something it shouldnít do,
Or it could be that one
Was careless with his cue.
Four and seven.

(113) With mount and men this could
On pedestal be stood.

(114) No, it is more than half (twice that), youíll spy
This bright thing every month in the night sky.
Four letters, four.

(115) Iíve letters four; Iím not a toy,
So tell your little sister,
Your brother too, and every boy
You know, theyíll get a blister.
Or worse if they play with me.
What am I?

(116) Iíve seven letters with an Ďeí, but only six without,
Iím not the ghost of Hamletís father,
Of that thereís no doubt.
But a spirit all the same.
Your Hibernian friend knows who I am, eh Jock?

(117) Four letters name a city; in a twist
Transforms into a game of widowís whist.
What is it?

(118) Eight letters, six name this conundrum solver.
To find him, take a cab to Baker Street.
A hansom, of course.

(119) Five letters name a place fit for an earl,
And a grasshopperís cousin. Run and duck?

(120) Three letters, five: chess opening? What bunk!
Iím sure the fellow was a Spanish monk.

(121) Permit man on the radio:
Shakespearian you ought to know.

(122) Concert a pallindrome,
Itís one that should be known
To every rocker.

(123) Airborne Flatlander (íscuse my quip):
In six, eight, ectoplasmic ship.

(124) Wolves such as these Iíve heard
Are common to most every word.

(125) The equine from the shore,
(I neednít tell you more).
Eight letters.

(126) Rioted and at large,
Of the journal he took charge.

(127) Royal bird in the drink?
Welsh city, I think.

(128) The lot begin musical car,
Up tempo beat: not so bizarre.
Seven letters.

(129) A rodent: slight mis-spelling,
And it becomes a dwelling.

(130) This riddle has a certain sleaze:
Applause for sexual disease?

(131) Departing from the Orient?
A vegetable is what I meant!
Seven letters, six.

(132) The Medical Officer on
Without the Sun would not have shone.

(133) Body odour in the shop may
Orbit Mars in a fearful way.

(134) Heís after house or made of sand,
And in the sky, you understand?
Name him in six.

(135) A horse race seen to run
Where the Moon shades the Sun?

(136) Five letters, five will surely give
Tertiary place where Nazis live.

(137) To this level most masons climb,
But for the cops itís ďquestion timeĒ.

(138) No fire bird
In the pink, Iíve heard.

(139) A wonderful machine in letters three
That works with rods and cones - what can it be?

(140) Medical officers upset
Join the Israelis? Donít talk wet!

(141) Colloquially thank you, jeer:
Something that isnít done, I fear.

(142) French writer of note
Who may get the right vote.

(143) The first month separated by a rod,
Located in the Middle East, thatís odd!

(144) My first is in jacket,
But never in cloth,
My second in hover,
And also in moth,
My third is in border,
But never in edge,
My fourth is in meadow
And also in sedge,
My fifth is in grade,
And my sixth is in ground,
And in the Mid East
Hot and arid Iím found.

(145) Itís the result of an illegal shot
Where Messrs White and Davis go to pot.

(146) Between five hundred and a thousand, sure,
When this is absolute, thereís choice no more.

(147) Precipitation jig;
Four, five: you dig?

(148) Whatís the conception rate
For these idiots, mate?
A famous showman reckons
One every sixty seconds.
What are they?

(149) A duplicate
Seen to expectorate.

(150) A ruminant joins forces with a youngster, yes, youíve guessed:
Six letters name a fellow long connected with the West.

(151) Five letters, three and four: a seaside couple,
A pair who always seem to be in trouble,
Because the fellow beats his little wife,
Poor girl, she really has an awful life.
And now the crocodileís run off with the sausages.

(152) Nine letter word: it could be, well, a fungus,
Although, (I hope you will not think me rude),
It sounds like froggyís cousinís done a crude .....
Well, you know: shit himself.

(153) A young girl with the letter ĎMí.
What, twice? Yes! If you wish.
A tasty bird? Good heavens, no!
Why, sheís cold as a fish!
But can you name her in seven letters?

(154) My first is my seventh: ten letters in all,
Iím a man with a heartful of ice.
I am often known by my first six and itís true
That I can be both clever and nice.
You may find me inside though Iím sure youíll agree
That a jailís not a proper solution
For a man with my kind of sick mentality,
So perhaps a secure institution
Of the hospital kind is a better retreat
Until I am safe to let back on the street.
If ever.
Who am I?

(155) The end of a chicken?
Yes, but not a hen,
Itís common at parties,
Both women and men
Knock it back. Eight letters.

(156) Possessively feminine to begin,
With a short lesbian sat at the end,
Roman copper is located within,
And thus, a well-known demi-god, my friend.

(157) A cereal that warms you when you eat,
For even when itís cold, itís full of heat.

(158) Liz takes her bra
And travels far,
In six sheíll be
In nut country?

(159) Though itís in general use, this boot,
I doubt youíll wear it with a suit.
Ten letters.

(160) The frogís voice fades a bit and thus youíll see
What once was little has become a tree.

(161) A ton of ice so to mention,
To bring to oneís attention.

(162) The time and dates are well and truly messed:
In other words, itís what somebody guessed.

(163) Call me all weed
Would you indeed?
Iíll cause your early death!
Nine letters name a cylinder
That takes away your breath.

(164) Eight letters name a sanction
Thatís painful, like a spank;
Or else perhaps a fellow
Who in service drives a tank?
Any ideas, you íorrible little man?

(165) A game familiar William starts,
íTwas popular until
A game with nineteen extra spheres
Gave folk a bigger thrill?
What is it?

(166) Five letters four: itís not easy to fix:
Four major tournaments or thirteen tricks.
Bit of a racket, Iíd say.

(167) Zero, one, fifty
Make liquid? Thatís nifty.

(168) The referee takes one to drag
On an illegal fag.

(169) Four, four: heís on the bound,
(Rana) in the playground.

(170) Buy it, bear it away, but heck,
In this store never pay by cheque.
Four, three and five.

(171) The red rat in the cellar?
No, I said is the seller.
Ah, a fella!

(172) An ill sock I perceive
Makes ecologists grieve.

(173) Two antiquated coins, the big one first,
Get us from A to B, (these clues get worse),
So take a ride on this, you clever bloke,
In letters five and eight the answerís spoke.

(174) In five and nine, this is the consequence
When twelve dozen commit a sex offence.

(175) Most of the month precedes the babyís head
And turns to fruit in seven, it is said.

(176) Itís no jest,
But a serious place to rest.

(177) In letters ten eleven can you coin
A club that any motorist might join?

(178) When three prefix a rook we find a city
In England and Oz - can you solve this ditty?

(179) Musical insect - four, six - what a pity
He ended with a bang in New York City.

(180) The top man terminated with a bullet and a city?
In letters seven, seven can you solve this little ditty?

(181) A hat, eye, eye:
(In rhyme with Cambridge spy).

(182) County garnish Iíve
Seen: fourteen letters, five.

(183) In four, one, five, backgammon player says:
ďItís how I emphasise.Ē (And how he plays).
Have you blot, I mean got, the answer?

[See also (204)].

(184) Two transcendentals make a meal
(With pastry), but itís no big dea,
Because, without the second name
The first and food sound just the same.

(185) A Monday company
(Abbreviated two).
Nation to you.
Or city?

(186) Expectorate on something hot:
A British battlerís what youíve got.

(187) Forbid three, two the same:
A fruit, but whatís its name?

(188) This crow is almost cowardly:
Whoever can this fellow be?

(189) A speedy dog, but not to US,
In fact, itís a long distance bus.

(190) A pear is, man,
In old Iran.

(191) His music lives, his fans agree
That in that, so is he.

(192) Almost repetitive, the ape
In New York is a merry jape.

(193) Prohibit Queen and ďfellowĒ from afar,
In letters seven at a feast we are.

(194) A mixed up coot meets nasty stuff; itís pish
To claim this leggy fellow is a fish.

(195) Alone in gaol in nineteen overall
Makes total isolation oíer the wall.

(196) The goy goes back in pain
To sour milk, thatís plain.

(197) The goat god with five hundred or a socks
The letters into she who holds the box.

(198) A fish goes inside, and in one more eight,
We see a bloke who can of wood, things create.

(199) The color Peter turned around:
The man creates musical sound.

(200) Dead Marx analogy? Iíll say!
Itís millions of light years away!

(201) Six, four: a duplicate which I am able
To state is made from the sixth in the table.

(202) Reference book
That has a jaundiced look?

(203) One lad is bent
To Irish Parliament.

(204) Emphasise
(Four, one and five).

(205) Iím active at sunset time,
And generally at night;
Iím a handsome little fellow
Though my teeth are sharp and white.
Six letters make my name up,
I live on or íneath the ground,
My home in the initial line
Of this verse can be found.
What am I?

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