Is There Really An Islamic Threat?


Good afternoon gentlemen, (1)

I imagine that an audience such as yourselves are sick to death of the cult of political correctness and the controlled media’s incessant whining about the evils of so-called racism. Isn’t everyone? We are constantly being reminded what filthy, evil, racist, fascist bigots we in Britain are for daring to object even mildly to the seemingly never-ending flood of immigrants, or asylum seekers as they are now to be called, from Africa, Asia, and latterly from Eastern Europe. The largest group of non-indigenous residents of these islands is now the Moslems. Most of these are of Asian extraction, most but not all.

In spite of all the wailing and whining and incessant clamouring for yet more race laws, some of you may have noticed that under certain circumstances, the cult of political correctness does not apply to Moslems, and I don’t mean simply in the wake of the atrocities of September 11.

In the build up to the first Gulf War, the controlled media, which is the first to condemn the British National Party, was equally quick off the mark to condemn the Iraqi invasion (2) of Kuwait, and there was serious talk of sending in an SAS hit squad to murder Saddam Hussein on account of his supposedly so bestial reign of terror, and of wiping out the Iraqis, who are only filthy A-rabs anyway.

Up until the overthrow of Saddam in March 2003, Iraq was treated as a pariah nation, and the suffering of the Iraqi people due to international sanctions imposed by so-called world opinion has been well documented, although up until recently we didn’t hear too much about it here in the West.

Moslems are themselves aware of the way the media portrays them, and in recent years they have coined a new word to describe what they see as the irrational fear of and stereotyping of themselves and their kin: Islamophobia. I have no doubt that many people in this room have at times felt aggrieved at the antics of certain Moslems. We are each and every one of us aware of the racial rather than cultural differences which lead to such tensions, and of the people who exploit them for their own sinister purposes, usually by pretending that such differences don’t really exist, and that anyone, any white person that is, who says they do, is a filthy, racist bigot who wants to send the Jews, the blacks and Mr Patel in his corner shop to the gas chambers. Or should that be gas ovens?

I would like here though to focus not on the differences between the white Christian majority (quote unquote) and Britain’s Moslems, but on their similarities. In short, I would like to pose the question, is there really an Islamic threat, and if there is not, then why is there so much aggravation in this particular area of race relations?

As an independent researcher I have spent quite a lot of time in libraries and archives, and a few years ago I came across a most interesting book. Charles Mackay’s Extraordinary Popular Delusions And The Madness Of Crowds was first published in 1841. In this work, the author covers many of the delusions which have afflicted Europe throughout the centuries. One of these was the witchcraft hysteria which seized not only Britain and Europe but much of the western world in an earlier age, and I’m sure that you are all of you aware of how many harmless people were demonised, tortured, forced to confess to horrible, bizarre and at times impossible crimes, and then summarily put to death. In the 16th or 17th Century, if an old woman lived on her own and had a cat, and perhaps she was lonely and talked to it, she could have ended up being discovered as a witch, and burned at the stake or drowned.

We laugh at witchcraft nowadays, the few people who practise it are regarded as harmless cranks, but witchcraft hysteria takes many forms, and if it suits the government, or some other entity, to portray a certain group of people as agents of the Devil, then demonise them they will.

Since the beginning of the Twentieth Century we have seen two horrific world wars. The First World War started over a relatively trivial incident; the pretext for starting the Second World War was somewhat more serious, the alleged rapacity of a certain Herr Hitler. In both these wars the Germans were portrayed as the bad guys, and still are to this day to some extent.

After the Second World War – the bloodiest and most senseless war in history – came what is now known as the Cold War. This was, supposedly, an undeclared war between the so-called democracies – us – and those wicked Commies, principally the Soviets. When Hitler was the bad guy the Soviets were our glorious allies; their myriad well-documented crimes against their own people were quietly forgotten, until the struggle against Nazism was won. Then, having turned the peoples of Eastern Europe over to the Communists, our governments decided they were the bad guys. The Cold War has now been over for some time, and there remains only one Superpower in the world, the United States. This has led to the downsizing of the military-industrial complex in the US and almost everywhere else, and to a lot of unemployment in the military and its ancillary industries.

Most people, including I suspect most people in this room, believe that swords into ploughshares is a good idea, but there are those who do not share this belief: professional soldiers, so-called terrorism experts, sundry propagandists, and of course, bankers, because all these people profit from war. Bankers in particular profit mightily, because nothing runs up debts like war. So these people have been casting around to find a new enemy for the finest flower of Western manhood to die fighting against. That enemy is Islam.

I will be the first to admit that there is a lunatic fringe in and around Islam. Doubtless each and every one of you will recall not only September 11 but the worldwide campaign against Salman Rushdie over his unreadable book The Satanic Verses, the fatwah that was issued against him by the Ayatollah Khomeini, and all the associated hysteria, including a number of fatalities. But there is a lunatic fringe in and around every political/religious ideology, as every racial-nationalist surely knows. Indeed, the people who control our news and entertainments media have long made sure that all white nationalists are portrayed either as wide-eyed, sadistic Hitler worshipping psychopaths or illiterate, bigoted rednecks. So effective has been this hate campaign and vicious racial stereotyping that most ordinary people are surprised when they meet rank and file members of the BNP and similar groups. Rather than being a foul-mouthed, semi-literate moron, the average BNP member is Mr or Mrs Average, although he or she does tend to be more politically aware and better read on certain subjects than the public at large.

We know who the media masters are, we know the reasons they denigrate nationalists, we know their political and racial agendas, and we don’t take what they say about nationalists seriously. We do however sometimes fall into the trap of taking their stereotypes of other groups seriously, and consequently we allow ourselves to be misled.

I said earlier that we are all of us aware of the unremitting campaign against so-called racism, as indeed we are, but some people interpret this, mistakenly, as genuine concern for the welfare of blacks, Asians and other non-whites. Nothing could be further from the truth. The “anti-racist” industry is first and foremost in the business of empire-building. And the media masters and the likes of Gerry Gable and his odious Searchlight Organisation are concerned primarily with the destruction of Western Man and his democratic institutions. Gable – whom doubtless you all know well – and his ilk, may advance their sinister agendas under the guise of peace, love and the universal brotherhood of man, but that is no reason for us, or for anyone else, to be taken in by them.

Is there then, an Islamic threat? Let me rephrase the question in more general terms: is there a black plague – as the American Nazi and hatemonger George Lincoln Rockwell called it? Is there a Yellow Peril as the academic Lothrop Stoddard put it in the early Twentieth century? Is there a black plague, a Yellow Peril and an Islamic menace? In short, are the white peoples of the world being slowly crushed out of existence by non-whites?

Certainly that is the way it looks to many concerned white people, not just nationalists. White people in Britain and elsewhere look around and see what they perceive as ethnic swamping. They see Asians taking over the local corner shop. They see mosques being erected in town centres; they see non-whites of every shade and hue being given preferential treatment over themselves, and most sinister of all, they see the lower elements of the white race such as the so-called supermodel Jordan polluting their gene pool by breeding mongrel offspring instead of blond(e) Nordic children. And any time they object to this genocidal poison they are shouted down as Nazis by a vicious chorus of self-styled anti-fascists and “anti-racists”.

In 1976, one Englishman, Robert Relf, was actually locked up for protesting against Britain’s Draconian race laws in the mildest possible manner. He advertised his house for sale to an English (ie white) family only, and when he failed to comply with a court order to remove the sign, he was thrown into gaol for contempt. Whatever one may think of Robert Relf, and he certainly does hold some unpleasant views, he was, by this gesture, making a principled stand against state tyranny, yet all he received for his troubles was scorn and derision.

Robert Relf was on the right track, but he was aiming at the wrong target, because Mr Patel in his corner shop, the mosque in the town centre, the increasingly repressive political climate, and the denigration of Anglo-Saxon culture and blood in particular, have not been brought about by Islam, by blacks, or by any other single group, ethnic or otherwise, rather they have been brought about by a broad popular front of hate groups and vested interests.

This popular front is rather vague and nebulously defined, and is a bandwagon rather than a conspiracy, but each and every one of us knows what it is and who they are. They are the controlled media, in particular the gutter press such as the Sun and the Daily Mirror. The organised left which includes the nominally anti-Zionist Socialist Workers Party and its front organisation the Anti Nazi League. The “anti-racist”/anti-fascist movement, which includes such thugs as Anti-Fascist Action/Red Action and sundry self-styled anarchist groups, as well as the smaller but extremely influential think tanks like the insidious Institute of Race Relations, the Runnymede Trust and the most insidious of them all, the Searchlight Organisation.

There is also the octopus-like entity of Organised Jewry, which includes many think tanks and campaigning organisations, the most notorious of which is the Anti-Defamation League. There is the misnamed women’s or feminist movement; there is the organised homosexual movement. Finally there are the quangoes: the various statutory bodies set up by the government, whose aim is to destroy your rights and your inheritance, and funded by your taxes.

But what do Moslems think of all this? The answer, fortunately, is not a lot. There are no Islamic gay “rights” groups, that’s for sure. (3) In Britain, the state and local authorities have poured countless millions into the coffers of these perverts, much of which has been used to indoctrinate the young. That doesn’t happen in Saudi Arabia, as I’m sure you well know.

The feminist movement has made little or no headway in the Islamic world, in spite of portraying Islam as a vicious, patriarchal system under which women have no rights and are treated as the mere chattels of men. And, most encouragingly of all, most Moslems have little or no time for what is generally termed multi-culturalism, but which we know as race-mixing; in fact, there have been a number of well publicised cases of devout Moslem parents objecting strenuously, even violently, to their offspring marrying out. (4)

Most notably, the Black Muslims under the leadership of the charismatic American leader Louis Farrakhan have a definite platform of racial separatism. (5) The December 1997 issue of Searchlight contained a vicious two page attack on Minister Farrakhan and his Nation Of Islam, branding him a racist and a hatemonger. The same issue also published an article by a certain Geoffrey Bindman (6) calling for – incredible though it may seem – even stronger legislation against Holocaust Revisionism. (7) As most of you are well aware, enlightened audience that you are, these two subjects are strongly related. The Holocaust – whatever it was – is used by Gerry Gable and his ilk as a big stick to batter Western Man over the head incessantly, and by some perverted logic to use as a major promoter of miscegenation. Anyone who opposes forced race-mixing will be denounced as a bigot and a hater by Organised Jewry. Anyone that is except members of their own tribe. (8)

This campaign of unremitting brainwashing has had profound effects on most white people, but non-whites, Moslems in particular, and Palestinians most of all, give it short shrift; they recognise it for what it is: rhetoric and blatant Zionist propaganda.

Another issue with which many Moslems are concerned is usury, and the abolition thereof. It is a paradox of the modern world that as technology advances, resources are becoming scarcer, or at least they appear to. In fact it is not resources: goods, services and raw materials, which are becoming scarcer, but money. The reason for this is simple: most money comes into existence as an interest-bearing debt; it is created by the banking system as entries in a book, or nowadays a blip in a computer, and from there it is loaned out to governments, companies, institutions and individuals. Because it is created as a debt more has to be repaid than is loaned, and the world is becoming progressively more indebted to the banking system.

The Koran, the holy book of Islam, expressly forbids usury, and Moslems in Britain and elsewhere are in the forefront of the campaign to abolish it and to institute in its place a financial system based on ethical principles, and one that is free of debt. Such a system is also fundamental to all serious nationalists from Gottfried Feder to A.K. Chesterton and beyond. (9) The debt-based financial system is also the cause of most of the world’s evils, or if not the cause then certainly it does much to exacerbate them. Anyone and everyone who recognises this will be earmarked as an enemy of the system, and singled out for special treatment, which can include social ostracism, violence, and even outright state harassment and persecution.

To put it in a nutshell, nationalists and Moslems certainly have many differences, but they also have many common enemies and common agendas. They are both opposed to cultural genocide, to the misnamed feminist movement, to the poisonous gay “rights” movement, and to International Zionism. They both reject crass materialism, and they both advocate a sound financial system based on the abolition of usury and irredeemable debt. Most importantly in these troubled times, with the exception of President Blair’s Amen Corner of Iraqi exiles, the overwhelming majority of Moslems oppose the current madness in the Gulf, and where it is leading.

Two decades ago, after the British government had conspired with the forces of darkness to overthrow a stable, white led democratic government in Rhodesia and hand it over to the murdering anti-white Marxist tyrant Robert Mugabe, the very same government under the supposedly right wing Margaret Thatcher sent a task force to the Falkland Islands, an archipelago of which most Britons had never heard, to engage in a bloody fratricidal war against our South American kin. Granted there was no excuse for the Argentine outrage, but it was a bloodless invasion, and the situation could have been resolved to our satisfaction not only without resorting to gunboat diplomacy but without loss of life, British or Argentinean. (10)

Today we see the finest flower of our youth being marched off to invade a sovereign nation and prosecute an illegal war in the name of the same democracy which throws a man into gaol for placing restrictions on the sale of his own house. At the beginning of this month, twenty-four year old Anthony Wakefield became the eighty-seventh British serviceman to die in Iraq since the commencement of the current hostilities. Like the eighty-six before him, and like the many civilians who have been callously kidnapped and butchered by the same so-called insurgents, in some cases by beheading, Guardsman Wakefield was in effect murdered by Tony Blair. Likewise, the blood of the many hundreds of American service personnel to die in this senseless conflict men and women, white and black is on the hands of George W. Bush.

As if that were not enough, some of the lunatics in the current US Administration are eyeing up Syria, Iran, and even North Korea.

Any further such invasions will bring not only more of our young men and women home in bodybags but will concentrate the hatred of so-called Islamic fanatics closer to home. Since September 11, 2001 we have seen not only the Bali and Madrid bombings but attempts by organised cells and lone wolf operators to murder British citizens on British soil, most notably by the so-called ricin plot of Kamel Bourgass, who fortunately for us succeeded only in stabbing to death one agent of state repression before he was brought to book, (11) something that should give all police officers food for thought when they are gleefully enforcing the Draconian race laws of our unelected masters.

There is, I reiterate, no Islamic threat any more than there is a Nazi menace; the real threat is the lunatics in our own midst. Like the Nazi menace of old, the Islamic menace of today is one of those extraordinary popular delusions which have been manufactured wilfully and with malice aforethought by the same powerful vested interests that plunged Britain and the world into the bloodiest fratricidal war in history on the pretext of making the world safe for democracy. And both are promoted tirelessly by the media, a media whose masters include Gerry Gable and his ilk. Nationalists should recognise this, and should not be misled by the pathetic efforts of the Griffin gang to portray Islam as a fifth column in our midst. Even more importantly, they should not allow themselves to be misled by phoney cries of “Rule, Britannia!” and other such jingoistic nonsense when the warmongers start beating the drum.

[The above speech was delivered at the 3rd meeting of the New Right, which was held in the City of London on May 28, 2005. It is reproduced here more or less verbatim, with added citations].

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