Notes And References

(1) There was actually one lady present; an attractive young American girl who was apparently in transit to Norway.
(2) This is not to say that the Iraqi invasion should not have been condemned, but the reaction by Western media and governments was in stark contrast to the muted condemnation issued against Israeli outrages such as the invasion of Lebanon, and its myriad atrocities against the Palestinian people. What affronts Arab sensibilities most are the crass double standards in all issues relating to the Middle East.
(3) The Al-Fatiha Foundation appears to be the one major dishonourable exception; unsurprising it is based in the United States; equally unsurprisingly it is given short shrift by bona fide Islamic organisations.
(4) See for example LOVE ON THE RUN Just call us Bonnie & Clyde, by Sarah Veness, published in SUNDAY: NEWS OF THE WORLD MAGAZINE, November 30, 1997, pages 6-7. This is a short - and very touching report (I don’t think) on the elopement of Moslem Romeena Khanom and her English lover.
(5) With the exception of his endorsement of the blatant miscegenist (and undoubted double murderer O.J. Simpson) and the occasional faux pas about the Jewish religion, Farrakhan’s stance on race has been highly commendable.
(6) Bindman is Gerry Gable’s solicitor; he is also Jewish and a confirmed race agitator, although he is no Zionist and to his credit once co-authored a report on human rights abuse in Israel which didn’t go down at all well with Organised Jewry.
(7) Referred to pejoratively as “Holocaust denial”.
(8) I do not include Geoffrey Bindman in this “tribe”, in spite of his ethnic origins. Likewise I do not include the many Jewish members of the - quite contemptible - Socialist Workers Party.
(9) Feder was the author of the Nazi Party programme - which, contrary to popular belief, concerned itself principally with economics rather than with race. Chesterton was the founder and first chairman of the National Front.
(10) Operation Azul, the Argentine invasion, began on April 2, 1982. About twenty-five Argentinians were killed in the first encounter; the British suffered no fatalities. The Falklands War cost over two hundred British lives and over seven hundred Argentinians. There were 777 non-fatal British casualties and 1,100 Argentinian wounded. All these deaths could have been avoided by diplomacy.
(11) Bourgass, a failed Algerian asylum seeker, stabbed to death Detective Constable Stephen Oake during a raid on his flat in January 2003. He received a mandatory life sentence for the murder, and was later given an additional seventeen years for the ricin plot. His four co-defendants were all acquitted.

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