Move Over Barack, Here Comes Desmond:
Why Obama Is Not The REAL Black Revolution


The election of America’s first black President triggered off a wave of euphoria. A lot of people, not just Americans, thought this was something that would not happen in their lifetimes. Obama presented himself not as the black but as the trans-racial candidate, and although undoubtedly he had to do deals behind the scenes, he made no attempt whatsover either to play the race card or to make a direct appeal to blacks along racial lines.

One of those who though hoping for Obama to win didn’t really expect him to, was Jesse Jackson. Jackson had of course stood for President himself as far back as 1984, and his failure to win the Democratic nomination led him and many others to believe the country was not ready for a black president. The truth is, it was not ready for Jesse Jackson, and hopefully it never will be. They may belong to the same party, but that and a certain pigmentation are about all Jackson and Obama have in common, in spite of Barack’s de rigueur lip service to the misnamed civil rights movement.

The new President has many fine qualities as he has already demonstrated, but he is not by any means a revolutionary, much less a black revolutionary, rather he is a mainstream albeit exceptional politician. The real black revolution is not happening in Washington, nor in Obama’s adopted Chicago, nor even in the Democratic Party. The real black revolution is happening in my local barber shop, but before I justify this apparently extraordinary claim, let’s take a long, hard, dispassionate look at Barack Obama.

Firstly, it has to be said that if many whites were unimpressed, not a few blacks were either suspicious or openly hostile, none more so than the Reverend David Manning who has openly disparaged him in his sermons, many of which can be found on the YouTube website. Obama’s parents were trash, he said. Not just his white mammy but his supposedly Moslem father too. I won’t take issue with that, what sort of white woman ventures into Africa, shacks up with a native and pollutes her race by mongrelisation? White trash, nuff said.

Although Obama has made much of seeing his mother die slowly and painfully from cancer – his pretext for aspiring to reform the (quite dreadful) American healthcare system – he is obviously not entirely comfortable with his parentage either. But just because his mother was trash, doesn’t mean he is, biology isn’t everything, and as the sons and daughters of the British aristocracy have on occasion plumbed new depths, so too do great leaders, men of genius and especially entrepreneurs, arise from the humblest of beginnings.

The next blot on Obama’s record is, some would have us believe, his wife. Although she is a lawyer, Michelle Obama is obviously not exactly bright. Her dissertation, on bore, bore, racism, exposes her as the feeble intellect that so typically rises to the top under affirmative action. But cut the lady some slack, she is just as much a victim of “anti-racist” brainwashing as every other black, and white student of her generation. It’s not necessarily that she’s dumb, she just hasn’t learned how to think. The same thing can be said of our own Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who after ten years in control of the country’s finances still doesn’t realise the government can and should create its own credit for free instead of borrowing it from the banks and paying them for the privilege of so doing.

Leaving aside Michelle’s intellect or lack thereof, you only have to take one look at the lady to realise that Barack didn’t marry her for her brains anymore than he did for her money. Is she a looker or what? And of course, she is a perfect racial match. If somewhere in his dark distant past Barack had shown himself to be even half partial to white women he would never have secured the Democratic nomination much less captured the White House. White liberals may have stood for or even possibly welcomed a miscegenist as President, but the broad mass of whites wouldn’t have, and blacks most definitely would NOT have.

The third blot on Obama’s record is really guilt by association, in particular the fiery rhetoric used by his pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. In one sermon he shouted repeatedly “God damn America!”, which might just be construed as anti-American! But anyone who has heard the full version of this particular speech rather than the carefully edited media soundbytes will realise it was an attack on government in general – not just the American Government, and indeed not just white governments. Its theme was that governments change – sometimes for the better, sometimes not so – but that God is immutable.

In the wake of September 11 2001, Reverend Wright announced “America’s chickens coming home to roost” and drew an analogy with Hiroshima. Although there can be no excusing or mitigating the atrocities of September 11, and although its perpetrators were certainly not motivated by their love of humanity – or more selectively of Moslems or Palestinians – many white Americans and white Westerners generally will have shared these sentiments: ie these people hate us because they see us as a dominating, meddling, hypocritical, Imperialist power, and whatever their warped, twisted justification for these acts of mass murder, their claims have some basis in fact. If we are to diffuse this hatred, which is being passed down to the next generation, we must first understand why they hate us.

Now on the plus side, we know that just as he is racially sound, Obama is certainly not politically correct, for one thing he has said his favourite TV programme is The Wire, an American police based series with a large black cast which peppers its scripts with the dreaded N word – something blacks can do with impunity but which whites do only at their peril. Okay, so the President can hear the word Nigger without going apoplexic – as most white liberals and “anti-racists” do – but hopefully he doesn’t allow his two cute daughters to watch the show, because the other de rigueur swearword of American street blacks – motherfucker – is sprayed about in equal measure, and that is certainly not suitable for consumption by any self-respecting young black girl.

So, we know that Obama is not politically correct and that he is racially sound. What else do we know about him?

If liberal whites are happy to see a black face in the White House, some elements of the far right aren’t unhappy to see one there either. As at least one pundit pointed out, the election of a black man to the highest office not only in the land but in the world means the end of white guilt. If a black man from relatively humble beginnings can do it, there can be no more excuses. No more whining about racism, institutional or otherwise, no more carping on about the glass ceiling, no more hand outs, no more special pleading, no more affirmative action, and no more of this crap about reparations for slavery – as if slavery was ever only a white on black thing.

There is also another, less obvious reason for welcoming a black President, especially one with the middle name Hussein, and that is Obama may finally do what no white president before him could ever have done, break the stranglehold of Organised Jewry and the Zionist mindset over US foreign policy and the American mind in general, something he is more than willing to do, indeed, he has made sorting out the Israel-Palestine conflict one of his priorities, for which his endorsement of a two state solution is further proof of his basic racial soundness.

Consider his immediate predecessors, there was Christian Fundamentalist – or should that be Christian Fundament? – Bush, for whom the Chosen can do no wrong, then there was ultra-liberal Bill Clinton. Although one may have a sneaking admiration for Clinton for the Lewinsky affair (most Western leaders are more likely to suck Jewish dick than get a blowjob off one), he had the same wishy-washy approach to the Middle East as all those before him. But just as the election of Obama frees white Americans from white guilt, it also frees them from Jewish racial blackmail. Before he was safely ensconsed in the White House, Obama would have had to tread carefully around Jewish sensibilities, but not anymore.

“Listen Hymie, don’t give me any of that crap about six million, your ancestors weren’t dragged to these shores in chains, whipped, branded and set to work in the fields, they were running the motherfucking slave trade, now sit back down at that table. Nobody goes home tonight until we’ve sorted out this Gaza business.”

And Obama’s pre-election speeches were not all waffle; he hit the ground running, ordered the shutdown of a certain off-shore military prison, restored human rights for terror suspects, outlawed torture, and began pulling out of Iraq while at the same time turning his attention to Afghanistan. For the record, this latter is exactly what I would have done; we (ie the West) have no business being in Iraq, but something must be done about the Taliban. (I’m sure it will come as a great comfort to the President of the United States that the man from Venner Road, Sydenham is 100% behind his foreign policy). And that is not the only thing I have in common with Barack Obama: we both take size 11 shoes, and are both left-handed. Now, to more serious matters – the real Black Revolution.

I won’t say I first became aware of this in July 2008, because the Nation of Islam has been around a lot longer than that, but this was when the full extent of black awareness of the true problems we face came home to me. It was July 28, and on my way home from Croydon I changed trains at Norwood Junction. I had picked up a copy of the free commuter newspaper London Metro, and was left mortified by its publication of an horrific photograph of a young victim of the sickening and quite mindless gratuitous violence we hear so much of in modern Britain.

Eighteen year old Daniel Powell from Oldham had been set upon by a street gang. Among other things he had been hit over the head with a bottle, and battered with such ferocity that his head had needed more than fifty staples. He looked as though he had been made up to play the Frankenstein Monster, or like a corpse after an autopsy, except that by some miracle he was still alive.

As I sat reading this article I turned to the young black guy sitting on the bench next to me. I found out later that he was older than he looked, about twenty-eight. I showed him the photograph and asked him how anyone could do such a thing to an innocent stranger? He agreed, but to my surprise, instead of blaming it on TV, materialism or general Western decadence he started going on about the Zionists and the Illuminati!

If he surprised me, I surprised him even more; he was working in community radio – doing his bit, as it were – and gave me his card. I gave him a copy of Freedom Under Socialism? which was one of the things I’d been scanning at Croydon Library.

When I got off the train at Sydenham I couldn’t help thinking of an incident in my local barber shop the previous month, almost to the day in fact. This was the first time I’d used this particular barber shop, which is all black, and as I was sitting in the chair there were two dudes talking behind me, and I distinctly heard one of them say “Jews control everything”. I hadn’t taken much notice of the pictures on the wall, the usual pseudo-historical junk about how blacks invented everything from refrigeration to the traffic light. It’s all garbage of course, as an ex-Colonial said to me many years ago “What has a Nigger ever invented?” It wasn’t a question, and it wasn’t racist either, it was simply a forthright statement.

The black contribution to Western civilisation and to civilisation in general can be summed up in one word – music. Admittedly that is an awesome contribution, but I digress. After meeting this guy at Norwood Junction there was no way I was going to a white barber for my next haircut; on future visits I intended to keep my eyes as well as my ears open. I was rewarded, subsequently with a DVD. At first I thought it was a satellite channel but as the guy who was cutting my hair pointed out, you won’t find these sort of programmes on any TV station.

I didn’t catch the credits but I’m fairly sure it was produced either by the Lyndon LaRouche loonies or an associate of David Icke, because it featured the Protocols Of Zion, some background to the debt-based money system, and speculation – which is beginning to look more real everyday – that at some future date we will all be walking around with micro-chips in the backs of our necks.

There is and always has been a lot of common ground between Black Separatists and White racists. Even Lincoln Rockwell recognised that, and tried in his albeit undiplomatic way to foster relations with them. Black Separatists are hated by the self-appointed Liberal-Jewish Úlite and regarded with contempt by the vanguard of the proletariat – the University educated but braindead muppets of the Socialist Workers Party etc and ad nauseam. The reason is not far to seek, and lies in the word Separatists. These blacks may have nutty ideas about black civilisation [sic] and a myriad other things, but they have no interest in white women and by definition are not our enemies. So why can’t they be our allies?

Returning to Obama, he is as I said a mainstream if exceptional politician, but just because he has had to make deals behind the scenes doesn’t mean that he won’t renege on them now he is in power. The parallels with Jimmy Carter are remarkable. In his 1980 study The Global Manipulators, Robert Eringer points out that Carter’s rise to power was almost as meteoric because he was backed by the Insiders (as Gary Allen called them), that once in power he seemingly rewarded his backers: “Carter filled practically all of the major policy posts in the United States with Trilateral Commissioners”, but “Once safely in the White House, Carter appears to have turned his back on the resident Trilateralists...seeking the bulk of his advice from Almighty God, his wife Rosalynn, and the ‘Georgia Mafia’, in that order.” As Miles Copeland said: “Carter would call Brezezinski, Vance, and the others one by one, formally listen to their proposals, then dismiss them. After they left, Carter, Jordan, and Powell would pal around with their feet up on the tables and decide what to do.”

Under Obama we can expect meaningful change to American healthcare, to Wall Street, and to US foreign policy (even in the Middle East), but it is too much to ask that he audits the Federal Reserve, much less does anything meaningful in the race field.

So this is where Desmond comes in. Along with immigrants from the Islamic world, second, and third generation and more, Black Separatists are aware. True, like the Nazis of old they have the wrong answers – at the moment – but at least they ask the right questions. There is precious little sympathy amongst any of them for the poor, persecuted powerless Jews, though by and large – unlike most of the far right – they are capable of distinguishing between the real Jews, crypto-Jews and Jewish mischief-makers; none of them has any time for race-mixing, they are almost to a man revolted by even the thought of “gay rights” and they all understand the rudiments both of usury, and how the extreme left is really a tool of its alleged avowed enemy, finance capitalism.

Blacks, by and large, have never been interested in leftist ideology, this has always been the fiefdom of alienated crypto-Jews and their university educated goy fellow travellers whose fanatical hate campaign against Western civilisation was based initially on the destruction of the capitalist system but which over the past half century and more has focused more and more on the destruction of the hated White Race, all wrapped up in the garb of racial tolerance, fair play, equality, and the universal brotherhood of man. A century of failure and unnecessary human suffering on an unimaginable scale has done nothing to lessen the appeal of this fairy tale to the airheads of the Socialist Internationale, but Desmond’s clientele have long seen through this in spite of, or perhaps because of their lack of a university education.

For the moment, the Black Revolution may be confined to my local barber shop, but this state of affairs will not last forever, and when it does finally come of age there will be no sense of euphoria in the United States, in Washington, or even in Sydenham Road. Instead, we will see the same stupid epiphets, hysteria and left wing Stormtrooper tactics directed against it that the far right have had to endure for the past half century and more, but this time it will be to no avail. Change is certainly coming, the question now is not how, but how soon?

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