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When this site was first opened – on Geocities way back in April 2000 – I did not for one moment envisage adding more than a photograph or two, and certainly not lengthy documents in Portable Document Format; I’m not even sure if I knew or understood what a PDF was then. At that time, bandwidth was a big problem, and many websites, including paid ones, would often reach their allocations, and be inaccessible for at times quite lengthy periods.

Happily, this is now ancient history, and over the past five years in particular I have added a great many documents in both JPG format and PDF. I have also added photographs, sound files and an occasional video file.

Back in 2008 there were still problems handling large files, so I used a compression program for most of my PDFs; this led to a loss of quality. Over the past few months I have begun the long and arduous process of replacing each of these with the uncompressed version, a process I may never complete.

The quality of compressed files varies, but the reader is invited to compare this compressed version with this uncompressed one.

Every file on this website has been tested on-line, so there should be no broken links and no anomalies, eg text displaying in obviously incorrect font size. For the most part I use Google Chrome whereas previously I had used principally Internet Explorer. If a particular file does not display or sound the way you think it should, or does not work at all, this is almost certainly due to some sort of incompatibility with either your browser or your general set up, regardless of any coding errors on my part.

If when you view a JPG or PDF file, its text or image is either too large or more likely too small for you, you can resize it with a mouse click or two. If you are not sure how to do this, check out one of the marvellous on-line tutorials that are now likewise only a mouse click or two away, especially on one of the ever popular video sites like YouTube.

This is your Internet, make it work for you.

Alexander Baron,

May 2, 2013

Update: February 18, 2024 – Over the past decade and more, compression technology has also advanced; since this page was created I have been using on-line tools to compress JPGs, PDFs and video files with no noticeable loss of quality. Smaller files load quicker.

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