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Around March/April of 1989, I published a compilation called A Book Of Limericks. The anthology is listed by Whitaker’s Book List 1989 as published in April of that year, although no actual date was given. Book is rather a strong word, as will be seen from the review published in The Pentatette, below. Although my first anthology, A Purpose Strong And Bright, was published as early as 1986 – a move that came as a complete surprise to me! – and I had ventured further into small publishing since, it was meeting a local artist/cartoonist named Mike Weller which really set me off on this route. I met Mike through Tom Caldwell of CCU. I won’t go into any detail about our relationship as his vocation aside, Mike is a very private person, but for a while I was a frequent visitor to his home, and on one occasion I proudly presented his good wife with a plastic kitchen clock that I’d won in a limerick competition.

Mike’s view was that people of our humble estate were not really in a position to publish books (or whatever) in any meaningful sense, so we should strive to “generate an interest” in his words. I thought this was a splendid idea, and attacked it with gusto. Suffice it to say that my interpretation of his words were not quite what he had in mind, and I was duly rewarded – or unrewarded – with a total lack of success. Still, you can’t kill a fella for trying, and the review of A Book Of Limericks in a specialist journal in far off California shortly after its publication didn’t exactly damage my ego.

Although A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR is dated 5th November 1988, and the official publication date was April 1989, I believe I mailed out a few copies sometime before that. Whatever, the less said about its editor and compiler “Anna Pest” the better, ditto her previous (and only other) publication, We’re Coming For Your Telecom Shares, but for information regarding the “birth” of T.D. Man, the interested reader is referred to the Music Section.

The PDF scan at the end of this sentence consists of the front page and page 3 of the May 1990 issue of The Pentatette; click here to download. Therezia Weller, who gets a mention in the review, is Mike’s eldest daughter; she shares her father’s artistic talent, and I believe this was her very first paid commission, although that is something she would probably like to forget!

A Book Of Limericks was dedicated to Tom and Kate – ie Tom Caldwell and Kate Millson. On February 11, 2009, I keyed in the final eleven limericks from this anthology, in strict alphabetical order. Apart from a very few minor textual improvements – punctuation and a word here and there to improve scansion, etc – all fifty-one limericks therein ‐ not fifty-eight as indicated in the Arthur Deex review – have now been reproduced faithfully on the Limerick Page. This anthology was also published on disk (with additional material) as Limericks On-Line. Click this link for a breakdown.



Click here for a scan of the press release for the original paperback edition (Portable Document Format).
Click here for the Second Edition (Internet only).



An article/book review published originally in Solicitors Journal: BOOKS & COURSES supplement, October 4, 1991.



A reassessment of Al Capone; be prepared for a few surprises.


Why Mumia Abu-Jamal
Is Not Winston Silcott


On Death Row since the early 80s, Mumia Abu-Jamal has become a virtual living saint for “radicals” and opponents of the death penalty. The story of how campaigning black journalist and social activist Abu-Jamal was framed by the racist Philadelphia Police Department for a murder he didn’t commit has been reported widely in the left press, the mainstream media, the Internet and the WorldWideWeb. The campaign to win a retrial for Abu-Jamal has been supported by media personalities such as actress Whoopie Goldberg and musician Sting, and orchestrated on three continents. Though Abu-Jamal remains on Death Row, another campaign to clear a young black man convicted of murdering a police officer was ultimately successful. In November 1991, Winston Silcott was cleared by the Court of Appeal of the murder of PC Keith Blakelock during the now notorious Broadwater Farm riot of October 1985. Silcott’s unsigned so-called confession had been made up out of the whole cloth by corrupt police officers; the confessions of his co-accused were extracted by holding these none-too-bright youths incommunicado for up to twelve days. Some people might be tempted to draw comparisons between Mumia Abu-Jamal and Winston Silcott; the sad truth though is that the only thing Abu-Jamal and Silcott have in common is an inability to face up to their crimes: Abu-Jamal was convicted of the murder of officer Daniel Faulkner on overwhelming evidence, and Silcott, although framed for the murder of PC Blakelock, lingers in gaol rightly convicted of the brutal knife murder of a young boxer. This comparative study exposes the lies of the Abu-Jamal camp, the whitewashing of Silcott by Observer journalist David Rose, and the mendacity of the Metropolitan Police, a mendacity which even British judges in their ivory towers are coming increasingly to recognise.

Alexander Baron: Miscellaneous Unpublished Verse
Volume One


This is a thirty-three page “non-publication” which was “Deposited in the Copyright Libraries”. I finished it in January 1995, and deposited it then or thenabouts! It includes the following in order:

Beware, The One-Eyed God!
Two Six Three Hyde Park Road
Two Phantoms
The Judge
The Ambulance Chaser
A Question Of Priorities
Autumn Evening
Birds In The Snow
The Thoughts Of Chairman Al
Cider In Warminster
The Cruel Mistress
Christian Logic
December Days
The Difficult Thing
Don’t Fake It
Don’t Get Mad, Get Even
Echoes Of Spain
Empty Rooms
Eudemonist Man

Anonymous (5) reads more like a short essay than a poem, but it is really a free verse version of Love Song (1), which if I recall I wrote about the same time, even though it was published in 1988.

The Cruel Mistress was subsequently published in CHESS POST, August 1998.

Summary Of One Of The
Libel Actions Of The Decade
(And Related Legal Actions)


A report on the Searchlight libel actions and the accompanying criminal trial. Includes the full text of the consent order between the author and Gerry Gable.

A Primer For Children And Young People


Exactly what it says, an excellent primer. In recent years, schoolchildren have notoriously been bombarded with obscene, pro- homosexual propaganda on the spurious pretext of combating bigotry and intolerance, or even of promoting sex education. This slim pamphlet goes some way towards counteracting the lies and hysteria of the gay “rights” lobby.

The advertisement below is from Capital Gay, June 24th, 1994, issue 650, page 19. Being a nice guy basically and desirous of saving these poor lost souls from swirling around in cesspits of their own making, I offered this free to this (now thankfully long defunct) newspaper’s readership. If I recall, the ad ran for a couple of issues. It received a few responses, one character wrote to the effect that he had decided to come out and live the gay life “to the full”. I don’t think my freebie was quite what he was expecting!



This is the press release I sent out to advertise this publication and the substantial pamphlet ...Organised Jewry’s Deadliest Weapon. I sold bundles of these.



Click here for the full text; click here for a PDF scan of the review published in the Jewish Chronicle, September 10, 1993.



A distinguished Hindu historian demolishes the claims of fraud levelled by racists and Hinducaust Deniers against the worldwide phenomenon of drinking statutes of the god Ganesh which manifested in September 1995.



The word socialism has pleasing connotations, many people in all walks of life are proud to call themselves socialists. Socialism will, many of them say, lead to a better and more equitable world. But what lies behind the rhetoric of peace, love, racial and sexual equality, and the brotherhood of man? And how much freedom would the average person, or anyone, enjoy under a totally planned socialist society? This book takes a fresh look at socialism from a Libertarian perspective and exposes many of the fallacies, inaccuracies and outright lies which are propagated tirelessly by socialism’s staunchest proponents; it explains exactly what socialism has in store for us and for future generations, and what we must do in order to eradicate it.

A Libertarian Analysis Of
The Organised Homosexual Movement’s
Hidden Agenda


The truth about Gay “Rights” revealed through a textual analysis of the movement’s manifesto. Clearly exposes it as yet another attempt to destroy individual liberty by forcing its poison down people’s throats.

Their Ideologies, Their Methodologies,
Their Antecedents, Their “Raison D’être”


See review below (or click here to download the entire book in Portable Document Format).

Table Of Contents

Page 1: Acknowledgments
Page 1: A Note On Sources
Page 3: Preamble
Page 4: A Note On Terminology
Page 6: Chapter One: Revisionist History: Facts Behind The Smokescreen
Page 16: Chapter Two: Revisionism’s Enemies: Organised Jewry – 1
Page 21: Chapter Three: Revisionism’s Enemies: Organised Jewry – 2
Page 36: Chapter Four: Revisionism’s Enemies: The Organised Left
Page 52: Chapter Five: Revisionism’s Enemies: Academia – 1
Page 72: Chapter Six: Revisionism’s Enemies: Academia – 2
Page 107: Chapter Seven: Revisionism’s Enemies: Academia – 3
Page 138: Chapter Eight: Revisionism And The Skeptics’ Movement
Page 142: Chapter Nine: Nizkor And The On-Line Holocaust “Educators”
Page 149: Chapter Ten: An Overview Of Recent “Survivor” Literature
Page 161: Chapter Eleven: Conclusion: Affirmers – Their Raison D’être
Page 173: Selected Bibliography
Page 189: Notes And References
Page 245: Index

List Of Illustrations

Pages 34-5: Table 1: Alleged number of war criminals living in Canada.
Page 56: Table 2: European infant mortality statistics 1880-1988.
Page 134: Times advertisement, December 11, 1974.
Page 135: Belsen bulldozer photograph.
Page 136: Photographs from Did Six Million Really Die?
Page 137: The Dachau “gas chamber”


Holocaust Affirmers


Over the past few years the subject of (so-called) Holocaust Denial has become a major issue in the Western media. Almost universally the men referred to pejoratively as Holocaust Deniers have been portrayed as neo-Nazis, anti-Semites, cranks, or even as agents of a sinister international conspiracy hellbent on rewriting the history of the Nazi era in order to restore the Third Reich. There are two sides to every coin though, and in this monograph, the first of its kind, the searchlight is turned on the staunchest opponents and most vociferous critics of Holocaust Deniers, the Holocaust Affirmers.

This book examines the major proponents of Holocaust Affirmation: Organised Jewry, the Organised Left, supposedly distinguished academics, self-styled skeptics, and on-line “educators”, methodically and painstakingly, uncovering an international web of vested interest, intrigue, self-deception, outright lies, and at times, naked tyranny.

This book may not change your mind about Holocaust Revisionism, but it will make you realise that, contrary to the assertions of the Holocaust lobby, there is a very real debate going on here, a debate many who oppose the Revisionist movement clearly feel they are unable to win by fair means, so are determined to win by foul.

New Nazi Lie Or New Inquisition?


This is the press release I sent out to advertise the book below ↓

New Nazi Lie Or New Inquisition?


This book is the result of fourteen years ongoing research, explodes a few myths about the Holocaust, exposes the real Holocaust liars, and mounts a vigorous defence of free inquiry and the necessity of rewriting history. Researched entirely from the public domain, this book condemns the Court Historians out of their own mouths. Illustrated. Indexed. 179 pages.

IMDb Reviews (Deleted)


On April 14, 2015 I noticed my review of It Was Rape had been deleted, almost certainly after a specious complaint by some feminist airhead. The review of Lonely And Lethal was reported deleted too, except that at the time of writing it is still there. Whatever, I have now added screengrabs of both to this site. For purists, the archived reviews can be found here and here.

See also below.

All my other (undeleted) reviews can be found here.


A Case Of Rape (1974)



A Very English Scandal



AGAINST PORNOGRAPHY: The Feminism Of Andrew Dworkin


Firehouse (1973)


Goodnight Sweet Wife: A Murder In Boston


I Don’t Like Mondays


It Was Rape


It Was Rape


The above is a review by lornamd-1

Lonely And Lethal


The above review was restored by IMDb at some point.


The above is from 1995.

ITMA Publications Lists


ITMA Publications List, October 27, 1993: This modest list contained a mere fourteen publications.

It would soon grow considerably larger.

Let’s Hate Japan


This is an unpublished review written some time in the early 90s.

The True, Unsanitised Story Of
“Searchlight” Mole Ray Hill


A book length study, this is basically a critique of Hill’s lie-ridden autobiography, covering his life from his first criminal conviction in 1962 to his last (and hopefully last ever) lie-ridden interview with a national newspaper. * Read how many of the crimes Hill and his manipulators exposed never actually happened, and how those that did were incited by Hill in the first place.

This review was written by Nick Griffin; it was published in issue 10 of The Rune, which came through my door June 3, 1995.

I cannot take credit for unearthing Ray Hill’s letter of expulsion from the British Movement; I obtained this from Larry O’Hara, ditto a videotape of the film The Other Face Of Terror. I think it is fair to say this review is positively sycophantic; Griffin was my biggest fan at one point, bigger even than the man in the mirror, and that’s saying something. It was with the deepest regret that I broke off all contact with him, but I have explained why I had to in some considerable depth, both to him, and later to the world. Nuff said.

And this appeal, again by Griffin, was published in issue 12 of The Rune, page 30; the magazine came through my door August 11, 1996. He really was my biggest fan, even though he got my postcode wrong. Alas...

* Not so, I’m afraid!

Mark Taha


For previously published reviews by Mark Taha, click here.

MONEY: Medium Of Exchange Or Debt?


As the threat of a world recession looms, it is more important than ever that the financial system be reformed. This short pamphlet, in the spirit of C.H. Douglas and The Duke Of Bedford, provides the answer.

A Tale Of Political Correctness Gone Mad


Although the hysteria over such mythical diseases as racism and sexism, are traditionally the province of the extreme left, the authoritarian right is no less infamous for its doctrine of political correctness as espoused by censorship (particularly in sexual matters), imposed family values, and keeping the poor in their place. But what happens when right meets left? This novel takes a light-hearted look at this scenario.

Peace And Freedom


This is a PDF of an article/review which was published originally in the FEB/MAR 1990 issue of Outlook; click here to download.

Race And The Jewish Question No Longer Taboo In The Cinema:
Two Remarkable Films


For decades the cinema has been used as a big stick to batter the white majority, to instil into them a sense of worthlessness by portraying white people as anti-black bigots, cloying liberals and just no good. Probably the most disgusting examples of this are certain films made by black actor Sidney Poitier in which he single-handedly takes on the rednecks and fundamentalist bigots of the Deep South winning their grudging respect. The message of these films is simple: miscegenation is good, and white people are scumbags for daring to oppose it. Two films recently released on video, Homicide and Boyz n the Hood, take a welcome step to reverse this at one time seemingly irreversible trend by painting more realistic, unflattering yet sympathetic portraits of two of America’s minorities.

In Homicide, the Jewish question is tackled head on. Bob Gold is a Jewish detective who is totally deracinated and indeed contemptuous, of his Jewish roots, identifying himself first and foremost as a member of the N.Y.P.D. When an elderly Jewish woman is murdered in her shop, he is sucked into the investigation by big shot Jews, members of the victim’s family, who claim the murder is related to her earlier role as a settler (ie terrorist) in Palestine.

Gold is contemptuous of this, and of them, but slowly the tentacles of an anti-Semitic conspiracy seem to unfold. He is lured into a Zionist “defence” group and perpetrates an act of violence, the bombing of an anti-Semitic print shop which is believed to be connected with the murder, and thus falls into the Zionists’ clutches. This film gives a remarkable insight into the siege mentality of Diaspora Jews. The double twist at the end of the film is ingenious and shows how cautious one must be before whipping up conspiracies theories, even on (as in this case) excellent prima facie evidence.

Boyz n the Hood is an entirely different kind of film, but in its own way, just as excellent. Set in the black quarter of Los Angeles, which here is not depicted as a ghetto, it is an honest attempt to reflect black family life and the desires and aspirations of America’s urban blacks. At the start of the film, a message flashed on the screen gives out the alarming statistic that one in every twenty-one of America’s black men will be murdered, the overwhelming majority of them by fellow blacks, which surely indicates that the all-pervasive racism is the least of their problems. The film in fact ends with one of the main characters carrying out a brutal act of revenge after the senseless murder of one of his gang.

It is probably true to say that neither of these films would have been possible ten or even five years ago. Each has a double message: race is not skin deep, it is real and it matters, but the thing which more than anything else binds men together is ideology. In the wake of these films, America’s blacks and Jews will have to do some profound soul searching. Surely it is long overdue for white nationalists to start doing the same?

Sally Ann Bowman


See also below.

Sally Ann Bowman


The above is the augmented review which was published July 28, 2018.

Searchlight On Gerry Gable’s Nazi Links


Review from Rebellion, Autumn 1998, Issue No 2, page 17.

Harbinger Of The Coming Repression


In 1995, David Icke published a book in which he claimed that a secret cabal of bankers and fellow conspirators (the Illuminati) is planning to impose a world government, a world bank, a world army, and “a microchipped population connected to a global computer.” In view of some of his other ravings it is difficult to take Icke seriously, but when one examines the evidence in the cold light of day it becomes increasingly obvious that while Icke may be wrong about the Illuminati he is most definitely not wrong about the emergence of the total surveillance, totally planned society. In this short study the author surveys the extent to which this total surveillance already exists, the plans and schemes that are used by all manner of pressure groups to impose further restrictions on freedom, and how a bar-coded identity card will lead to the death of individual liberty and a repression more all-encompassing and more terrifying than anything that has been seen in human history. He concludes that the framework of tyranny is already in place, and that we must act, and act now, in order to prevent the coming repression.

Click here for the Second (Internet) Edition.

The scan below is of a review/advertisement published in Catalyst, issue 5. It was written by Troy Southgate, one of my staunchest supporters at this difficult time.

Revising The Revisionists,
Unmasking Irving


A documented exposé of David Irving and much more. When this book was published on October 15,1994, we sent out some hundred and fifty press releases to media worldwide including the homosexual and left press, Israeli and German publications and much more. The silence was deafening.

The Day Amazon Murdered History


The above review was submitted June 14, 2018 and declined, ie censored.

The Death Of Lisa Steinberg




A vigorous defence of the Chief Rabbi Emeritus who was the victim of a hate campaign by the organised homosexual movement. Documents the disgusting practices of these degenerates. Don’t read this pamphlet unless you’ve got a strong stomach.



A large format, thoroughly referenced biography of British Nazi leader Colin Jordan. No prices for guessing the identity of the lying, scheming Jew concerned.

...The Lynching Of A Guilty Man reviewed by Alexander Baron


The Leo Frank Case subtitled The Lynching Of A Guilty Man is the third volume in a massive study The Secret Relationship Between Blacks And Jews. The first volume was published in 1991, so this is no rush job. It is also clearly a book written with an agenda, but even vested interest can speak the truth. And the obvious vested interest of the Nation Of Islam comes as a welcome counterpoint to the concealed vested interest of the rest of the American media which unthinkingly points the finger at a black suspect in spite of the conviction of a white one.

For those not au fait with this notorious case, it began when the body of Mary Phagan was found in the basement of the Atlanta Pencil Factory on April 26, 1913. The young worker had been murdered quite brutally for no apparent reason. The Negro security man who found the body quickly became a suspect – something that is more or less taken for granted nowadays unless the person who finds a body clearly has no connection with the victim, eg a hiker happening upon a skeleton.

Newt Lee aside, there was no shortage of more promising suspects, and two soon emerged: the factory manager/part owner Leo Frank, and his gofer Jim Conley. Although Conley was linked to the killing by forensic evidence, in particular two ludicrous notes written from the perspective of the victim, the authorities went with the prosecution of the white man while Conley testified as an accessory after the fact. Frank was convicted and sentenced to death, but after extensive failed appeals his sentence was commuted. This led to outraged prominent citizens kidnapping him from the State Penitentiary, driving him back to Atlanta, and stringing him from a tree by his neck.

A century and more on there remain two competing narratives; the official and accepted narrative is that Leo Frank was innocent and Jim Conley the villain of the piece. Some might find that surprising as Conley was never indicted for the crime and Frank was never cleared officially in spite of enormous posthumous lobbying by especially the misnamed Anti-Defamation League. This book adheres to the second narrative, that ridiculous as Conley’s tale may have been, he was in fact totally innocent, an accessory only after the fact, having found himself in a truly invidious position, a man of humble estate – in effect a third class citizen – who was told he must follow the orders of his boss or else.

In the past quarter to half century, quite a few authors have come out in support of this narrative, but none more impressively than the dedicated Leo Frank website and now this minutely documented book.

If anyone believes the fact that the forensic evidence pointing to Conley should have indicted him and him alone, here are two cases from the 1980s that show how wrong this kind of reasoning can be. In March 1984, the black American Sylvester Smith was accused of violating two young girls, cousins. As all the parties involved in this case were black, there was no racial angle. The girls had clearly been interfered with sexually, and unsurprisingly, Smith was convicted. Twenty years later he was cleared on appeal, the shocking truth was that the real perpetrator was a 9 year old boy (who went on as an adult to commit a murder). The girls had been coached by their grandmother to point the finger at Smith to protect him. After her death, they recanted.

An equally shocking case that made international headlines was that of Lindy Chamberlain. In 1980 while camping at Ayers Rock, Australia, her baby daughter Azaria was snatched by a dingo. She was convicted of the murder based largely on forensic evidence, but nearly six years later, more reliable forensic evidence was found – the girl’s matinee jacket near a dingo lair.

In the Mary Phagan case, the forensic evidence against Jim Conley (the notes) was outweighed by the forensic and other evidence against his boss, in particular there was evidence that the girl has been murdered upstairs. Almost all the other evidence pointed to Frank, everything from his demeanour to his willingness to point the finger at everyone else including at first Newt Lee. Conley on the other hand remained cool as a cucumber, so either he was a psychopath and a potential future Oscar winner, or he really was telling the truth, however outrageous or crazy his story may have sounded. But when the facts are all in, it wasn’t that outrageous, it wasn’t that crazy, and justice was done in the Deep South, both for Mary Phagan and for a black man whose word many of Frank’s supporters believed should carry no weight at all.

A few criticisms are in order:

In the Preface, the claim is made that an “unknown posse” lynched Frank, and that he was and remains the only Jew ever lynched in America. The posse was hardly unknown, its members did not bother to hide their faces, and indeed appeared proud of their work. Later in the book it is made clear that their identities were in no way secret. The doubtful honour of being the first Jew lynched in America appears to belong to Samuel Bierfield in 1868, but neither he nor Frank were lynched because they were Jews.

Frank was hardly the most important Jew in the Deep South as claimed; he was certainly far from the wealthiest, and was the New York Times the world’s most important newspaper? The most important in America maybe, but not more important than the London Times. And was World War One raging in 1913?

The reason the crime was committed and how it was committed are both laid out in impressive detail, as are the attempts by Leo Frank to point the finger of suspicion initially at Newt Lee, and then at anyone else without mentioning the fact that Conley was at the pencil factory at the material time. Why would he not do that? The only logical reason is that he didn’t want Conley to open his mouth, and once Conley did, he too had to be accused. The book raises too the interesting speculation that Frank was considering murdering Conley the only direct witness as well.

While Conley took the stand of necessity Frank testified without cross-examination, a privilege allowed in a Georgia courtroom. Conley was basically unshaken by the intensive cross-examination of one of the finest legal minds in America. Does that mean he was sly, cunning, psychopathic, or simply telling an outrageous truth? What is a defense attorney to do when his client is clearly losing the case? He can resort to innuendo and epithets, which is what Frank’s legal team and supporters did. The alleged pogrom against Frank was totally manufactured by them, something that was echoed in a Los Angeles courtroom eight decades later when facing even more damning evidence the legal team for OJ Simpson resorted not so much as to claims but innuendo that their client had been fitted up simply because he was a wealthy and famous black man. This does not mean there was no racial bigotry either in the courtroom or outside it during the entire legal process, indeed this book stresses the disgusting anti-black rhetoric of Frank’s lawyers, something that could hardly have helped their client. Would even a die-hard white supremacist of that bygone age really have believed a Negro incapable of telling the truth and a white man incapable of lying, especially when the evidence against the latter was apparently so compelling?

Imagine you were sitting on a jury and you heard this in closing argument “They say that nigger couldn’t lie. Gentlemen, if there is any one thing that nigger can do it is to lie.” Would it make you more or less favourable to the defendant?

Most telling is the attitude of the good people of the Deep South to Conley after the trial. Seven years after the conviction of Leo Frank, a white girl in the Northern city of Duluth claimed to have been gang-raped by six black circus workers. This lie by Irene Tusken led to three men being lynched. That and the lynching of Leo Frank show the fate Conley could have expected if there had been a mere suspicion that he had been anything more than an accessory after the fact, yet no one laid a finger on Conley, and indeed although he disappeared into obscurity, there is no evidence that any woman or girl of any race ever accused him of the slightest sexual impropriety. Had Conley really murdered Mary Phagan, no one would have been surprised if he had gone on to commit another sex crime or serious assault, which he never did. That in itself speaks volumes.

Then there is the curious and clearly bogus confession of Alonzo Mann, who came forward in 1982 with the extraordinary claim that he had witnessed Conley disposing of the victim’s body but had kept quiet about it because the Negro threatened him. Mann, who was a mere boy at the time of the murder was of course very old by this time. Conley is believed to have died in 1962, so if there had been a nanogramme of truth in Mann’s claim, would he have waited another twenty years?

This book shows this encounter with Conley is not the only imaginary encounter Mann remembered. He also recalls a five hundred strong mob that was not only chanting “Kill the Jew. Kill the Jew” but was armed as if to storm the courthouse. It is usually tin foil hat territory to see a hidden hand behind actions like this, but whether or not Mann was put up to these fanciful claims by a certain crypto-Jewish organisation, there can be absolutely no doubt that the ADL and more generally Organised Jewry have gone to extraordinary lengths to absolve one of their own from this dreadful crime. If Mary Phagan had indeed been murdered by a Negro who had confessed to the crime, would any black organisation have given it a second thought? A typical response would have been “There have been plenty of white child murderers in the Deep South”. But time and time and time again we see the same predictable machinations to ensure that no one ever points a finger at the Jew any Jew however guilty the criminal may be. The reality is that Jewish establishments worldwide are too cohesive for their own good, and in the eternal quest to root out the tiniest shred of anti-Semitism, they create a great deal more hate against Jews than they alleviate.

A couple more criticisms about The Leo Frank Case are in order. There are a few insignficant errors in the book, as already pointed out, but what it seeks to do is to replace one victim narrative with another, albeit a far more plausible one. Yes, Jews have suffered persecution throughout history who hasn’t? but the accepted narrative that in the segregated Deep South of 1913 they were somehow lower down the food chain than blacks is too stupid to comment on . By the same token, in spite of occasional lynchings which claimed white victims too blacks were not outlaws, and although they often faced a harsher justice, there was always at least the appearance of fairness towards them. What should never be forgotten here is that a young (white) girl was the victim of a senseless murder, and that she was the one who deserved justice first and foremost.

This book is also a thinly veiled attack on capitalism, with the inference that socialism would be better for blacks and everyone else. This is a curious position for anyone associated with the Nation Of Islam to take because Louis Farrakhan knows precisely what is wrong with capitalism, and at times in his speeches has referenced albeit without citation the works of such authors as Gary Allen and G. Edward Griffin, namely that the Creature from Jekyll Island rather than free enterprise is the real problem.

Historically Jews have been associated with capitalism as much as white Gentiles, and with banking, so much so that a vast conspiracy literature has grown up around the latter, much of it associated with the name Rothschild. But neither Jews nor whites were solely responsible for the institution of slavery, nor for the suffering of the masses in centuries past.

Leaving all that and any other agendas aside, whatever motives its authors may have, this book demonstrates more clearly than any other before that the right man was tried and convicted for this horrible murder. Crypto-Jewish and pseudo-Jewish organisations should find something else to whine about, because the only anti-Semitism in this case was the anti-Semitism they have manufactured themselves, but sadly that is a lesson they have not learned in the past two thousand years, and probably won’t in the next two thousand.

Click here to download ...The Lynching Of A Guilty Man in Portable Document Format.

A Case Study In
Talmudic Calumny And
Twisted Logic


Hoffman wrote an excellent book on the first Zundel thought crime trial in Toronto, 1985. Since then though he appears to have gone completely off his rocker. This pamphlet sorts the wheat from the chaff, exonerates Orthodox Judaism and lays the blame for the mendacity of Zion fairly and squarely where it belongs.

Anti-Semitism, “Anti-
And The Case For Basic Income


At a time when the world has never been richer, vast tranches of the population are trapped in a downward spiral of poverty, unemployment and disenfranchisement. The response of governments worldwide has been to attempt to maximise employment – the insane doctrine of jobs at any price – regardless of whether artificially government created jobs produce wealth or destroy it. As technology becomes more and more sophisticated so society becomes more and more polarised between the haves and the have-nots, and the poverty trap deepens. Aggravating these very real problems is the race industry and its fellow travellers with their incessant harping on about racism – the supposed root of all evil in this modern age – and their equally insane demands that wealth be redistributed by some arbitrary means from white “oppressors” to the (non-white) underclass, by the institution of racial quotas backed up by increasingly Draconian “race relations” legislation. In this seminal study, the author tackles both these modern myths head on.
   Demolishing both the nonsense of full employment and the ideological claptrap of racist economic oppression, he calls for the abolition of make-work schemes and racial quotas, and the institution of a non-means tested income payable to every citizen as a right.

The Secret World Of Cults


This is a PDF scan of a review published in the Autumn 1991 issue of Topical Books. Click here.



In 1998 the entertainer Shirley Bassey successfully defended a County Court action against her former PA, who had, among other things, accused her of the heinous crime of anti-Semitism. This is a short satire on what could have happened if things had not gone Miss Bassey’s way.

A New Theory Of State Tyranny –
With an Appendix on
Leaderless Resistance

by Louis R. Beam


From the signing of Magna Carta in 1215 the divine right of kings to dispose of their subjects as they pleased was gradually curtailed, and the eventual growth of Parliamentary democracy and widening franchise throughout the world restricted the power of tyrants over the people still further. Yet leaving aside two world wars and a plethora of regional conflicts, the Twentieth Century has seen some of the most terrifying atrocities, tyrannies and repressions ever inflicted on mankind from Stalinism, Nazism and the genocide in Rwanda to Prohibition and Draconian censorship, while in the 1990s the emergence of “political correctness” has led to the Orwellian concept of “thought crime”. How can this be if democracy really is on a roll? In this seminal study, the author puts forward a radical new explanation in the form of the Wizard of Oz Sydrome. Lobbying by special interest groups leads to the creation of all manner of statutory bodies which are staffed by petty sadists, bully boys and bitches who exert Power Without Accountability. A new tyrant class has been created who on the pretext of “only doing their jobs” will enforce any law, however repressive or unjust regardless of the consequences to the people they victimise and at times destroy. The only way to combat this evil is to rip away the mask of the Wizard of Oz and hold the tyrant class personally culpable for their state-sanctioned misdeeds.

The Organised Homosexual Movement And
The War Against The Black Family


A substantial analysis of the cancer of homosexuality written from a black perspective. The author, although staunchly anti-fascist and obviously no friend of the BNP, has a great deal more in common with most white nationalists than with the spiritually diseased dross of the SWP.

the real mysteries of the world are
in people’s heads
, published in Topical BOOKS, Number 1, Autumn 1990, pages 19-20.

Toolbox Murders (2009)




The scan below is of a review that appeared in Factsheet Five, issue 37, which was published cJuly 1990. For more information about the anthology We’re Coming For Your Telecom Shares, click here.



The scan below is of a review that appeared in Factsheet Five, issue 37, which was published cJuly 1990. For more information about the anthology Wrong Side Of The River, click here; to read the poem alluded to in the review, Freedom To Choose, click here.

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