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The letter below was posted as dated. It was never my intention to make its contents public, but in July 2004 I saw Griffin interviewed on a BBC TV programme in which he claimed that while Michael Howard had risen to the leadership of the Conservative Party by stabbing his predecessor in the back, he, Griffin, had been elected democratically as the leader of his party. In view of his quite appalling treatment of John Tyndall I wondered that he hadnít choked on his words.

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January 3, 2003

Dear Nick Griffin,

I was somewhat surprised to receive a Christmas card from you 
after all this time, and somewhat at a loss as to why you sent it, 
because I thought I had made my position crystal clear. If you 
recall, I wrote an obituary for Morris Riley which was published 
somewhat belatedly in the October 2001 issue of Identity. To my 
dismay, Tony Lecomber appended to this article the claim that 
Morris had joined the BNP in the last few months of his life, and 
had started a one man leafletting campaign in his area, a claim 
that is patently false. I was even more dismayed that when I 
informed you, instead of ticking off Lecomber you chose to endorse 
this stupid lie. If you recall I told you to either publish 
documented proof that Morris had indeed joined the BNP or to 
retract the claim forthwith. You were unable to do the former, and 
unwilling to do the latter.

You will recall also that sometime before that you had asked me to 
check out a claim attributed to John Tyndall made, apparently, on 
a left wing website. Tyndall was said to have advocated the use of 
gas chambers in 1965. I told you that I doubted this quote was 
genuine, but checked it out all the same. I found it in the 
February 1965 issue of Spearhead. The full, correct quote reads 

"With the numbers of these murdering asocials and perverts on the 
increase, as a direct result of our sick democratic society, there 
will be an unanswerable case, when the day for the great clean-up 
comes, to implement the final solution against these sub-human 
elements by means of the gas chamber system."

I was surprised that this quote was after all genuine, but I was 
not surprised at the context. You don't have to be as ancient as 
JT or even as me to appreciate the outrage caused by the Moors 
Murders. Some months later a leaflet came into my possession that 
bore the same quote, but devoid of context. Had I not known better 
I would have thought it was an SWP/ANAL smear job; I was saddened 
that instead it had emanated from an anti-Tyndall faction within 
the BNP, and horrified that I had contributed to it, albeit 

I had expected much better of you, not least because of the 
support you gave me when I began publishing my exposés of the 
Searchlight Organisation, when I exposed David Irving, and when I 
was fitted up by friends of Gerry Gable who have the audacity to 
masquerade as police officers.

I was grateful for the space you afforded me in Spearhead 
magazine, but I was grateful too to John Tyndall whose magazine it 
is, and who could have vetoed publication if he had so wished.

In this connection I should point out that if JT was a Nazi in 
1965, I was one at the beginning of the 80s, so I am a far more 
dodgy character for you to associate with. I would also have 
thought that whatever his faults, JT was deserving of some 
loyalty, particularly from Tony Lecomber, whom he stood by when he 
had his troubles with the law.

You say there is work to be done, and that the usual suspects are 
dragging us towards World War Three. As your campaign based on the 
dubious premise that Islam is the root of all evil continues 
unabated, I would have thought that you in particular would not 
regard this as a bad thing. You will though excuse me if I beg to 
differ; I have no argument with a religion that opposes usury, 
homosexuality, Zionism, and, by and large, forced race-mixing. I 
also received tremendous support from these supposedly so wicked 
Moslems in my darkest hour in 1996/7. I find it ironic beyond all 
meaning of the word that white nationalists who have for decades 
whined that they are stereotyped by a corrupt media are now 
stereotyping Moslems in exactly the same way the Jewish-liberal-
left élite and self-appointed guardians of democracy stereotype 
them. Whatever, there is nothing either you or I can do to stop 
the march to war; ironically it is the loony left who may save the 
day in this respect. 

I would end by saying that I am not as you suggest on any sort of 
high horse; I am fully aware of my lowly status; in July of last 
year a jury at the High Court valued my reputation at £14, and the 
albeit senile trial judge made a cost order that if enforced will 
bankrupt me. Some people would say that even then my reputation is 
over-valued, but I like to think that however low I may sink in 
the eyes of right thinking men and women, I will never betray my 
true friends, either in life or in death.

Yours sincerely,
A Baron

cc John Tyndall, Sahib Mustaqim Bleher

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