Correspondence With John Tyndall

The E-Mail linked below was received from John Tyndall as dated. As will become apparent, there was an attachment, which led to a considerable amount of superfluous coding within the file. I could have removed this, ditto the headers, but have left them to preserve authenticity.

The file Letters To John Tyndall contains the original texts of two letters I sent to JT; they are dated March 5, 2002 and March 26, 2002 respectively, and were written using my beloved WordStar 6. Because most of todayís computer users have never heard of WordStar much less used it, I have created a PDF of each letter. The PDFs say exactly the same thing, but the original single file is there for those who wish to avail themselves of it. And for good measure I have attached a ZIP file which should allow you to do this, (see below).

My letter of January 3, 2003 to Nick Griffin was published on this site in HTML format as far back as August 13, 2004. I have today added the same file in WORD format - at the end of the original; I am afraid I did not keep the postcard Griffin sent me that prompted me to write this.

JT is correct that we met on one occasion, but it was not at Griffinís committal; I believe I only saw him twice in the flesh. I attended the BNPís annual rally in 1990 in my capacity as a journalist. I received a commission from the Observer to cover this, although the article I phoned in was not used. (I got paid, thatís what matters). We did not speak on this occasion, as I recall.

The occasion we did meet was several years later when I was speaking at a BNP meeting; I made a point then of thanking him for his support during the time I experienced considerable unwarranted persecution at the hands of the Metropolitan Police (henceforth The Filth).

What can I say now about Nick Griffin? Frankly, there is nothing I wish to say, as far as I am concerned, and as far as most informed observers are now concerned, both he and the BNP are a spent force in British politics for a number of reasons, but a man who will betray his true friends so readily can hardly be expected to deal with the electorate, or indeed anyone else, fairly. As Griffin was at one time my biggest fan, literally, this is a statement I take no joy in making.

There is no significance in the timing of my making this correspondence public. JT has now been dead for over five years, and over the past couple of years I have been concentrating on putting my old material - published and unpublished - on-line, writing for a music database, and researching and publishing on matters that are still of significance, in particular the reform of the corrupt, debt-based financial system, and matters related to it.

There are two or three other documents related to this correspondence, but I donít have time to dig them out at the moment, and as I said, I have other, more pressing priorities.


October 5, 2010

WordStar 6 basic set up - ZIP file
E-Mails To John Tyndall - WordStar 6 Format

Letter To John Tyndall, March 5, 2002 - PDF
Letter To John Tyndall, March 26, 2002 - PDF

Letter Alexander Baron To Nick Griffin, January 3, 2003

John Tyndallís Response To Nick Griffin, January 2003 - PDF
E-Mail From John Tyndall, January 4, 2003

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