Harbinger Of The Coming Repression

In 1995, David Icke published a book in which he claimed that a secret cabal of bankers and fellow conspirators (the Illuminati) is planning to impose a world government, a world bank, a world army, and a microchipped population connected to a global computer. In view of some of his other ravings it is difficult to take Icke seriously, but when one examines the evidence in the cold light of day it becomes increasingly obvious that while Icke may be wrong about the Illuminati he is most definitely not wrong about the emergence of the total surveillance, totally planned society.

In this short study the author surveys the extent to which this total surveillance already exists, the plans and schemes that are used by all manner of pressure groups to impose further restrictions on freedom, how a bar-coded identity card will lead to the death of individual liberty and a repression more all-encompassing and more terrifying than anything that has been seen in human history. He concludes that the framework of tyranny is already in place, and that we must act, and act now, in order to prevent the coming repression.

[The above text appeared on the back cover of the original 1997 pamphlet under the heading The Coming Repression.]

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