A Book Of Limericks

This publication contains the following limericks in order; they can all be found on the Limerick Page (in alphabetical order).

Dennis Taylor: World Professional Snooker Champion 1985
The Mark Kaylor Fan Club (WHNF)
No Go For Coe
John McEnroe
Boy George
Doris Dazed
Boozer Loser
On Siegmund Freud
Forget Me Not, Scot
There Was A Young Man Of A Famous Welsh Town
The Psycho From Wokingham
The Young Lady Of Penge
The Young Fellow Of Turkey
War Is War, Oy Vay
The Young Man Of Japan
Moscow Manouevres
Oscar Wilde
On Literary Genius
On The Limerick
The Stork
Giraffe Gaffe
The Nasty Old Sheikh
The Very Lovely Lady
The Supermac Syndrome
The Clergyman’s Daughter
The Young Girl of Uttoxeter
The Young Girl of Uttoxeter (2)
The Whore From Down Under (1)
The Whore From Down Under (2)
The Young Lady From Brighton
The Whore From Staines
Cunt In Disguise
Wrong Arm Of The Law
’Ello, ’Ello, ’Ello
The Masonic Accountant
Patrick Moore
Hubble’s Law
How Life Began
An Unrhymed Limerick: The Young Fellow Named Hunt
What Gilbert Should Have Written
The Old Man With A Beard
The Old Man Of Thermopylae
On A Gentleman I Used To Know, But Will, For Obvious Reasons, Remain Nameless
An Extended Limerick: The Public Schoolboy
No Will Power: A Limeraiku
All At Sea
Up The Argies
A Double Limerick: The Gravy Train
Up The Front
Walker’s No Balker
Queer Talk

In the original, the limericks The Young Girl of Uttoxeter and The Whore From Down Under were not numbered 1 and 2; How Life Began was not dated, but in the on-line edition was dated 24th October 1984 - a format I have since abandoned. The Young Lady From Ash (see below) should read The Young Lady From ASH - an acronym of Action on Smoking and Health; Gein as in Ed Gein is actually pronounced as in seen rather than sign, but it’s too late to alter it now. There were one or two very minor differences/errors in the program which I have left.

The following limericks by myself were included in Limericks On-Line;

The Decorative Ponce
The Computer Consultant
A Nameless Computer Limerick
DOSsers’ Limerick
The Glasgow Accountant
Atari Safari
The Young Fellow Named Kruger
On The Son Of God
On A Modern Cynic
The Young Man From Rwanda
The Swedish Vegetarian
The Subway Vigilante
The Young Man Of Zaire
The Dirty Dieter
The Girl From Norway
Bird In The Bush
Can’t Want Though Rant Enough
The Young Lady From Ash
The Old Lesbian
False Prophets
The Fellow Of Ness
A Tongue Twister: Kalamazoo Sue
Cash On Delivery
Wrong Time Way, Of The Month
A Double Limerick: Isl’Armful Joke
Burmese Days
On Ed Gein

And the following by Mark Taha were also included:

World Cup 1994
Graham Taylor
The Unreal Deal
The Bonk Manager
Unnerving Irving
The Brighton Comedian
Marquess Of Bath
George Bush
Albert Squares.

The thrashing of Mike Tyson (twice) by Evander Holyfield left Mr Taha with egg on his face with regard to The Unreal Deal, and George Bush refers to George Bush Senior.

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