Public Reply To The Lies Of Fredrick Töben


In August 2004 I began receiving negative E-mails from John Birdman Bryant concerning, ostensibly, the credibility of my writings on the Holocaust. Bryant’s complaint was I had concluded that in one of the concentration camps Jews had indeed been gassed, an opinion he appeared to view with the same abhorrence as do Holocaust true believers that they had not. Bryant accused me of making strong assertions on little or no evidence. An E-mail of August 9 contained the following curious wording: “Jew gassing is now a side issue. The main issue is your credibility. Strong assertions require strong proof. You say you have strong proof, which turns out to be weak inferences plus nothing. If you turn out not to be trustworthy here, how can I give you any credibility anywhere?”

Up until recently Bryant had been a strong supporter, dare I say admirer, of my work? Why had he suddenly changed his tune? A clue to this was that his E-mail was copied to Dr Fredrick Töben of the Australian-based Adelaide Institute. A few inquiries have revealed that Töben has been involved in a low level campaign of lies and disinformation against me for some time. I must confess that prior to August 2004 I had only skimmed his website once or twice, but on August 9 I took a closer look, and found the following, which was written by Töben apparently in October 2003:

Because I challenged Baron to meet me and show me the
house where it all happened ‐ and he did not turn up.
Michele Renouf was also to have been with us.

Anyway, Baron is a talker and always excuses himself
that he is on some tablets for pain relief. The issue
is thus closed for me ‐ and I advised Irving
accordingly because Robert Countess passed on to me
that Irving was rather critical of my person.


The above is a clear reference to the allegations I made against David Irving in my 1994 book The Churchill Papers. More of this shortly. I will say now though that Töben’s claim is a damned lie. What happened, or didn’t happen, is this.

I had been in occasional E-mail contact with Töben for some time, and at some point he told me he would be passing through London’s Heathrow Airport. Would I like to meet up with him? Yes, I’d be delighted, and I’d bring along a few of my publications too. Furthermore, I’d bring along my colleague Mark Taha. I can’t remember the full details but Töben made it clear that he was only changing planes en route to or from Europe and that we would have two hours to meet at most. I told Mark I would meet him at the terminal, and on the morning of the day concerned ‐ or what I thought was the day concerned ‐ I checked my E-mail, and there was a message from Töben: where were you? Uh, uh. Unbelievably I had got the dates mixed up, I wasn’t supposed to be meeting him today, but yesterday. I tried to contact Mark to tell him not to make the trip, but he’d already left, and he doesn’t own a mobile phone, so the next I heard from him was a bemused phone call asking where the f**k was I?

How did I get the date wrong? Well, at the risk of boring Töben, it has something to do with my physical condition. I have a congenital weakness of the neck which has led me to suffer from intermittent but severe neck and headaches from an early age. This weakness was augmented in October 1988 when I injured it badly, carrying a suitcase of all things. I have been on painkillers ever since. In addition to this, in November 1993 I was the victim of a severe assault on my doorstep which left me with ongoing psychological damage. Though I was cleared of physical damage at the time, in September 1996 an X-Ray following a bout of near paralysis revealed a fractured, ossified vertebra. This gives me at times acute pain, and whereas in my youth I was free from pain most of the time, between the two injuries I have hardly had a day totally free from pain for the past decade. The pain is usually worse in the mornings so often I crash out during the day and beaver away on my computer into the small hours, which can lead to me losing track of time, or even of the date. That is what happened when I failed to turn up to meet Töben, that is all, nothing sinister although acutely embarrassing.

Indeed, I was so embarrassed over this incident that I made him up a disk of my websites which I mailed to him in Australia, and for which he thanked me. Again, let me restate, at no time did Töben mention Irving in connection with this visit, and Lady Renouf was certainly not mentioned, although in retrospect she may have been responsible for this feeble attempt to embarrass me as I had been in touch with her before.

My first contact with Michele Renouf had been sometime previously; I had read an article about her in the national press, and there was talk of her being expelled from a famous London club. Our contact was purely by E-mail, although at one point I mailed her a copy of a newspaper which contained a defamatory article about her. I knew of course about her association with Irving and presumed she was one of his financial backers, but I never mentioned Irving to her as it seemed rather insensitive. I had no idea she had been in contact with Töben, although in retrospect I should have, and should have known she would have been aware of The Churchill Papers.

I have not heard from her for some time, and obviously as she has got what she wanted I am of no further use to her, nor have I heard from Töben as I have kill-filed him. I did this because he was sending me large quantities of unsolicited E-mails, his bulletins, and other material, some of which I found bizarre in the extreme. As I have written extensively on the reality and misuse of Jewish power I don’t think anyone could accuse me of being gullible, but I am not yet prepared to believe that the Mossad shot JFK, that September 11 was Zionist-orchestrated, or any of the other conspiracy drivel that is parroted by mindless simpletons who are too stupid or too lazy to undertake the most basic research, and simply blame the all-pervasive World Zionist Conspiracy for all the world’s evils.

I will now say something about my own researches. These have all been conducted at my own expense, mostly in London archives, which are some of the finest in the world. I have read the entire transcript of the Belsen Trial and much related material, which is held by the Public Record Office. I have researched the main Nuremberg and subsidiary trials at the Imperial War Museum; I had carried out countless hours of research in the British Library, in the Newspaper Library ‐ where I have read every issue of the Jewish Chronicle for the entire Nazi era. I even spent a couple of years researching in the Wiener Library until its Stürmer-like director David Cesarani booted me out. Almost all my researches into the Holocaust have been from public domain sources, although some appear never to have been used by any other researcher. For example, a Google search for The Papers Of Major Winwood brings up one citation: Yours Truly’s. Winwood was defence counsel for Kramer at the main Belsen Trial, which also dealt with crimes allegedly committed at Auschwitz. Can it really be that no one else has seen fit to read what he wrote about his client? All my writings are meticulously footnoted, and easily checkable by anyone who has access to the same archives. I have exposed numerous lies, inconsistencies and nonsense in the Holocaust literature, some of them so outrageous they beggar belief, and I offer in particular the lies about the Dachau gas chamber that both the British and South African Boards of Jewish Deputies kept alive well into the 70s, and which the latter used in their successful attempt to proscribe Holocaust Revisionism in Apartheid South Africa.

Unlike some people though I take a non-partisan approach to exposing lies and liars, and many of my publications expose lies propagated against the Jews as much as by them. I am not interested in whitewashing the Nazi régime, and, as I told Michael McLaughlin when I resigned from the British Movement in 1982, I don’t want to live under a Nazi dictatorship anymore than I want to live under a Jewish one.

Versatile fellow that I am, I have written on many subjects besides the Holocaust and the Jewish Question. I am particularly proud of the work I did on the Satpal Ram case. The satpalramisguilty website was set up in April 2001, and there were two major updates: in October 2001 and March this year. It is my proud boast that with the exception of the original press reports of the murder of Clarke Pearce and the law reports, everything you ever read about this case is a tissue of lies, unless it was written by me.

Over the past few years I have written little or nothing about the Holocaust, not for any ideological reasons, but simply because I have moved on to other things, like the Ram site. If there is one theme that runs though most of my writings it is the exposure of disinformation, misinformation, lies and nonsense. Now returning to my exposé of David Irving, sometimes I wonder if Töben has actually read The Churchill Papers because most of his criticisms are answered by the book. Apart from the first brief section, The Churchill Papers is not an academic treatise, it is based on my own, personal experience of Irving, and what happened when I tried to expose him.

After I returned home that night I was in a state of shock, not rape trauma syndrome exactly, but a sort of trance-like state as often happens when people have bizarre, traumatic, or in this case surreal, experiences. I had also had a bad day with my neck, as outlined above. When eventually I got my wits about me I realised that I had a massive story on my hands, but that I needed to stand it up, in Fleet Street parlance. And then I had to market it. I had already been ripped off big time by a lying scumbag journalist at a major tabloid, and I didn’t want this to happen again, so I took the story to Irving’s sworn enemies, and the one group of people who would ensure the story was plastered all over the Sunday papers. Or at least I thought I did. It is all there in the book, and as I also made clear in the book, Irving is protected.

This is nothing new, sometimes such protection goes beyond the likes of Organised Jewry; one has only to recall the Kincorra Boys Home scandal where young boys from Northern Ireland were brought over to Britain to satisfy the perverted desires of the likes of self-confessed traitor and homosexual Anthony Blunt. It is widely reputed that certain elements of the security services ‐ Larry O’Hara’s ubiquitous Secret State ‐ run such operations to entrap key politicians for their own ends. As might be expected, there is little actual documentation on this, but I have no doubt it happens.

When I was unable to market the story I moulded it into a book and published it at my own expense. I did a print run of three hundred and sold them where I could. A question for Töben: what could Irving have done that pissed me off so much that I would fabricate a story of this nature and this magnitude and peddle it at my own expense?

That being said, I have nowhere asked the reader to take the contents of The Churchill Papers as an article of faith; the book contains what corroboration I could muster. A few more questions for Töben:

On page 106 of the book is a photograph of the fake ticket Irving sent me. The redirection point given was a public house in Islington which ‐ when I got there ‐ was infested with homosexuals.

What is Irving’s response to this?

Does he deny printing and sending me this ticket?

Why did he choose this particular public house?

How did he know ‐ as surely he did ‐ that this public house had a large homosexual clientele?

On page 107 is a photocopy of an article/advertisement from the now defunct newspaper Capital Gay entitled Friends warn of sadist.

Who is the character referred to in this article? Who published this article? Was it concocted by me, and if so, how?

But most damning of all, on page 59 of the book the reader will see a reference to two “love letters” from one of his catamites that were stolen from Irving’ flat by a third party. The letters were in their original envelopes. I passed them on to Nick Griffin, who as far as I know still has them. Unfortunately I have had no contact with Griffin since January 2003 (for totally unrelated reasons), but Griffin ‐ who might well have been highly suspicious, was so convinced of their authenticity that in 1995 he published an article supporting my claims in the Rune entitled IMAGINE ‐ or “Just Another Crazy Conspiracy Theory.”

The sum total of the evidence adduced in The Churchill Papers amounts to more than enough to refute Töben’s stupid claims that I must be lying because I was unable to identify a house I had been taken to under cover of darkness ten and more years previously, a house which he would have his readers believe he and his co-conspirator Michele Renouf had turned up at Heathrow Airport specifically to investigate on a two hour flight turnaround.

Then, as I have said elsewhere, there are other anomalies Irving’s uncritical supporters need to explain. Such as how and why did he manage to lose a rock solid libel case against a polemicist who accused him of being a Holocaust Denier, something which he never has been? Why is Organised Jewry so enamoured of Irving that in the wake of his losing this action the Jewish Chronicle sends a reporter to his flat? Last year I spent my holiday in Manchester, yet a supposedly bankrupt Irving finds the wherewithal to fly around the world attending conferences and giving lecture tours. How? Solely from useful idiots like Michele Renouf? Somehow I doubt it.

I could go on, but if the reader is not convinced now he never will be. I rest my case, and if you John Birdman Bryant fall for any of Töben’s flim-flam I would suggest you rename yourself John Birdbrain Bryant. My researches and writings speak for me. Irving’s failed libel action, his extravagant lifestyle, and the media blackout on The Churchill Papers, speak for him.

Alexander Baron,

August 12, 2004

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