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Re Letter By Morris Beckman

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November 18, 2000


Mr Beckman's interpretation of events in the Middle East - recent 
and not so recent (letters, November 10) - is as reliable as his 
highly fanciful reminiscences in his gratutiously inaccurate book 
THE FORTY-THREE GROUP. Chaim Weizmann's own declaration about the 
power of what Mr Beckman refers to as "international World Jewry" 
was far more candid: "...if you give us a declaration in favour 
of Zionism, this declaration will make the Jews of the World 
understand that you are really friendly, 'and the friendship of 
the Jews of the world is not a thing to be blown upon: it is a 
thing that matters a great deal, even for a mighty empire like 
the British.'"

His claim that the real executioner of the British sergeants was 
Ernest Bevin rather than his heroes the Irgun is akin to blaming 
the British government for the countless atrocities of the IRA, 
an organisation which shares Mr Beckman's philosophy that might 
is right and that the end justifies the means, however many 
innocent people suffer to achieve those ends.

Yours sincerely,
A Baron

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