Notes And References


(1) Conspiracy theorists suspect a plot, by John Ezard, published in the Guardian, January 8 1993, page 20, was grossly unfair and went out of its way to traduce Seal. The New Statesman article If they ruled the world, by Vicky Hutchings, appeared in the 15 January 1993 issue, pages 12-3.
(2) According to the blurb on the flyer for the Global Deception Conference, Vladimir Terziski holds a BSc. in Physics and an MSc. in both Sociology and Electronics, so I suppose that actually makes him a triple graduate. As well as a half-wit.
(3) I have discussed this conference and its speakers in some depth elsewhere. The interested reader is referred to EUSTACE CLARENCE MULLINS: Anti-Semitic Propagandist or Iconoclast? The World’s Premier Conspiracy Historian On the Jews, the Fed and the “New World Order” including notes on “Global Deception”, January 1993, by Alexander Baron, Second, Expanded Edition, published by InƒoText Manuscripts, London, (March, 1995).
(4) The conference was held over the weekend. I decided against coming back on the Sunday largely because of Terziski’s promise – or threat – to explain how the British had landed on the Moon in the 1890s.
(5) The Wise Men of Foreign Affairs: A History of the Council on Foreign Relations, by Robert D. Schulzinger, published by Columbia University Press, New York, (1984).
(6) The first book devoted to the CFR was actually published as long ago as 1962; THE INVISIBLE GOVERNMENT was written by the American conservative and conspiracy theorist Dan Smoot.
(7) For the record, the current writer does believe that JFK was murdered by a lone assassin named Lee Harvey Oswald; I find all other explanations unconvincing in the extreme, and often verging on the ludicrous or insane. I would recommend to the reader the book I recommend to everyone who mentions the Kennedy assassination in my presence: Disinformation, Misinformation, and the “Conspiracy” to Kill JFK Exposed, by Armand Moss, published by Archon Books, Hamden, Conn, (1987). This little-known but thoroughly documented study could save you wading through reams or years of garbage.
(8) Well, almost. As far as I recall I bought the paperback in 1976. I read very little fiction nowadays, Cooper’s book being a rare exception. Wild Card was published in hardback by Jonathan Cape; it was written by Raymond Hawkey and Roger Bingham.
(9) The Global Deception Conference organisers – Mary Seal and Keith Mears – took this suggestion seriously. Seal said it had been going on since the 30s and compared it with the celebrated War of the Worlds hoax in which a radio broadcast by the actor Orson Welles was interpreted literally and caused a minor panic in the United States.
(10) These documents are the subject of an extensive analysis by veteran UFO debunker Philip Klass in the Skeptical Inquirer for 1987-8. * Klass points the finger at Moore and Friedman but either he or his publisher felt constrained by the laws of libel. The current writer is subjected to no such constraints.
* The full credits are The MJ-12 Crashed-Saucer Documents, by Philip J. Klass, published in the Skeptical Inquirer, Winter 1987-8, Vol. XII, No 2., pages 137-46; and The MJ-12 Papers: Part 2, by Philip J. Klass, published in the Skeptical Inquirer, Spring 1988, Vol. XII, No. 3., pages 279-89. [In the second article, after thoroughly dissecting the forgeries, Klass comments thus on Moore and Friedman’s failure to answer their critics: “One possible explanation is an understandable reluctance to admit they are victims of a hoax because of their superficial investigation. The alternative explanation is too obvious to require statement here.”]
(11) UFO investigator looking forward to alien teatime: Cups and saucers as world authority visits UK, by Suzanne Baum, published in the Jewish Chronicle, November 3, 1995, page 11.
According to this article the 61 year old Friedman graduated from the University of Chicago in 1956 and spent fourteen years working on the US space programme. Unfortunately, Friedman’s credentials are genuine; he is indeed a nuclear physicist!
(12) Shandera is the person who allegedly received the film of the MJ-12 documents through the post.
(13) Jean Adam Weishaupt was Professor of Canon Law in the University of Ingolstadt, Bavaria.
(14) None Dare Call It Conspiracy, by Gary Allen with Larry Abraham, Larry, published by Concord Press, Seal Beach, California, Third printing, (April, 1972), page 26.
(15) Some of these pillocks blame the Illuminati for everything from the assassination of Abraham Lincoln to the Trilateral Commission. Others blame the Jews.
(16) The Trail of the Serpent, by Inquire Within, published by Boswell, London, (1936), page 68.
(17) Scottish-born Adam Smith (1723-90) is best remembered for his authorship of An Inquiry into the nature and causes of the Wealth of Nations.
(18) On page 95, Cooper reports that John Robison wrote Proofs of a Conspiracy in 1798; this book was actually first published in 1797.
(19) For the record, some time ago, when I was using this book in connection with my researches in a related field, as I was checking it out in the British Library North Library Gallery, the assistant who was serving me said that Michael Baigent had either just ordered some books or had just been in the gallery. I have no doubt that future mystics such as Cooper will read great significance into this.
(20) I checked this briefly against the 1933 Britons (reprint) Marsden edition and it appears to be a verbatim copy, although Cooper omits the headers.
(21) See for example the excellent study An Appraisal of the PROTOCOLS OF ZION, by the Gentile historian John Shelton Curtiss, published by Columbia University Press, New York, (1942), page 33.
(22) In recent years – certainly since the late seventies – the Trilateral Commission and the CFR have come out into the open somewhat. The CFR’s magazine Foreign Affairs is now available in selected newsagents and libraries – including in Britain – and carries advertising. The TC’s magazine Trialogue is sold by subscription. Anyone who has ever read, particularly the latter, will not be the slightest bit impressed with its rhetoric of “sharing international responsibilities” and “inter-dependence”, both easily recognisable codes for the “New World Order” espoused by George Bush, read “world supra-government”.
(23) In the article New-age nazism..., by Matthew Kalman and John Murray, published in the New Statesman, June 23, 1995, pages 18-20. Here it is referred to as Silent Weapons for a quiet war. For the record, there are two journalists named Matthew Kalman; the one here is not the Matthew Kalman who edits the Jewish “events magazine” New Moon.
(24) Nazis, Communists, Klansmen, and Others on the Fringe: POLITICAL EXTREMISM IN AMERICA, by John George and Laird Wilcox, published by Prometheus, Buffalo, New York, (1992), page 445.
(25) The current writer could find no trace of anti-Semitism or anti-Semitic ideology in this book, although principally on account of their incessant whining corruption I have no doubt that many Jewish organisations have long smeared it as such.
(26) The Secret Instructions of the Jesuits [better known by its Latin name Monita secreta (privata) Societatis Jesu] is a notorious – though today largely forgotten – calumny on the Society of Jesus. Written by an embittered former Jesuit, Heronym Zahorowski, it was first published at Crakow in 1614 (falsified as Notobrigae, 1612). The American-Jewish author Herman Bernstein likened the Protocols to the Monita Secreta.
(27) LIBYA: Gadhafi Human Rights Award Given To the Fight Against AIDS in Africa, by Marcel Fakhry, published in Spare Rib, July 1992, pages 46-7.
(28) Cited by bibliographer (and Zionist creep) Robert Singerman. * The reader is referred to the current writer’s aforementioned study Global Deception for a full discussion.
* ANTISEMITIC PROPAGANDA: An Annotated Bibliography and Research Guide, by Robert Singerman, published by Garland, New York, (1982), page 215.
(29) And if you believe any of this you were born yesterday.
(30) Ronnie: “What does Mrs Quigley say today, dear?”
Nancy: “Let’s nuke Iran.”
(31) With one major and most unfortunate exception: Prometheus Books and its related magazine The Skeptical Inquirer are uncritical believers in the Holocaust. Head honcho Paul Kurtz even went so far as to publish one of the English language editions of the “memoirs” of Rudolph Hoess, the Commandant of Auschwitz. [Concerning Klass on MJ-12 see also note 10].
(32) For the record, the current writer has also been accused of being a Secret State “asset” albeit by a notorious left wing crank.
(33) This was the first public UK showing. On page 41, the London area TV TIMES for August 28 (26 AUG – 1 SEPT, 1995 edition) reported that this was “An examination of the world’s best documented UFO incident, which took place on July 4, 1947 in the desert outside Roswell New Mexico. The programme examines all the facts and unearths previously unknown eye witness.” In the TV Times it was billed as Secret History: The Roswell Incident and was part of a Sci-Fi Weekend; other contributions the same day included an animated adventure called Astronut [sic] and the 1956 film Earth v the Flying Saucers. By February 1996 – and probably before – the Roswell video was being offered for sale in the Virgin Megastore in London’s Oxford Street alongside other mystical crap.
(34) This claim was made by Walter Haut, who said he was ordered to put out such a statement.
(35) Referred to as SUN! The article is called Mortician’s Tale of Roswell Nurse, ET Bodies is Seriously Flawed; it appeared in issue 31 for January 1995 and was written by none other than Philip J. Klass.
(36) Klass, Mortician’s Tale, (ibid).
(37) A number of articles on the Roswell incident have appeared in the Skeptical Inquirer. The January/February 1995 issue for example reports that the debris recovered was from a special balloon, which was part of Project Mogul, a “Top Secret” field experiment carried out at Alamogordo, New Mexico, related to Soviet nuclear weapons testing.
(38) In particular from the chapters Communion? and Rivals of the 1988 edition. An updated paperback edition was published the following year.
(39) Fraud in the broadest sense of the word.
(40) ALTERNATIVE 3, by Leslie Watkins, published by Sphere, London, (1978). David Ambrose wrote the “documentary” and Christopher Miles directed it. I haven’t read the book but I have looked it over and it is written in the format of a cheap, and not very plausible, novel. The Second Look article referred to below credits all three men as the authors; the first American edition was published by Avon Books of New York in 1979.
(41) Book, Hype and Snookered, by Robert Sheaffer, published in Second Look, November-December 1979, Volume II, No. I, pages 38-9.
(42) See for example Alternative 3, by Alan Coren, published in the Times, June 21, 1977, page 11. This review calls the programme a “deft and engaging hoax”. Also TV science play ’misjudgment’, published in the Times, June 23, 1977, page 4. The TV company was accused of bad taste and irresponsibility for broadcasting this “science-fiction mock documentary”.
(43) In November 1993, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, then both 11 years old, became the youngest convicted murderers in Britain since the 1968 Mary Bell case. They had abducted a young boy, James Bulger, in the centre of Liverpool, and killed him in what must surely go down as one of the most horrible murders in the annals of British crime. If they hadn’t been picked up by security cameras in the act of abducting the boy it is not unlikely that this quite terrible crime would have remained unsolved. There can be little doubt either that James Bulger would not have been the last victim because Thompson and Venables had earlier attempted to procure another child. Also in 1993, Colin Ireland, who had murdered five homosexual men, gave himself up after being captured on camera at a London railway station.
(44) I cannot offer any documentation on this but if my memory serves me correctly this suggestion was made sometime in late 1995 by a contributor to the on-line Libernet Digest. I assume that the reader is familiar with the brutalising of Rodney King and the riots that ensued in the wake of his tormentors’ acquittal, four police officers. There can be no doubt that if this crime had not been captured on video the full story would not have come out. King was a convicted felon, and his terrible injuries would have been explained away.
(45) I am informed that cameras have been installed in certain public toilets in London because of “cottaging” (homosexual jargon for importuning for immoral purposes). Most people I know would probably object to being videoed while they take a slash.
(46) Deputies split on ID cards, by Lorraine Kirk, published in the Jewish Chronicle, September 22, 1995, page 12.
(47) See for example A HIGHER FORM OF KILLING: The Secret Story of Gas and Germ Warfare, by Robert Harris and Jeremy Paxman, published by Triad/Granada, (1983), page 74.
(48) Jewish propagandists and others like to muddy the waters by claiming that these allegations remain “unproven” because there is testimony from one Sigmund Mazur at the War Crimes Trials and other “evidence” that they did. One can imagine the hysteria that would be generated by a mainstream historian who had the temerity to claim that the Blood Libel is “unproven” because there exists testimony from Jews and others that Jews did indeed practice ritual murder.
(49) At Dachau, inmates were infected with typhus and malaria, and were used in high altitude tests and other experiments. Many medical experiments with doubtful or no scientific value were performed at Auschwitz (Birkenau), including castration and sterilisation of victims. A most interesting source of information on this is the book Auschwitz in England, * which concerns a libel action brought by a former inmate doctor at the camp, Wladislaw Alexander Dering OBE, against the novelist Leon Uris.
* Auschwitz in England: A Record of a Libel Action, by Mavis M. Hill and L. Norman Williams, published by MacGibbon & Kee, London, (1965).
(50) Medical experiments can also be carried out with informed consent. Indeed, the current writer has participated in medical trials at the (now defunct) Common Cold Unit at Salisbury Hospital.
(51) There is at least one book on this scandal: BAD BLOOD: The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, by James H Jones, published by The Free Press, New York, (1981).
(52) Or on any other group that excludes me!
(53) This is not necessarily for any sinister reason; one must always distinguish between secrecy and confidentiality. For example, many people might object to information about their medical records being released, even after their deaths, and that confidentiality should be respected. With regard to parts of documents being blacked out, I have no idea either on what basis this is done or who is to employed to do it, but I do know from personal experience that files held at the Public Record Office are often subjected to pruning. Again, there is not necessarily anything sinister about this; enormous quantities of paperwork are generated by all bureaucracies, much of which is likely to be of no interest to anyone, so much of it is undoubtedly pruned on account of space, or the lack thereof.

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