Stills from my speech to the New Right, December 18, 2010

The following stills were created by me from the video of the meeting. My thanks to Michèle Renouf, who brought along her recorder when the official cameraman was defeated by the snow; Master of Ceremonies Adrian Davies (among his many other talents); and to Mark Taha, whose bald head can be seen on the bottom left of some of them. Last but by no means least, thanks to Troy Southgate, who has inspired and hosted these meetings since their inception, and who invited me to speak, for the fifth time.

Lady Renouf pins on the microphone as Master of Ceremonies Adrian Davies sings my praises. Later, Adrian gave an impromptu speech about Revisionism from a French perspective, relating to the treatment of alleged collaborators after the Nazi occupation.

“Super Joo!” - no, this is not Baron coming out as a Kosher Krazy after all these years, but as Gable obviously sees himself, instead of the vile, despicable little liar and hatemonger that he is.

With Gable-eque false nose. The biggest liar who ever walked the Earth gets the Pinocchio treatment. It goes without saying that this went down rather well with the audience.

The Sweeney call on Gable and his lovely wife at Herent Drive, and for the first time in over twenty years he admits he lied through his teeth about the Mesifta Talmudical College fire.

Like her husband, the former Sonia Hochfelder is of course fiercely patriotic, hence the red, white and blue hat. Initially, I intended to use a swastika arm band and a pair of false tits, but this was a family show.

No, that is not a flying saucer!

Anyone wants to buy a T-shirt, worn once, see me later!

Oh yeah, the outer shirt. This is the one I wore in Tehran; not only is it warmly padded but it has great sentimental value for this incurable romantic.

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