Notes And References

(1) The men who whitewash Hitler, by Gitta Sereny, published in the New Statesman, November 2, 1979, pages 670-3.
(2) Holocaust Denial and the Compelling Force of Reason, by Deborah Lipstadt, published in Patterns Of Prejudice, 1992, Volume 26, Numbers 1 & 2, pages 64-76.
(3) DENYING the HOLOCAUST: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory, by Deborah E. Lipstadt, published by the Free Press, New York, (1993).
(4) Any similarity between the previous passage and the introduction to The men who whitewash Hitler, by Gitta Sereny, published in the New Statesman, November 2, 1979, is purely coincidental.
(5) In the original essay, Professor Cowpat uses a lowercase “d” in Deniers. We have altered this to uppercase solely to conform with the house style. Professor Cowpat claims to have coined the phrase Hinducaust Deniers. [Editor]
(6) Hinducaust Deniers often claim that because no Hindus were murdered during the Glass Night that it is grammatically incorrect to use the word “exterminated” in this context. However, we would point out that Hindus have often been exterminated without being physically killed; the racist nature of the Deniers’ rhetoric is too transparent to warrant serious discussion.
(7) Any similarity here between the alleged (and now admittedly fake) Dachau gas chambers and the so-called genuine Auschwitz gas chambers is purely coincidental.
(8) Some have suggested this to be a somewhat disingenuous claim in view of the “anti-hate” legislation that has been passed at the insistence of so many of her profession, but we cannot agree with that. Anyone who accuses any leading Hindu mystic of hypocrisy is obviously a closet racist.
(9) This does of course contradict Professor Cowpat’s claim in her previous essay that “We are not, of course, suggesting that the Deniers should be muzzled...” But only a racist would be so tactless as to point that out. Heck, if you want logic and consistency, study mathematics.

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