The Men Who Whitewash Hitler by Gita Sereny

If you have arrived at this page from a link on this website, you are in the right place. Gita Sereny (1921-2012) was a mainstream historian and the author of several books including on the Holocaust.

The Men Who Whitewash Hitler, is truly amazing. The article, which includes a letter from Richard Verrall, contains paragraph after paragraph of ad hominem before conceding that yes, the Revisionists are right, or partially right.

There were no gassings in Dachau, she admits. (The reader will find photographs of the imaginary victims of the Dachau gas chamber in this pamphlet, the publication of which led to my arrest - for exposing proven lies!). A number of Holocaust memoirs are partial or complete fakes, Sereny concedes, and much more. A truly amazing article.

My apologies for the poor quality of the scan; this was beyond my control.

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