Stop Anti-Semitism!

Here is a little quiz for those wicked goyim who think we don’t need even more repressive laws against free speech in this country.

(1) Who said “Ramsgate is full of Jews and fleas” - was it Enid Blyton, Bernard Manning, Karl Marx?

(2) Who claimed many books by Holocaust survivors are tissues of lies - was it Bradley Smith, Robert Faurisson, the anti-Nazi historian Gitta Sereny?

(3) Who quoted favourably from the Protocols Of Zion in his book Jewish Power - was it John Tyndall, Anjem Choudary, J.J. Goldberg?

(4) Who claimed Jews control Hollywood and exert enormous influence in the American media - was it American Nazi leader Harold Covington, David Duke, Joel Stein?

(5) Who said “Israel was born out of Jewish terrorism” - was it Colin Jordan, David Duke, Gerald Kaufman?

(6) Who said rich American Jews have President Barack Obama in their pockets - was it Donald Trump, Troy Southgate, Norman Finkelstein?

If you recognise all the above as disgusting anti-Semitic statements, please petition your MP or other social policy makers to take appropriate action against the hatemongers concerned.

Click here for the answers.

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