CHARLIE HEBDO And Free Speech In Europe

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo outrage, British Prime Minister David Cameron stated that we - meaning the UK - stood squarely for free speech and democracy.

If you believe democracy is such a great thing, think of two wolves and a lamb voting on what’s for dinner. Then think again. In any case, there is no true democracy in the UK, otherwise we would never have seen mass immigration after World War Two. Nor the abolition of capital punishment for murder. Nor the brainwashing of our young by the powerful homosexual lobby.

I don’t want to address these issues here, only the issue of free speech. So-called. Because we don’t have that either, except to express permissible opinions. One of these permissible opinions is to insult the world’s third great religion. Such insults are not tolerated towards the world’s second great religion. And anyone who insults the world’s first great religion in the UK is in serious danger of being raided by the imbeciles of New Scotland Yard, or the police force of whatever jurisdiction in which he, or she, lives. Incidentally, this cartoon was not drawn as an insult to Judaism, but we’ll come to that shortly.

This is what the majority of Jewish leaders think when it comes to free speech - not for you, you dumb goy.

In France, as in the UK, there is freedom of expression to express permissible opinions, in particular to insult Islam and its Prophet, but not to so much as question the tenets of Holocaustianity. As this learnéd professor discovered to his cost.

The courageous academic Robert Faurisson - no free speech for his impermissible opinions.

Nor to question the power and sheer brazen audacity of International Zionism. Even a black man risks the wrath of the state in politically correct France if he does that.

Dieudonné M’bala M’bala - right colour, wrong views. And the courage to espouse them in public.

In the new democratic Germany, things are even worse. Those who question the perceived wisdom of the Holocaust - much of which is demonstrably false - face fines and other legal sanctions, including at times heavy terms of imprisonment. In the new democratic Germany it is a criminal offence to even display a swastika, which is known as a symbol of hate. Palestinians living in Gaza might reasonably hold the same opinion about the Magan David, but what they think doesn’t count.

In 2007, the German authorities arrested a strawberry cake. Yes, you did hear that right. Nothing like that has ever happened in the Islamic theocracy of Iran, where it is permissible to hold dissenting views about the Holocaust, so-called, and to express them freely and openly. Other criticisms may be made of Iran, and some of those criticism might be valid, but let us not pretend that the Iranian authorities are repressive while ours are not.

In 1996, I published a satirical pamphlet which I mailed out to police stations, inter alia. That resulted in my arrest, and an attempt to prosecute me under Britain’s Draconian and perfidious race relations legislation, so-called. The authorities backed down when they realised that to do so would only leave them with egg on their faces. Others have faced similar persecution and harassment; I could make an extensive list, but I want to keep this video to a reasonable length, so I will limit the discussion to a handful of examples.

This man is Nick Griffin.

Nick Griffin - another victim of the race tyrants.

He has been dragged into court twice by the race act tyrants, the second time for comments directed specifically at Moslems, and this at a time when the British Government was - and indeed remains - complicit in the so-called war on terror which has seen countless innocent people, many of them Moslems, murdered in illegal drone strikes. And that’s before we mention extraordinary rendition, waterboarding, and other forms of torture. The trial of Nick Griffin, which saw him acquitted, was clearly politically motivated, but ask any Moslem, which is worse, to insult him as a Moslem, or to guy his prophet.

In 2009, this woman called a fellow councillor a coconut during a council debate.

Shirley Brown - yet another victim of political correctness.

She was dragged into court for racial harassment. As you can see from this BBC report, I’m not making this up. This man was arrested for calling homosexuality a sin - which it surely is, as well as a spiritual sickness and an abomination.

Homosexuality used to be a crime in England; now preaching against it is.

He beat the rap, but others, and not only Christians, have been dragged into court for similar “offences”. If Greater Manchester Police had been that politically correct in the 1980s, they would have had to arrest their own Chief Constable.

In the UK, the Zionist lobby, the homosexual lobby, the misnamed race relations lobby, have all been waging an unremitting war on free speech. And guess what, the more repressive laws they succeed in foisting on us, the more they demand.

After the Charlie Hebdo outrage, and after stressing their commitment to free speech, our governments have demonstrated the depth of that commitment. In France, Dieudonné was arrested yet again. They call his free speech hate speech. They said the same thing about me in 1996 when I exposed the lies of two powerful Jewish organisations: one in the UK, the other in South Africa.

As this columnist put it, all over the globe, governments proclaim free speech they curtail it. We expect that from African governments, from the Chinese, even from those wicked A-rabs, but what excuse do our governments have?


A few minor points re the above:

This transcript is of my rant only, not of those who speak in the included clips.

The Nick Griffin trial alluded to is his second trial, which resulted in a retrial. He was acquitted on all charges. The prosecution was both politically contrived and a total waste of public money.

Re the final paragraph, he actually said governments proclaim freedom (rather than free speach) as they curtail it, but you get my drift.

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