A freebie from Full Tilt Poker

The owners of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker are offering their customers $20 totally free. It comes with strings, but it is still money for old rope.

A screengrab from the new Full Tilt Poker. Less than ten thousand players on the site, and a long list of voided tournaments, including freerolls.

Poker websites often give away free money, but usually getting your hands on it involves a lot of hard work as well as a little risk. Little? This time however, you can get your hands on a $20 bonus which whether or not you are able to clear it, is easy money. All you have to do is link the two accounts. If you have accounts on both, as many players have, after you log in, click the mouse when the offer screen comes up and follow the instructions, then go to the other account and follow through.

If you have an account with one but not the other, you will have to open another account to get your hands on the money, but there is no obligation to deposit.

The $20 bonus comes in the form of a ring game ticket which you can use to buy in to low limit cash games.

Terms and conditions apply, but this will be the easiest $20 Christmas present you get this year. The big question is why? Charity is a wonderful thing, even if your name isn’t Justin Forsyth, but this is purely business, or some would say desperation. If you still don’t understand, check out this article. The screengrab above is just as valid now as it was when that was written, if not more so.

[The above was published originally December 25, 2012 with a stock photograph; my screengrab was used for this one].

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