The Grand Conspiracy is alive and well

A new video that pokes fun of the establishment account of the September 11 atrocities is going around. It is produced by the type of individual(s) who believe(s) the government always lies to us. And no one else ever does.

Actually, the video concerned was made some time ago, but if you find your way onto the mailing list of certain kooks, you will probably have received it or a link for it recently. * Here it is, and by the time you have watched it, there will be another, updated version going the rounds, if not about 9/11 then about the collapse of the Euro, how the CIA is funding the current anti-British protests in Iran, or how Prince Philip and Henry Kissinger have created a new strain of the Ebola virus in order to reduce world population as a necessary step to enforcing the New World Order.

If that comment sounds derisory, it is sadly not far off the mark, because some of the loonies really do think like this. They are incapable of exercising the slightest critical faculty. The word loonies here includes some people who hold doctorates and have stratospheric IQs. As if that were not bad enough, like serial killers, they look just like us, and often they sound rational. Indeed they are on most subjects. Take David Icke for instance. As a former soccer player and sports journalist, he can undoubtedly hold an intelligent conversation about all manner of sports. He also understands the financial system, what is wrong with it, and what must be done in order to put it right. Just don’t mention the name Rothschild.

When Icke discovered the great conspiracy, he authenticated the notorious Protocols Of Zion, obviously without properly reading this for the most part unreadable document. It remains to be seen how much of the background to it he read; probably he missed that bit about King Solomon sitting down with the Learned Elders in 929BC to conquer the known universe by sending the Symbolic Snake of Judaism through the world’s great cities.

The aforementioned video contains an en passant reference to the Kennedy Assassination, the litmus test for all conspiriologists. If they believe Oswald did not act alone, they are probably not worth taking seriously, and if they believe Oswald did not act at all as per – “I’m just a patsy” – then they are either pig ignorant or totally beyond salvation.

Although most people don’t get to 929BC, the founding of the Order of the Illuminati in 1776 is another good starting point. Certainly the Order existed, as did and do other conspiratorial organisations, but they are not necessarily all as sinister as they are made out to be.

Any organisation or ideaology that is suppressed by the state can exist only as a conspiracy; at times this has included abolitionists, Christians meeting in private to pray together (including for their enemies), and consenting adults performing homosexual acts on each other, heterosexual acts for money, or simply drinking alcohol on private property.

The “anti-racist” movement is founded on a simple proposition: anyone who doesn’t agree with us totally and all the time can only be a racist. By the same token, to the Grand Conspiracy kooks, anyone who doesn’t subscribe totally to their lunatic notion that every major international and domestic incident was planned in advance by often unnamed government conspirators, can only be working for “the other side”, a globalist shill, or some similar nonsense.

Okay, let’s go back to that original video. It really does sound absurd that 19 men with boxcutters could have perpetrated such terrible planned destruction, but what is the alternative?

Did the planes crash on automatic pilot? Were they controlled from the ground as some of these idiots claim? Were the hijackers brainwashed? How did the plane that hit the Pentagon hit that particular spot? Who says the hijackers were aiming for that particular spot?

Did the planes and the planes alone bring down the Twin Towers? What is the alternative? A group of individuals planting explosives covertly weeks or months in advance, and timing them to explode at just the right moment?

Then there is the non-mystery about Building 7, and the ludicrous claims made about Larry Silverstein.

It is only when you sit back and make a cold factual appraisal of all the conditions that would have to be met in order to validate any alternative hypothesis that you realise what utter lunacy the 9/11 Truthers are asking us to believe.

Of course, none of the above means real conspiracies do not exist, but those involving serious criminal activity can generally exist only on a small scale.

Do police agents provocateurs incite or even commit crimes for the purpose of entrapping “underisables”, serious crimes including perhaps murder?

You bet they do! Mark Kennedy worked undercover for seven years, and the FBI conspiracy against Randy Weaver is documented beyond dispute, as was the incitement and entrapment of John DeLorean.

Furthermore, when the police and other agents of state repression are caught with their hands in the till, they and their ugly friends in high places will go to extraordinary lengths to conceal and explain away their mendacity, including denouncing those who expose them as cranks, mad, or simply dishonest. Conspiracies of this nature are almost impossible to prove. But just because we can’t prove anything, doesn’t mean we have to believe absolutely everything.

[The above op-ed was first published December 1, 2011, not November 30 as indicated here. * The linked video has been deleted by YouTube and was not archived by the Wayback Machine.]

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