Jews Against The New World Order

Some so-called extremists - not just Nazis and anti-Semites - believe ‘the Jews’ are behind the New World Order. There is another side to the coin though.

The New World Order is not a conspiracy theory, it is a conspiracy fact. Back in the 1960s and 70s when people such as A.K. Chesterton began exposing it, they were ridiculed or given the silent treatment by the mass media. In the Internet age, the latter is not possible, which is one reason the likes of the ADL seek to censor the Internet.

One of the big problems with exposing the New World Order is that, in the words of Antony C. Sutton, many of its enemies go far beyond the evidence. This is a classic understatement, indeed some of them go way, way beyond the evidence. The biggest problem though is that the path to the New World Order is replete with Jewish names, especially in finance, the obvious one being Rothschild, but let’s not mention David Icke.

In 1971, Gary Allen published None Dare Call It Conspiracy, a creepishly philo-Semitic book that attempted to address this issue without opening himself to the time honoured smear of anti-Semitism. Needless to say, he failed miserably. There have though down the years been a fair number of Jews active in the fight against the New World Order, in fact in a general sense, anyone who is opposed to big government and in favour of free markets has a genuine claim to be engaged in that fight. Like most such activists, the Jews involved in this struggle do not always understand entirely what they are up against, and some of them go way beyond the evidence like David Icke - the man I said not to mention.

One early example was the New York lawyer Henry Klein (1879-1955) who was not afraid to grasp the nettle, to put it mildly. Unfortunately, like so many of his Gentile fellow travellers, he went way over the top, seeing only the Jewish hand behind the machinations of the financial elite, and authenticating the Protocols Of Zion. In the February 1947 issue of The Vanguard, Klein received praise from Arnold Leese of all people. The Vanguard was a monthly newspaper published by a Scottish anti-Catholic bigot, Alexander Ratcliffe, and Arnold Leese was the most fanatical anti-Semite England has ever produced. This praise from Mr Leese was almost certainly unique, and on Klein’s death eight years later, he was rather less charitable.

Benjamin H. Freedman (1890–1984) was a fellow traveller of Henry Klein and was likewise inclined to see the hand of specifically Zionist Jewry behind the world revolution and the American Government. Unlike Henry Klein, who is more or less forgotten today, Freedman’s writings have remained popular with the lunatic fringe. Having said that, some of his claims about the Middle East sound a lot more rational today than they did then.

The American doctor Emanuel M. Josephson was probably closer to the truth than most people would like to admit. Unlike Klein and Freedman he blamed neither Jews nor Zionists but the Jesuits and big money in the form of Rockefeller. Unfortunately, he too went further than the evidence indicated, but he would have been smeared as an anti-Semite and a conspiracy crank even if he hadn’t.

One of the staple claims of the lunatic fringe of anti-Semites is that Communism is Jewish. This claim is not totally without foundation as the number of Jewish names within the Communist movement is greater even than those found in banking, but if Communism is Kosher, the Libertarian movement is even more so from its modern origins (Objectivism) with Ayn Rand up to the present day.

While nominally Jewish organisations like the misnamed Anti-Defamation League have worked behind the scenes and sometimes overtly to censor Americans, Libertarian Jews including those working for the ACLU have fought them tooth and claw.

Pre-eminent among American-born Libertarians was Murray Rothbard, who although not a conspiracy theorist in the regular sense, certainly understood what goes on behind the political and financial scenes. His 1984 speech to the Mises Institute spells out in no uncertain terms how the Jekyll Island conspirators instigated the Federal Reserve.

Another mainstream Jewish academic who has taken on the conspiracy against civilisation is Dr Judith Reisman, and unlike most of her predecessors, she has enjoyed considerable success. Although like Rothbard she is not a conspiracy theorist as such, and has no political agenda, it is clear from reading between the lines of her pronouncements about the activities of big money, in particular the Rockefeller Foundation, that she knows exactly what is going on.

Reisman is a professor of law, but her main interest for much of her career has been in exposing the fraudulent research of Dr Alfred Kinsey and repairing the damage done by him and the Kinsey Institute since the 1950s.

For those unfamiliar with his catalogue of perversions, in 1948 the sexologist Dr Alfred Kinsey (1894-1956) published SEXUAL BEHAVIOR IN THE HUMAN MALE. Co-written with his fellow degenerates Wardell B. Pomeroy and Clyde E. Martin, it was followed up 5 years later with a companion study of sexual behaviour in the human female, but the first book is the one that did most of the damage.

A massive tome with lengthy sections on statistical problems and validity of the data, it is not only nonsense but self-evident nonsense. Serious criticisms were made of Kinsey’s work almost from its first publication, but it wasn’t until Reisman put the boot in over forty years later that the world started taking notice. Her book KINSEY, SEX AND FRAUD The Indoctrination Of A People co-written with Edward W. Eichel, was published in 1990.

In the Foreword, Dr. John H. Court writes: “The Kinsey Reports have become the starting point for subsequent sex research. The textbooks quote Kinsey’s findings as if they were undisputed truth.”

In the ACKNOWLEDGMENTS to the 1948 book, it is claimed that of 12,000 histories collected, the volume is based on 5,300 males, and the study was funded largely by the Rockefeller Foundation. The PUBLISHER’S FOREWORD claims: “This volume is presented as an objective factual study of sexual behavior in the human male.”

At page 168, it is claimed 48% of older males and 60% pre-adolescent boys recalled homosexual activity in their pre-adolescent years, and that the mean age of first contact was 9.21 years. This and similar nonsense has been leapt on by the Organised Homosexual Movement as a vindication of their perversion. Kinsey claims also, at page 174, that what he refers to as animal contacts is confined largely to farm boys, and that a third of those will have such contacts by the age of 9.

Earlier, on page 77, he says orgasm has been observed in boys from 5 months and in girls from 4 months, (the former, obviously, without ejaculation). He refers too to observations of 16 males up to 11 months with “typical orgasm reached in 7 cases.”

Notice anything odd about this, like reports of very young children experiencing orgasm? This begs the question, how did its authors obtain such data? Reisman’s shocking conclusion is not that he made this up, but that Kinsey and his gang conducted illegal sex experiments on hundreds of children.

The fruits of Reisman’s researches are now freely available; it has to be said she does go over the top with regard to the effects of pornography, but there is no arguing with her when she points out that the deluge of filth and perversion that has infested Western societies since the 1960s has been due to the pernicious influence of Kinsey and his backers. The most disturbing features of this are the increase in sex crimes, including rape, the spread of vile diseases - including AIDS - and the sexualisation of children.

Sadly, this claim relating to children is anything but alarmist or over the top. Anyone who believes so should check out the work of Edward Brongersma (1911-98), including his article A Defence of Sexual Liberty for All Age Groups which was published by the mainstream publisher Basil Blackwell for the Howard League for Penal Reform in February 1988. Brongersma was both a lawyer and a politician; he also published a book with the self-evident title Loving Boys.

We have primarily Judith Reisman to thank for exposing this pernicious attempt to subvert Western civilisation; it remains to be seen if her warnings will be heeded in time.

While Jewish bankers were involved heavily in the creation of the Federal Reserve, it is less well known that Jews have also been heavily involved in the fight against this racket. Three Jews: Irwin Schiff, Cynthia Neun and Lawrence Cohen launched their own revolt against the tax system, and Schiff in particular has paid a heavy price for it. This now quite elderly man * is currently in prison. Here is a short video by his son that sets out his case.

The reality is that most if not all taxation is unnecessary, but nothing will change while there is so much vested interest behind the current system.

Schiff’s writings can be found all over the Internet, including on YouTube. Check out what he says and ask yourself if he isn’t talking sense, especially about the reasons for the decline of America. Certainly like Major Douglas he understands that true wealth comes from production and not from shuffling around pieces of paper.

The final name on this list is that of George Weiss - also known as Captain Rainbow. Many years ago I found him sitting on the steps of the London School of Economics where we got into conversation about his idea that at the time was revolutionary but is now not only practicable but has been put into effect to a very limited degree, including by the government with on-line petitions. George proposed to abolish Parliament and have direct democracy, in short we should vote on major issues by computer.

We put something together about this, although it didn’t sell very well. If Western governments had taken this up this idea, we wouldn’t have seen the invasions of Afghanistan or Iraq or the war on terror. Come to think of it, we probably wouldn’t have seen 9/11 either, because our governments would have pulled out of the Middle East under the people’s mandate and developed alternative technologies that would make oil redundant.

The bottom line is that the New World Order is precisely that, not a Jew World Order. The big question is, are we going to allow it to happen? If George Weiss had his way, we wouldn’t have even to ask that question. There is though mounting pressure on Western establishments, particularly with the fiasco over the Euro. The Berlin Wall came down virtually overnight; there is no reason why the same thing can’t happen with the New World Order, and why the madmen in Washington and the eurocrats in Strasbourg together with their puppetmasters the banksters can’t be hung out to dry along with the rulers of the Soviet Bloc. Who now remembers the Evil Empire?

[The above article was published originally as a blog September 9, 2012. The photograph was uploaded to Digital Journal but it is linked here from this site.]

* Irwin Schiff died October 16, 2015, aged 87.

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