Party Poker offers free ride to the Aussie Millions 2012

Party Poker is offering all its players free entry into a competition to qualify for the Aussie Millions next January. What have you to lose apart from your sanity?

November 26-7, 2011: The late night $250 Freeroll on Party Poker; our hero crushes pocket kings with A-J finishing 150th out of 10,778 runners. With 1,100 places paid, I won 27c. See also the screengrab below from later in the same tournament.

Party Poker is not the world’s largest poker site, the one that is offering you the chance to play in the biggest tournament ever for a humble $1. That honour belongs to PokerStars. On the other hand, Party Poker is the number two site, and it is generous with its profits, so much so that it is offering all and sundry the chance to qualify for free for the Aussie Millions which will be held in January next year. In Australia, of course!

The main event has an $11,400 buy-in - what was that about a world recession?

Party Poker is offering 8 nights’ accommodation at the Crown Promenade hotel – right next to the venue, the Crown Casino – and $2,500 spending money. Qualifiers started last week. So how do you qualify for free?

First, enter one of the daily freerolls, and if you finish in the top 25, you will receive a free entry into the Sub Qualifier $2 rebuy.

For every $74 in the prize pool, there will be one entry to the next level; then one in ten will qualify for the Satellite Qualifier. Finally, one in 25 will win a $16,000 all inclusive package. These tournaments are all No Limit Hold ’Em, so you can be busted out at any time in one hand.

We said it was free, we didn’t say it was easy! Imagine falling at the final hurdle. Imagine finishing 26th out of those 25 lucky players.

Alternatively, you could enter the daily $250.00 freeroll at 11pm London time, and if you are lucky enough to crack kings with AJ, you might just finish in 150th place and win 27c as a certain individual did Saturday night/Sunday morning.

What have you got to lose but sleep?

If you want to give Party Poker a try, sign up here.

If instead you want to play on Full Tilt, the site is still in limbo, and with every day that passes, Lazarus has less and less chance of rising from the dead.

There are though plenty of other poker sites out there offering free tournament entries and other promotions.

For example, Cake Poker is also offering a package for the Aussie Millions, and Coral is offering a sign up bonus of up to $1,900.

If you are still learning the game and prefer to watch rather than play, check out some of the new uploads to YouTube. Last week, the infamous Poker Brat Phil Hellmuth posted a short taster training video to the site. One thing is for sure, you won’t find him playing freeroll qualifiers.

The Party Poker $250 Freeroll November 26-7 2011. Sap calls a big pre-flop raise with K4 suited and outflops our hero, who deservedly sucks out on his way to finishing 150th and winning 27c.

[The above article was published originally November 28, 2011.]

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