Will Israel Bomb Iran?


When your best friend and your worst enemy agree you’re doing something wrong, they could well be right. Best not ignore them, especially when the stakes are so high.

Anti-aircraft guns guarding Natanz Nuclear Facility in Iran.

If you haven’t heard of Harold A. Covington, he is America’s leading white racial theorist, a self-confessed Nazi and proud of it. He has just released a video that warns of a coming Israeli attack on Iran and its consequences for America. As of this morning, it had been viewed 134 times, “liked” 24 times with no dislikes. Okay, so he is playing to a dedicated audience, and what else would a Nazi say about Israel? The same thing two Jewish bloggers said five years ago!

Last week, Joel Rubin writing in the London Jewish Chronicle warned against what he called loose talk about war, and urged the warmongers to cool it, pointing out that “it’s much easier to start a war than it is to end one”.

It is clear that the last thing Israel, the Middle East, America or the world needs is yet another war. The American-based Stop AIPAC is in the forefront of resistance to this suicidal folly; in Britain, the Stop the War Coalition takes a less parochial view and is lobbying against war per se. Here, it reports on an anti-war demonstration in Tel Aviv.

If so many people from so many disparate backgrounds are against war, why should it happen?

[The above article was published originally August 28, 2012].

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