“Fan Mail” From A Danish Airhead

The message below from airhead Katrine Troelsen came to me through Facebook in October 2016. This attractive, obviously intelligent but just as obviously brainwashed journalist from Denmark has made a number of comments I cannot permit to go unchallenged.

She has obviously read at least one of my articles about false rape allegations, and just as obviously doesn’t like it. Here we go, point by point:

I don’t hate women - some I like, some I don’t like, some I admire, and one I worship.

I have not suggested that they are all lying (about rape), though clearly some are.

She parrots the usual feminist lies about false rape claims being extremely rare, including that only 1% of rapists serve hard time. Actually the figure usually given is 2%.

I am said to be not simply anti-woman but insanely anti-woman; again this is the usual feminist mantra: disagreeing with a feminist or even with a woman = misogyny.

Finally, she wishes me dead. So much for my hate.

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