Two Books By Carlton Putnam

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This file contains two of the most important books on race ever written. Carlton Putnam followed Race And Reason with Race And Reality.

The latter is especially important because it documents how the propaganda of the egalitarians was debunked totally in open court. And how the legal system simply ignored the truth.

My own position on race has never been related to IQ, rather it is, as the great Muhammad Ali said, bluebirds fly with bluebirds. The IQs of all races has been on a downward spiral since the advent of modern medicine, which has reversed evolution. From 1841-5, the infant mortality rate for England and Wales (deaths under one year old) was a staggering 143 per thousand live births. By 1973, it had dropped to 17 per thousand live births. From 2013-6, it was 3.9 per thousand live births.

That is obviously good news for expectant mothers, but coupled with the declining birth rate of educated (read intelligent) people, it means that many people whose weak genes would have been weeded out by Mother Nature have not been, and the consequence is a plummeting global IQ. For the record, I include myself among those with weak genes, although I have not and in view of my age will not contribute to the gene pool.

The only hope for the survival of Mankind is some sort of eugenics programme, something the braindeads of the anti-racist left have long made totally taboo, but that is far beyond the scope of this introduction.

The only other thing I will add is that the citations used herein, while accurate, do not correspond with the page numbers in the notes from whence you were directed. This is because the books were not scanned by me but by someone who was not bothered about the format, only with the content. Both files are however searchable with your PDF reader.

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