An International Timeline Of False Rape Allegations 1674-2015
Compiled And Annotated By Alexander Baron


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April 29, 1674: This case of a Frenchman falsely accused appears in the Old Bailey proceedings (so dated).

August 28, 1678: This case from the Old Bailey proceedings sees a married man bringing home a piece of nookie and being caught in flagrante delicto by the lady of the house, who then proceeds to beat the girl, who then cries rape. The reader is invited to compare this case with that of false accuser Heather Atkins - plus ça change !!

August 28, 1678: Another case from the Old Bailey proceedings; a man is cleared of raping a child. Details are scant, but this false allegation could have been made for a number of reasons, including a GENUINE MISTAKE.

March 2, 1686: An alleged rape on this date is heard in the Old Bailey proceedings, and is found to be an attempt at extortion. File under GIVE ME MONEY.

September 10, 1696: With a little help from his brother John, Richard Birchman is alleged to have raped Eleanor Bouchier. In May 1697, he is acquitted at the Old Bailey; all three appear to have been the worse for drink.

February 26, 1699: Charles Reileigh, Thomas Rumsey and Moses Sunbury are accused of rape by Anne Hamlet, a widow of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Their court martial is held aboard the Resolution on March 6, 1699, during which she fesses up. Details can be found at Kew in file ADM 106/483, document 213.

October 8, 1715: William Willis is alleged to have raped 14 year old Phebe Shaw. The case is tried at the Old Bailey on December 7, 1715; Willis is acquitted when the defence adduces considerable evidence that this was a malicious prosecution engineered by the girl’s mother.

February 3, 1716: Richard Newall is alleged to have raped Elizabeth Morris. He is tried at the Old Bailey and acquitted on April 11, 1716. This appears to have been yet another malicious prosecution, though it remains to be seen if Elizabeth Morris was solely responsible.

May 31, 1718: Jacob Wykes and John Johnson are alleged to have raped a married woman, Johnson is said to have assisted rather than carried out the actual rape. In July 1718, they are acquitted at the Old Bailey. Married or not, Ann Cooper appears to have been a SERIAL FALSE ACCUSER if not a serial false rape accuser, her motives being entirely pecuniary.

November 14, 1720: Daniel Collins is said to have raped Mary Powell. On January 13, 1721, he is cleared at the Old Bailey; the court was of the opinion that this was an extortion attempt.

1736: Historia Placitorum Coronæ by Sir Matthew Hale is published posthumously. Click here for more.

January 16, 1754: Jane Darcy appears at the Old Bailey where in the words of Counsel for the Prosecution she pleads guilty to taking part in “one of the most wicked conspiracies that ever appeared before this court”, to wit, extracting money from the wealthy John Delafont under threat of accusing him of rape - a capital offence. The other parties were her husband and a man named William Walker. Her co-conspirators did not appear with her. File this one under both GIVE ME MONEY and NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY.

October 5, 1754: Benjamin Jones is accused of raping Sarah Robertson. He is found not guilty on January 16, 1755 at the Old Bailey. On October 22, 1755 at the same court, Robertson and her accomplice John Hunt are convicted of perverting justice by framing him. File this one under NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY.

July 6, 1755: John Baynham is accused of raping the 14 year old Elizabeth Broadben assisted by the widow Sarah Clifton, who is indicted with him. They stand trial at the Old Bailey and are found not guilty. Subsequently, Charles Frederick Wirsanthall is indicted for suborning perjury against the two. On May 28, 1756, he is convicted at the same court. Elizabeth Broadben (spelt here Broadbent) and Rachel Hannet testify against him. A remarkable tale - call it CONSPIRACY.

June 23, 1756: This is a very strange case from the Old Bailey sessions. On April 20, 1757, John Morris stood trial for the rape of Mary Shortney; he was acquitted. On December 7, 1757, there was a second trial: “Terence Shortney, Mary Shortney, Fared Leigh, and Edmund Thomas Warren, were indicted for a conspiracy, for that they did unlawfully and wickedly contrive and conspire together to prosecute John Morris for a rape, pretended to have been committed by him, on the body of the said Mary Shortney, with intent to extort money from him”. All four were acquitted. File this one under CONSPIRACY.

December 27, 1760: This false allegation from Scotland against a Glasgow man named John Finlay which appears to have been made up out of the whole cloth, found its way into a newspaper. This report is extracted from The Decisions of the Court of Session: From Its Institution Until the Separation of the Court Into Two Divisions in the Year 1808, Volumes 7-8. File under POISON PEN LETTER.

May 2, 1763: Mary Heather claims to have been raped by John Medows (also known as John Meads) on said date. He stands trial at the Old Bailey, and is acquitted on September 14, 1763. She stands trial for perjury at the same court; on January 13, 1764 she is convicted and sentenced to be transported. Here is the original entry.

August 3, 1768: David Taylor tries to collect a debt from Anne Wingate (and her husband); she accuses him of rape. He is found not guilty on September 7, 1758 at the Old Bailey.

September 12, 1787: John Ince is accused of raping a young girl named Cornelia Winter. He stands trial at the Old Bailey and is acquitted on October 24, 1787. It remains to be seen why this man was accused, probably she was in his company at some point, but from the little information given here, it appears to have been a GENUINE MISTAKE. There are a number of medical conditions that can be confused with child sexual abuse, especially in young girls. That appears to have been the case here, and indeed medical evidence was presented to that effect.

November 8, 1807: John Faden of the Royal Marines is accused of raping Elizabeth Stapleford at his barracks in Portsmouth. The girl tells one of her sisters and her mother about the outrage the following morning, but, inter alia, evidence is given to the effect that had she in fact been raped, the bloke in the next apartment would have heard her cry out. Not guilty, M’lud.

[The above is based on a report in the London Times, March 15, 1808, page 4].

October 18, 1814: James Harris is alleged to have raped Susannah Woodward; the non-victim did not accuse him until she was visibly pregnant. Harris was arrested, tried and acquitted. In March 1817, Susannah Woodward, her sister Sarah and their father the Reverend Robert Woodward stood trial at Bedford Assizes. All three conspirators were convicted, and bearing in mind that rape was capital at this time, they received extremely lenient sentences, he of two years; his daughters of one year apiece. The one unresolved question is who was the baby’s father? It was not James Harris.

[The above is based on a report in the London Times, March 24, 1817, page 3].

October 31, 1843: At the Central Criminal Court, Andrew M’Donough is acquitted of the rape of Margaret Somerville. Click here for more.

June 12, 1844: A police officer appears in court at Marylebone, London, accused of raping Rosetta Catherine Bassan. He says the sex was consensual and that she made this allegation because he refused to marry her. The magistrate agrees, but says also that Thomas Smyth is no longer fit to keep the Queen’s peace. He is not the last police officer in this database to have thrown away his career for a leg over.

[The above is based on a report in the London Times, June 13, 1844, page 8].

December 28, 1849: Illiterate farm servant Mary Anne Bennett accuses Isaac Hopkins and Shadrach Lewis of rape. Click here for more.

February 19, 1851: Catherine Dunn is indicted for perjury after testifying that she had been raped by her master Mr E.S. Davies. This report is from The Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday, February 20, 1851, page 3. The following month it is reported she was convicted and sentenced to 3 years at hard labour in Sydney Gaol, which was alluded to as a lenient sentence. How times have changed!

September 16, 1854: The Anna Koch case is reported by the New York Times; click here for more.

May 12, 1858: This article from The Hampshire Advertiser, May 15, 1858, page 3, reports on the acquittal at the Central Criminal Court of James Harrison for the rape of mother of six Mary Southeran.

October 27, 1858: A letter published under the heading HALLUCINATION WHILE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF CHLOROFORM; click here for more.

August 23, 1859: This is the date of this imaginary offence in Newport, Wales. Catherine Murray claimed the surgeon David Owen had raped her. When he and his servant Sarah Phillips appeared in court, the latter charged as an accessory, it was Murray who ended up behind bars. She was said to have previously falsely accused a soldier of raping her. This report appeared in The Cardiff And Merthyr Guardian, April 7, 1860, page 6. This woman was very likely a SERIAL FALSE ACCUSER.

March 17, 1861: This Australian case sees servant girl Matilda Bulleen caught in flagrante delicto with Emanuel Reed. Probably as a result of that, she accuses him of rape, but the truth comes out at his trial the following month: the two engaged in sex regularly, and on this occasion he stopped by for a quickie. Shame on her. And SHAME her case is filed under.

June 2, 1863: This article which appeared in the Dundee Advertiser, page 6, on said date, reports on an apparent conspiracy to extract money from a Worcestershire clergyman. Or it may have been Mrs Harriet Tyler was simply a HEAD CASE. Whatever, no one appears to have believed her, for obvious reasons.

January 19, 1864: At Maitland, Australia, four men are alleged to have raped a young woman. The tables are turned on her, and she is ordered to stand trial for perjury.

January 13, 1866: An Australian press report so dated makes an observation that remains true today, sometimes little credence can be placed on the testimony heard in rape cases - for both accuser and accused. In this case, a married woman named Greaves accused James Dunne of raping her, saying that she had never been intimate with him. She told her solicitor something different, namely that Dunne was in the habit of staying the night. And they were obviously not playing chess! In his role as an officer of the court, her solicitor drew this to the attention of the bench. Dunne was acquitted.

August 1866: At Chard in the West Country, a young woman deposes on oath that a man named Porter had “acted indecently towards her”. No further details of this false allegation are given, but allowing for the restrained language used in such reports at the time and from the sentence of hard labour - a whole year of it - one can assume that she accused him of probably attempted rape if not actual rape. This report appeared on the front page of The Canterbury Journal AND FARMERS’ GAZETTE. The full stop is part of the title!

January 5, 1867: In this Australian case, John Lynch is acquitted of the rape of Eliza M’Kay Gunnell, a teenager of loose morals, who clearly had not suffered “the worst possible outrage that a woman can suffer.” An aside here, New Year’s Day appears to be an extraordinarily popular date for false rape allegations.

April 10, 1870: At Philadelphia, married woman Sarah Gore is fined $500 and sentenced to seven years for perjury in the wake of the acquittal of her victim, a man named Weiner. Gore had attempted to blackmail him; in sentencing her, Judge Parson said this was not her first such blackmail attempt, and that some of the others had been successful. File this one under GIVE ME MONEY.

February 19, 1875: William Bell and Philip Routledge face a rape trial at Carlisle where the jurors decide they want to deliberate in spite of the judge, Baron Pollock, suggesting he dismiss the case. They return with a not guilty verdict. The unnamed complainant had been examined by a doctor who had concluded she was not only lying about other matters but subject to hysteria and delusions.

[The above is based the report in the London Times, February 22, 1875, page 11].

November 27, 1877: This is a particularly distasteful case from South Australia involving an extortion attempt; the perpetrator is neither a first offender nor a woman. On said date, George Evans made a false allegation against David Bennett - the details of the case being unfit for publication! On April 3, 1878, he was convicted after a jury trial before Mr Justice Stow, and in view of his quite appalling rap sheet, was sentenced to life imprisonment at hard labour.

April 7, 1881: In this Australian case, Edward Drake is accused by his servant, the 15 year old Margaret Taylor of raping her two nights in a row in her own bed, March 29-30 and March 30-31. This came as a surprise to his wife, and to the other occupant of the house, Miss Tremain. On June 25, 1881, Margaret Taylor was tried for and convicted of perjury. She was given a 12 month sentence.

August 14, 1881: A very brief report from New Zealand. According to The Manawatu Times, August 17, 1881, page 3, Thomas Nees appears in court accused of rape; the medical evidence shows otherwise; he is acquitted.

February 29, 1884: In New South Wales, servant girl Sarah Godson has it off with George Wright then shortly accuses him of rape. The case is dismissed by a magistrate the following week.

July 4-13, 1885: The Maiden Tribute Of Modern Babylon

The above is a famous series of articles by W.T. Stead. This was part of a campaign, rightly alluded to by its detractors as a moral panic. Its result was that in England the age of consent was raised from 13 to 16. Notwithstanding Stead’s dishonest methods, the end result was beneficial. There has for some time been a movement to lower the age of consent, including by the homosexual lobby. No surprises there. Hopefully, nothing will come of it.

August 8, 1885: This case from Adelaide, Australia, sees Bridget Fitzgerald accusing a teenager named John Reardon of a violent rape in the street. There was some suggestion this was a case of mistaken identity, but that seems unlikely. At any rate, it took the jury only a few minutes to find the accused not guilty.

September 2, 1886: At Berry Pomeroy in the West of England, teenage fish hawker George Neel is accused of raping Mrs Mary Evans. This is a very strange case which resulted in the acquittal of the accused, the woman having been drunk, but the behaviour of her husband, well...

While Neel and a man called Thomas Harrington (who supported his version of events) do appear the more credible, the remarks of the judge are worth commenting on: “during the 11 years he had been on the Bench he had known more absolutely false charges for rape than for any other offence. As had been remarked more than 200 years ago, it was a charge easily made, but very difficult to disprove.”

[The above case was reported by The Western Times, November 5, 1886].

August 1889: A young girl named Mary Ellen Bond accuses a man called Naylor of rape. He breaks bail and flees to America. The following February, the girl appears before Bradford magistrates where she admits she had been put up to it by her mother to extort money from him. This partial report is from The Cardiff Times, February 22, 1890, page 2.

October 1889: Albert Henck is sentenced at the Superior Court of San Diego to seven years. The Sacramento Daily Record-Union, March 1, 1894, page 4, reports he has been pardoned by Governor Markham. Not only had the alleged victim lied about her personal circumstances but she had previously claimed to have been sexually assaulted by another man.

February 5, 1890: In this Australian case, Joseph Kiddle is alleged to have raped a married woman named Hannah Malcolm on said date. She had worked for Kiddle for some time. He is arrested February 7 and tried the same month - they didn’t hang about in those days. Immediately on his acquittal he lays an information for perjury, and this too is disposed of quickly. He had wanted only to extract an admission from her that she had lied, which he appears to have obtained.

August 19, 1890: This Australian newspaper report of a court case the previous day sees Kate O’Reilley née Slavin testing the patience of the court when she claims to have been raped by Joseph Martin. She was given short shrift, primarily because she appears to have turned up the worse for drink.

January 1892: Another shocking Australian case. William Henry Taylor is tried for the rape of a young girl named Jane Elizabeth Thomson - a capital offence. The rape is said to have been carried out at Bear Hill on May 23, 1891 and reported June 21, 1891. Taylor is convicted only of attempted rape, and receives the seemingly lenient sentence of hard labour for 18 months. Seven years and more later, the girl, now known as Jane Morrison, RECANTS. See this article.

June 11, 1892: In the American Deep South, a woman is raped by a Negro named Holly. And another woman isn’t raped by anyone. This report appeared in The Wichita Daily Eagle, June 14, 1892, page 2. This can be filed under CHINESE WHISPERS.

December 18, 1893: This is another Australian case. An Aborigine known as Wadgee is acquitted of the rape of Mrs Cadwalder. The non-victim appears to have been ill or recovering from an illness and to have suffered a bizarre hallucination.

January 22, 1894: This Australian case sees a girl named Isabella Maude Cooke claiming to have been raped by John Guerin. It is heard behind closed doors on January 24, 1894, so apart from Guerin’s acquittal, nothing of substance is recorded until 1903, when now known as Mrs Schmarr, she accuses Frederick Mitchell of attempted rape. He is acquitted.

April 5, 1894: This article (so dated) is from page 3 of The Western Mail; unfortunately, the quality of the scan leaves much to be desired, but the bottom line is that a young girl named Maggie Hughes in the Welsh village of Cymmer had fantasised about being violated by both her own father and his teenage son (her brother). It remains to be seen if this fantasy was entirely her own, but there was no medical evidence.

1895: William Harris of Charleston, West Virginia is convicted of raping an underage girl. Five years later he is pardoned, the girl having testified she was not raped, and that her father had pressurised her into testifying falsely because he had a grudge against Harris. This article appeared on the front page of The Wheeling Intelligencer, July 24, 1900.

A century later, another William Harris was cleared of rape. On July 24, 1987, William O’Dell Harris was convicted of the 1984 rape of a woman in West Virginia. This was a real crime but a tragic case of misidentification.

June 4, 1895: A report so dated from Australia, three young men indicted for the rape of a girl apparently named Jellman are acquitted when she admits the sex was consensual, but see this report where her name is given as Tillman; her first name appears to have been Isabella. Also one of the names of the accused is given variously as Anderson and Henderson.

This girl may have been a slut, but in those days even sluts could exhibit common decency, probably because they hadn’t been brainwashed by 21st Century feminist victim narratives.

July 27, 1895: A warrant is issued for the arrest of the wealthy Clifton Mayne; on November 11 he is convicted of the rape of 13 year old Elsie Shipton, and on November 23, he is sentenced to 25 years in San Quentin. He is cleared in October 1897 when the alleged victim, her sister Della and their mother admit to perjury.

December 14, 1895: This article is from The Indianapolis Journal, page 5, so dated. A widely reported story at the time, in New York, Barbara Aub had accused Walter Langerman of criminal assault (ie rape), and shortly after his conviction, she recanted. Better late, than never.

April 2, 1897: A short article so dated from the Evening Express (Fifth Edition), page 2 reports that Margaret Wirth appears at North London Police-court charged with perjury, for falsely accusing her former employer, Mr Erhardt, of rape.

Circa 1898: This (bottom of the page) is a horrible case from the medical literature, anonymised as usual. It appears to have happened in France. The scan is from Legal Medicine by Wyatt Johnston (1863-1902), a professor of pathology who clearly died far too young.

April 9, 1899: The wife of Thomas G. Barker is allegedly raped by the Reverend John Keller, or so she tells her husband on February 3, 1901. Barker shoots Keller, but fortunately not fatally. In June 1901, Barker stands trial at Jersey City and is convicted. The Reverend Keller was no rapist, but a man of the cloth has no excuses for ignoring the Seventh Commandment.

May 24, 1900: This brief mention appeared on the front page of the Michigan newspaper the Belding Banner as dated. A girl named Maggie Bishop of Sebewa township who had accused her father of raping her (for which he had stood trial and was acquitted) admitted she had lied and claimed she had been put up to the lie by her mother. An early case of PARENTAL ALIENATION SYNDROME.

November 18, 1900: This is an interesting press report from Australia which points out that false rape allegations - made from purely pecuniary motives - were surprisingly common at this time. It alludes to a number of such cases but one in particular, that of a young miner named Joshua M’Carthy, who appeared in court on November 6, 1900 when he was accused of the rape of a girl named Alice Kelly. The case went nowhere.

November 18, 1900: This is a false allegation of attempted rape, but it is included here because it generated some considerable commentary at the time. At Yass in Australia, a teenager named Ada Webber claimed to have been the victim of an assault by a Mr F.C. McIntosh. The girl appears to have suffered some sort of bizarre hallucination, and one wonders how it ever got to court. The defendant was acquitted in January 1901.

September 6, 1903: At Hillgrove, Armidale, New South Wales, Ellen Hocking has sex with Burgess Boland. Click here for more.

July 28, 1904: At Sydney, Australia, Dolly Leahy falsely accuses a cabman named Charles Smith of rape. He is acquitted. In October, she is back in court, this time as a defendant, charged with theft. This scan is from Truth, Sunday, June 25, 1905, page 1.

The same article reports the case of a young girl named Farrell who is said to have made a false allegation of a serious assault against a companion. It is not clear if this was an alleged rape.

August 31, 1904: In New South Wales, Julia Heston has sex with Alfred Hannam then cries rape. At his trial in late September 1904, the jury is not impressed with her evidence, while another witness for the Crown bolsters the defence case. He is found not guilty.

1905: The Fifth Edition of Taylor’s Principles And Practice Of Medical Jurisprudence is published. Click here for more.

August 13, 1908: At Springfield, Illinois, married woman Mabel Hallam cries rape. Click here for more.

September 4, 1908: Walter Smith of Robertson, Iowa, is arrested for the alleged rape of a 9 year old girl, and brought before a court at Eldora. The case is disposed of rather rapidly, apparently due to the medical evidence or lack thereof. This article was lifted from the Evening Times-Republican, September 8, 1908, page 3.

November 6, 1910: At Perth, Australia, Maud Lipshut is in the company of two men and a woman when she claims to have been raped and robbed. Click here for more.

November 13, 1914: At Anuradhapura in Ceylon (as it then was), a woman stands trial for making a false rape allegation against an unnamed man. After the first witness testifies, she changes her plea to guilty and is given a heavy fine. This article was published in the Ceylon Observer, November 30, 1914, page 25.

May 1915: CHARGES OF RAPE is published in an Indian medical journal. Click here for more.

September 14, 1915: This article was published in the Calcutta publication Amrita Bazar Patrika, page 7 (so dated). It reports the quashing of the conviction of Prabht and Shew Ram; they had been convicted of raping an eleven year old girl.

January 27, 1916: In Ceylon, five Sinhalese men are acquitted of rape without the jury retiring. Which goes to show the prosecution of ludicrously weak cases is nothing new. This ultra-brief report appeared in the Ceylon Observer, (WEEKLY EDITION.), page 174, so dated.

February 1919: The magnificent quote below appears in THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF UROLOGY AND SEXOLOGY, page 95. No author is given, but the journal was edited by William J. Robinson.

“Sex is woman’s strongest weapon. She uses it as a weapon of defence and offence. She uses it to attract and to repel, to reward, and to punish. When intent upon punishment, she is utterly without scruples, and there is no vileness, no falsehood, at which she will draw the line.”

March 1919: PREGNANT WOMEN WITH INTACT HYMENS is published. Click here for comment.

March 22, 1920: William Edward Moore is accused of raping Eileen Violet Durbin. Who is found to be still A VIRGIN! This Australian case was tried at Darlinghurst Sessions before Judge Armstrong in July, 1920. Unfortunately, the scan of this report is an extremely poor copy.

June 14, 1920: In Duluth, James Sullivan and Irene Tusken visit the John Robinson Circus. Click here for more.

July 9, 1920: In Ward County, North Dakota, Al Reynolds is cleared of raping a teenager. Little information is available, but it is clear that she was not the kind of girl he would have taken home to meet mother. This article appeared in The Ward County Independent, July 15, 1920, page 12 (unnumbered).

September 7, 1921: The actor Fatty Arbuckle is accused of rape by Bambina Maude Delmont. She had been at a party with Arbuckle when Virginia Rappe was taken seriously ill. Rappe died September 9 from a ruptured bladder and peritonitis without making any coherent statement about what had happened. It is clear though that she had not been sexually assaulted by Arbuckle, and appears to have been in poor shape due to her lifestyle, which included extreme promiscuity. Although Arbuckle was not charged with sexual assault he was charged with murder, later reduced to manslaughter. After a trial and two retrials he was cleared of all blame, although his career was ruined.

1923: English rose Ida Margerrison alias Doreen Taylor falsely accuses a man of rape. Click here for more.

November 15, 1923: Mamie Snow of Waukegan, Illinois is allegedly raped. She was said to be mentally disabled - ie not right in the head. James Montgomery is convicted the following year, and given a life sentence. In 1949, his conviction is overturned when suppressed medical evidence shows the victim to have been A VIRGIN!

December 27, 1923: On said date, Lee Dawes is alleged to have violated Montie Etheridge, an underage girl. He is tried and convicted, but alibi evidence emerges, as does evidence that this girl is a SERIAL FALSE ACCUSER. Here is the judgment of the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals reversing his conviction.

January 20, 1929: At Sydney, Australia, Eugene Spalding and her partner-in-crime Roy Anderson (one of his names) are arrested on a charge of conspiring to falsely accuse Phillip Ryan of rape.

August 9, 1929: In San Francisco, the feisty Eunice Pringle demands an interview with theatre owner Alexander Pantages. Click here for more.

1931-4: Metropolitan Police file MEPO 2/7145; click here for more.

January 6, 1931: The married white woman Dorothy Skaggs claims to have been attacked, robbed and raped by a Negro in Upton Lane, Norfolk, Virginia. Click here for more.

March 24, 1931: A group of young Negroes are arrested at Paint Rock, Alabama. Click here for more about the notorious Scottsboro case.

September 12/3, 1931: On the island of Hawaii, Thalia Massie claims to have been attacked and gang-raped on her way home. Click here for more.

May 27, 1932: WRECKED LIVES: The POISON of the BUTTERFLY... is published in the Australian magazine Arrow.

This is a very interesting article that is totally at odds with the perceived wisdom of rape today, ie that it is vastly under-reported and that false allegations are extremely rare. It alludes to a number of outrageous cases.

October 18, 1932: Teenage domestic servant Dorothy Fitchett claims to have been abducted and raped by two men the previous day. Not only that, they robbed her. Even though they didn’t exist. When the truth comes out, Superintendent Campbell of Derbyshire Police is not amused.

This article was published in The Yorkshire Evening Post, October 27, 1932, page 12.

July 23, 1934: A widow named Lily Browning walks into a South London police station where she tells plod a man had thrown pepper in her face. Click here for more.

1940: Wigmore On Evidence is published. Click here for more.

October 27, 1941: At Leesburg, the young Negro Samuel Legions is accused of the rape of a white woman, Mrs Viola Miller. Click here for more.

May 2, 1943: Kingston housekeeper Constance Brown tells PC Willis she was tied up and raped by an army sergeant. She looked unruffled, but as this was three decades before a couple of airheads came up with rape trauma syndrome, our plod thought she was lying. And he was right. When she appeared in court two months later, she was bound over. This article was published in The Whitstable Times And Tankerton Press, July 3, 1943, page 6.

May 16, 1943: Rosa Drage gives PC Forth a “most graphic and detailed account” of how she was violated by two men. Alas, it is she rather than these ectoplasmic figures who appears at Northampton Quarter Sessions on July 8, 1943. Her excuse for making this false allegation was original, to put it mildly. It remains to be seen if her previous sexual encounter with a teenager was quite as reluctant as she would later make out, especially as she was a married woman whose husband was serving overseas. File this sad case under I MIGHT BE PREGNANT. This report appeared on the front page of the Mercury & Herald (Northampton), July 9, 1943.

August 12, 1943: Henry Reynolds meets Gloria Stevens at a dance in Penrith, Australia. She misses her last train home, and ends up sleeping in the back of a car. That wasn’t the only thing she did. She accuses him of rape and he stands trial, but the jury clears him in record time.

December 18, 1943: Half of Rape Cases Reported Are Bunk, Police Probes Show - Click here to read.

May 5, 1944: The black American soldier Leroy Henry has sex with a woman at Bath, England, and ends up being sentenced to death. Click here for more.

June 16, 1944: Author Arthur Derounian visits waitress June Kelly at her home. Three days later, a conspiracy is hatched to frame him for rape. This is a weird one, and for once a man really is to blame. The man who put her up to this allegation was the seventy-three year old Edwin Banta, whose motivation was purely political. Kelly agreed to make a false allegation of attempted rape but had a change of heart. The charge was soon dropped, and on August 3, 1944, Banta was indicted by a grand jury at New York. He was convicted in October. This one can only be filed under CONSPIRACY.

October 4, 1944: Nellie Scott of Margate makes a false allegation of rape against an airman. She had actually been in the barn with her boyfriend, and they weren’t playing chess, either. She ends up facing trial for committing a public mischief. This article, which appeared in the Thanet Advertiser and Echo, November 14, 1944, page 2, is the best quality reproduction I can get.

November 14, 1944: This report so dated was published in the Daily Mirror, page 4. Married woman Marian Griffin of Warwick admits to fabricating a rape allegation after having sex with an American soldier. The title says rape, the text says attempted. Whatever, she lied. In this connection, check out the entry for Leroy Henry, May 25, 1944, (above). Bad girl, Marian.

November 22, 1944: In Birmingham, Dorothy Edwards hooks up with an American sergeant when they are interrupted by a local plod. There is no suggestion of money changing hands, but read between the lines. When her rape allegation does not hold up, she is charged with causing a public mischief.

This article appeared on the front page of The Birmingham Mail, November 27, 1944.

January 9, 1945: Dora Harris appears before a special court where she is committed for trial at Derbyshire Assizes. Bail is refused. She had accused American soldier William Powers of raping her for no apparent reason.

This report from the local press is dated January 10, 1945.

May 19, 1945: Army Probing Fake Claims of Rape in Reich by Earl Mazo is published in the Stars And Stripes, page 8.

As will be seen, this story was filed from the Ninth Army the previous day. Three German girls cried rape after fraternising with American soldiers. Three of many, apparently. It is suggested this could be because of their poor command of English as much as for some kind of semi-organised sabotage effort. As if.

May 25, 1945: Yank Army Defeats Nazi Fake Rape Plot is published by the Deseret News; click here for more.

June 10, 1945: Fraternizing Blues is published in the Stars And Stripes, European, Mediterranean and North Africa Editions, page 4, so dated. The Hello, Sucker poster may sound amusing, but it shows how seriously the US Army took false rape allegations in occupied Germany.

September 19, 1945: Don’t Wave Those Maggie Drawers, Japs Warn Girls

The amusing article above was published in the American military newspaper The Stars & Stripes. page 8; only part is reproduced here. It says two of the three rape cases during the occupation of Japan so far have been groundless.

October 29, 1945: This report from Australia sees Aircraftwoman Audrey Dorwood crying rape because she THINKS SHE IS PREGNANT. When she appears in court shortly she is clearly in no fit state for the military. It’s difficult not to feel sorry for this poor girl; either she had been sleeping around or she had terrible judgment when it came to men, quite likely both.

November 24, 1945: This report from the Australian press, so dated, shows that even in the 1940s, wine, women and sex could be a dangerous combination. Two English naval officers are cleared of raping Dorothy Day; one of them had sex with her, which she appears to have regretted almost at once.

March 9, 1946: Kathleen Vera Johnson Barrett of The Lizard in Cornwall tells a police officer she was the victim of a sexual assault. Click here for more.

November 2, 1946: Early on a Saturday morning, a woman is raped in a field by two men, or is she? This speedy retraction shows how times have changed. Was an American woman of 24 really so under her mother’s thumb in 1946? This report appeared on the front page of The Journal (Milwaukee), November 4, 1946, page.

November 3, 1946: June Shukoit of Balfour, Michigan is the victim of a vicious aggravated rape on her way home in the small hours. Her assailants were two Negroes, the most dangerous kind: imaginary ones. Shortly, a thorough investigation turns up the truth, she had been to a blind pig (an illegal drinking den) with a man she knew. This report was lifted from the front page of the Detroit Tribune, November 9, 1946.

December 18, 1946: Boy soldier Hector Baldi has sex with a 19 year old girl, who then accuses him of rape. He stands trial at the Supreme Court in Grafton, New South Wales, and on May 6, 1946, a jury takes just five minutes to clear him.

Here is a more detailed report from the local press

November 1947: A PSYCHIATRIST LOOKS AT SEX OFFENSES by Philip Piker is published.

The above article from the Journal Of Social Hygiene contains some interesting comment on page 397, including: “One thing that is not generally realized, however, is that an appreciable number of the offenses we hear about—or even read about in the newspapers—never occurred”.

November 7, 1947: Claim Rape Used To Hide Un-Faithfulness

The above article is published on the front page of The Plain Dealer; this is an interesting article that suggests false rape allegations have been used in the Deep South - against white men as well as black ones - to cover for the infidelities of married women. Sadly, no actual examples are cited, but the reader is referred to the entry for December 18, 1943 (above).

November 12, 1947: This is another quaint Australian case: a white man named Leonard Philpott has sex with an Aboriginal woman, and is accused of rape. As the case is about to come to trial, she writes to the court saying she doesn’t want to proceed. Philpott had made the big mistake of denying intercourse had taken place and then admitting it had but claiming she consented. Her version was that she didn’t consent but was too afraid to say no - a feminist classic; his version was that she wanted money for her services and he didn’t want to pay her. Leaving this aside, what rape victim has ever called her violator “so lovely” ??

February 3, 1948: False Accusers of Yanks Tried is published in the Stars And Stripes, European, Mediterranean and North Africa Editions, page 10, so dated. Herein are several examples of false reports made by Germans against American servicemen. It appears false allegations of rape were rather frequent, though clearly not as frequent as on the American campus half a century and more later.

October 21, 1948: This scan (so dated) is from page A4 of The Evening Star (Washington). It gives the crime figures for the fiscal year 1948 in one American jurisdiction. Note there were 64 reported murders, all but four of which were cleared, and 89 rapes, 81 of which were cleared. In this context I am assuming the word cleared means someone was arrested and charged, not necessarily convicted. It could also mean that the particular reported crime didn’t actually happen, eg a reported murder could have been an accident or a suicide, likewise a rape could have been no-crimed for whatever reason. The point I am making is that in 1949, rape meant actual rape, not REGRET SEX. Similar figures can be found from most if not all jurisdictions before the early 1970s. This indicates that when they are not subjected to political pressure, the police do their job and solve most rapes.

November 19, 1948: R.A.A.F. mechanic Jack Barton has sex with Joan Andrews in a park after a dance. Then he spends the next few months behind bars at Long Bay, New South Wales. When he stands trial in March 1949 at the Central Criminal Court in Sydney, the jurors don’t even draw breath before acquitting him.

November 25, 1948: At Parammatta Quarter Sessions, Australia, teenage carnival assistant Lillian Esther Halyday pleads guilty to a charge of creating a public mischief by falsely accusing three men of raping her. She is fined, ordered to pay costs, and bound over.

January 11, 1949: In the small hours at Edmonton, North London, teenager Beryl Mitchell claims to have been raped by two men. Or was she attacked by three men? There is no mention of alcohol in this report from the back page of a regional evening newspaper, but it’s unlikely she was smoking dope in 1949. Whatever, she ended up being sent for trial at the Central Criminal Court. Seriously.

September 29, 1949: The tale of a married woman who claimed falsely to have been robbed and raped at Waverley, New South Wales by a taxi driver is reported in The Cessnock Eagle And South Maitland Recorder, October 4, 1949, page 3.

March 25, 1950: A teenage Leslie Frecklington goes to a dance where she meets boy soldier Alan Young. They have sex, and she accuses him of rape. In September the same year, Young appears at Dubbo Criminal Court, New South Wales, where he is acquitted. This article from the local press reports some wise words from Defence Counsel:

“Women are not helpless. They have a voice to scream with — teeth to bite with — fingers to scratch with and feet to kick with”.

May 8, 1950: At Sydney, Australia, Michael Ledwidge meets an unnamed waitress just before midnight. She stays with him until around 4am the next day, then accuses him of rape. He is arrested and held in custody, but shortly she thinks better of it and decides she does not want to proceed. The magistrate is not amused.

May 28, 1950: In occupied Germany, sisters Ernie and Emmi Kneitz are allegedly kidnapped and raped by two American soldiers, a capital offence, or it would have been had it been true. This report of their forthcoming trial for false reporting was published in the Stars And Stripes, European, Mediterranean and North Africa Editions, July 17, 1950, page 5.

July 8, 1950: This article (so dated) is from The Indianapolis Recorder, page 2. It is the only report I can find of the claim by Esther Walker that she was raped by two much younger men and a teenager in a junkyard. As a result of that false allegation, she was given a five day sentence.

August 7, 1950: In occupied Germany, Marie Koppel of Kitzingen is arraigned for falsely accusing two soldiers of rape. This report was published in the Stars And Stripes, European, Mediterranean and North Africa Editions, August 8, 1950, page 2.

September 17, 1950: In occupied Germany, Anna Schumacher has it off with a soldier then two days later reports him for rape. When she appears in court for false reporting the following December, she takes down two of her countrymen with her. This report was published in the Stars And Stripes, European, Mediterranean and North Africa Editions, December 9, 1950, page 6.

December 8, 1950: This report so dated was published in The Plain Dealer, page 2. The previous week, a white woman claimed to have been gagged and raped by a Negro. Although she identified a suspect, an investigation concluded there was no rape and that the whole affair was a monstrous hoax. In view of the racial situation in the Deep South at that time, one can assume this was indeed a hoax.

January 4, 1951: In Australia, Violet Fortnum-Neale is arrested for drunkenness. Click here for more.

January 31, 1951: Another Australian case, a 16 year old girl claims to have been raped by four armed, masked men. Her lies are uncovered almost at once.

March 2-3, 1951: A slightly unusual false rape story from Australia; a teenage girl and her boyfriend playing stupid games with the police. Earlier press coverage gives more details; although the police were clearly suspicious, they took this report extremely seriously. The bottom line is the girl had missed her curfew.

March 10, 1951: A story from the Australian newspaper Barrier Daily Truth reports on False Rape Stories Told By Three Girls - filed from Sydney, March 9, one is from Guildford where on March 7, an 18 year old told police she had been raped by a man who threatened her with a gun as she walked home from work late. The other false allegations were two weeks previously, and “a few days ago” by a 20 year old. My apologies for this very poor quality copy.

December 15, 1951: ALLEGED RAPE by Sir Sydney Smith is published.

The above article appeared in the British Medical Journal so dated; it is a refresher course for GPs. The author does not concern himself greatly with false allegations although the article does include some useful pointers for both refuting and corroborating rape claims. My apologies for the quality and layout of the scan; this was beyond my control.

December 20, 1951: In Malaysia, teenager Beh Ling Yin appears in court charged with falsely reporting rape. This article was published in The Straits Times, December 22, 1951, page 9.

February 10, 1952: This article so dated from the Australian press is or is based on an interview with/quotes from a senior police officer, Superintendent Delaney. It is about hoaxes generally, including of a false rape report that is already in this database (see entry for March 2-3, 1951 above). More interesting though is a report of a 9 year old boy who claimed to have been assaulted (presumably sexually assaulted) by a man who lured him into a cave. The boy is said to have faked this because he had spent some money that did not belong to him. Believe women and believe the children!

November 8, 1952: In a report so dated, it is revealed that at Ipswich Assizes, Ronald Rowley is cleared of the rape of Elaine Mary Whalley. The medical evidence revealed no sign of a struggle but a sexual encounter.

December 12, 1953: A Spartanburg teenager accuses 2 youths of raping her. Both are arrested, but when the girl is questioned the following day, she says she became angry with them for some reason then made the false allegation. This report is from the The Spartanburg Herald, December 15, 1953, page 9 (unnumbered).

March 19, 1954: This report so dated of American false “rape” accuser Virgil Sumininski is offered in the spirit of sexual equality.

May 14, 1955: At Melville, Australia, a 15 year old girl has sex with teenager Leslie Holland and the slightly older Vincent Lewis. (At that time, the age of consent was 14). The following day, she cries rape. And rape. And rape. And rape. It is clear from this report why Holland and Lewis were found not guilty, even if they were less than chivalrous.

November 26, 1956: The Supreme Court of Virginia reverses the convictions of Ralph Barker and Herbert Garrett for the rape of Eva Hayes. They have some good appeal judges in this State. The reader is invited to compare this with the earlier case of Samuel Legions in particular the statement here that:

“We are not unmindful of the force of a jury’s verdict approved by a trial court, but we are not required to believe that which is contrary to human experience and inherently incredible. The testimony of the prosecutrix is too fantastic and improbable to sustain the finding of guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Mid-September 1957: At Toledo, Ohio, nurse named Delores Lotte claims to have been chloroformed by an unidentified Negro (and raped?) while at work. Turns out the Negro concerned was not simply unidentified but imaginary. This report was published in the Plain Dealer (Kansas City), September 27, 1957, pages 1 & 2. The first report I could find of this hoax was dated September 18, ditto Linda Berger below.

Mid-September 1957: Clergyman’s daughter Linda Berger claims to have been attacked (and gang-raped?) by a group of the deadliest type of black sexual predators - imaginary ones. As with Delores Lotte above, this attack didn’t happen at Toledo, Ohio. There must have been something in the air that month.

July 24, 1958: This is an extraordinary case. After pleading guilty to “simple rape”, William Lott receives a 5 year sentence. (At that time, aggravated rape was capital in Louisiana). Then something amazing happens. A girl tells police she has been beaten by a group of Negroes who tried to rape her; shortly she admits this claim is false. An assistant DA recognises her name as the victim in the Lott case, a special investigation is ordered, and Lott is cleared; he is pardoned by State Governor Earl Long. This report views best at 75%. File this one under FALSE CONFESSION.

September 17, 1960: At Saint Louis, a young married white woman is allegedly kidnapped and raped repeatedly over the weekend by five Negroes. The reality is Mrs Landis spent the weekend with one man, who was probably white but definitely not her husband. This report appeared on the front page of the Detroit Tribune, January 14, 1961.

July 14, 1961: At Birmingham Assizes, Jamaican Charles Brown is cleared of both assaulting and raping Bridget Jones, which begs the question did she write “You’re a good man, Charlie Brown” in her diary? This article appeared in The Birmingham Post, July 15, 1961 (CITY), page 7.

August 14, 1961: Clara Roderick tells Houston police she was kidnapped from San Mateo, California, held for seventeen days, and raped. She had her four year old son with her, but the following day admitted she had made it all up.

This article was published in the St. Petersburg Times (Florida), August 16, 1961, page 11-A.

July 14, 1963: In Canberra, a teenager has group sex with two men and another teen: Robert Hebditch, Cecil Twaddell and the 19 year old Kevin Phillips end up in the dock when she cries rape. All three were cleared by a jury two months later. The non-victim didn’t impress her 16 year old roommate either.

Circa July 27, 1964: At Lawton, Oklahoma, an unnamed woman is held by police for reporting a false allegation of attempted rape, but as she was a prostitute, we will include her here. This article appeared in The Lawton Constitution, July 28, 1964, page 14.

After Christmas 1964-July 1965: The 50 year old Walter C. Nab is accused of having sex with a 13 year old girl. A medical examination indicates she is probably not a virgin. Nab is convicted, but on December 14, 1966 the Supreme Court of Oregon quashes his conviction, and on January 17, 1967, a retrial is refused. The girl who accused Nab also accused her own father, her grandfather, and Nab’s son. How likely is this? Believe the “victim”.

July 10/11, 1965: After attending a dance at Mirror Lake Junior High School, Florida, Patricia Hardy returns to the Huntington Hotel and tells a roommate she has been raped. The police are called, and the accused youth is arrested. Shortly the truth comes out, she and another girl had gone to the woods with two boys, and...(join up the dots). Patricia Lee Hardy appears in court later that month, is given a heavy fine and a short suspended sentence. This article is from the Evening Independent (St Petersburg, Florida), August 17, 1965, page 8-A.

January 4, 1966: This report so dated in the Ocala Star-Banner, page 2, concerns a false alarm in that Florida city by a woman who was an obvious HEAD CASE. No details are given.

Circa February 1966: In Scotland, when teenager Alison Rhind is late home, her father goes looking for her. Well after midnight, he finds her nearby, crying. I’ve been raped, Daddy, she says. Or words to that effect. Her false allegation was said to have resulted in a hundred hours of police time being wasted, and unsurprisingly she ends up in court. This article appeared on page 7 of the Aberdeen paper.

August 20, 1966: In Malaysia, Khandijah binte Abu Bakar, who is said to be both 16 years old and a housewife accuses her foster-father of raping her. On March 31! In August 1967, she appears in court where she is given a slap on the wrist for false reporting. This report was published in The Straits Times, May 14, 1967, page 12.

October 19, 1966: A teenager runs into a South Milwaukee apartment block screaming, with her blouse torn. The police are called, but it turns out she staged this rape hoax because she was late home from school. Not only that, she dragged an innocent man into her stupid act. This article was published in the Mikwaukee Sentinel, October 21, 1966, page 5.

January 13, 1967: Shortly after this date, a Lakota schoolgirl accuses Bill Jankalow of raping her. No charges are filed against him, but the story comes back to haunt him in the 1980s when he is Governor of Dakota. Jankalow would have been a controversial character without this specious claim; he died aged 72 in January 2012.

This article from Saratosa Herald-Tribune, October 7, 1983, page 8-A, contains his version, including the claim that he was not the first person this girl had falsely accused.

March 25, 1967: Kidnap and rape story turns out to be false published in The Afro-American, page 13.

The above is a fairly straightforward story. Rather than a rape victim what he have here is jailbait.

June 1967: Corroborating Charges Of Rape

The above unsigned article from the Columbia Law Review is an excellent, in-depth analysis of the need for corroboration. The substance of the author’s claims, that false rape allegations are easy to make and are often made, has not been refuted in the nearly five decades since it was written. Rather, we have seen a concerted and totally baseless worldwide propaganda campaign seeking to persuade us otherwise. An important point is that corroboration need not be overwhelming, only of the usual reasonable man standard.

November 13, 1967: Kristen Gilbert is born Kristen Heather Strickland. She is known to have made at least one false rape allegation, but the details have alluded me to date. Crying rape is the least of her sins though, because on March 27, 2001, this Angel of Death was sentenced to four consecutive terms of life without the possibility of parole plus twenty years. One person who won’t be too pleased with this is Lizzie Borden, who is now no longer the most infamous native of Fall River, Massachusetts.

December 22, 1967: The Graduate is released. In this comedy, a young man is seduced by a wilful housewife, who then accuses him of rape. It remains to be seen how many false rape allegations this film has inspired.


The above is a very interesting uncredited article from the UNIVERSITY of PENNSYLVANIA LAW REVIEW. It gives several anonymised examples of false allegations and some comment as to the perceived veracity of complainants. Some investigators are said to believe that 80-90% of alleged rapes are not really rapes while one defense attorney suggested that 75% involved some element of consent. Hmm. A pathologist estimated that 85% were not really forcible rapes, which begs the question how does he define forcible?

January or February 1968: An unnamed American serviceman is falsely accused of rape while serving in Germany. Obviously this was a nasty experience, but as will be seen from this official document, it would eventually turn into a severe case of plumbi oscillans.

December 2, 1968: This report so dated from the Prince George, British Columbia newspaper The Citizen, page 2 sees an unnamed 18 year old girl receiving a short custodial sentence for attempting to frame no fewer than four of her peers for rape. Perish the thought.

January 1, 1969-December 31, 1974: Rape and false rape cases from the Clydebank area. Click here for more.

January 29, 1969: This report from the Newcastle local press (so dated) reports the conviction of a teenager for wasting police time. After having it off with her boyfriend, she claimed to have been raped by a passing motorist. Fortunately, no one appears to have been arrested. She received a slap on the wrist.

July 12, 1969: At Canberra, Australia, a teenage girl goes to a party. Later she claims that that night or in the small hours of July 13 she was raped by another teenager. At the petty sessions on August 12, 1969, she admits she had lied. This case was reported by the Canberra Times, August 13, 1969, page 10.

1970: THE CORROBORATION RULE AND CRIMES ACCOMPANYING A RAPE is published in The University Of Pennsylvania Law Review. Click here for more.

February 11, 1970: Alfred Cheyne and his wife Freda of Longhaven tell police she had been raped by two men from Aberdeen on February 8. They went out for the evening, parted or were parted, and she claimed to have been taken to the beach by the two men. This is a curious tale, and this article from The Press And Journal (Aberdeen), April 11, 1970, page 4, doesn’t shed much light on it, but from an earlier report, she appears to have been playing away using the name Diane. He appears to have cottoned on and foolishly played along with her lies.

June 23, 1970: Schoolteacher Geoffrey Victor Mussard is alleged to have incited an 11 year old girl to commit an act of gross indecency in a stock room at a school at St Paul’s Cray. Click here for more.

July 19/20, 1970: A Spartanburg teenager is kidnapped and gang-raped. Or is she? According to this report from The Spartanburg Herald, July 24, 1970, page 11, she was found on the Monday afternoon, crying and babbling incoherently. She said she had been kidnapped on the Sunday night, but she made it all up. Her lies led to the arrest of a 16 year old for rape.

August 21, 1970: At Blackpool, a woman is fined £75 for making a false rape allegation. Patricia Moy was a married woman living apart from her husband. Although she had a boyfriend, she decided to have it off with a married taxi driver, who could and should have said no. She cried rape, but thankfully her claim didn’t fly. This article appeared in the Daily Mirror, August 22, 1970, page 2.

February 19, 1971: This story so dated appeared in the Dutch language newspaper Het Vrije Volk, page 21. A teenager has sex with a man then withdraws her consent retroactively. The Rotterdam magistrate is not impressed.

1973: In China, Fu Yuehua accuses a Communist Party official of rape, apparently after some delay - sound familiar? The allegation is found to be false but she continues to repeat it. This story had obvious political overtones and was widely reported, but this particular article was published in The Birmingham Post, October 18, 1979, page 2. Her persistent earned her a two year sentence.

January 22, 1973: Roe v Wade is decided by the US Supreme Court. Click here for more.

February 27, 1973: At Santa Cruz, Bombay (as it then was), an unnamed woman - a teacher - is allegedly raped by Anthony Lobo and Godfrey Jacob, them and two others. The two named men were convicted of a lesser offence, but five years later, the High Court quashes their convictions. This report appeared in The Times Of India, May 5, 1978, page 6.

December 20, 1973: This article from The Press And Journal (Aberdeen), page 17 reports on the case of married teenager Carole Stephens who had sex with a man on some waste ground after a night out with him, then cried rape. They don’t like this kind of thing in Scotland (or anywhere else). File this not-so-bonny lassie under SHAME.

January 31, 1974: The Child Abuse Prevention And Treatment Act is signed into American law; championed by Walter Mondale, this well-intentioned leglisation has caused more problems than it solved. For a very brief critique, see entry for February 24-March 24, 2010.

February 20, 1974: The TV film A Case Of Rape is screened. Although entirely fictitious, this film and later ones have painted a one-sided and largely dishonest picture of the way alleged victims of sexual assault are treated by the police, the courts, and society. You can read what I think of it here.

March 17, 1974: Inez Garcia murders Miguel Jiminez, gunning him down in the street. Click here for more.

May 22, 1974: In Massachusetts, Willard Bohannon, Robert Stonestreet and an unnamed juvenile have sex with a woman who is said to have an IQ of 63. Click here for more.

June 6, 1974: A girl claims to have been raped in a storeroom at the Boca Ciega High School. A boy is arrested, and the girl is sent to a medical centre. Later in the afternoon, the girl admits she lied. This report is from a local newspaper, The Evening Independent, June 7, 1974, page 14-A.

Circa June 17, 1974: In Colorado, two white men have sex with a black prostitute, either individually or more likely together. She accuses them of rape; they are arrested, and she takes a powder. Whether or not this was a financial dispute, it was no rape. This article was published in the Douglas County News, June 20, 1974, page 8.

September 1974: Rape Trauma Syndrome by Ann Wolbert Burgess and Lynda Lytle Holmstrom is published. Click here for more.

September 19, 1974: Two men are arrested by Saratosa police after a 20 year old woman found wandering incoherently tells them she was raped in the apartment of Mark Johnson; Johnson and his friend Frank Pelto are thrown into gaol where they remain until special investigator Al Danielo gets a call from Johnson’s roommate. The non-victim was angry because the two men had not kept their side of a financial transaction. Charges against the two were dropped on November 6. This report appeared in the Saratosa Herald-Tribune, November 7, 1974, page 2-B.

September 22, 1974: A young woman attends Torquay police station claiming to have been raped. Shortly she admits she did this only to make her husband jealous, and of course it is all the fault of the police. This article from Evening Express (Aberdeen) appeared on page 9. This further report appeared in the London Times, January 15, 1975, page 3.

October 2, 1974: Teenager Deborah Kantaeng of Long Beach, California, claims to have been kidnapped and raped by Danny Allen and another man on this date. Click here for more.

October 31, 1974: The phrase “rape culture” appears in Rape: The First Sourcebook For Women by Noreen Connell and Cassandra Wilson. This is generally recognised as the first time it appeared in print, although it was in use since around 1970/71. To see what rape culture really looks like, click here.

November 13, 1974: Kim Silvester goes to a public house in Romford with one man and leaves with two others. David Cooper drives her and Michael Dooley home, then en route she ends up shagging them both. The two men stand trial at the Central Criminal Court and are cleared of rape. This report was published in the HAVERING EXPRESS and ROMFORD TIMES, June 18, 1975, page 6. File this one under instant REGRET SEX.

April 1, 1975: The 1974 Michigan rape shield statute comes into force, the first such law in the United States.

May 21, 1975: The HAVERING EXPRESS and ROMFORD TIMES reports the conviction of faux prostitute Maxine Beckett for cheating a student out of £40. This is not a false rape allegation but shows the methods some of these vile creatures use to extract money from punters. She deserved a far heavier penalty than the one she received. Beckett was a clip girl rather than a prostitute. Usually lowlife like her work in clip joints, which are notorious for ripping off sad men for considerable sums of money. This is a worldwide phenomenon, although in the early 2000s, to their credit the police and Westminster Council went on a purge to close them down.

May 17, 1975: Wayman Cammile is arrested for the rape of 64 year old Alice Mock. Faced with an horrendous sentence, he pleads guilty to lesser charges, and is sentenced to 15 years by a Delaware judge. On November 28, 1986, Alice Mock makes a deathbed confession to Evelyn Burns: the rape never happened. On June 17, 1987, Wayman Cammile is released from prison. He dies from a heart attack three years later aged only 53, a case strange and tragic in equal measure.

June 18, 1975: James Knight of New Haven, Connecticut is cleared of the rape of a 14 year old girl who accused him in March this year. According to his lawyer, this was “a child with problems, a sick girl...” and he was doubtless right on the money. This report was published in The Day (Connecticut), June 20, 1975, page 11.

July 16, 1975: Report goes with Lang by Don Sellar appears in The Medicine Hat News, page 12. Another report on the erosion of the rule of law in Canada. Things have got a lot worse there since then.

July 31, 1975: The Supreme Court of California upholds the rape conviction of Leonardo Rincon-Pineda. Click here for more.

September 1975: At Lakeland, Florida, a black schoolgirl gives birth to a mulatto baby. As she is way under age, clearly a serious crime has been committed. She accuses her white teacher, Michael Stephenson, who she says raped her in January. Then another girl comes forward - a thirteen year old - and accuses him of raping her on December 27, 1976. However, when it is shown Stephenson was out of town that day, the second girl recants. Medical and other evidence proves he could not have fathered the child. Eventually, the nightmare ends, and he is completely exonerated. This report is from the local press.

October 15, 1975: The first edition of Susan Brownmiller’s hysterical Against Our Will... is published. This toxic book (which I read in the early 1980s) is the source for the spurious claim that only 2% of rape allegations are false. For the other 2% claim, see entry for Lipstick at April 2, 1976, (below). It is also said to see the first appearance in print of the phrase “date rape”.

For a critique of the above statistic, see the April 2000 article by Edward Greer.

November 28, 1975: Interrogation by Alan Firth is published in Police Review. Click here for more.

December 25, 1975: At Champaign, Illinois, a woman is allegedly raped by Terry Selvers. He is arrested around New Year but is soon released, and the focus is on his accuser. This fragment was lifted from the front page of the Playground Daily News, January 8, 1976. My apologies for the terrible quality of the scan; this was beyond my control.

Circa late December 1975: A teenager is allegedly raped near the White Plains Mall in New York State. After she is arrested for false reporting, she is named as Janis...? This partial report was extracted from The Daily News (Tarrytown), January 2, 1976, page C4.

January 19, 1976: A woman reports being attacked in her home at Scissett near Huddersfield. Click here for more.

Probably March 1976: At Ashton-in-Makerfield in the North of England, Mrs Elizabeth Lamb phones the police and tells them she had been raped. The good news is she hadn’t been raped. The bad news is she had to explain this and other things to a magistrate. This article was published in The Liverpool Echo, March 30, 1976, page 5. The reader may have noticed the date of this incident is given as March 30 (1976). Obviously, this cannot be correct so is almost certainly an editorial error.

March 10, 1976: In Connecticut, Linda Jadwinski tells police she had been raped the night before or 1am the same morning. An investigation determines the rape never happened, and she is arrested. This report is from The Day, March 12, 1976, page 13.

April 2, 1976: The film Lipstick is released in the United States. Click here for more.

May 28, 1976: The women running Britain’s pioneering Rape Crisis Centre have shunned publicity to protect clients. Click here for more.

June 14, 1976: A 21 year old Little Miss Anonymous accuses professional football player Johnny Sample of rape. On June 30, 1976 she refuses to testify before a Philadelphia court after admitting she had lied. The linked report is from the Washington Afro-American, July 6, 1976, page 10.

July 17, 1976: This report so dated from page 3 of the Dutch language newspaper Leeuwarder Courant alludes to Rape turned lovemaking - which will really annoy the rad-fems, but a better translation is probably Girl bows to seducer. Whatever, a teenager had sex with another teenager in public at Maarssen, accused him of rape, then thought better of it. The reader is invited to compare this with the June 10, 2007 entry for Kerry Thomas - one of many such herein.

July 23, 1976: A woman is raped at Rochester, New York. Paranoid schizophrenic Freddie Peacock is framed by John Wernsdorfer, one of the investigating officers. Peacock is eventually exonerated by DNA. The background to the case can be found here. The victim had and has no doubt that it was Peacock who raped her, but this is far from the first time a rape victim has been so wrong. File this one under FALSE AND TRUE.

August 5, 1976: On the island of Crete, a British national named as Tania Lewis is released by the police after allegedly demanding 80,000 drachmas from a married man, or else. She is due to appear in court until August 20. This article appeared on page 3 of the August 6, 1976 issue of The Birmingham Post.

October 5, 1976: While Winston O’Brien is on trial at Winchester Crown Court for rape, under cross-examination it is revealed the alleged teenage victim had made three previous false rape allegations. This article was published on page 9 of the Daily Mirror the following day. I have been unable to find any follow up. Hopefully this guy was both innocent and cleared.

November 22, 1976: In the UK, the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act, 1976 is passed. The accuser in a rape case is granted lifelong anonymity. A terrible law that offends against the principle of open justice.

December 10, 1976: Christine Williamson of Inverness makes a false rape allegation to the police. The following March she is given a three month sentence. She had 29 previous convictions! This report appeared in The Press And Journal (Aberdeen), March 25, 1977, page 24.

1976-7: This article by Constance A. Hill was published in the Dusquesne Law Review, Volume 15, 305, pages 305-14. Although it makes interesting reading, it is incredibly venal. Among other things it perpetuates the feminist rape narrative about rape being a vastly under-reported crime. It covers too in depth the erosion of the need for corroboration in rape and sexual offence cases. It also mentions an imaginary disease called sexism.

July 9, 1977: Teenager Cathleen Crowell of Homewood, Illinois, claims to have been raped. Click here for more.

July 12, 1977: Jeff Elliott is arrested for the January 1977 rape of a young woman. And confesses. The rape was real but HIS CONFESSION WAS FALSE. He was cleared at Leeds Crown Court when the real rapist confessed. Hopefully this guy was the real rapist! This article appeared in the Daily Mirror, February 18, 1978, page 3. I could include a lot of cases like this on the Timeline but have kept them to a minimum. Having said that, compare with the 1984 case of Sylvester Smith, which was far more shocking.

October 29, 1977: In Florida, Sally Hullender and an unnamed teenager claim to have been raped. Click here for more.

November 26, 1977: A teenage volunteer nurse is allegedly raped by a male nurse at De la Pole Hospital, Hull. There is an internal investigation which clears him, but in April 1979, she goes to the police. She didn’t go to the police at the time, she said, because she was afraid of going to court. The unnamed nurse stands trial and is cleared in only 15 minutes. His accuser had herself been accused of making a nuisance of herself with male staff. This file contains reports from the Yorkshire Post, February 20, page 20 (back page) and February 26, 1980, page 18, (back page).

1978: Florida police officer Christopher Scholz is accused of raping two women. The charges are dropped, and in 1982, after it is determined these allegations were clearly false, he wins a civil rights case against the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

This article appeared on the Sun Sentinel website.

March 5, 1978: In Hong Kong, a woman tells the authorities she was gang-raped by three men the night before. Five days later, this article is published in the South China Morning Post, March 10, 1978, page 9.

March 18, 1978: Thomas Moffitt and his two teenage sons Thomas and John are arrested after a teenage girl accuses all three of them of rape. On October 18, the charges having been dismissed, the girl is ordered to be held in the custody of the Department of Social Services for treatment and evaluation. This report is from The Times-News (Hendersonville, North Carolina), November 1, 1978, page 12.

This one can only be filed under HEAD CASE.

April 5, 1978: This false rape claim doesn’t last long. At Newburgh, New York, teenager Lucille Stevens phones Deputy Police Commissioner Frank Navarra and tells him she wants to report being raped by her former boyfriend, one of his officers, on March 29. She claims that last month he had broken up with her to return to his estranged wife, but forced her to have sex first. She agreed to take a lie detector test, and apparently not realising this is junk science, broke down and told the truth while it was being administered. Another case of a WOMAN SCORNED. She was charged with perjury and false reporting. This report is from The Evening News (Newburgh), April 6, 1978, page 3A.

June 1978: A serial rapist is at large on the island of Jersey. It can’t have been Ted Paisnel because he’d been behind bars since 1971. It wasn’t Stephen Fenney either, even though he was arrested on suspicion, in fact, it wasn’t anyone. Eventually, Susan White and a young married woman named Angela Picot are exposed as the people behind the hoax. This file contains two articles from the London Daily Mail; the first is from page 3 of the July 6, 1978 issue.

July 3, 1978: In the US capital, firefighter Melvin Turner is accused of raping a teenager in the back of an ambulance. In spite of the weakness of the case against him, he stands trial the following year. This is how his story including his acquittal was reported by the Washington Post.

July 14, 1978: Police seal off the village of North Aston, Oxfordshire due to a siege by David Brain. He claimed his wife Valerie was gang-raped by detectives. His wife claimed he beat her up after he accused her of having an affair with a police officer. Which of them do you believe? This report appeared in the Guardian, July 17, 1978, page 20.

October 9, 1978: An unnamed doctor goes on trial at Saint Albans Crown Court. He is accused of raping a woman after drugging her. He is acquitted. Rather than being a gratuitously false allegation, I would suggest this was another case of hallucinating under anaesthetic. The second article in this file is also from the Daily Mail, page 15 of the October 21, 1978 issue.

October 10, 1978: In Oregon, Greta Rideout phones the police telling them she has just been beaten by her husband John. Click here for more.

December 12, 1978: This one is as shocking as they come. Allen Sabin murders his mother-in-law for some unspecified reason then violates her corpse to give the impression she was raped and murdered by an intruder. Sabin was convicted at Coventry Crown Court and given a life sentence. The reader might like to compare with the equally shocking 2008 case of Karen Walsh.

January to early October 1979: False rape statistics for Norfolk, Viginia. This article appeared on page 3 of the Daily News-Record (Harrisonburg, Virginia), October 10, 1979. I am assuming the period alluded to ie “this year” means January 1979 to date. Out of 100 rape allegations investigated, 12 were deemed to be false. Curiously, naval wives are blamed for some of these. (Norfolk, Virginia is the home of a major US Navy base). In 1980, Norfolk had a population of less than a quarter of a million.

January 18, 1979: At Saint Catherine’s, Eastern Canada, Diane Audsley is late home...Click here for more.

February 1, 1979: An interesting report in the Ottawa Citizen, page 77, according to which more than half the rapes in Hamilton were totally unfounded while in Ottawa, only 15 of 54 reports were unfounded. Victims under 16 years of age were almost always assaulted by relatives or acquaintances, while older victims were assaulted by strangers. This is not what the sisterhood tells us. Unlike these hard figures, the claim in the same article that 60-90% of all rape cases go unreported is of course a statistic that has been pulled out of a hat.

March 21, 1979: In Hull, a woman is allegedly raped in the access road at the back of her home. A £200 reward is offered in connection. Here is how things played out according to the Yorkshire Post, March 27, 1979, page 6.

April 1979: Rape and False Accusations of Rape by Neil M. Maclean is published. Click here for more.

April 1979: Sexual Offences Examination Forms by F.R. Lewington and R.L. Williams is published. Click here for more.

April 1979: Metropolitan Police Laboratory Examination Kit Sexual Offences by Myles D.B. Clarke is published. Click here for more.

April 1979: Sexual Offences — A Critical Appraisal of the Forensic Examiner by S.H. Burgess is published. Click here for more.

May 3, 1979: According to The Pittsburgh Press of May 23, 1979, page A-15, a report of a rape in the city by a teenager, who claimed the assailant was known to her, never happened.

May 23, 1979: Hotel doorman Murray Wentzell has an ugly encounter with a teenage stripper who accuses him of sexual assault. On October 31, 1979, the Supreme Court of British Columbia clears him of rape. This report is from the Prince George newspaper The Citizen, November 2, 1979, page 2.

June 28, 1979: In Rhode Island, Steven McCarthy picks up a young woman, takes her to a bar, a restaurant, a liquor store, a nightclub, and then to the beach. Click here for more.

June 29, 1979: A horrible incident involving two celebrities leads to one of them being charged with inter alia rape by instrumentation. In October, a judge dismisses the sexual assault charge against Jack Nitzsche after Carrie Snodgress gives a more accurate description of what actually happened after her lover caught her in flagrante delicto with an actor named Paul Williams. Nitzsche received a slap on the wrist for the physical abuse he meted out to her that night, and their relationship continued for another decade and more. Okay, she shouldn’t have two-timed him, but dude, you were ASKING FOR IT. This report appeared in the St. Petersburg Times (St, Petersburg, Florida), October 23, 1979, page 4A.

July 1979: A teenage girl invites a 34 year old man into her bed at a Hull bedsit. Afterwards he goes out to buy cigarettes, and when he returns, he has been accused of rape. When he stands trial, the judge directs the jury to acquit him. This report was published in the Yorkshire Post, January 4, 1980, back page.

July 10, 1979: In this article by Sharon Deveau from the Lewiston Evening Journal (Maine), July 10, 1979, page 13, a police officer tells it like it is about false allegations including of rape, many of which he says are REGRET SEX.

July 11, 1979: This one is hilarious. At Bodmin Crown Court, a middle aged man is cleared of raping a teenage because...see for yourself; this article appeared in the Daily Mirror the day after. A certain Janis Ian song comes to mind! The reader is invited to compare the experience of this poor girl with that of teenage non-rapist Gareth Linekar and file her under REGRET SEX. Incidentally, Bodmin Crown no longer exists; it was replaced by Truro Crown Court.

August 2, 1979: ACLU opposes polygraph tests for rape victims is published in the Colorado newspaper Douglas County News-Press.

There have been numerous articles similar to the above. My opinion of polygraphs can be found here. Leaving aside feminist nonsense about “rape is rape”, not all rape victims are equal. No police officer with half a brain would insist on polygraphing an elderly woman who has been beaten and sexually violated in her own home, but the drug addict or prostitute who claims to have been raped last week...? The most important sentence of this article is the last one which alludes to a 43% drop in rape complaints for one county.

October 23, 1979: Cousins Alexandra Tait and Isobel Grant are fined at Banff Sheriff Court after falsely accusing a man of rape. The allegation appears to have been inspired by alcohol, nothing unusual there. Grant also assaulted a woman in the street, and was lucky to avoid gaol. My apologies for the poor quality of this scan which was culled from The Press And Journal (Aberdeen), October 24, 1979, page 27.

November 27, 1979: Teenager Catherine Gray appears at Stonehaven Sheriff Court for falsely claiming to have been kidnapped, assaulted and raped. Usually a man is to blame for these sort of lies, but Gray pointed the finger at her mother. Sentence was deferred. This article appeared in the Evening Express (Aberdeen), November 27, 1979, page 7.

December 1979: On September 2, 1980, Douglas L. Caswell rapes a single mother in her own apartment. He appears to have used some force and was lucky to escape with a 43 month sentence, certainly in an American courtroom. At trial he claims the sex was consensual - which it clearly was not - and tries to adduce evidence that his victim had made a prior false rape allegation to the police against another man. In dismissing his appeal, the Supreme Court of Minnesota states that: “The false claim of rape which complainant made to appellant against Wilberg was not made to the police and she did not persist in making it after it became clear that it had negative consequences for Wilberg.”

May 29, 1980: This report so dated from the Prince George, British Columbia newspaper The Citizen, page 12 sees false rape accuser Patricia Stuart branded a COMPULSIVE LIAR. She told police at Saanich, British Columbia she had been raped by a named individual to test her boyfriend’s love. Sadly, she was given a non-custodial sentence.

June 18, 1980: This report appeared in The Dauphin Herald, page 11. Helen Boucher of Duck Bay in Canada pleaded guilty to falsely accusing her common law husband of rape. She appears to have done this while under the influence of alcohol. No dates are given.

August 12/3, 1980: Close to midnight, a woman cries “Rape! Rape!” This is another incredible case from Canada. Mrs. Nicole Marie Lukasik alias Cecile Blanche Lukasik was convicted of both perjury and public mischief for which she received a sentence of 45 days plus 2 years of probation, but the Crown appealed, which resulted in her sentence being extended to 9 months. The case ended up in the civil courts with a victory for the plaintiff, the falsely accused and aptly named Ronald Pierre Canada. And would you believe this started as a fairly minor motoring accident? Read the judgment and weep.

September 11, 1980: This report so dated from The Sydney Morning Herald, page 9, tells how a judge halted a rape trial at Parramatta Supreme Court when it became clear the alleged victim had offered no physical or verbal resistance nor tried to escape when she was supposedly being held prisoner at a hotel with plenty of strangers - staff and clientele - about.

November 13, 1980: In 1979, New York City employee Jeffrey Gordon is accused of raping Andrea Cohen. When the grand jury refuses to indict him, he sues her in the New York Supreme Court. The trial is heard without a jury. He won the case, and not by a hair’s breadth either! This report, from the Boca Raton News, page 14A so dated is priceless.

December 4, 1980: Eva Nowak appears at Birmingham Crown Court where she is given a four month sentence by Judge Toyn after pleading guilty to perverting the court of justice, This article was published in the Daily Mail, December 5, 1980, page 2.

Circa 1981: Judy Owens accuses a staff member of the First Baptist Church of Mineola, Texas, of rape. A meeting is held, which includes the girl’s parents, and it is determined she is not telling the truth. No further action is taken. In March 1991, by which time she is known as Judy Gaumond, she accuses another man of raping her. He is convicted, and his conviction is upheld on appeal. This conviction appears to have been sound, but how would you have liked to have been a juror hearing this case if you had known about the first (false) rape allegation? In this connection, see also false rape accuser/later rape victim Sabrina Dean.

Circa 1981: According to her mother, Lily Place, when Angela Stretton was 14 years old, she claimed to have been raped in Leicester where they were then living. The mother called the police, and the surgeon concluded she had not been interfered with sexually. By the time of the Satanic abuse panic in the Scottish islands, in which she played a major part, Stretton was already a known SERIAL FALSE ACCUSER.

February 16, 1981: In Pennsylvania, gynecologist Panayotis Apostolidis is cleared of raping three of his patients. This is a very interesting case; the rapes were alleged to have been committed between October 1978 and April 1980. Two of his nurses testified they were present during the examinations, so was this a folie à deux, or something far more sinister? This report was published in The Spokesman-Review, February 18, 1981, page B26.

April 12, 1981: There is a disturbance outside a dormitory at the University of Richmond, Virginia. Gary Ribar is one of three students accused of rape by a 14 year old girl. Two days later, he and his team mates are charged. The following month, the charges are withdrawn. Ribar says neither he nor his colleagues left the dormitory. This report is from The Pittsburgh Press, May 27, 1981, page D-4.

May 1981: Of six alleged rapes in Okaloosa County, Florida, four were spurious, according to this report dated June 12, 1981. One of them involved a woman who prostituted herself then cried rape when her john didn’t pay her. The reader is invited to compare this with the case of Gareth Linekar.

May 2, 1981: This is that rarest of sex cases, a woman charged with rape, not a schoolteacher giving a 14 year old sex lessons after school, but real rape. Mary Conteh is accused of violating an 8 year old in her apartment. Even the boy’s mother wasn’t impressed with her son. This report was published in the Evening News (Beacon, New York), November 14, 1981, page 2A, the day after her acquittal.

Mid-May to mid-June 1981: Of the six rapes reported in Okaloosa County, Florida, four are adjudged to be false. The details are found in this article from the Sunday edition of the Playground Daily News; there is nothing of substance on page 4B, which is not included here. Please note, the dates herein are approximate for obvious reasons. The sheriff here was way ahead of the game because he was employing two female detectives to investigate such cases.

July 25, 1981: In the small hours, a state trooper is called to the apartment of Sandra Nelson, who claims to have been raped. She has no visible injuries, but Herbert Winfield is convicted by a jury after the trial judge excludes what might be called bad character evidence under the rape shield law. On March 11, 1983, the Supreme Court of Virginia reverses his conviction because this excluded evidence shows “Sandra had a distinctive pattern of past sexual conduct, involving the extortion of money by threat after acts of prostitution, of which her conduct in this case was but an example”.

October 1981: Washington County man William Davis is convicted of the rape of Ronnda Baker, who was 14 at the time of the trial. He is said to have raped her several times between August 1979 and March 1981. In June 1985, his accuser recants officially, and in spite of attempts to dissuade her, continues to protest her victim’s innocence. Davis is released in May 1985. This article appeared on the front page of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, June 14, 1985.

November 1, 1981: The publication of the first edition of Michelle Remembers; this is the book that started the modern Satanic panic. Although the claims of its subject, Michelle Smith, have been thoroughly debunked, it has spawned a host of imitators including real life tragedies such as the Bakersfield and McMartin Satanic abuse cases.

Circa December 19, 1981: A student at Lincoln University, Pennsylvania accuses two other students of raping her. Law enforcement are informed and so are her family; before a criminal investigation can be launched, a lynch mob arrives. The resulting fracas leaves six people requiring hospital treatment, then the girl admits she’d lied.

[The above is based on this report from The Afro American, December 26, 1981].

1982: A Spokane woman is charged with obstructing a public servant after filing a false rape report. According to this article from The Spokesman-Review, February 27, 1983, a detective said half the allegations of rape and attempted rape his unit investigates end up being classified as unfounded, or the complainant withdraws the charges.

1982: In California, a woman is said to have made no fewer than 11 false rape allegations. See entry for May 26, 1989.

Early 1982: A girl identified only as Tina claims to have been raped by another juvenile resident at the Whitaker State Home, Pryor, Oklahoma. However, when asked to take a lie detector test by investigators, she admits she lied.

[The above was extracted from The Daily Oklahoman, September 12, 1982, no page given, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

January 1982: A woman claims to have been raped in Amsterdam; later in the year, the public prosecutor declares her complaint to be groundless, according to the Dutch newspaper Het Vrije Volk, September 2, 1982, page 3.

January 15, 1982: T.T. Watson visits a home in which three youngsters are being supervised by an 18 year old. On January 21, he is arrested on suspicion of rape, the 11 year old having told the 18 year old he had violated her without anyone noticing. He stands trial in June, and is quickly acquitted, wisely taking the stand in his own defense. This report appeared in the Gainesville Sun, June 23, 1982, page 1B. Thaddeus Timothy Watson died at his native Gainesville in April 2011 aged only 54, and was well thought of.

January 18, 1982: In Washington State, Sandra Thomas is allegedly kidnapped and raped. The police appear to have become a tad suspicious when this happened twice more. This article reports on the impending arraignment of her and her husband. The spelling mistakes are not my fault. I elected not to correct them for authenticity!

January 18, 1982: A Complaint Of Rape is screened. Click here for more.

January 20 & May 28, 1982: At Wilmore, Kentucky, Diane Woodcock is raped twice by the same man. Or is she? Click here for more.

January-February 1982: False rape statistics for Calgary, Canada, the first two months of the year. There were nineteen reported rapes, seven of them turning out to be false. Not unfounded, but false. This report appeared in the Lethbridge Herald, March 17, 1982, page 19. Note the familiar rhetoric from the local rape crisis airhead. According to Debbie Bruckner, false allegations are predominantly...a myth, and the police officer’s agreement that even if the complainant wasn’t really raped she is still a victim because vagina...See also the entry for the UPI report of March 15, 1982 (dated below).

March 5, 1982: Basketball players Andre Hawkins and Ronald Payton are charged with raping cheerleader Maureen Sullivan at an hotel in Hartford, Connecticut. Their team had just been eliminated from a tournament, so this was even worse luck. Fortunately, when the case is due to come to trial the following year, Maureen decides she wants to rebuild her life, and withdraws the charges. If she had really been raped she would have wanted justice, revenge, or the proverbial closure, perhaps even compensation, but had the trial gone ahead there was an excellent chance she would instead have been exposed as a lying slut suffering from BUYER’S REMORSE.

March 15, 1982: This UPI report so dated begins: “Calgary police said Monday they are concerned with the increasing number of women reporting unfounded rapes and may consider laying public mischief charges.”

Women and girls like the case alluded to here. What sort of idiot slashes herself across the chest with a razor (quite deeply, apparently) to bolster a false rape claim made because she had missed her curfew? According to one investigator, Brian Larsen, his unit had recently spent almost as much time investigating fake rapes as real ones.

March 23, 1982: According to this report in the Gainesville Sun (Final Edition) so dated, page 16A, Deputy John Walls was reinstated on March 22 after being cleared of rape following an allegation by a Gainesville woman.

April 10, 1982: In the small hours, a teenager is allegedly raped by a police officer named Don McDade. The poor guy is arrested and thrown into the Oklahoma City Jail, but a prompt investigation uncovers witnesses who give the lie to her claim, and McDade is released.

May 1982: In Florida, Julie Dunn is given a sixteen year sentence for the second degree murder of her live-in boyfriend Steven Flanagan. She had accused him of raping her but later admitted he hadn’t. She lost her appeal against conviction.

May 11, 1982: Around 2.30am, police in Rhode Island respond to a call from Patricia Clelan of Middletown who says her car was stolen by two men, who had also raped her. There is no mention of a rape kit, and shortly no mention of a rape, because later in the day she speaks to Police Chief Robert Gibson and tells him she wants to drop the charges: no crime had been committed, per se. Except the crime of false reporting, and when she appears in court a few days hence she is given a summary punishment by Judge Anthony J. Davies.

[The above is based on a report in The Providence Journal, EAST BAY EDITION, May 19, 1982, page C-03, (accessed here through NewsBank].

May 21, 1982: At Wilmington, Massachusetts, a woman is picked up by a man in a truck and raped around 11am, at least that was her story. Shortly, it is reported by the Wilmington edition of the Town Crier that whatever happened to this woman, she was not raped.

June 1, 1982: This is an extremely rare and bizarre case from Florida of a woman being arrested for rape. Mary West was accused of the sexual battery of a three year old girl. This article appeared in the Daytona Beach Morning Journal, June 18, 1982, page 2B. Reading between the lines, this was a GENUINE MISTAKE.

July 29, 1982: A 12 year old girl tells her mother she was raped in mid-May by Allen Howard, who is a relative. He is also a Philadelphia police officer. Howard is arrested October 14; he is dismissed. On February 2, 1983 it is reported that he has been cleared. There was no medical evidence. Why do you think that was?

[The above information was extracted from the Philadelphia Daily News, February 2, 1983, Edition 4*, page 12, (accessed through NewsBank)].

September 21, 1982: Police officer’s wife Sheila DeLuca celebrates her 42nd birthday, and around seven o’clock the following morning ends up at a motel with Robert Bissett. Afterwards, they go back to Bissett’s van where around 2pm she murders him, shooting him four times in the head. She tells her husband she was abducted by three men - the other two did exist, she had originally gone to the motel with all three of them. In April 1984, she is convicted of second degree murder, but in 1994 her conviction is quashed and a retrial ordered. After pleading guilty to manslaughter, she walks free in November 1996, time served. File under PRETEXT FOR MURDER.

October 5, 1982: Police don’t believe rape reports: Data published in The Gazette (Montreal), page B1.

The title of the above says it all. Once upon a time the police were rightly suspicious of any rape victim who didn’t look the part.

November 9, 1982: At Miami, Florida, Pedro Figueroa is arrested for the rape of an 11 year old girl. Click here for more.

1982 or early 1983: According to this article from February 27, 1983, a Spokane woman who claimed to have been raped at knifepoint by a man posing as a vacuum cleaner salesman was charged with filing a false report.

1983: Elizabeth Ward has a one-night stand with Governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton. Click here for more.

1983: The Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome by Roland C. Summit is published. Click here for more.

January 6, 1983: The Court of Criminal Appeals of Oklahoma reverses the incest conviction of Bennie J. Woods who was convicted of having sex with (ie raping) his own daughter. Read the judgment and about her other false allegations.

January 12-3, 1983: Karen Sorlucco claims to have been falsely imprisoned in her New York City apartment. Click here for more.

January 17, 1983: At Providence, Rhode Island, Laurie Keenan and another teenager are allegedly kidnapped and raped. Click here for more.

January 26, 1983: Police target falsified reports of sex assaults - click here for more about this story from Rhode Island.

January 28, 1983: A conviction for gang-rape in Scotland is finally overturned 24 years later. Not much information is available about this case as can be seen from the previous link, but the lessons are clear. Having sex - group sex or otherwise - with women who are not right in the head can be dangerous, whether or not as in this case the non-victim has been sniffing glue.

January 31, 1983: A woman is attacked at Charlotte, North Carolina, by the man who becomes known as the Red Light Rapist. He is said to be impersonating a police officer, an amazing achievement for a bloke who doesn’t actually exist. In spite of this, he appears to have attacked two more women.

This report appeared in The Dispatch (Lexington, North Carolina), February 26, 1983, page 1.

Circa February 1983: In separate incidents, a fifteen year old girl has been charged with filing a false rape report, and a warrant has been issued for a woman who allegedly lied to police about being raped, as reported by The Spokesman-Review, February 27, 1983, (below).

February 2, 1983: This is a particularly nasty case from Hong Kong. Ho Pui-fong tells the police her live-in lover had raped her ten year old daughter the previous November. The man is arrested, but under investigation her story unravels until finally she admits she made it up, for a quite pathetic reason. She had obviously coached both her daughters. This report was published in the South China Morning Post, February 17, 1983, page 7.

February 9, 1983: This report so dated is from the Observer-Reporter (Washington, Pennsylvania), February 9, 1983, page B9.

At Tucson, Arizona, a girl claims to have been raped in broad daylight while a woman ignored her screams. Four days later, she admits the intercourse was consensual but tells the police Mummy would be soooo angry if she found out.

February 27, 1983: This article by Tim Hanson is from The Spokesman-Review, pages B1 & B6. It contains some interesting comment, especially by a detective named Leland Elliott.

Early March 1983: A woman from Leavenworth, Kansas is allegedly raped in her home before being driven to Nebraska, around a hundred and fifty miles as the crow flies, and dumped in her own vehicle. Later in the month, the FBI say they are no longer investigating any aspect of the case. This article is credited by NewsBank to John Richmeier.

March 9, 1983: A teenager hoaxes the entire Boston Police Department; this report so dated is from Lewiston Journal, page 12, yet still they are not convinced!

March 31, 1983: At Ephrata, Pennsylvania, a teenager claims to have been kidnapped at knifepoint from the grounds of her high school and sexually assaulted. On April 6, 1983, the Reading Eagle newspaper reports at page 2 that the girl lied.

April 13, 1983: Democratic politician Lonnie Carr is indicted for the rape of his girlfriend’s teenage daughter. According to the Schenectady Gazette, July 22, 1983, page 9, Barbette McKnight made up the story after staying out late. Carr spent 20 days in gaol before posting bail. In July 1983, he was totally vindicated.

April 24, 1983: A woman tells police she was raped that night in a Melbourne suburb. Her assailant was a stranger. After an appeal, a man comes forward and says he had consensual sex with her. When this is put to her, she fesses up, then obviously realising she is in hot water, she reverts to her original rape claim. Read what happened next here.

May 2, 1983: A teenager from Bradenton, Florida tells a detective she was raped on her way to school. Later, she tells her mother she made it up. This report appeared in the Saratosa Herald-Tribune, June 28, 1983, page 2-BM.

May 27, 1983: In Hong Kong, Kwong Mo-yee accuses Ah Hung of rape. When the police investigate, they confirm Ah Hung did indeed have sex with her, and that this sex was utterly consensual. Not only that, the lady was happy, probably because Mr Hung paid her $500 for the half hour she spent with him! This report was published in the South China Morning Post, June 17, 1983, page 23. As ever, my apologies for the poor quality of the scan, which was beyond my control.

June 1, 1983: A tourist from Richmond, Virginia is grabbed at 2am while walking through the French Quarter of New Orleans. Click here for more.

June 24/5, 1983: In the Netherlands, a teenage girl claims to have been gang-raped. The allegation has been shown to be false, now do we prosecute the little minx or what? File under AIN’T NUTHIN’ LIKE A GANG BANG.

[The above is based on this report from the Dutch newspaper NIEUWSBLAD van het NOORDEN, July 5, 1983, page 1].

July 12, 1983: In Florida, 17 year old Alison Fulton is allegedly raped by James Beasley and another man. Click here for more.

July 26, 1983: This article (so dated) is from the Evening Chronicle (Newcastle), page 9. My apologies for the terrible quality of the scan; I had no control over this. The article relates the tale of Dawn Blenkiron of Chester-le-Street in the North of England who falsely accused two men of rape in what was called an elaborate charade. As she appears to have staged this rape to get back at the men after they had argued with her husband, I suppose we can safely blame this on the patriarchy as usual.

Summer 1983: Rape Trauma Syndrome by Ann Wolbert Burgess.

The above is an updated and much augmented version of the September 1974 article by the same author, although for whatever reason her co-author has not contributed to it. It contains the usual statistics which in deference to the author I will say are simply misleading rather than contrived.

August 1, 1983: Police at Gytsjerk in the Netherlands announce they are to press false rape and assault charges against a 28 year old woman. Click here for more.

June 24, 1983: At Leeds Crown Court, an unnamed man is cleared of raping a prostitute. This file contains reports from the (Bradford) Telegraph & Argus, June 23, 1983, page 10 and the front page of the following day. The latter report says the man was cleared today, so I am assuming the paper went to press shortly afterwards. Whatever, it would be difficult to find a more blatant case of a bloke who was ASKING FOR IT. A prostitute is not a girlfriend, much less a wife, and if you physically assault one for any reason, you can expect something like this.

August 28, 1983: Kathleen Leona Sanchez of Lakeland tells police she was abducted and raped. The following month, it is reported that someone has been charged in connection with these offences. Her. This article appeared in The Ledger (Lakeland, Florida), September 7, 1983, page 1B.

August 29, 1983: An interesting report, so dated, by Russ Nugent from the Saratosa Herald-Tribune, page 4-B. According to this, of the 37 rapes reported to the authorities since January of that year, 4 were voluntary sex acts, and nearly half were suspect.

September 7, 1983: Ray Buckey is arrested at his home in Manhattan Beach, California. Click here for more.

September 12, 1983: A teenage girl contacts the police and tells them she was kidnapped by two men, driven to a house near Hummel Park, Omaha, raped by one of the men, and held prisoner over the weekend, September 10-11. A second girl was also being held at the house. An intensive investigation turns up no evidence of any kidnap. A medical examination finds no evidence of rape or any other injury. The police concluded the girl was lying. This report by Gabriella Stern, appeared in the SUNRISE Edition of the paper, (accessed here through NewsBank).

November 15, 1983: The Glasgow Herald, page 10, includes a long letter from P.B. Watson. Click here for more.

December 1983: The notorious publisher Larry Flynt sacks husband and wife employees William and Marsha Rider. Then he accuses Mr Rider of raping his 14 year old daughter. After protracted legal proceedings and a six week trial, the Riders are awarded an $8.6 million judgment against Flynt by a Santa Monica jury.

December 17, 1983: At Providence, Rhode Island, an underage teen is kidnapped by four men, blindfolded and raped. At least, that’s what she tells police the following day. Then she claims it happened a year ago, and blames her older brother for forcing her to tell that story. Then she drops the complaint. This report appeared in the CITY Edition, page C-01.

December 27, 1983: The article Sex Claims Dismissed from London’s Alternative Magazine, Dec 27-Jan 2, 1983-4, page 61 reports on a thankfully false paedophile alert in the Philippines. My apologies for the poor quality scan.

1984: Rape and false rape statistics for New York City. Click here for more.

January 1984: In Gainesville, a high school student is kidnapped and raped; that’s what she said, anyway. Later in the year, the truth is revealed. This article is from the Gainesville Sun (Final Edition), September 27, 1984, page 8A.

January 2, 1984: In Philadelphia, teenager Terry Williams commits the first of two murders. Click here for more.

January 19, 1984: This article from page 7 of the Glasgow Herald relates to the trial of a particularly odious individual named Kevin Kenneth O’Dowd. Serial rapist O’Dowd was given a life sentence in 2007, but two years later the Court Of Appeal ruled “regrettably” that the jury verdicts were unsafe. This was for purely technical reasons. A retrial was not ordered, the original trial having been spread over a period of more than six months.

The allegations about Edward Heath made in the above article were clearly scurrilous and were based on fabricated documents. This is one of the earlier false allegations against the former Prime Minister. Many allegations against politicians, celebrities, etc, are made by people cut from the same cloth as O’Dowd, and must always be treated with extreme reserve. One of the few such allegations that turned out to be true was that made by prostitute Monica Coghlan against Jeffrey Archer in 1986, but a politician having (paid) sex with a prostitute is hardly in the same league as the kind of depravity alleged here.

January 24, 1984: Philadelphia Police correspondence

The above internal letter so dated does not contain any actual false allegations but reports several different types of false allegation. The reader might like to compare the classifications therein with the types of false rape accuser listed here.

February 19, 1984: In New York City, student Alberto Ramos is accused of raping a 5 year old girl. Click here for more.

March 5, 1984: Two young girls - cousins aged four and five - are taken to a North Carolina hospital where they are found to have been sexually violated. Click here for more.

April 1, 1984: In New York City, Johnnie O’Neal is arrested on suspicion of rape. Although he was fitted up, apparently by a woman with an agenda, there is no doubt that he was convicted of a crime that actually happened. You can read a bit about it here; file this case under FALSE AND TRUE.

April 19, 1984: Jacqueline Berkeley claims to have been raped in a police cell at Greenheys, Manchester, five days after she was arrested in a street disturbance. This text is from the 2013 edition of a book first published in 1991. Out Of Order? Policing Black People was written by a pair of braindead academics. This article appeared on page 3 of the February 26, 1985 issue of the Glasgow Herald, (CITY EDITION). It is clear from this latter that the police went the extra mile to refute this stupid girl’s baseless claims, and who can blame them in this instance? In April 1985, she received a suspended sentence for wasting police time, threatening behaviour, assaulting three women police officers and damaging police property.

May 29, 1984: In Australia, teenager Karen Sharp fakes her own abduction. This one can be summed up with the phrase “Rape is not a nice word”.

May 29, 1984: After pleading guilty to arson, a woman is allowed to withdraw her plea on the grounds that a meeting with a psychologist shortly before she was due to be sentenced “unlocked” the memory of two men raping her in her Olathe apartment. Unsurprisingly, no arrests were made in connection with this phantom sexual assault. The judge swallowed the nonsense of rape trauma syndrome - which does not exist - and sentenced her to probation on a lesser charge. This report appeared in the The Ledger (Lakeland, Florida), July 5, 1984, page 9C.

May 31, 1984: In Oregon, on trial for murder, Diane Downs takes the stand. Click here for more.

June 1984: An unnamed man from Gateshead has sex with an unnamed teenager who claims he locked her in the apartment, hit her with a bottle, punched her, then raped her. So where were the bruises? The jury were probably thinking that when they acquitted him. This article appeared in the Newcastle Evening Chronicle, November 29, 1984, page 3.

June 23, 1984: Steve Carney takes co-worker Karen Winkler for a drive with a mutual friend. Click here for more.

July 1984: In Virginia, the police are called in after the daughter of Michael Wayne Clinebell accuses him of unspeakable crimes dating from June 1983. Click here for more.

July 1984: Danny Garrels is arrested after a disturbance at his home in Belleview, Florida. Click here for more.

July 10, 1984: At Gramercy, Louisiana, a deaf mute teenager is allegedly abducted at knifepoint from near her home by three Honduran seamen, and raped by one of them. The men are arrested promptly and thrown into the local clink, but shortly she recants. Presumably in sign language. As usual, the false accuser faces no consequences for her actions. This article was published in the Times-Picayune, July 17, 1984, page A13.

August 7, 1984: Lesbian lovers Charmaine Pfender and Sara Mae Richardson go for a drive with two Turkish students. Pfender shoots one of them dead; the other manages to escape. Pfender and Richardson bury the dead man in the woods. After their arrest, they play THE RAPE CARD, but the jury is not swayed. Three decades on, Pfender supporters - the usual braindeads - attempt to portray her as the victim, but in dismissing her 1988 appeal, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania stated: “this man was shot and killed, these two women then tried to bury him, and then chased the other man through the woods, trying to kill him, like a wild animal...This was a wanton killing that arouses no signs of mercy from this Court.”

August 13, 1984: In Pennsylavania, Abdul Hamid Ali Alchahal of Allentown has an unfortunate financial dispute with a young woman that leads to him being charged with kidnapping and rape. There is no trace of the imaginary gun with which he was said to have threatned her, and no medical evidence of rape. Eventually he pleads no contest to a very minor indecent assault and walks free time served. One is entitled to ask if the truth would have come out had this woman not been exposed as a prostitute.

August 18, 1984: At Haines City, Florida, in the small hours, three young men have sex with a teenage prostitute in exchange for drugs. Then she accuses them of rape. They are tried separately; David Harris is the first to be cleared. Curtis McArthur King is one of those people who never learn; in 2001, he is busted for possession of cocaine. This article appeared in The Ledger (Lakeland, Florida), November 21, 1984, page 2B.

I hate to say this guys, but you were ASKING FOR IT.

September 8, 1984: Ollie Baine of Wilmington is raped at gunpoint by Robert Rice, at least that is what she told the police. Fortunately, her lies are soon exposed, and the poor bloke spends only two days behind bars. When she appears in court later that month, Baine is given 29 days or a $100 fine, a very soft sentence indeed. This report is from the Morning Star (Wilmington, North Carolina), September 26, 1984, page 2B.

October 22, 1984: Florida police officer Michael Walker is accused of serious offences against his wife including sexual violation. He loses his job but doesn’t lose his freedom when it is determined she had lied. The motive for this false allegation appears to have been a child custody dispute, although it doesn’t appear to have been all one-way traffic. In NewsBank, this article is credited to Patrick May from page 1BR of the BRWRD Edition.

October 28, 1984: In Singapore, teenager Zurainah binti Sidin is allegedly raped by her boyfriend. She makes this claim some days later; several months later still, she appears in court charged with false reporting. Curiously, the judge tells her she is too young to be having sex! This report was published in The Straits Times, July 10, 1985, page 1.

1985: RAPE TRAUMA SYNDROME by Carole Lewis Iles is published. Click here for more.

Circa 1985: Bigamist Susan Sigler who was involved in a controversial Ohio murder case, is convicted of making a false rape allegation.

January 1-December 31, 1985: In Essex, there are 70 reported rapes of which no fewer than 30 were false. Not one of these false accusers was prosecuted for wasting police time (or anything else). My apologies for the poor quality of this scan which is from the London Daily Mail, February 10, 1986, page 14. Note especially what the nice policeman says: false accusers need support rather than punishment. For the most bizarre false allegation from this county in 1985, see the entry for Lorraine Miles and Kenneth Cain.

January 7, 1985: In Philadelphia, a school custodian - or caretaker as we say in the UK - is arrested after a 14 year old girl tells the police he kidnapped her on December 4, 1984, took her to his house and raped her three times overnight. Alexander Bradway is freed from prison when she recants. This report is from the Observer-Reporter, April 5, 1985, page 27. Apparently the girl showed courage coming forward to admit she had lied. And she needs help. No charges were filed against her because of her age.

January 11, 1985: Jenny Wilcox and Robert Aldridge are convicted of unspeakable crimes against the young. This case dates to August 1984 and demonstrates that at times women can also be the victims of these absurd witch-hunts. Wilcox and Aldridge were nursery workers in Ohio. Here is the appeal judgment and here are details of her exoneration.

January 14, 1985: Two men allegedly break into the Philadelphia home of Muriel Stein. Click here for more.

January 23, 1985: A man and two women are indicted on 18 counts of raping, sexually assaulting and abusing preschoolers. This was the Fells Acre Day School case. The accused were Gerald Amirault, his mother Violet, and Cheryl Amirault LaFave - the daughter of Violet/sister of Gerald. Brief details of this shameful and tragic case are given by The National Registry of EXONERATIONS.

February 1985: Clyde Ray Spencer known as Ray Spencer was a traffic cop. This is a widely reported case that has been the subject of at least one documentary. He was accused of raping his own daughter and son, and then his stepson. By the time the case came to trial he was beginning to believe he had indeed raped his kids, and took an ALFORD PLEA. Eventually they recanted. This was a terrible miscarriage of justice that involved the suppression of exculpatory evidence and worse. He was formally cleared September 9, 2010.

February 1, 1985: A first year student at the University of Virginia claims to have been kidnapped from a parking lot, raped and then returned from whence she had come. Shortly she decides she was neither kidnapped nor raped. This report appeared on the front page of The Cavalier Daily, February 6, 1985.

February 19, 1985: American football player turned film actor Jim Brown is accused of raping a woman at his home. Four months later, the charges are sensationally dismissed when prosecutors say they no longer believe his accuser. Although Brown was rightly cleared, this is a dude who clearly suffered from anger management issues, though not as badly as that other far more infamous football player O.J. Simpson! This article appeared in the Lodi News-Sentinel, June 21, 1985, page 14.

February 25, 1985: In Nottingham, Trevor Armitage is murdered by teenage prostitute Emma Humphreys. Click here for more.

Circa March 1985: The Chicago Tribune reports on the little known case of Donna Dugan who accused Mr X and then switched to a man with a name, who ended up in gaol. What was that about police failing to believe the victim? Pity they believed this non-victim. Eventually they realised they’d been had.

March 1985: A man is cleared by a Roanoke County jury of sexually abusing his own granddaughter, including orally raping her. See entry for Clinebell, (above).

March 19, 1985: At 1am, a motorist tells police at Coronado, California she was raped by three men after her car stalled on Silver Strand Boulevard early the previous evening. She was threatened with a razor, forced into their 1980 Sedan, raped, then shoved out. It doesn’t take long for them to get to the bottom of it, although her motive remains a mystery. She had though moved to National City from Texas and was in a child custody dispute with her estranged husband. Here is a screengrab of the introduction to the NewsBank article. This may have been a COPYCAT ALLEGATION; on January 21, a motorist was stalled in the same area. She waited four hours for help, then someone stopped and raped her.

April 1, 1985: This report, so dated, is from the Victoria Advocate newspaper, page 6D. Kathryn Hargis Tucci of Laurel, Maryland, wasn’t laughing. Her lies had kept her former boyfriend in gaol for over a year.

April 6, 1985: A report so dated from the Deseret News, page A5 quotes Ada Country Sheriff’s Detective Ken Smith who says a 16 year old girl who claimed to have been kidnapped and raped the previous week made up the story to deflect from her poor school grades.

April 10, 1985: Miami security guard Isabelle Montano disappears. Fearing something far more terrible than a fate worse than death, the authorities launch a massive search using boats and helicopters. She reappears the following night telling a strange tale about being abducted by two dudes, one of them wearing a dress. On May 7, she is given a lie detector test (presumably a polygraph). During this, the young married woman admits there was only one dude and he didn’t kidnap her. This is part of the report by Joan Fleischman and Edna Buchanan from page 7D of the local press, FINAL, (NewsBank).

April 11, 1985: This article so dated appeared in The New York Times, page B3; it reports on the case of Santiago Martinez, and the recantation of his accuser from her hospital bed, the non-victim having attempted suicide. [For the avoidance of doubt, this man is not to be confused with anyone else with the same or similar name].

April 13, 1985: Rape Recantations Fairly Common... by Tamara Jones. Click here for more.

April 23, 1985: A student claims to have been raped at Smith College, Massachusetts. Would you believe it is a liberal arts college? This probably explains the subsequent anti-rape demonstration. The following month it is announced that Little Miss Anonymous has withdrawn her complaint and left. She probably belongs in a booby hatch rather than an institution of higher learning. This report appeared in the Boca Raton News, May 5, 1985, page 16A. It alludes too to two other reported rapes at Mount Holyoke College; one of these rape allegations, apparently against a named or at least known individual, had since been withdrawn. Two false claims out of three sounds about right.

April 25, 1985: Betty Peavy of Frostproof, Florida, is charged with filing a false report after local law enforcement determine her claim of aggravated rape by a stranger has no substance. She is said to have staged the assault for the benefit of her husband. This report appeared in The Ledger, (Lakeland, Florida) LAKELAND SUNRISE EDITION, April 26, 1985, page 2B.

June 1985: Two teenage girls claim to have been abducted by three masked men from Main Street, Auburn, Maine. They are then raped. Or are they? According to the police, their story was a hoax.

This article was published in the Bangor Daily News, July 19, 1985, page 17.

June 1985: This is an interesting document relating to the Crowell/Dotson case. Make your own assessment of its utility.

July 24, 1985: A teenager tells Gainesville police she was forced into a car by 2 men, forced to smoke marijuana, and raped. After a hospital examination which is unable to confirm the rape, she comes clean, she had exchanged sex and $30 for a ride to New Jersey. Sigh. The phantom rape was on Wednesday, July 24; the allegation is made on the Thursday; the arrest (hers) comes Friday morning. As she was still well over 900 miles from New Jersey, an obvious question remains...This report is from the Gainesville Sun, July 27, 1985, page 8A.

August 19, 1985: A 20 year old student nurse is allegedly sexually assaulted after alighting from a bus in Bromley, Kent. Click here for more on the Roy Burnett case.

October 11, 1985: An unnamed 16 year old girl batters a man to death in Ealing, West London. She claimed he had raped her, but she was clearly not right in the head. When she appeared at the Central Criminal Court she pleaded guilty to manslaughter by the legal fiction of diminished responsibility. She was described as presenting “a great danger to the public”, which is probably why she was clutching two teddy bears after she was detained for life. Seriously.


November 4, 1985 This report so dated was published in the Dutch language newspaper Amigoe, page 3. At Willemstad on the Caribbean island of Curaçao, a woman, apparently a tourist, turns up at the police station looking the worse for wear and claiming to have been raped. She ended up being arrested, her bruises - if not self-inflicted - were apparently the result of a financial transaction with an unhappy client.

December 1985: At Simi Valley, California, a police offier named Timothy Campbell hooks up with a teen slut half his age. Click here for more.

December 1985: In Wichita County, Treva Throneberry accuses her own father of raping her; this appears to have been her first false rape allegation. The charge is dismissed in December 1986.

December 2, 1985: Sharon Donohue is not abducted from a parking lot by two men and a woman, and was therefore not raped by any of her imaginary kidnappers. Her actions lead to a major investigation in New Hampshire and Vermont. On February 4, 1986, she recants, and subsequently pleads guilty to inventing the story. This article is from the Lewiston Journal, February 6, 1986, page 2.

December 23, 1985: Lorraine Miles visits her physiotherapist Kenneth Cain at his surgery in Benfleet, Essex. Click here for more.

1986: In South Carolina, Joe Kennedy is accused by his own daughter of raping her over a period of years from the age of 13. He is convicted in 1987 and is given a sentence heavy enough to ensure he will never see daylight again. In 1998, Vickie Kennedy recants. This report is from the The Dispatch (Lexington), January 8, 2001, page 2A. He is finally released January 9, 2001.

January 20, 1986: The Reverend Nathaniel T. Grady is convicted of unspeakable crimes against the young. This is yet another of these absurd child abuse cases resulting from the Satanic panic of the 1980s, although there was no witchcraft alleged here. Grady was finally cleared in 1996 and freed in September 1997. Here is the short version, and here is the June 1996 ruling.

January 23, 1986: Joseph Nelson is cleared by a jury at Hillsborough County Superior Court of the multiple rapes of a 12 year old girl at Hudson in 1983. This was a retrial; the first had resulted in a hung jury. Wisely he took the stand in his own defence. This report appeared in The Nashua Telegraph, January 24, 1986, page 23.

[For the avoidance of doubt, the Joseph Nelson alluded to therein is not the same Joseph Nelson who was convicted of serious child sexual offences in Tennessee a quarter of a century later].

February 19, 1986: Two school administrators search a classroom in a New Jersey school. Click here for more.

February 28, 1986: In South Carolina, a woman of thirty plus is allegedly raped in her own home by a man said to be between forty and fifty. He broke a window, unlocked the kitchen door, and let himself in. The woman suffered a number of superficial cuts to her chest. There is no mention of a rape kit, and four days later, no mention of a rape. She had been admitted to hospital overnight for observation, and sounds like she should have been admitted to a different hospital for a lengthier assessment of her mental state.

March 7, 1986: Dennis Werchowski is accused of raping Lynne R. Cronin. Although he is totally innocent, like Brian Banks he is threatened with a heavy sentence if convicted, so pleads guilty to a lesser charge which results in him serving a short sentence as well as probation, and of course being stigmatised as a sex offender. In 1988, Cronin makes another false rape allegation, and admits she lied about this alleged sexual assault too. This article is from the Milwaukee Sentinel, October 5, 1988, page 10.

April 1986: False complaints by children of sexual abuse by Paul Wilson.

The above is an interesting article written largely from an Australian perspective. Apart from his claim that false allegations of rape are rare and the claim that (in his experience) child witnesses are no less reliable than adults, he makes some valid points.

April 1, 1986: TIDEWATER SAYS FALSE RAPE REPORTS UP is published. Click here for more.

May 7, 1986: In Milwaukee, Antonio Ferguson is arrested after his girlfriend accuses him of aggravated rape. Three months later she admits she lied. This report is from the Ocala Star-Banner, August 16, 1986, page 4A.

May 12, 1986: In Salt Lake City, a four year old girl experiences pain urinating; when her mother questions her, she says she has been raped, although clearly not in so many words. The police are called in, but all that is required is a visit to the doctor. This GENUINE MISTAKE is cleared up later in the week. The happy conclusion is reported in Deseret News, May 16, 1986, page B1.

May 15, 1986: In Pennsylvania, an eleven year old girl accuses Michael Smalls of rape. Click here for more.

May 21, 1986: According to this report so dated from The Ledger (Lakeland, Florida), page 4A, a 10 year old girl who had accused a man of raping her, had recanted, telling her mother she wanted to make right what she’d done at trial. Michael Ray Chandler had been behind bars for 10 months.

Interestingly, nearly three decades later a man named Michael Ray Chandler Junior was convicted of child sex offences in Texas - like this one. This does not appear to be the same person. Also, in 1988, a serial rapist named Michael Chandler was convicted in London.

June 17, 1986: The Court of Appeal quashes the rape conviction of David Cox. Click here for more.

June 17, 1986: A teenager is allegedly raped at Kempton, Pennsylvania. Two days later it is reported she had been drinking heavily but was not in fact raped.

June 28, 1986: Late at night, a teenage girl is raped by Abdul Bazuk bin Mat Salleh, at least that is what she tells the authorities, but when the case comes before the Sessions Court at Mallaca, she retracts her claims. This report appeared in the New Straits Times, July 5, 1988, page 4.

September 1, 1986: The Texas Criminal Rule of Evidence 412 replaces the Texas rape shield statute.

September 10, 1986: Nursery owner Sandra Craig is indicted on 53 counts including serious sexual offences against her young charges. Her teenage son faces similar allegations. In September 1987, she is given a ten year sentence. In July 1989, the Maryland Court of Appeals reverses her convictions. She is finally exonerated in 1991.

From September 22, 1986: I have included this case to invite the reader to consider how this sort of nonsense has mushroomed in the age of social media. In Fort Lauderdale, a crank caller posing as a doctor has been phoning people late at night or in the small hours telling them their loved ones have been injured. The word raped was also used. And this dude is also said to have posed as a police officer. This article by staff writer Linda Robertson appeared in the BRWRD Edition of the paper, page 4BR, (accessed here through NewsBank).

October 30, 1986: This one takes some beating. Grady Phillips is arrested in Allentown, Pennsylvania after his ex-girfriend Linda Laughlin accuses him of kidnapping her at gunpoint, falsely imprisoning her, and raping her. He is released December 10, 1986 when she admits she had made the whole thing up. The following July when Laughlin appears in court she is accompanied by her husband. Or perhaps that should be when the former Linda Laughlin appears in court. The new Mrs Phillips was given probation.

[The above is based on a report by Debbie Garlicki in The Morning Call, July 7, 1987, FIRST Edition, page B04, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

November 5, 1986: A 13 year old and a 15 year old from Goodrich Junior High School at Akron, Ohio, bunk off. When they return they claim to have been kidnapped by a group of men, and raped. The truth is reported the following day in the FINAL Edition of the Akron Beacon Journal by staff writer Marilyn Miller Roane, page D7. A 15 year old is a pupil, not a student, or in this case a very bad girl Daddy should take to the woodshed.

November 22, 1986: This article, so dated, is from the Birmingham Evening Mail (WEEKEND SPECIAL), page 3. An unnamed man accused of raping his teenage landlady in Smethwick is cleared at Stafford Crown Court, of rape, the jury taking just ten minutes to return their verdict, which shows what they thought of his accuser.

November 29, 1986: Kevin Ibbs has sex with Christine Watson. And then...? If the case of the man who become known as the 30 second rapist is not the most notorious false rape allegation in Australian history, it is certainly the most bizarre and the most ludicrous as well as one of the most mendacious. You can read an excellent summary of it here. If you want the long version (written in legalese), here is the final appeal judgment. File under NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY.

December 1, 1986: Former public schoolboy Andrew Richins murders Wai Lai Choi after toxic teen temptress Sabrina Ngiau claims he raped her. This is another case of the victim being put on trial, but it didn’t wash, and Richins was convicted at the Central Criminal Court albeit by a majority verdict. A sad, tragic tale of a teenager throwing his own life away over a youthful infatuation. This report appeared in the New Straits Times, March 27, 1988, page 6.

December 27, 1986: Laddya Gould of Punta Gorda tells police she was kidnapped and raped the previous evening. An investigation reveals that Gould - a married woman - had been out partying and was afraid of her husband’s reaction. Read between the lines. This report was published in the Saratosa Herald-Tribune, December 29, 1986, page 3BC.

1987: False reports of sexual assault in Broward County, Florida. Click here for more.

1987: Haitian immigrant Joseph Luis Feduis Estanma is accused of raping the 9 year old Marie Silencieux. According to this article, there was physical evidence, apparently of physical assault, and he is convicted. He spends four and a half years in the Florida prison system. He is released after Marie comes clean, her abusive mother - who is now in prison - had put her up to falsely accusing him.

1987: In Canada, Donna Mercier falsely accuses her lover Kenneth Sylvia of rape and theft. Nine years later she hits the headlines big time for a different type of false report, and her lies are even reported in Parliament, see page 11 of this PDF document.

January 3, 1987: An eleven year old girl at East Hillsborough School, Florida tells a teacher she has been sexually molested by police officer Terry Youngblood. Her allegations expand to include him giving her oral sex. Youngblood is arrested. Three months after he is charged, doubt begins to set in. On August 9, 1987, the St. Petersburg Times (accessed here through NewsBank) publishes a detailed history of the case including why the charges were dropped.

January 17, 1987: Joseph Blair of Berwick, Pennsylvania is cleared of raping a 5 year old girl, who claimed he violated her about a hundred times from April 1984. This article appeared in the Observer-Reporter (Washington, Pennsylvania), January 19, 1987, page A-3; it contains an interesting but flawed comment: “No medical or other physical evidence to prove or disprove the charges was available because the girl’s mother waited 18 months before going to authorities with the allegations”. If such a young girl had indeed been so violated, there would have been plenty of evidence. WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH KIDS TODAY?

February 1987: The Cleveland child sexual abuse scandal. Click here for more.

February 3, 1987: In Spartanburg County, South Carolina, Catherine Conklin claims to have been raped at knifepoint by a man who posed as a utility worker. Utility worker Anthony B. Gaines is arrested after she picks out his photograph (which was on record due to a trivial traffic offence). Although he is soon released on bond, Gaines is (obviously) suspended from his job without pay. After repeating the lie to a grand jury on March 19, Conklin moves to Florida, but soon has a change of heart, and does the decent thing, although she blames her boyfriend! She faces a possible perjury charge. This article appeared in the Spartanburg Herald-Journal, April 25, 1987, front page & A6.

February 27, 1987: At Woodford County, Kentucky, a teenager is raped in her own home, around 11am, and at knifepoint. The victim gives a precise description of her attacker down to the tattoo on his left hand, and the car he drove. Futhermore, her purse has been emptied, the knife has been left behind, and when she was taken for an examination, semen was found, though no bruising, but that’s hardly surprising, she was probably afraid to resist with a knife at her throat. Especially as her attacker didn’t exist. After a thorough investigation and a confession, she was charged. This article from NewsBank appears on page 3 of the FINAL Edition, and is credited to Angela Duerson.

March 2, 1987: The twenty year old Wolanda Fay is allegedly unlawfully imprisoned and raped at New Hartford, New York after leaving the Sangertown Mall. Later that month, she is charged with false reporting.

[The above is based on a report in The Post-Standard, (Syracuse), March 27, 1987, Madison Edition, page B1, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

March 9, 1987: In Pittsburgh, a woman tells police she was raped by a man posing as a Jehovah’s Witness. Click here for more.

March 27, 1987: United States Senator Brock Adams meets Kari Tupper at his home. Click here for more.

March 29, 1987: A young woman is allegedly carjacked late at night by two men at Rock Hill, South Carolina, forced to drive to a secluded spot, and raped by both of them. According to York County law officer Joe Mitchell: “She just lied about the whole thing”.

She appears to have concocted the story because she was away from home overnight. Do the math. This report by Lolo Pendergrast appeared in The Charlotte Observer, April 2, 1987, Edition FIVE, page 1C.

April 1987: The Scope Of Rape... is published by Mary Koss et al. Click here for more.

April 26, 1987: An Omaha woman tells police a man forced his way into her home and raped her. Early the following month, she admits she made the story up. A brief report appeared in the SUNRISE Edition of this newspaper, (accessed here through NewsBank complete with typographical errors).

May 1, 1987: Practical Aspects Of Rape Investigation is published. Click here for more.

May 9, 1987: At Albany, New York, a 15 year old girl is allegedly raped in a field at night. On May 15, teenager Richard Bagley is arrested by Detectives Mancino and Tuffey. He is sent to Albany County Jail, but on June 2, the charges are dropped after the girl admits she had lied. I found this report in Newsbank, but the full text appears in the preview of The Times Union archive.

June 5, 1987: Teresa McCandless is convicted of manslaughter. This is only a false allegation of attempted rape, but is included here because of the outcome. McCandless had been drinking with Harold Bolton - a man nearly twice her age - when she stabbed him to death at an apartment in Catford. From the little information available, both appear to have been down and outs, or at best two people living near the bottom of society. She claimed he had the knife, which does little to explain how he was the one who was stabbed. This report appeared in the Guardian, June 13, 1987, page 5. File Toxic Teresa under PRETEXT FOR MURDER and HEAD CASE.

June 20, 1987: The severely disabled Evelyn Muniz is allegedly raped late at night in her basement home by Raul Morales, the superintendent of her building. He is arrested the following day, and in spite of having a watertight alibi he is charged, tried, convicted, and given a heavy sentence. In 1996, the victim - and she was a victim, but not of rape - comes clean to her pastor. Read the truth and weep. Evelyn Muniz died in August 1999; Raul Morales was denied monetary compensation by the State of New York for his lost years.

June 28, 1987: Michael McElroy is arrested hours after robbing a man. Doubtless much to his surprise, he is charged with rape as well. (And there was me thinking they called it sodomy in 1987). On July 22, 1987 it is reported by The Pittsburgh Press, (page S2) that the sex charges have been dropped. Deviant sexual intercourse - ah, that’s better. According to Mount Lebanon Detective Rich Nehilia, the victim was mad that he’d been robbed.

July 30, 1987: Marian Snyder of New Jersey goes the extra mile when she fakes her own kidnapping and rape. Click here for more.

September 5, 1987: A sophomore from Ohio is allegedly gang-raped by seven men at Vanderbilt University, but happily it turns out their names were Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, Dopey and Doc. Or some other imaginary troupe. The truth came out the following day and was relayed to the wider world the day after that. In NewsBank, this article is credited to Associated Press, and appears on page A6 of the 1 STAR Edition.

September 9, 1987: A teenager goes for a ride with a man and is raped before being released near Youngwood, Pennsylvania. Or is she? Greensburg police officers Michael Dell and Paul Burkey think not. This article is from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, October 28, 1987, page 5-W.

October 9, 1987: Singer-songwriter David Bowie spends the night with a woman named Wanda Nichols who shortly accuses him of raping her and also claims he told he she had now been infected with AIDS. On November 18, 1987, a Dallas grand jury declines to indict him. Her civil suit is dismissed by District Judge Sam Cummings on February 12, 1990.

October 12, 1987: A woman is carjacked at knifepoint and raped. At least that is what she told the men with badges. Greensburg police officers Michael Dell and Paul Burkey don’t believe her. This article is from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, October 28, 1987, page 5-W.

October 16, 1987: A DePaul University student is raped late at night. Or is she? Click here for more.

October 21, 1987: This report so dated appeared in the Guardian, page 4. Teen temptress Alison Morcom accused another youth of rape for a truly bizarre reason. Her victim was arrested, and she wasted 243 hours of police time, so the bench at Newquay sent her to youth custody for 90 days.

November 5, 1987: In Michigan, Christine Burzynski has sex with two men at a motel. Click here for more.

November 25, 1987: After a three day trial, Michael Smith is convicted of several offences against an underage girl, including rape. The allegations are very recent, from June 1-September 24 the same year. Misapplying the rape shield statute, the judge refuses to permit him to adduce evidence of multiple false allegations against different people by the same girl. On March 16, 1989, the Supreme Court of Georgia reverses his conviction and on March 29, 1989, denies reconsideration.

November 28, 1987: A small town in New York State is the scene of one of the most notorious and extensively documented false rape allegations in American history. The Tawana Brawley case is too well known to discuss in detail here. The reader is referred in the first instance to the substantial documentary coverage of it that can be found on YouTube and other video sites, and also to the official report. File this under HATE CRIME HOAX.

1987/8: ANOTHER DOOR CLOSED: RAPE TRAUMA SYNDROME by Michael Donohue is published. Click here for more.

1988: Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests is founded in Toledo by Barbara Blaine. Click here for more.

1988: The Credibility of Children’s Allegations of Sexual Abuse by Kathleen M. Quinn is published. Click here for more.

1988: In Canada, a teenager known only as R.R.1 is attending a party at the house of her boyfriend. She and another guest go outside and have sex. Click here for more.

1988: Ellen Bass and Laura Davis publish the first edition of The Courage To Heal, one of the most dangerous books ever written. My review can be found here, and what skeptic Robert Sheaffer thinks of it here. In spite of the proven damage done by this book and similar quackery, it has been both augmented and reissued several times.

January 1988: In the Netherlands, a woman reports being raped by a friend. According to the public prosecutor, this was another case of GUILT. She appear too to have been a bit of a HEAD CASE. She escaped with a short suspended sentence.

The above is based on this report from the Dutch newspaper NIEUWSBLAD van het NOORDEN, September 27, 1989, page 18.

February 6, 1988: Very Careful Rape is screened. Although a dramatisation, one cannot help but think it inspired some women, (like Rhiannon Brooker).

March 26, 1988: County man cleared of indecency published in the Lincolnshire Echo, page 5.

The above article reports the acquittal of convicted sex offender George Lewis who was falsely accused by Ray Hill of molesting Hill’s sons. I actually spoke to Mr Lewis when I was researching my biography of Hill. You can read some of the background to the case therein, in particular pages 79 & 80 (book page numbers).

March 28, 1988: This report so dated from page 3 of the Dutch language newspaper Leeuwarder Courant proves that while all the nice girls love a sailor, soldiers have to take what they can get, which in this case is A WOMAN SCORNED.

The false accuser was a teenager of Limburg Landgraaf who accused her former boyfriend of raping her because...he didn’t want to take her back home with him to the United States. A medical examination proved there had been recent sexual intercourse, and a cursory criminal investigation showed he had a rock solid alibi. Bad girl.

April 1988: Robert Norwood is alleged to have raped the woman with whom he was living in Philadelphia. She makes a number of other allegations against him, including rape, but while he is in prison she visits him and sends him money. She claimed her previous lover Galvan Hallaway had physically assaulted her too. Thankfully the court had more sense than she did. Stay away from demented women, and pathetic women like this one.

April 7, 1988: This report so dated from the front page of the Dutch language newspaper NIEUWSBLAD van het NOORDEN tells the story of a teenager from Assen who faked her kidnapping and rape by two men. This appears to have happened, or rather not to have happened, the previous week.

April 15, 1988: In the Deep South, motorist Tina Ross of Atlanta accuses a Smyrna police officer of raping her. The things some of these bitches will say to get out of a ticket. After detectives carry out an investigation, the truth comes out; she pleads no contest to filing a false report, and receives a suspended sentence, which is in stark contrast to the sentence the officer would have received had the investigators chosen simply to believe the victim.

April 19, 1988: A Brandeis University student has sex with fellow student Jonathan Stockhammer behind her boyfriend’s back. She accuses him of rape; he is convicted and given a 15 year sentence, but on appeal his conviction is reversed. Stockhammer is exonerated on May 1, 1991.

May 15, 1988: Barbara Simonis of Black River Falls, Wisconsin, tells her boyfriend she was raped in her home on May 13 by a man wearing a ski mask. In reality, she fabricated this story because she became pregnant by another man, something he appears to have known about. However, he insists on calling the police. Barbara also claims to have been receiving threatening phone calls. It is only on December 5, 1989 she tells the police the truth, and in view of the merry dance she has led them, she faces criminal charges.

May 25, 1988: In New York State, Gindy Schumacher is raped by a soldier, at least that is the impression she gives Watertown City Police. However, while they are questioning him, she notifies the military authorities to admit she wasn’t rape. And, although it isn’t clear from this stem of a report, it is she not he who is ordered to attend court.

May 28, 1988: At Torrance, California, teenager Marion Byrnside claims to have been raped by a stranger in the cinema where she works. A medical examination is inconclusive. When she is reinterviewed, she names Juan Bautista as her attacker. He is arrested, but doubt soon sets in due to the logistics. Eventually, she admits she made it up, not to hurt Bautista but because she was mad at a girl she thought had a crush on him! The following March, she pleads NO CONTEST to filing a false police report. She was ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment. This report is credited by NewsBank to Kristina Horton, and appeared on page A1.

June 3, 1988: Terri Kerr of Whitpain, Pennsylvania, tells law enforcement that on May 30, 1988 she was attacked by two men, raped by one and orally raped by the other. She is medically examined, but during the investigation she admits she made the story up. She is charged with filing a false report.

June 23, 1988: An unnamed fourteen year old boy is cleared at Stafford Crown Court of raping a forty-eight year old woman in July 1987. Click here for more.

July 3, 1988: Teenager Sarah Jane Louise Goodwin attends a police station in Lincoln and claims to have been raped earlier that day. Click here for more.

August 17, 1988: Lynne Cronin tells police she was beaten, kicked in the head and raped earlier in the day at Cutler Park, Waukesha. This is her second false rape allegation. The first results in an innocent man serving time.

Circa August 26, 1988: An educationally subnormal underage teen is allegedly raped by two brothers. Click here for more.

August 27, 1988: On said date at Warren, Michigan, a woman claims to have been carjacked and raped. Click here for more.

August 28, 1988: New Hampshire woman Barbara Bernier is allegedly raped in her apartment. Shortly, investigator Paul Goupil says that after a thorough investigation, her claim is shown to be untrue.

This article was published in The Telegraph (Nashua, New Hampshire), September 2, 1988, page 7.

September 1988: This report from the Gadsden Times, September 3, 1990, page A2, is one of many about this unusual case. Elizabeth Richardson accused Gary Nitsch of raping her in September 1988. He was arrested and charged but the case was dropped. She told friends the rape story was a hoax, and in February 1990, she was convicted of perjury; on June 8, 1990, she was sentenced to 180 days in gaol and two years probation. And to take out said advertisements. The case was appealed to the Supreme Court of Nebraska, apparently without success.

September 1, 1988: Canadian Newspapers Co. v. Canada (Attorney General)

The above judgment from the Supreme Court of Canada contains some very interesting testimony. Doreen Carole Boucher, co-ordinator of a rape crisis centre, admitted under cross-examination that some rapes reported to her and other rape crisis centres were imaginary. Normally, rad-fems and so-called anti-rape activists will make such an admission only at the point of a gun. Although she does her best to minimise this admission, it begs the question how many clients of such centres are genuine, and how many are either mentally disturbed or simply evil.

September 11, 1988: Russell Kassab puts a teenage girl up for the night rather that allow her to drive home to Garrisonville, a distance of less than fifteen miles. She accuses him of rape. After he appears in court the following month, she writes to the authorities and admits she had lied.

This report was published in The Free Lance-Star, October 25, 1988, page 20.

September 12, 1988: False Allegations of Sexual Abuse by Children and Adolescents by Mark D. Everson and Barbara W. Boat.

The date given is the date the above was accepted for publication. As usual, don’t believe the statistics. The authors’ citing of Faller (Coulborn Faller) is unfortunate; she is one of those “children never lie” cranks. The article does include several examples of clearly false allegations though, but can a child of barely three who claims her father inserted a stick in her vagina really be said to be lying? Lorandos and Ceci for example have often pointed out how unreliable the testimony of very young children can be, even without coaching.

September 29, 1988: Venus Betz is arrested for filing a false allegation of rape against an unnamed man from Mahanoy, Pennsylvania. This article was published in the Hazleton Standard-Speaker, October 3, 1988, page 38.

October 30, 1988: At Eugene, Oregon, a teenager tells police that on said date a man climbed into her car and raped her. Just like that. When they find discrepancies in her account, she admits she made it up after arriving home late one evening. The linked report is from the The Register-Guard, (Eugene, Oregon), November 17, 1988, page 4D.

November 9, 1988: In Florida, Ivie Cornell Norris is convicted of raping a 9 year old girl, which is said to have happened in March that year. There was said to be no physical evidence - seriously? Like if a 9 year old girl is A VIRGIN, how can a jury convict? Norris didn’t take the stand. How could he not have taken the stand when accused of something like this? The good news is that, aged 11, the girl recanted. She said she was inspired by an episode of the TV programme 21 Jump Street.

December 2, 1988: David Sanderson is accused of raping a girl at his apartment in Deary, Idaho. Click here for source.

December 14, 1988: In Malaysia, a teenager tells police her boyfriend raped her December 11/2; her name is given a Jamilah Jaafar; his is given as Zali. On August 28, 1989, she pleads guilty to making a false report. In October 1989, she is given a slap on the wrist. This report is from the New Straits Times, October 25, 1989, page 11. What happens to men convicted of rape in Malaysia? Here is a clue, they don’t get probation.

Late 1988: After being indoctrinated by feminist propaganda, Meredith Maran accuses her own father of raping her when she was a child. She is 37 years old. Eventually, she realises the human mind is a fragile thing, including her own; she recants and apologises. She even writes a book about it - one that frankly is not very coherent. Here she is in a short video.

Late 1988-early 1989: After becoming pregnant, Linda Carty claims to have been raped in a Houston car park. She gives up the baby for adoption. In May 2001, Carty murdered Joana Rodriguez - a truly bizarre crime. While on death row, her case was taken up by Clive Stafford Smith and his gang of miscreants; the 1988 rape claim was one of many lies they parroted hoping to adduce sympathy for her. When I contacted Houston Police, I was told they had no record of a rape report by Carty. She probably had a fling with another student. However the baby was conceived, one thing is certain, this evil, manipulative liar was not raped.

1989: One Hundred Cases of Unfounded Child Sexual Abuse: A Survey and Recommendations by LeRoy Schultz is published.

The above article which I found on ipt hyphen forensics dot com is written from an American perspective. Among other things it cites one study that concluded nearly half of child sexual abuse allegations (ie against parents/guardians) may be false or at best questionable. As few as that? (Many of the links in the endnotes are dead).

1989: There are 99 unfounded reports of rape in Minnesota. Click here for source.

1989: In the city of Nashua, New Hampshire, there are 79 reports of rape, 6 of which are determined to be unfounded. [This figure comes from a report in the New Hampshire Sunday News, February 18, 1990, page 11A, (accessed through NewsBank)].

At that time, Nashua had a population of just under eighty thousand, so this is really quite a high figure for reported rapes. It remains to be seen how many of those 79 were genuine, and of course it is possible that some genuine rapes went unreported, though nowhere near as many as the sisterhood would have us believe.

1989: Rape Law: A Feminist Legal Analysis by Miriam Benson is published. Click here for my analysis.

1989: An unidentified woman is charged with making a false rape allegation in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

1989: New York woman Valerie Adams files a false rape report. See later entry.

January 1989: While bottle feeding her young son, Eileen Franklin-Lipsker experiences a flashback in which she sees her father George Franklin murdering her best friend Susan Nason in September 1969! This is an infamous case; here is how it played out in the California courts. File under FALSE MEMORY.

January 1989: In the North of England, the pathetic Deborah Hudspeth cries rape. She gives a good description of this imaginary fiend which leads to the police arresting a real man. Eventually, she fesses up. This article appeared on the front page of the Evening Chronicle LATE NIGHT FINAL (Newcastle), May 16, 1989. As ever, my apologies for the terrible quality of the scan, but from the last paragraph it is clear this was not the first time she had cried rape, or something, perhaps not even the second. It remains to be seen if either of her previous claims had any basis in fact, but of course, she is still a victim. How could she be anything but?

January 17, 1989: A teenager is allegedly kidnapped and raped by David Perry of Spring Hill, Florida. Click here for more.

Circa early February 1989: At her murder trial in Colorado, Lori McLuckie claims she was raped by Andrew Vigil. Click here for more.

February 3, 1989: On the island of Trinidad & Tobago, Ann Marie Boodram is arrested for the murder of her husband, who was poisoned with weedkiller.

This case is incredible; you can read the full judgment here, but in short, she claimed inter alia to have been raped by one of the detectives assigned to the case. After being convicted of the murder of her husband, twice, and sentenced to death both times, an appeal to the Privy Council in London was successful, and a second retrial was not ordered. It is clear from the judgment that the evidence against this woman was overwhelming. Along with all the other lies she told, the rape allegation is beneath contempt.

March 12-3, 1989: A fifteen year old girl has sex with Roderick Williams. Click here for more.

March 28, 1989: A woman is allegedly raped at knifepoint near Haynie Hall, Normal, Illinois. Nothing normal about her, because on April 6 it is reported she had made it up. It comes as no surprise to learn she was a student. This article (accessed through NewsBank) appeared on page A9 of the FINAL Edition of said publication.

April 1989: Georgina Kyriakou has a fling with businessman Jhias Chamas at the London hotel where she works. Then she accuses him of raping her. Mr Chamas spends 12 days in custody before the truth comes out. In November 1990, she is given a 12 month sentence at the Central Criminal Court for perverting the course of justice. This report appeared in the London Times, November 10, 1990, page 2.

April 1989: In Idaho, a rape charge against Said Hajib is dismissed. Click here for more.

April 1, 1989: New York State University student Quincy Troupe is arrested for the rape of another student. Click here for more.

April 15, 1989: A 12 year old girl from East Akron, Ohio is allegedly raped by a paternal uncle. She reports the incident the same day. After a seven week investigation, she is charged with false reporting and is scheduled to be dealt with by Summit County Juvenile Court. WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH KIDS TODAY?

[The above is based on a report in the Akron Beacon Journal, May 31, 1989, 1 STAR Edition, page B3, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

April 26, 1989: The London Times reports on the dropping of a case against a husband and wife. Click here for more.

Probably late April 1989: A teenager and a young woman are allegedly kidnapped in Florida. Click here for more.

April 27, 1989: A report is published in the London Times of the acquittal of the defendant in what is said to be the first charge of marital rape ever in Scotland. Click here for more.

Probably April 27, 1989: A woman from Lauderhill, Florida is allegedly kidnapped. Click here for more.

May 1989: Two false rape allegations for the price of one and a fake knife attack the following month are reported in this article from a Canberra newspaper, June 8.

Probably May 1, 1989: A schoolgirl is allegedly raped at Fort Launderdale. Click here for more.

May 1, 1989: The gullible Oprah Winfrey interviews Vicki Polin. Click here for more.

May 2, 1989: Early morning, Juanita Gillette is found tied up in a ditch at Valrico, Florida. She claims to have been abducted, raped and held captive by four men for two days. Shortly however, she is charged with multiple crimes, the false reporting allegation being the least of her worries. Two months earlier she had been involved in a hoax robbery with one of her alleged captors, Alfonso Williams. (The full report by Jennifer Orsi can be found in Newsbank).

May 6, 1989: Teen stripper Donna Stephan is not raped on Route 22, and admitted as much. According to the New York Times of July 23, 1989, she claimed too to have been sexually assaulted at a private frat house party on May 5. Tsk, tsk!

May 9, 1989: In San Diego, Alicia Wade is taken to hospital after complaining of abdominal pain. Click here for more.

May 15, 1989: This one is both strange and horrible. In North Carolina, the elderly Modine Wise is the victim of a burglar who seriously assaults her. She denies she was sexually assaulted, although a physician says he found bruising consistent with rape. Timothy Bridges is arrested, but by the time he is brought to trial, the poor woman is dead. Bridges was a victim of both snitch culture and bad science; eventually he is exonerated. Was Modine Wise really raped - who knows? But she was the victim of an appalling crime, so file this one under FALSE AND TRUE

May 23, 1989: This report from an Australian newspaper so dated tells the tale of two young women who cried rape the previous weekend, and were shortly found to be less than truthful.

May 26, 1989: A woman claims to have been abducted and raped in New York’s Central Park. Click here for more.

June 21, 1989: Charges against George Battle of Newark, New Jersey are dropped when his teenage accuser recants. He had been accused of kidnapping and raping her. An investigation revealed she had actually spent the night at her boyfriend’s apartment; she had also recanted, although curiously, in this article she is still alluded to as the victim. In NewsBank, this is credited to Diane Curcio in the FINAL Edition, (no page given).

July 11, 1989: Claude Hampton is accused of raping a teenage girl in his apartment at Newport, Rhode Island with the assistance of Jaime Lewis. They are held without bond, but shortly their accuser recants. On July 20, the police say she will probably be charged with filing a false report.

[The above is based on a report in the Providence Journal, July 20, 1989, page B-06, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

July 22, 1989: In Los Angeles, Elizabeth Gooden tells her neighbour Monique Taylor she has just been raped by the slightly built Wilson Picquet. Four days later, she shoots him multiple times; miraculously, he survives. Three days after Christmas, she is given a mere two year sentence. To see how implausible were her claims, check out this earlier article, and file this lethal landwhale under PRETEXT FOR (ATTEMPTED) MURDER.

July 23, 1989: Ellen Holmes appears at Alachua General Hospital after what appears to have been a dust up with Willie Ray Myers; she accuses him of raping her; he too appears at the hospital for treatment; he is charged with battery and burglary while she is charged with filing a false rape report. From the little information available this would appear to have been some sort of domestic incident, and as the lady gave a good as she got, they should have been allowed to kiss and make up. Sadly, the imbeciles who control our criminal justice system don’t think like that. This report appeared in the The Gainesville Sun, July 24, 1989, page 2B.

August 1989: Not to be confused with anyone else bearing the same monicker, the alluringly named Dusty Rhodes is accused of raping an underage girl in said month. He was first charged with a sexual offence in November 1991, and in March 1992, it was revealed this charge had been upped to rape. At the time, Dusty, or to give him his proper name, Manuel, was Chief of Police in Seymour, Missouri. In June 1992, The Kansas City Star reported the case had been dropped. It remains to be seen if the girl fabricated the allegations herself or if as was suggested by Randy Greer in his book Kings was due to the relationship his one-time daughter-in-law had with a former police officer who blamed him for his dismissal. Rhodes died on May 7, 1995, aged 66.

August 1, 1989: Kevin Peterson of Ogden, Utah is alleged to have sexually abused his son and daughter. He is charged in March the following year, and on December 10 pleads NO CONTEST to second degree sexual abuse - “sexual contact short of rape”; he is given a 15 year sentence, which is stayed, but in February 1993 his probation is revoked. He is released only in November 2007. Years later, both kids recant saying they were coerced by their mother and stepfather.

August 20, 1989: Lyle and Erik Menéndez murder their parents at the family home in Beverly Hills. Click here for more.

August 26, 1989: At ten o’clock this Saturday morning, a young woman is kidnapped by a man with a van at West Allis, Wisconsin. Over the next seventeen hours, she is raped repeatedly. She is released around 3.30am the following day, and walks to the West Allis Memorial Hospital. On the evening of August 29, she is reinterviewed in the presence of her husband. Then the truth comes out. The sex with her alleged kidnapper was consensual, and this was not the first time they’d had it off. A full report appeared in the NewsBank edition of the Wisconsin State Journal, August 31, 1989, page 4D. Lieutenant Robert Due was not amused.

August 28, 1989: A 14 year old boy is arrested in Florida on suspicion of...well, take a gander at this excellent analysis of Bobby Fijnje - the so-called Old Cutler case - which saw Stephen Ceci appearing as an expert witness. (You will find his name elsewhere in this database).

Here is an HTML version of the letter the jurors sent to the State Attorney after they had acquitted this poor kid of all charges; it is dated May 9, 1991. The State Attorney concerned went on to serve as Attorney General of the United States; this has been called the case Janet Reno would like to have forgotten. This and the Waco massacre, of course.

September 22, 1989: Wolverhampton magistrates sentence Mandy Ray to four months in a young offenders institution on her conviction for wasting police time. Her false rape allegation led to the arrest of an innocent man.

This article was published in the Daily Telegraph, September 23, 1989, page 10.

October 1989: An underage teen from Parishville, New York, claims to have been raped three times during the month. On November 5, 1989, it is reported that someone has been charged: her. This database entry contains almost the entire article. It ends: “Court at a later date.”

October 3, 1989: Brenda Carey tells Orlando Police she was abducted from the Rosemont Plaza shopping centre and raped the previous afternoon. The following day, she is charged with filing a false police report.

October 15, 1989: James Liggett of Tukwila, Washington is alleged to have raped an unnamed woman. Click here for more.

October 24, 1989: Ohio State University student Michele Yentes is raped at knifepoint late at night by a black sexual predator. The assault provokes outrage by students and faculty members. And more outrage including among blacks when it turns out this fiend was a figment of her imagination.

Her punishment is meted out on October 31, 1990 and is reported by the Daily Kent Stater, November 2, 1990, page 3.

November 1989: You couldn’t make this one up, but she did! Lesbian Sandra Harris has sex with David Sheedy hoping to get pregnant. She told her lover Alison Westcott she’d been raped. She told the police too, and an innocent man called Nigel Kennedy (not the famous violinist) was arrested when Westcott saw a man matching the description of the phantom assailant. Harris identified him falsely as the non-existent rapist. This poor bloke spent 18 days behind bars before he was cleared by DNA. When the police finally arrested Sheedy, the truth came out, and at the Central Criminal Court on August 5, 1991, Harris was given a 15 month sentence with 9 months suspended after pleading guilty to perverting the course of justice.

The Harris case is discussed in this November 1991 article by Edward G. Lawrence from The New Law Journal called Sex cases: abolition of corroboration rule.

November 11, 1989: In Florida, a 13 year old girl is allegedly raped by Rufus Lendale. As he is a convicted sex offender, he must be guilty, right? Nope. Here is how the story played out; this report appeared in The Gainesville Sun, November 17, 1990, page 3B. Rufus Lendale died April 11, 2001, aged only 54.

November 18, 1989: In Saratosa, Valerie Malone accuses Cleodis Peterson of raping her. He is charged with several offences, but she recants the rape allegation. It is not entirely clear what happened, and it is likely that neither was telling the whole truth, though there appears to have been some sort of financial transaction and/or dispute between the parties. This article appeared in the Saratosa Herald-Tribune, July 1, 1990, pages 1B & 3B.

December 5, 1989: Amine Baba-Ali is convicted by a New York judge of unspeakable crimes against his 4 year old daughter due to a combination of a malicious ex-wife and an incompetent medical examiner. Eventually his convictions are overturned and he receives substantial compensation for his lost years, but he never sees his daughter again. A truly sad case.

December 13, 1989: Teenager Gary Lamont Moore of Bowling Green is released from prison after a charge of first degree rape is dropped, his accuser having recanted. This article appeared in the Daily News (Bowling Green, Kentucky), December 14, 1989, page 2-A.

Circa December 23, 1989: In California, Anne Norris accuses her parents of incest and Satanic ritual abuse. Click here for more.

1989-90: Rape Trauma Syndrome: An Evidentiary Tool by Anne Marie Delorey.

It is unclear the precise date the above flight of fancy was published, probably late 1989. “Women who choose to prosecute criminally men who have sexually assaulted them must prove that they did not consent to the act”, she says. Screaming so loud the neighbours hear or clawing his face are good ways to do that, not to mull over the issue for six months. The fact that the author credits Elizabeth Sheehy as an inspiration is a dead giveway. Click here for the truth about rape trauma syndrome.

1990 and before: Around 20% of reported rapes on Staten Island, New York, are false according to this report. (Only 20%?) This article from page A15, accessed through NewsBank as usual, is credited to Amanita Duga. Interestingly it ends: “Even in cases where police cannot prove in a courtroom that the woman is not telling the truth, the woman will usually recant her story once she realizes police know she has lied.”

1990: False rape statistics for Columbus, Ohio. Click here for more.

1990: Valerie Adams files a false rape report at Rotterdam, New York. See later entry.

1990: This is an indecent assault rather than a rape case. It is included here because the false accuser RECANTED after 20 years. Ian Henderson is accused of indecent assault by the 14 year old Carrie Crownshaw. He is convicted and given a 3 year sentence at Acton Crown Court, serving 16 months. In 2010, Crownshaw goes to the police, apparently wracked with guilt. By this time, she is a married woman and mother of four. In May 2008, she is given a suspended sentence at Harrow Crown Court.

1990: At Akron, Ohio, a 12 year old girl claims to have been raped, and points the finger at Jimmy Williams. Although only a teenager, he is given a life sentence on his conviction the following year. Williams FAILED A POLYGRAPH, for what that is worth, but there was no forensic evidence, and he was convicted because...

In 2001, he was cleared after the girl recanted her identification but not the rape claim, although as can be seen from this brief report, it is likely that no rape happened.

Circa 1990: “To spare you the graphic details, from age six to nineteen I was tortured physically and sexually in cult rituals. I was raped, deprived of food and forced to undergo three abortions (all fathered and aborted by Doc himself).” These are the ravings of Teal Swan. (When I checked her website on August 1, 2018, this page had been deleted).

If you haven’t heard of the lady, she is a modern mystic. And a con woman. She has been interviewed by the mainstream media, and at least some of her claims have been investigated to no effect. In 2005, she filed a police report in Utah. Suffice it to say no evidence has been adduced to support her eyewitness accounts of the murders of children!

1990-91: Selective false rape statistics from Maryland with examples (including Fairfax County, Virginia). Click here for more.

1990-April 1992: This is a case that although bad enough could have been tragic. Nicole Lynn Althaus was born April 10, 1975. In 1990, she made a single allegation against her father Richard, that he had touched her inappropriately. From there, her allegations mushroomed, resulting in the arrest of her father for rape and other crimes, and for her mother for sexual assault. Fortunately, the courts soon realised that whatever had been happening here, it was not sexual abuse. In April 1992, Nicole herself recognised her delusions, and withdrew her allegations. She said she realised she couldn’t have walked on hot coals because she didn’t have scars. She and her parents went on to sue those they held responsible for implanting her with FALSE MEMORIES. Here is the full judgment.

January 1990: A woman cries rape in Island County, Washington. Click here for more.

January 7, 1990: In Yukon, Oklahoma, a 16 year old girl is allegedly kidnapped at gunpoint off the street, driven somewhere by her two assailants, raped, and returned. On January 15, The Oklahoman (accessed here through NewsBank) quotes Lieutenant Jeff Hudson of the local police. Medical reports show the girl suffered no trauma, and she admitted she made it up.

January 18, 1990: In Malaysia, Selemat bin Arsid phones the police and claims his girlfriend has been gang-raped at the Imperial Hotel. This bizarre false allegation leaves him with a heavy dent in his wallet. This article was published in The Straits Times, February 19, 1990, page 24.

February 1990: Kellie Waddell accuses a former colleague of raping her in late August 1979. Seriously? Dr Varga is tried and acquitted; the Crown appeals, but the Court of Appeal for Toronto dismisses said appeal in May 1994. Here is the judgment. If you read this, it is clear that not only would the rape have been doubtful due to the layout of the room where it was alleged to have taken place, but that this woman had serious alcohol problems. The Crown complained that her cross-examination at trial was tantamount to character assassination. And a false allegation of rape is not?

February 5, 1990: In Nashua, New Hampshire, teenager Jennifer Cleveland is arrested and charged with falsely reporting a rape. Click here for more.

February 5, 1990: A woman makes an early morning call - like 12.30am early - on Pittsburgh dentist Clinton Runco. They are both married, though not to each other, and she is in fact the wife of a close friend of the good doctor, although one doubts that friendship survived this incident. The two had sex - she said it was rape; he said it was consensual. Although the case was dropped, ostensibly for medical reasons, the woman had psychiatric problems and had made a false rape allegation before.

This article appeared in the Pittsburgh Post-Gezette, November 6, 1990, page 5. One would have expected some sort of disciplinary action (not to mention divorce proceedings!) to be taken against Runco for what was clearly unprofessional behaviour, but twenty and more years on he was still practising.

February 8, 1990: Late at night in Atlanta, Georgia, a woman is allegedly raped. The following afternoon, a police officer named Andre Britten is arrested. As he was on duty at the time, this was hardly a case of mistaken identity. The charges are dismissed two days later. I have been unable to find any follow up at all so assume the police took no action against his accuser, for whatever reason.

February 9, 1990: At Nashua, New Hampshire, teenager Anne Marie Baker is arrested and charged with filing a false rape report after admitting she lied in her initial interview.

[The above is based on a report by Kris Frieswick in the New Hampshire Sunday News, February 18, 1990, page 11A, (accessed through NewsBank)].

February 26, 1990: In New Orleans, a woman has sex with a man on a float during a parade. They appear to have been strangers, so naturally, she accuses him of rape. Shortly, she admits the sex was indeed consensual. This article was published in The Times-Picayune METRO, NEW ORLEANS, March 2, 1990, page B-4. (I had a lot of problems with this screengrab, a JPG was no good, and a PDF is not much better, so if you have trouble reading it, try saving to disk first then using your PDF viewer).

March 13, 1990: Personality Characteristics Of Falsely Accusing Parents In Custody Disputes by Hollida Wakefield and Ralph Underwager.

You can ignore the babble in the above paper about personality disorders; the bottom line is that in custody disputes some people - men as well as women - play very dirty indeed.

March 14, 1990: At Waukesha, Milwaukee, Sheri Stevens claims to have been raped in a hospital car park. Click here for more.

March 15, 1990: American businessman Gary Ramona is confronted by his teenage daughter Holly who asks him: “Why did you rape me?”

He went on to successfully sue therapist Marche Isabella and Dr Richard Rose chief of psychiatry at the Western Medical Center in Anaheim for implanting FALSE MEMORIES in her.

This case - notorious and sad in equal measure - needs no citations, but here is an article from 2012 that mentions it.

March 23, 1990: Portsmouth denizen Carol Moores is allegedly raped in her own home by Wayne Green. Click here for more.

March 25, 1990: Here is a truly heartwarming story. On said date, George Fitch of Fairfax, Virginia is arrested for the rape of his girlfriend. At his trial on August 8, 1990, Rachael Ann Butler recants, saying she made up the allegation because she was angry at him. On November 29, 1990, she is convicted of giving false testimony and sentenced to 2 months behind bars. The above chronology seems suspect because the linked report from The Free Lance-Star for January 31, 1991, page 35, says they were reunited 2 months after his arrest and married the day after his acquittal. Which begs the question why did the case go to trial?

March 28, 1990: Kept woman Zoora Shah tells Bradford police she was raped by Mir Aslam. Later she claims to have been raped multiple times by her lover Mohammed Azam. On December 21, 1993, she is convicted at Leeds Crown Court of the murder of Mr Azam and other offences. Dedicated feminist liars have totally rewritten the history of this case; don’t believe a word they say! The Court of Appeal got it right. Shah was paroled in 2006.

April 4, 1990: In Hong Kong, the brother of the boyfriend of teenager Chan Siu-wah tells a police officer (in good faith) that she was raped by Tong Kwok-wah earlier that day. Chan makes a statement, and Tong is arrested, but it doesn’t take long for the truth to come out, and shortly it is she not he who appears in court where she is given a $3,000 fine. This article was published in the South China Morning Post, May 8, 1990, page 8. File this Oriental minx under REGRET SEX.

April 10, 1990: The judge presiding over the trial of German businessman Dieter Kemp comes under fire for telling the jury “women don’t always mean no when they say no”.

Mr Kemp is acquitted; he and the non-victim had drunk three bottles of champagne, saki, and smoked cannabis before having sex at his King’s Road apartment. Another ludicrous case that should not have got anywhere near a courtroom. This report appeared in the Times, April 12, 1990, page 4.

May 1990: In Silver Spring, Maryland, a young black woman is abducted by a white dude. Click here for more.

May 3, 1990: Teenagers Angela Stevens (also spelt Stephens) and Brandi Flodin tell police at Moscow, Idaho they were raped by two migrant workers. On May 4, Miguel Beltran Munguia and Feliciano Pena Rodriguez find themselves behind bars where they remain for 78 days. The girls planned and synchronised the false allegation, but were not able to give a coherent reason for doing so. File this one under CAPRICE.

It was Stevens who came clean. In July 1990, both girls are indicted for perjury. In November 1990, Stevens is told she must serve 72 days in gaol (clearly a quid pro quo for the time the men served). She is also ordered to address her substance abuse issues, as reported by The Daily News (Pullman, Washington), November 8, 1990, page 8A.

May 22, 1990: This disturbing report so dated is from the Dutch language newspaper Het Vrije Volk, page 5. The translation says an appeal court in The Hague cleared a 53 year old man of raping his own daughter. This one is complicated, but he had been convicted at Rotterdam. It began when the man tried to end his daughter’s relationship with her drug addict husband by convincing her to make a false allegation against him. His actions appear to have boomeranged.

June 1, 1990: The Supreme Court of Victoria quashes the convictions of radiographer Vincenzo Mobilio who...boy, is this a weird one? Read the judgment carefully and see if you can make more of it than I can. What can I say? File this one under GENUINE MISTAKE. This guy had no bedside manner at all, but seriously, shouldn’t women always be chaperoned at times like this? That would avoid false allegations, true allegations and misunderstandings like this appears to have been.

June 29, 1990: Teenager and student Yau Chun-ting attends a police station at Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong where she claims to have been raped by a friend of her boyfriend. It takes no time at all for the police to determine the sex was real but consensual. She lied because she was afraid she might become pregnant. She is hit with a heavy financial penalty and warned her behaviour could lead to genuine victims being reluctant to come forward. Where have you heard that before? This file contains two articles from the South China Morning Post: August 7, 1990, page 6 and August 21, 1990, page 8.

July 4, 1990: At Saint John, Missouri, teenager Stacey Lannert murders her own father. Click here for more.

July 16, 1990: In Ohio, a woman facing a charge of driving under the influence is booked into the Lucas County Jail. Shortly, she claims to have been raped. Medical evidence says something different. This report is taken from The Blade, FINAL HOME, (Toledo, Ohio), July 23, 1990, page 11.

July 27, 1990: A woman from Midwest City, Oklahoma claims to have been kidnapped by two men - one white, one black - held in a farmhouse and raped repeatedly over a period of days. Here is what really happened. It remains to be seen if her husband was anymore understanding than the police!

August 1990: A woman cries rape in Island County, Washington. Click here for more.

August 4, 1990: In the small hours, a woman tells police she was raped by a man she met in a Tulsa club. The following day, Donald Bowline is arrested. She claimed he’d taken her to a wooded area, which appears to have been true, because the police did an excellent job and found witnesses that undermined her claim. While he was in custody, Bowline attended an identification parade; apparently there was a real (serial) rapist at large. He was released August 10 and there was some talk about charging his accuser with filing a false report. NewsBank credits this article to Brad Sultan in the FINAL HOME Edition, page 1A.

August 6, 1990: This is as good a date for this case as any. A Louisiana woman who has joint custody with her ex-husband takes her daughter to the doctor for a routine examination. The girl is found to have a vaginal irritation, and guess who is accused of sexual abuse? This started as a GENUINE MISTAKE but if you read this judgment you’ll see it didn’t take long for malice to creep in.

August 6, 1990: Arthur Clark of Crystal River is arrested for the rape of Cindy Fisher; in the words of Judge Gary Graham: “This was a violent rape of a total stranger upon a public thoroughfare” adding “The weight of the evidence against the defendant is great”.

Fisher gave a detailed description of her alleged attacker down to his jewellery, but on August 31, Arthur Lee Clark is released from gaol, and on September 18, Cindy Annette Fisher is arrested and charged with false reporting.

[The above is based on the report by Keith Morelli in The Tampa Tribune, FLORIDA Edition, September 20, 1990, page 1, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

August 7/8, 1990: At Bowling Green, Kentucky, a woman is allegedly raped in a nursing home. Later that week, the allegation is ruled false. What happened? The clue is in the woman’s age - 92. This report is from a local newspaper, the Daily News, August 10, 1990, page 2-A

August 10, 1990: A 13 year old girl from Colbert reports being kidnapped at knifepoint from her home and raped. Later that month she tells a Spokane detective she made it all up. This report is from The Spokesman Review, August 21, 1990, page B2.

August 16, 1990: Rapes denied - Iraq invasion of Kuwait

The above article was published by the London Times, page 3, as dated. It remains to be seen if this was mischief-making by the alleged witness or something else. For those not au fait with the invasion of Kuwait, check out the outrageous Nayirah_testimony of October 10, 1990, or the March 23, 2003 entry for Private Jessica Lynch (below) to see how such propaganda is both manufactured and used.

August 29, 1990: A student at Northern Illinois University is allegedly raped in Katz Park. Shortly she admits no rape occurred, but is still alluded to as the victim. And local law officers are reluctant to charge her with false reporting in case doing so discourages real victims from coming forward. Sigh.

September 10, 1990: At Inverness, Florida, an unnamed man is acquitted of the 1984 rape of his own daughter, who was 9 years old at the time. She claimed he began fondling her at the age of 5, and raped her weekly when she was 9. The girl made these allegations only in 1989. This article appeared on page 1B of the Ocala Star-Banner the same day. Can you spot the deliberate spelling mistake?

September 22, 1990: Syracuse University basketball player Wilfred Kirkaldy takes a teenager back to his hotel room, and ends up being accused of rape. He turned down a plea bargain, and in July 1991, the case was thrown out in its entirety after a private investigator turned up new evidence that was so damaging to his accuser’s credibility that Judge J. Kevin Mulroy said it was Kirkaldy who deserved to be called the victim. This is a simplified page from the website of the Baltimore Sun.

Sadly, the six foot ten Kirkaldy’s problems didn’t end there; in April 1992 he was in a car crash that led in 1996 to the amputation of his left leg.

October 4, 1990: A thirteen year old Saint Louis girl is kidnapped at gunpoint on her way to school, taken to a house in Page Boulevard, held captive, and raped for several hours. At least that was her first story. On October 16, she is arrested after admitting she made it up because she had skipped school and had met her boyfriend.

[The above is based on a report in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, October 18, 1990, Edition 5*, page 13A, (accessed here through NewsBank)]. There is no mention in the report of medical evidence.

October 19, 1990: A woman is allegedly tied up and raped at an Altamonte Springs hotel between 1.45 and 3.20am. The alleged perpetrators are Florida police officers David Daly, Daniel Dunn and Stephen Nicastro. Nicastro is alleged to have raped her while the other two helped him, but the following day her story changes drastically: the rape becomes an attempted rape, then a financial dispute. The woman was actually 27 and known to the local police. In spite of this, the case goes to the grand jury; on November 15, 1990, it declines to indict.

October 31, 1990: A white student is not raped by two men on the campus at George Washington University. Click here for more.

November 1990: Carmelo Gerena of Springfield, Massachusetts, is alleged to have raped a child. In February the following year, he pleads not guilty to two counts. He continues to work as a prison guard in the meantime, such is the strength of the case against him. He stands trial in October 1991, and is acquitted. Carmelo Gerena died in April 2016 aged 69, and was well thought of.

November 10, 1990: The 71 year old Saratosa doctor Herbert Karol is accused of raping one of his patients. She claims to have been raped 9 days earlier, so there is no physical evidence. The doctor is arrested on December 13, 1990, and what happens next is something we see so often in such cases, other victims come forward with their own allegations of sexual impropriety, although in this case none of rape, apparently. Fortunately, the case goes nowhere. This article is from the Saratosa Herald-Tribune, June 21, 1991, page 4B.

November 12, 1990: This article relating to the Rochdale ritual abuse scandal appeared on page 5 of the London Evening Standard, LATE PRICES EXTRA.

You can find a lot more about this and other ludicrous ritual abuse scandals on the Religious Tolerance website. See the entry for February 1987 - the Cleveland sexual abuse scandal - that kicked off this nonsense in the UK.

November 13, 1990: Holly Turner of Clarkston, Idaho is pulled over by a state trooper for driving erratically, and says she has been raped by her stepfather - as you would do. She is taken to hospital for an examination, but two days later, she recants. The scratches on her person were self-inflicted. This report from the local press, is best viewed at 50%.

November 18, 1990: A report in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by staff writer Jan Ackerman says Judge Robert E. Dauer cleared the gynecologist Dr J.T. Shah of raping three women in his Mount Lebanon surgery. The rapes were alleged to have taken place on February 28, 1985, in March 1985 and September 25, 1987.

This is a weird but by no means unique case. Two of the complainants were said not to have been present at the time, and the doctor’s wife said she was present at the time of the third alleged assault. There was a fourth accuser whose testimony was not considered strong enough to present to a trial court. Curiously, in February 1995, a different Dr Shah was convicted of sexually assaulting one of his patients during a gynecological examination. He too faced multiple accusers.

November 27, 1990: The Government of Manitoba issues a press release advertising a meeting concerning - oh boy - Satanic cults. Fittingly, the person interested parties are invited to contact is Leanne Boyd of Mental Health Services.

Late 1990: Wayward teenager Vicky Hamilton is given “a good talking-to” by the police after making a false rape allegation. Vicky was last seen alive on February 10, 1991 in the West Lothian town of Bathgate; she was on her way home, but never made it. In November 2007, her remains were found in the back garden of a house in Margate, nearly five hundred miles away, along with those of Dinah McNicol, who was murdered later the same year. Both girls were victims of serial killer Peter Tobin.

December 3, 1990: This is not a straightforward allegation of rape but is included here because of the false allegations of sexual fondling that pre-dated it. On said date, Dewayne Stamper is due to stand trial for statutory rape. He seeks to adduce evidence that his accuser has falsely accused three other men of sexual fondling. After careful deliberation, the North Carolina court allows his request. Believe the children, indeed.

December 25, 1990: At Lafayette in the American Deep South, Delmas Cooper is arrested. Initially, Pamela Byron claimed he’d raped her, then it became attempted rape, then he is released while three other people are arrested, including the alleged victim. Weird stuff, but their motives were entirely financial. This article is credited by NewsBank to ACADIANA BUREAU and appeared on page 3-B.

Circa 1991: Sabrina Dean files a rape allegation against a man she knows, but withdraws it the next day. In 1996, she is robbed and raped by Lajarrette Booker who tries to use this and a prior suicide attempt to undermine his conviction. The appeal goes to the Arkansas Supreme Court, and is dismissed.

1991: False rape statistics for Arvada, Colorado. Click here for more.

1991: False rape statistics for Denver Metropolitan Area. Click here for more.

1991: A 12 year old girl is ticked off by her mother for shoplifting, and, surprise, surprise, accuses her grandfather of sexually assaulting her five years earlier. He is charged, and stands trial at the Central Criminal Court in March 1993 when he is cleared on all charges. This article appeared in the BROMLEY & BECKENHAM TIMES, March 11, 1993, page 3. WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH KIDS TODAY?

January to mid-March 1991: False rape statistics for Columbus, Ohio. Click here for more.

January 18, 1991: A New York prostitute has sex with an unidentified man, who doesn’t pay her. Afraid her pimp/boyfriend will beat her, she flags down a police car and claims to have been raped by three men. VanDyke Perry and teenager Gregory Counts are arrested separately later in the month. On conviction, Counts is sentenced to 16-48 years for rape, sodomy, kidnapping and criminal possession of a weapon. Perry is sentenced to 7 to 14 years. Their convictions are upheld on appeal. Perry is paroled in November 2001; Counts only in August 2017. They are finally cleared only in May 2018.

January 20, 1991: In Singapore, an ethnic Chinese man goes for a ride with a good time girl. His good time ends when she accuses him of rape. Here is his sad story from The Straits Times and its Life supplement. He was acquitted when the medical evidence showed no indication of rape. Here is some comment on the case also from The Straits Times, March 31, 1993, page 29. (The first file is a PDF; you might have to download to disk and resize with your viewer).

Circa February 1991: A teenager cries rape in Island County, Washington. Click here for more.

February 1991: Britain: woman jailed for false rape charge

The credits for the above article from the American anti-male hate sheet are off our backs, volume xxi number 2 february 1991 page 8 - formatted thus! Whether or not the information therein first appeared in Spare Rib, it is incorrect. The unnamed woman alluded to is Georgina Kyriakou. Sarah Goodwin was given a heavier sentence in 1988. Best not to mention the 1849-51 case of Mary Anne Bennett who was transported for seven years.

February 17, 1991: Perspective Needed -- Feminists Lie: Denying Reality About Sexual Power And Rape by Camille Paglia.

The above is a brilliant article about date rape by so-called feminist Camille Paglia. The only part I would critique is her reference to the infectious delirium of gang rape. And if the sexes really are at war, whose fault is that?

February 20, 1991: Schoolteacher Joseph Adams is accused of raping a houseguest who had outstayed her welcome at his La Mesa home. Wisely he takes the stand in his own defence, and is acquitted. In the United States where unlike in the UK, jurors are permitted to comment after a trial, several of them said she was not a credible witness. The rape was alleged to have happened on February 19. File this one under NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED.

February 20, 1991: At Columbus, Ohio, Virginia McGuire is allegedly raped by Mark Henry. Click here for more.

February 22, 1991: Yes, ladies, it can happen to you too! In Greensboro, North Carolina, schoolteacher Tammy Shaney is accused of sexually violating one of her pupils two years earlier. Unusually, her accuser was named. Thankfully, she was eventually cleared and the girl retracted her allegations. In NewsBank, this lengthy article appears on page A1.

February 24, 1991: A woman is allegedly raped in a Syracuse University fraternity house. Two days later she tells the police it was a case of REGRET SEX. This is the full article by Charles Miller from the Syracuse Herald-Journal, City Edition, page B3.

March 12, 1991: In New York State, a high school student tells police she was snatched off the street by two males, taken to nearby woods, then raped and sodomised. By the following afternoon, an intensive investigation reveals this claim to be totally false. Sonya Lashea Wallace is charged with a misdemeanor and taken to hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. This report is from the New York newspaper The Daily Gazette, March 14, 1991, page B1.

March 15, 1991: Daniel Ramdeen is accused of raping a young woman described as a groupie at her home. She appears to have been a HEAD CASE as well in view of her subsequent behaviour. This article was published in the Uxbridge & West Drayton Gazette, January 15, 1992, page 11. As can be seen, the jury were less than impressed with her, and he was acquitted without the defence drawing breath. Sadly, she was not the only head case in Northolt; twenty-two years later, Ramdeen’s son Warren was murdered by three teenage junkies.

March 21, 1991: Violence Against Women: The Increase of Rape in America 1990 is published. Click here for more.

March 29, 1991: A woman meets baseball player Dwight Gooden in a nightclub at Jupiter, Florida, and goes home with him. Click here for more.

March 30, 1991: Patricia Bowman has consensual sex with William Kennedy Smith in the small hours, then cries rape. The two had met at a bar in Palm Beach. The case goes to trial, and he is acquitted, wisely taking the stand to deny the allegations.

This was not the first time Kennedy Smith had been accused of rape; three other women claimed he had raped or attempted to rape them previously, but the judge would not allow them to testify. This is one of the perils of celebrity culture, or in this case, simply having a famous name.

April 1991: Airhead Mindy Brickman accuses a fellow Princeton student of rape, although not to the police. Her claim soon falls apart, and she recants in print the following month. Would you believe she went on to become a lawyer, and, ironically, a member of the Anti-Defamation League?

April 25, 1991: Teenager DeJuana Rush is charged with false reporting after admitting she had falsely accused her boyfriend of rape. At least she did the decent thing eventually. This article was published in The Post-Standard (Syracuse, New York), April 26, 1991, page B-2.

May 3, 1991: At Schenectady, New York, Valerie Adams claims to have been raped at knifepoint. This was her third false rape allegation in three years, and was third time unlucky for her, especially as her lies led to an innocent man (Keith Rummer of Albany) spending six months behind bars. This report from The Daily Gazette, January 23, 1991, tells how she was indicted by a grand jury on January 22. On April 15, 1992, she pleaded guilty to first degree perjury. Just before she was about to be sentenced, she decided to fire her attorney, apparently unsatisfied with the plea bargain he had negotiated.

May 10, 1991: In Rhode Island, Sharon Albino is kidnapped at gunpoint by Keith Ensey and raped. Or is she? Click here for more.

May 10, 1991: Charges (52 counts) are filed against San Diego man Dale Akiki; further charges are filed in February 1992. This well-known absurd ritual abuse case needs no citations. The volunteer at Faith Chapel nursery school was accused primarily because of his physical appearance. The allegations against him included raping and sodomising children galore. And of killing an elephant and a giraffe in the classroom! The trial dragged on for seven months and resulted in him being cleared of all charges. He spent two and a half years on remand. This excellent ten minute documentary about the case was made in 2007.

May 13, 1991: In South Dakota, babysitter Carole LaRoche is the victim of a home invasion rape by two named individuals. Allegedly. The men are arrested and thrown into gaol. Later that month, she recants in writing. They are released, and she is charged with filing a false report.

May 31, 1991: In Pennsylvania, young mother Laurie Ventura has it off with Jayson Ruiz. Afterwards, there is some sort of disagreement, and he resorts to violence. She calls the police and accuses him of rape, which lands him behind bars. Fortunately for him, she relents later in the year, and tells the truth. Most women wouldn’t have. File this loser under ASKING FOR IT.

June 1, 1991: This report so dated from The Gainesville Sun, page 4B tells the sad tale of teenager Renee Hester who was kidnapped and raped at gunpoint the previous weekend. Well, it wasn’t quite so sad because she was neither kidnapped nor raped, but she was arrested and charged with filing a false report. It remains to be seen though why she had to resort to this as one female police officer claimed.

June 1, 1991: At Lenexa, Kansas, probation officer Carol Kappelman is involved in an altercation at the home of an unnamed lawyer. Another woman is involved, whom Kappelman threatens. By the time the police turn up, she has left, but shortly tells them she was raped by the lawyer at her apartment several days earlier. A few hours later, she returns to the police station and recants. She is charged with false reporting. On August 1, 1991, she resigns her post. She is ordered by Johnson County District Court to undertake a diversion program.

June 3, 1991: Andrea Lloyd is given a two year sentence at the Central Criminal Court for a false rape allegation against Michael Yarwood aggravated by both fraud and a false allegation of violence.

June 21, 1991: Englishman Professor Michael Patterson, a lecturer in Theatre at the University of Ulster in Coleraine, Northern Ireland is arrested, interrogated over several hours, then charged with rape and buggery. He is released on bail.

Here, he tells his own story in more graphic detail than related to the Belfast Telegraph in November 2002. It was only after the further allegations this student made that the penny finally dropped with the police. Little Miss Anonymous remained so; let’s hope she didn’t go on to inflict misery on another innocent man with her bizarre fantasies. The reader is invited to compare the above with false accuser Katherine Clifton.

July 1991: Singer-songwriter Holly Dunn (1957-2016) releases Maybe I Mean Yes - a fun track. This didn’t go down at all well with the sisterhood!

July 1991: Michael O’Malley is accused of raping Barbara Trapp multiple times. He is charged with five counts of sexual assault and spends some time behind bars, but a lengthy investigation shows her allegations to be without foundation. In spite of this, she is not charged with false reporting, but with the aid of an idealistic lawyer, O’Malley sues Trapp for defamation, and in December 1993, a Wisconsin jury awards him $12,000 damages. Realistically they could have added a naught to that, even though he had little chance of recovering anything from this pathetic woman. This article from the Milwaukee Sentinel gives an insight into her motives.

July 13, 1991: Here is another sad tale, in this Press Association report so dated, Francis Reynolds who was due to stand trial at Manchester Crown Court was found dead in a canal. His false accuser - a schoolgirl and A VIRGIN - had made false rape allegations (plural) before against others.

July 15, 1991: In New Hampshire, Marilyn McKibben’s autistic teenage daughter Angel is interviewed by a police officer and social worker after making allegations of inter alia rape against her mother and three named individuals. But did she? This is a screengrab of the beginning of the relevant NewsBank article. To understand what really happened, check out the entry for Prisoners Of Silence and follow the links.

July 18, 1991: Around 10.30pm, Kathleen Mary Gregson knocks on a door in Tilbury and tells the householder she has been raped. Click here for more.

August 1, 1991: Advantages and Problems with Benzodiazepine Sedation by John W. Dundee.

The above article was published in 1992 but this is the date it was accepted for publication. This is very interesting; written by an Emeritus Professor at the Queen’s University, Belfast, it covers the perceived “sexual trespass” some women experience under anaesthetic, and the perils that can face a male dentist when they do.

August 2, 1991: In Davis, California, Janet Berger tells police that on July 29, she was gang-raped by five skateboarding youths on a cycle path. Two weeks later, she tells a rape counsellor she simply fell off her bicycle, and doesn’t understand why she made such a claim. This false report appears to have generated enormous public outrage.

August 9, 1991: A woman claims rapper Joseph Simmons raped her in his hotel room on said date after a concert in Cleveland. On August 23, he is indicted on three counts of rape and one count each of kidnapping and sexual imposition. Rappers are bad dudes, right? On February 22, 1992, it is reported that all the charges have been dropped when it comes to light the woman is a SERIAL FALSE ACCUSER.

September 8-12, 1991: The notorious Tailhook Scandal. A massive mythology has grown up over this convention in Las Vegas, but at least two of the women involved lied brazenly; Elizabeth Warnick who claimed she had been gang-raped admitted to her lies on the witness stand. The authors of this article may have an agenda, but they have probably come as close to what really happened as anyone.

September 12, 1991: A student goes to the Alpha Phi Delta fraternity house at Temple University where she has sex with two men. The following day she tells police she was gang-raped. Michael Derit and Raymond Evers are arrested. The following month, the charges against them are dropped. According to the District Attorney’s Office, what actually happened: “did not rise to the level of unlawful sexual intercourse”. The muted response by the sisterhood says it all. File this drunken slut under AIN’T NUTHIN’ LIKE A GANG BANG, but one more time guys, don’t do this sort of thing. Ever.

October 1991: Unspecified false rape allegation in Des Moines, Iowa. Click here for more.

October 1, 1991: Rape in Feminist Eyes by Norman Podhoretz.

The above polemical article is an attack on feminist hysteria over date rape. If it was hysterical then, what is it now? Podhoretz covers Susan Brownmiller, faux rape victim Andrea Dworkin, and much more.

October 2, 1991: 1 IN 5 LIE IN MAKING RAPE CHARGES by Amanita Duga. Click here for more.

October 3, 1991: At 4.20am, Barbara Doyle flags down a police car in Watertown, New York. I’ve been raped, she says, and names a suspect. At 7am, an arrest is made. Her! The story appears in the Final Edition of the local press the same day!

October 5, 1991: A woman is allegedly raped by baseball player David Cone in his hotel room. Five days later it is reported that the Philadelphia District Attorney had ruled the allegation unfounded (ie false).

October 7, 1991: In Des Moines, a teenage girl tells a school counsellor she was raped October 4 (Friday night). Click here for more.

October 7, 1991: The American actress Roseanne Barr accuses both her parents of physically and sexually abusing when she was young. Here is a tiny sample. Twenty years later, she is not so sure, although she did read The Courage To Heal - nuff said!

October 25, 1991: A woman is allegedly raped in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Click here for more.

Halloween, 1991: This is the date the 17 year old Donna Smith first made specific allegations against her father; the date is very revelant because this another of those bizarre memory abberration cases, this time from Maryland. You can read some background to it here. Thankfully, it had a happy ending of sorts, because eventually the girl faced up to her delusions.

November 2/3, 1991: A teenager is allegedly kidnapped and raped in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Click here for more.

November 22, 1991: Charlotte Johnson confronts her father, accusing him of raping her when she was three years old. The following October she makes utterly bizarre allegations including against her mother. After more than a decade and a half of litigation, Charles and Karen Johnson are awarded a million dollars by a Wisconsin jury against the so-called therapists and hospital who had treated Charlotte for an eating disorder, but they never get their daughter back. File this tragic case under FALSE MEMORY SYNDROME.

Circa December 1991: A girl known only as Heather T, apparently aged 14, tells her mother she has been forcibly raped, showing her torn clothing as evidence. She repeats the story to a hospital nurse and to the police. Then she claims she had consensual sex with an unidentified male. The first claim was definitely not true. Later, she claims that Jessie L. Redmond who might be described as some kind of social worker, propositioned her, offering her drugs for sex on October 31, 1992. Redmond is given a typically heavy sentence for exploiting a position of trust to have sex with an underage girl. On February 14, 2001, the United States Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit, reverses his conviction.

Circa 1992: Two separate false rape allegations from Denver. Click here for more.

Circa 1992: The woman known three years later as Lashonta Harrison tells family members that she has been raped in order to provide an excuse for coming home late, but recants the allegation just before the police are called.

Convicted rapist Anthony Lynn Wyrick rapes Lashonta Harrison on July 26, 1997. He is tried by Knox County Criminal Court, convicted, and because he is a violent repeat offender, is given life without parole. He appeals, and the Court of Criminal Appeals of Tennessee reveals to the world the facts in the previous paragraph. Although his appeal was successful, justice caught up with Wyrick in 2016 when he was convicted of the 1985 rape of two teenage girls based principally on DNA evidence.

1992: A woman accuses her own brother of raping her. Thirty-five years previously. The unnamed man stands trial at Tuscaloosa County Circuit Court in January 1996, and fortunately is found not guilty. Why does anyone take these head cases seriously?

This article was published in The Tuscaloosa New, January 11, 1996, page 1B.

1992: The autistic Betsy Wheaton accuses her own father of raping her. Or does she? This is a clip of her from the 1993 documentary Prisoners Of Silence.


1992: Accused of sexually assaulting his 7 year old stepdaughter, Dale Duke pleads NO CONTEST. [See the cases of Ray Spencer (February 1985) and Brian Banks (July 8, 2002) to understand why an innocent man might do this]. He is given a heavy sentence. The girl recants in 1998, but this is ignored by the court. In March 2011, evidence comes to light that the child was coached. In November the same year, a Dallas court overturns his conviction.

1992: A young woman is allegedly kidnapped and raped in Denver. Click here for more.

1992: In Missouri, with the help of a church counsellor, Beth Rutherford remembers being repeatedly raped by her clergyman father between the ages of seven and fourteen while her mother held her down. This notorious FALSE MEMORY CASE needs no citations, but here is one anyway.

1992-5: Serbian rape camps - fact and fiction. Click here for more.

January 1992: Investigator’s Guide to Allegations of “Ritual” Child Abuse is published. Click here for comment.

January 5, 1992: Roy Wade of Peoria, Illinois is accused of raping a teenager thirty years his junior. The girl is said to have told a friend in the first instance, but three days later it is reported by Detective Pat Rabe that she made it up.

[The above is based on a report in the Journal Star, January 8, 1992, page C1, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

January 6, 1992: In the small town of Miami, Oklahoma, teenager Elizabeth Gooding is allegedly raped. Later in the month she admits she made this up. The following month, after having it off with teenage boys under the age of consent, she is herself charged with rape. Unreal.

January 20, 1992: A teenager is allegedly kidnapped from Independence High School, San Jose. She claims to have been robbed and raped by two masked men. There is no mention of a rape kit in this article published two days later, only of an admission that she made it all up.

February 1992: This story from Grand Rapids, Michigan, is both sad and shocking because it involves the conviction of an innocent teen, Quentin Carter, a mere boy of sixteen, a waste of youth, and the actual rape of a ten year old girl. Read a bit about it here if you wish, but watch this two minute video, and don’t be ashamed to shed a tear. File under FALSE AND TRUE.

February 1992: Student head case Amye Lynne Walker tells police at Westminster, Maryland she was raped in her campus apartment. This phantom rape happened the previous November. Then she starts receiving anonymous letters. On July 15, 1993, she enters an ALFORD PLEA to false reporting, at least that’s how I read it. This file contains two reports from The Baltimore Sun.

February 7, 1992: A report in the London Times, so dated, page 7, reveals that a young woman named Wilma Wetherow had been given a 3 month sentence at Bow Street for making hoax phone calls to the police in which she said she was being raped.

February 14, 1992: A young woman takes a taxi from Leicester Square to Southgate (which is actually in North London), and would you believe she is raped at gunpoint by the driver? The police did, the fiend was a black man, or he would have been had he existed.

This report is from the London Evening Standard LATE PRICES EXTRA, February 21, 1992, page 18. The reference to forensic tests is explained in A far cry from the truth? This is the initial report from the London Evening Standard LATE PRICES EXTRA, February 18, 1992, page 2. As will be clear from the Brixton incident, as well as demented women there are real monsters out there.

March 1992: This is another insane HISTORICAL CASE, this time from Newfoundland. Twenty years after it never happened, a woman decides she was raped by her uncle, and he is charged. She was 11 or 12 at the time, she says; the time frame is 1971/2, winter months. He was tried by a judge only, and acquitted. Here is the judgment; the defence evidence (or The Defenee Evidence - as it is spelt) is very telling, see in particular the reference to the basement.

Was this woman simply lying? No. If you’ve read this far you’ll realise that false accusers of this kind are so dangerous because they believe their delusions.

March 1992: David Taylor has it off with teenage workmate Michelle Reynolds: in his car then in his chalet at Wonderwest World, Ayr. Having got what he wanted, he tells her thanks for the ride. She accuses him of rape, and in November 1992, she is given a three month sentence at Ayr Sheriff Court. Click here to see why. Okay, the guy was a cad, and the tape makes him look even worse, but how much worse would he have looked had he not recorded their chalet session? File this mendacious tart under SCORNED WOMAN.

March 4, 1992: Linda Johnson claims to have been kidnapped, raped and robbed at Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Click here for more.

March 12, 1992: Stafford County woman Pamela Jenkins fakes her abduction and rape. She is found wandering barefoot the next morning. After a 5 day investigation she admits she was neither kidnapped nor raped. When she appears in court the following July, she is given a complex sentence that includes spending a month behind bars. This report was published in The Free Lance-Star (Fredericksburg, Virginia), July 27, 1992, page C8.

March 14, 1992: Nicole Keys of Hammond, Louisiana is allegedly raped in her own home. Tony Carter is arrested, but later the lady does the decent thing and fesses up. She received a suspended sentence, probation, a fine, and costs including a $200 hospital bill. This article from NewsBank appeared in the Morning Advocate Edition, page 3-B; X.

March 15, 1992: Tammy McElreath meets obstetrician Dr Joe Wardlaw of Commerce, Georgia, then accuses him of rape. Two days later, she recants. Her husband Dennis is then charged with several offences including attempted extortion.

March 20, 1992: In the Deep South, Edward O’Neal Davis is accused of raping a former lover. Wisely, he takes the stand at his trial, and is acquitted. This report is from the local press: Florence, Alabama.

March 31, 1992: FEMALE PSYCHOPATH and serial killer Aileen Wuornos tells a Florida court that her first victim raped her. Richard Mallory was murdered by Wuornos on November 30, 1989. Although he was a convicted sex offender, Mallory did not rape Wuornos; in her first statement she claimed only that she thought he had intended to rape her.

April 15, 1992: Gary Blevins of Florence, Alabama is cleared of sexual offences against a 14 year old girl. Click here for more.

May 1992: John Quattrocchi - repressed memory madness in Rhode Island. Click here for more.

May 6, 1992: At Longmont, Colorado, Susan Harris tells a detective she was raped the previous day by a man she knew. Click here for more.

May 6, 1992: At Roanoke, Virginia, a thirteen year old girl comes home late and tells her father an horrific story. Click here for more.

May 7, 1992: In Washington State, three underage teenage girls are charged with motoring offences after taking a vehicle without permission. When they were stopped the previous month, they claimed they were on their way to the hospital because one of them had been raped. Stupidity compounded.

This article appeared in The Spokesman-Review, May 12, 1992, page B2.

May 13, 1992: Sherry Wilkerson-Romero is allegedly raped at Longmont, Colorado. Click here for more.

May 17, 1992: In Watertown, New York, Ruby Moore makes an emergency call claiming a 3 year old girl is being beaten and raped. A shocking claim, but fortunately a false one. Police arrive and question the man accused; they also question Ruby. She tells Chief of Detectives Raymond Montrois her call was pay-back for her personal problems with the man. Unsurprisingly, she is charged with filing a false report.

May 18, 1992: Rape ‘victims’ sometimes do lie: this excellent article by Alan Dershowitz appeared in the Wilmington, North Carolina newspaper the Morning Star, page 7A.

This was also published elsewhere, for example in the Boston Herald under the title When women cry rape and lie - I found that through NewsBank.

June 1992: A young married woman named Danielle Warren claims to have been raped in Lakeland, Florida. She tells police she was attacked by a man who appeared to be having car trouble. No one is arrested, and the July 16, 1992 issue of the Lakeland Ledger quotes Sergeant Randy Harrison of the Lakeland Police Department:

“We located a witness who knew where she was at the time of the attack. She wouldn’t admit it, but the attack was unfounded and the case is closed”. He added she was having marital problems.

June 22, 1992: Dr Ramegowda Sudheendra examines a pregnant patient at Farnborough Hospital, and finds himself accused of indecent assault. He stands trial at Croydon Crown Court the following year, and is cleared. At the time of writing - September 2017 - he is still in practice. File this one under GENUINE MISTAKE, and ensure your female patients are chaperoned in future. This article appeared in the BECKENHAM & BROMLEY TIMES, July 8, 1993, page 3.

July 1992: Annette Howard accuses her ex-husband John Howard of marital rape. This case was played out in the civil courts - at Wake County, North Carolina - with a predictable result. This report is from the Morning Star (Wilmington, North Carolina), August 10, 1994, pages 1B & 2B. Coincidentally, in the UK, another defamation case - Wraith v Wraith - was also played out in 1994. That too ended with a victory for the plaintiff husband and, in that case (which was not about an allegation of sexual abuse), nominal damages.

July 16, 1992: A mother of three is allegedly raped in her backyard while her daughter is watching television indoors. Although she does not identify her assailant, she gives significant details about him; she also claims he had been stalking her for weeks. In late September, it is reported that Rockbridge County Sheriff Bob Day had concluded the woman was not telling the truth.

She underwent medical tests, the results of which were not disclosed, but from the details I have seen she was a HEAD CASE, which is presumably the reason the authorities decided not to prosecute her. The reader is invited to compare this case with that of Gail Sherwood.

[The above is based on a report by Victoria Ratcliff in The Roanoke Times, STATE Edition, September 23, 1992, page A1, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

July 20, 1992: In Pennsylvania, Lisa Lambert is convicted of the murder of another teenage girl, Laurie Show. Click here for more.

July 29, 1992: A far cry from the truth? by Isabel Tang is published. Click here for more.

August 25, 1992: Lady Dawn Kennedy is remanded in custody by Thames Magistrates; she had accused three men of rape. This is a sad case indeed, the ex-wife of a Scottish earl had become a prostitute to fund her heroin addiction. The allegation dates to at least May 1992. Although she was eventually acquitted, in February 1993, it was established that one of the men she accused was hundreds of miles away at the time, but she wasn’t the only one who was lying. Here is a later report.

August 28, 1992: At Perkasie, Pennsylvania, Ralph Snyder is accused of rape by a sixteen year old girl. The following January, the charge is dropped. No reason is given, but reading between the lines of this report, Snyder had been partying with some kids, and some had been underage. The girl was probably afraid her parents would point the finger at her for having sex under these circumstances.

September 1992: An unnamed woman accuses her husband of...well, read the judgment in this insane Canadian case, then ask yourself how any court could have found her fit to have sole custody of their infant son instead of committing her to the nearest booby hatch.

September 1992: Susan Gooch meets a stranger in a restaurant, the two have sex in a shop doorway then on a Metropolitan Line train between Baker Street and Harrow. Click here for more.

September 1, 1992: Restricting the Admissibility of Expert Testimony in Child Sexual Abuse Prosecutions: Pennsylvania Takes It to the Extreme by Lisa R. Askowitz.

The above article from the University of Miami Law Review covers a lot of ground including the (non-existent) child sexual abuse accommodation syndrome, but there is an interesting observation on page 205:

“...recent studies have indicated that mental health professionals may encourage false accusations of sexual abuse through improper interviewing methods.”

Talk about a classic understatement.

September 7, 1992: This is the date mature student Michelle Gretzinger was first allegedly raped by University of Hawaii professor Ramdas Lamb. She would claim eventually that she and Lamb had had sex around sixteen times; she said or implied the sex was consensual but later she had reinterpreted it as mentor rape. As this article reveals, the only place these sexual acts between her and Lamb occurred - consensual or otherwise - was in her head. Gretzinger had previously falsely accused a man of rape in California.

September 9, 1992: A report in the Daily Mirror, page 13 (accessed here through NewsBank Newspapers - U.K. and Ireland) says that thanks to the paper, Stephen Townsend was cleared of sexual assault. He had been accused of participating in the gang-rape of a nightclub dancer, who went to Ibiza where she made similar claims against four men. A Spanish judge dropped those charges when it transpired she’d had sex with thirty men on her holiday, something to which she had consented. The charge against Townsend was dropped by Wolverhampton magistrates.

September 21, 1992: So-called feminist Camille Paglia explains to Bob Costas why she is so disdainful about the concept of date rape.

While she talks a lot of sense, I must point out that I don’t go anything like as far as the Woody Woodpecker of Reason on the issue of consent. A good indication is when the lady starts taking her clothes off, and if she starts taking yours off too, you’re home and dry!

October 1992: Rape allegations: sorting the wheat from the chaff by Charles P. McDowell.

The above from the journal of the Association of Police Surgeons - pages 29-30 - is a straightforward, honest article by a medical professional.

October 9, 1992: At the Vanderburgh County Jail, Indiana, teenage inmate Tammy King and her co-conspirator Angela Howard accuse male inmate Tony Carter of raping Tammy in her cell aided and abetted by correctional officer Jeffrey Bentley. They did this because Tammy prostituted herself for cigarettes, and although he received the services, Carter didn’t deliver the goods. This NewsBank article is credited to Jim Beck, and was published on page A4 of the Final Edition. Why on Earth are male and female inmates even allowed to mix?

October 10, 1992: At Schinveld in the Netherlands, a woman claims to have been raped and robbed on the way home the previous night, October 9. The police carry out an extensive investigation - no robbery; no rape.

This report is from the Dutch newspaper imburgs agblad, October 31, 1992, page 13.

October 13, 1992: The alluringly named Flores Faye Knife of Saskatchewan reports her rape in the evening, about an hour after it didn’t happen. She goes to hospital, makes three statements, then recants them all. She is convicted of public mischief. She tells her shrink she was sexually assaulted when she was 12 years old, and suffered several abusive common law relationships. Like we should believe that. He said she was suffering from rape trauma syndrome (which does not exist) but the court took an entirely different view. Curiously, the appeal court found that although the actus reus had been proved, she lacked mens rea, apparently because she had no motive. Her conviction was quashed. Like when did any of these mad cows require a (rational) motive to make a false rape allegation or report?

October 13-22, 1992: Janitor James Logan Rogers is alleged to have kidnapped a ten year old girl from Kraxberger Middle School in Gladstone, Oregon. Charges against him include rape. There is no mention of a rape kit in this article, but there is enough information to demonstrate the girl made it all up. WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH KIDS TODAY?

October 18, 1992: Woman sues mom for $4M in alleged incest case by M.A.J. McKenna. Click here for more.

October 18, 1992: This article so dated reports on the case of Deborah Ford who had recently accused a man in Manhattan of rape. He was promptly arrested, and almost as promptly, it became clear that he rather than she was the victim. It was shortly established that she had made false allegations including rape as far back as September 25, 1986. I can’t help feeling sorry for this woman, who was said to be homeless. Still, I doubt she was homeless for long!

October 24, 1992: Norma Reeder is allegedly raped by Timothy Denton and another man. Click here for more.

October 31, 1992: This one is a Halloween night prank with a difference. As reported by the Ocala Star-Banner, October 7, 1993, page 28, Wanda Mary Normile has sex with an acquaintance to give the appearance of rape. Then, get this, her brother James Burke ties her up in her Orlando hotel room and beats her, quite badly it appears. File this one under GIVE ME MONEY.

A decade and a half later it was reported that James Burke died in March 1994, while Wanda Mary Normile (alias Wanda Mary Burke alias Wanda Mary Cleveland alias Leah Ann Kelly) pleaded guilty to theft and falsely reporting a crime; she was sentenced to three and a half years. The whole family appear to be total scum.

November 13, 1992: A young woman tells police she was attacked in Oakville Park, Ontario. Click here for more.

November 24, 1992: On this date in The Hague, a female soldier is said to have reported a rape during an exercise by three other soldiers. The report was false; this is one of the main reasons women shouldn’t serve in the armed forces, at least not alongside men.

This article appeared in the Dutch newspaper imburgs agblad, December 18, 1992, page 3.

November 30, 1992: A 13 year old South Carolina girl is apparently abducted by three men, and raped. Thomas Cope is arrested December 3 and held until December 16. The girl’s initial story was plausible, especially as she was found walking almost naked and in a distressed state. Although there is no racial aspect to it, this story is reminiscent of the 1987 Tawana Brawley case. This report appeared on the front page of the Herald-Journal (Spartanburg), February 11, 1993.

[For the avoidance of doubt, the above (American) Thomas Cope is not to be confused with the (English) serial rapist of the same name].

December 7, 1992: A young woman is allegedly abducted from Jamestown, New York by three men in a van, driven to nearby Ellicott, raped, and dumped. Eight days later it is reported the story was a total fabrication. According to Captain Lawrence Wallace, the woman is undergoing counselling, and no charges will be filed. The linked article is uncredited and according to NewsBank was published in the FIRST Edition at Page SPLIT - yes, SPLIT!

December 15, 1992: Joanna Grenside of Harpenden, Hertfordshire vanishes, only her rape alarm is found. The local police launch a massive search. When she reappears she has a bizarre story to tell. And an untruthful one. Wherever she went and whatever really happened, the following April she pleads guilty at Saint Albans to wasting police time.

Circa 1993: In the USA, serial false accuser D.A. makes her first false rape allegation at the age of 9. She goes on to falsely accuse her brother-in-law Willie Baker, who is convicted.

1993: In the United Kingdom, there were 57 sexual allegations against members of the NASUWT, the second largest teachers’ union therein. There were nine convictions (apparently out of a total of 158 allegations which included 101 of physical assault), although it is not clear how many demonstrably false allegations there were, but clearly the Union regarded most of them as false and many as malicious. See also entry for May 27, 1994, (below).

1993: In Texas, Michael Trevino is accused of sexually violating his own five year old daughter. This hour long archived video gives the full background. File this shocking case under FALSE AND TRUE.

1993: The Morning After: Sex, Fear and Feminism by Katie Roiphe.

According to the Amazon UK website, the paperback edition of this excellent book was published January 17, 1994. Here is my review.

1993-2019: The Michael Jackson allegations. Click here for more.

January 1993: A young woman is kidnapped by three men near a SkyTrain rapid transit station and sexually assaulted. (Sexual assault is Canadian-speak for rape, but only when the complainant is really raped). This report appeared in Medicine Hat News, August 23, 1993, page A7.

January 1993: Mahila Vinod Kumar files a report accusing two men of raping her. For whatever reason, the case drags on for a decade and a half. On November 28, 2001, the men are acquitted, then the girl finds herself in the dock. Finally, she is given a 3 month sentence by a court in Madhya Pradesh, which is upheld by the Supreme Court in July 2008.

January 1993: Student Matthew Kydd has sex with a fellow student at university; he says it was consensual; she says otherwise. In November 1993, a jury at Norwich Crown Court takes just 35 minutes to decide whose version they prefer. This was one of a number of notorious date rape cases that should never have been brought.

January 1, 1993: The Illinois State Legislature passes the Ritualised Abuse Of A Child Act, Illinois State Law #87-1167.

Under this law a person commits a felony if he “Actually or in simulation, tortures, mutilates, or sacrifices any warm-blooded animal or human being”.

Which probably explains why horror films are made in Hollywood rather than Chicago.

January 3, 1993: A woman claims to have been raped at knifepoint in the fitting room of a San Diego store, a report that is said to have generated both a $10,000 reward and more publicity tha all the reported rapes in San Diego - real and imagined - the previous year. Later that month it is revealed that the only place this rape happened was in the victim’s head. This report appeared in the Los Angeles Times. Most interesting is the claim therein that she recanted only after being promised she would not face prosecution. Since when did the police in America or anywhere else allow suspects to dictate to them in such a fashion?

The sickening details can be found in Deceiving Others/Deceiving Oneself... (below); it makes disturbing reading.

January 13, 1993: Late at night in Cincinnati, a 13 year old girl is attacked by three other girls who knock her to the ground whereupon she is raped by four boys in turn. A shocking story, but fortunately a tall one. It doesn’t take the police long to get to the bottom of things. There is no mention of a rape kit. The girl is charged and held on remand, which was probably the best course of action in view of her mother’s attitude. This report was published on page 9A of the METRO Edition by staff writer David Holthaus.

January 17, 1993: In Orange County, Florida, a young woman is found bound, gagged and naked in a field where she was apparently dumped two days previously, at night, by a black motorist who offered her a lift. On January 19, it is reported she asked the rape investigation be abandoned. This article is credited to Mary Brooks, and was published in the FINAL Edition, page 2 (according to NewsBank). An elderly man named Payne, one of the people who found her, said there was no way she could have been there as long as she claimed because of the heavy rain and high temperatures. Perhaps more significantly, she had reported sexual assaults in 1990 and 1992. And, you guessed it, both times she had requested the case be dropped.

January 21, 1993: Researching the “Rape Culture” of America... by Christina Hoff Sommers.

I can’t be absolutely certain about the publication date of the above, but this is the earliest one I have found. Christina Hoff Sommers calls herself a feminist - not in my book, she ain’t. She has written at length on rape and related subjects, and is a prolific debunker of feminist lies. Herein she tackles inter alia the Koss study. The one fault of this article is that she has fallen for the claptrap about prison rape.

January 25, 1993: At La Porte, Texas, two fiends posing as cable television repairmen enter the home of a young mother, one holds a gun to the head of her 3 month old baby, the other takes the poor woman to the bedroom where...nothing happens, because it is shortly revealed that she made the whole thing up. The Houston Chronicle reported this story the following day; on January 29, the hoax was revealed. On February 2, 1993, Jo Ann Zuniga reported in the 2 STAR Edition, page 9 that according to Lieutenant Tom Neely of La Port Police, the woman fabricated the accusation because she WANTED ATTENTION.

(As usual, the above issues were accessed through NewsBank).

January 25, 1993: An unnamed Australian man has sex with his ex-wife. Theirs was a rather unusual relationship, and this last act of passion ended with him standing trial for rape. He was acquitted August 17, 1993.

January 28, 1993: A young woman is allegedly raped by two men at Pichhore, India. She tells her father and her uncle, then the police. To put it midly, this case is complex, and is not resolved until July 11, 2008 when the Supreme Court of India announces: “The evil of perjury has assumed alarming propositions in cases depending on oral evidence and in order to deal with the menace effectively it is desirable for the courts to use the provision more effectively and frequently than it is presently done.”

Check out the entry for October 2014 for an uncanny sense of déjà vu.

January 29, 1993: Ellen Smith is sentenced at the Central Criminal Court. She went the extra mile, slashing her thighs with a broken wine glass to frame her lover John Pickard. There is not much information available on this case, but what if he hadn’t had an alibi? This article was published in the Times, January 30, 1993, page 8.

February 3, 1993: Mary Bogdanowicz tells police that on said date she was raped, beaten and sodomised by 4 black men, giving them a detailed description. Two days later she gives another statement, changing her story. By the time this report was published in the New York newspaper The Daily Gazette, February 11, 1993, page B5, it is clear these black men existed only in her tiny mind.

February 3, 1993: Laura Goldman is allegedly raped by Thomas Lee at his Palm Beach home. She does not file charges, but begins harassing him, bunny boiler style. Lee pays her $200,000 to stop harassing him! She is still not satisfied, and ends up in court. This report is from the archive of the New York Daily News. She flees to Israel but after a lengthy battle she is extradited, and ends up with a mere five years of probation in 2009. In March 2017, it is reported she had obtained White House press credentials!

File Laura under GIVE ME MONEY to begin with.

February 13/4, 1993: Brenda Vanhyning (VanHyning, Van Hyning?) of Lenexa, Kansas is kidnapped and raped by a knife-wielding man, or that is what she told the police. It didn’t take them long to see through her, as can be seen from this archived partial report from the local rag. If this is the same Brenda Van Hyning alluded to here, best give the lady a wide berth.

Circa March 1993: During divorce proceedings, Idelle Cowles accuses her husband Orvando of sexually assaulting their daughter. Although not a false rape allegation, this is a particularly obsessive case of PARENTAL ALIENATION SYNDROME which the gullibles fell for.

Fortunately, the Los Angeles courts would have none of it; here is what appears to be the final judgment.

Early March 1993: A woman is raped on the campus of the University of British Columbia. Thankfully, this was another campus hoax. This report appeared in Medicine Hat News, August 23, 1993, page A7.

March 1, 1993: Victim Reactions During Rape/Sexual Assault... is published. Click here for analysis.

March 4, 1993: This report appeared on page 3 of the Islington Gazette on said date. Keith Sole who had been facing rape and other charges at Bedford, has the case against him withdrawn.

March 12, 1993: David Lehman of Newmarket, Ontario is arrested for sexually abusing his autistic son, Derek. This article includes comments. Clock up another false allegation by way of Facilitated Communication; see entry for Prisoners Of Silence.

Mid to late March 1993: At New Westminster, Canada, a 12 year old girl is dragged into a car and raped while three teenagers look on. At least that was what she said at the time. This report of her false cry of rape appeared in Medicine Hat News, August 23, 1993, page A7.

March 22, 1993: In Streatham, South London, a near naked woman knocks on a house door and claims to have been raped. Click here for more.

April 1993: According to the London Times, August 26, 1993, page 1 - a report by James Landale - a Hertfordshire court found a fitness instructor guilty of wasting police time after she staged her own disappearance and alleged rape while suffering from bulimia. She was given a 12 month suspended sentence. The police hunt is said to have cost £20,000.

April 4, 1993: This one takes some beating. Married teenager Christopher Palkow of Bethlehem Township, Pennsylania is four hours late for work after getting carried away playing videogames, so he drives all the way to New York City, calls his wife from a public telephone, and tells her he has been carjacked and raped! She told him to call the police, and he did. An earlier report from this newspaper said he was afraid of her, as he damn well should be!

April 5, 1993: Early evening, two men break into a house in Monticello, Virginia, and rape married woman Rachel Krauss. At least, that is what she tells the police. They conduct a fast moving investigation, an ambulance and a doctor are called...and the following day she is charged with filing a false report, spending the night in Jones County Jail. When she appears in court the following month, she enters an ALFORD PLEA and receives a $100 fine plus court costs and surcharge. I found this case in NewsBank; the relevant article from The Gazette (Cedar Rapids-Iowa City), May 6, 1993 does not contain a great deal of detail, but it is clear the two men who didn’t rape her did exist. She appeared in court with her husband, so do the math.

April 17, 1993: At North Greenbush, New York, a 13 year old girl accuses 5 boys of raping her at knifepoint in her bedroom the previous night. Unsurprisingly, this case attracted wide local coverage. Later she admits the sex was consensual. Leaving aside the fact that she was too young to consent, in view of the ages of her alleged attackers and her admitted lies, this can be classed as a false allegation. This report appeared in the Sunday Gazette Schenectady, June 13, 1993, page F2.

Guys, don’t do this sort of thing, and girls, however old or young you are, don’t even think about it.

April 20, 1993: A teenager with the fitting name of Dorothy Delude is allegedly raped by an acquaintance at her home in Albany, New York. She is questioned by a detective, then makes a second statement in which she admits to fabricating the incident. She is arrested two days later and charged. This uncredited article appears on page B14 of the ONE STAR Edition (in NewsBank).

April 26, 1993: At Lawton, Oklahoma, a teenager is kidnapped from a parking lot by two men, held for eight hours, and raped. When Detectives Yarbrough and Whittington investigate, they find nearly a dozen witnesses to the effect that the non-victim was with the men voluntarily, and could have left them at any time. No charges are filed against anyone. This uncredited report is from page 3A of the Final Edition, (NewsBank).

May 1993: The Reality Of Repressed Memories is a lengthy article from an academic journal by the world’s leading authority on false memories. Herein, Elizabeth Loftus discusses the damage done to fragile minds by The Courage To Heal, mischief-making therapists, and much more.

May 10, 1993: At Daytona Beach, Florida, Gloria Glenn goes for a ride with two men and has sex with one of them. Shortly she contacts the police and tells them she has been raped. They are both arrested. By May 14, investigators have concluded the sex was consensual; the men are released, and she is arrested. This report is from The News-Journal, May 15, 1993, page 2B.

May 24, 1993: Families haunted by accusations of childhood abuse...

The above article by Rosie Waterhouse is anonymised but illustrates well the madness and the tragedy of the insane recovered memory movement. It concerns inter alia the case of an Englishmen who received a shock from his adult daughter in September 1991. Ellen Bass and Laura Davis in particular should be burned like the witches they are. (The spelling mistake in the article - Sydrome - is not mine).

June 2, 1993: Cognitive Processing Therapy for Rape Victims: A Treatment Manual is published. Click here for more.

June 11, 1993: Studies Reveal Suggestibility Of Very Young as Witnesses by Daniel Goleman.

The above article by a psychologist was published in the New York Times. It highlights the problems and dangers with interviewing very young children in cases of alleged sexual abuse, see in particular the reference to the mousetrap experiment.

If you do not have access to specialist scientific journals, check out some of the excellent videos on YouTube on this and similar subjects, then ask yourself how many reports of child sexual abuse have any basis in fact. My guess is very few, certainly where the alleged the perpetrator is female.

June 27, 1993: This one is beyond belief. Four year old Valin Johnson is found dead at her home in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Her uncle - William Mullins-Johnson - who had been babysitting, is accused of sodomising and strangling her. In September 1994, he is convicted. His first appeal is denied in 1996 with a dissenting judgment. He is released in September 2005. In October 2010 he is awarded $4.25 million. Mullins-Johnson was a victim of a later disgraced pathologist, Dr Charles Smith. There was no anal rape, no crime, period. This file contains two articles.

July 4, 1993: South African cricketer Mark Bredell meets a strange woman near Henley Regatta; the two go into a field where they have sex. Realising what she has done, she cries rape, but she didn’t cry out at the time.

Bredell stands trial at Oxford Crown Court, and in November 1993 is cleared by a jury. File this under REGRET SEX.

July 11, 1993: Two young women turn up at Aberdeen police station in Hong Kong where they tell the local plod one of them was raped by three men at Warwick Hotel on Cheung Chau; the other said she witnessed the crime. On August 15, 1993, the South China Morning Post, Edition 2, page 02 (accessed here through NewsBank) reports one of the men was arrested, but four days later, the two admitted they had lied. This was a FINANCIAL SCAM, one that backfired big time because they were fined $500 each.

July 13-4, 1993: The actual date is uncertain because the rape was said to have happened after midnight on Tuesday in Gaston County, North Carolina. The police questioned one of the suspects, who told them the woman was angry because a sex-for-drugs deal had fallen through. The same article (accessed through NewsBank) reports that a similar case happened at some time in the presumably recent past. The article stresses as usual that false allegations are extremely rare, while in contrast the female detective who spoke to the reporter seemed to know a surprising amount about them.

July 19, 1993: An article so dated from the London Times, page 17 - accessed here through NewsBank Newspapers - U.K. and Ireland - reports on the case of a student nurse who claimed she was blindfolded, handcuffed and raped by her police officer boyfriend. After two months the charges were dropped, so now she is said to be suing him for damages, but interestingly, according to said report she “consented to sex in his bedroom” but protested at being handcuffed and blindfolded with a tie. Doesn’t that sound to you like an admission that she lied about the rape?

July 27, 1993: At the Central Criminal Court, Jacqueline Padmore is given a sentence of 3 years 9 months. Click here for more.

August 1993: Student Tyjay Hill has sex with a slightly older student in the open at Bangor, Maine. She reports the alleged rape promptly, and unable to make bail, he finds himself locked up until trial. He takes the stand in his own defense - as any innocent man should barring exceptional circumstances. After a two day trial, he is cleared, the lack of physical evidence corroborating his claim that the sex was consensual.

This report appeared in the Bangor Daily News, February 3, 1994, page 15.

[For the avoidance of doubt, the above is not to be confused with the much younger convicted sex offender Tyjay J. Hill].

August 9, 1993: According to James Landale in the Times, August 23, 1993, page 1, a 33 year old hairdresser who claimed to have been kidnapped in her car and sexually assaulted twice (the word rape is not used) may be charged with wasting police time. She was driving through Cardiff when this crime never happened, and the cost of the related police operation was estimated at £100,000.

August 13, 1993: Marlboro police officer Lawrence Moffa is fired by the Mayor. On September 9, 1993, he is indicted for an extortion attempt; he was said to have threatened to file false rape charges against a Framingham man who had failed to pay child support. Weird, huh?

[The above is based on a report in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette (Massachusetts), September 21, 1993, page B4 - accessed through NewsBank].

August 16, 1993: Ron Johnson is acting in the film Sister Act 2 when he has sex with an extra in a dressing room. She accuses him of rape. The publicity prompts another accuser to come forward, claiming he’d raped her, on September 21, 1992. He stands trial at Los Angeles in February 1994, and is acquitted.

August 18, 1993: At Surrey, British Columbia, a 12 year old girl is abducted by three men and raped. Shocking. Or it would be had it happened. This report of her retraction appeared in Medicine Hat News, August 23, 1993, page A7. File this naughty girl under MISSED CURFEW, and tell Daddy to take her to the woodshed. And have a good laugh at the oh so typical comments of the local rape crisis airhead, Fawzia Ahmad.

August 24, 1993: A woman who claimed United States Senator Dave Durenberger raped her in 1963 suffers a setback when a Minnesota judge throws out a lawsuit in which she had accused him of siring her son. Medical evidence proves this is not the case, but some people are never satisfied.

September 1993: A man is accused by his eldest stepdaughter of sexually abusing her from the age of 7 or 8 culminating in 4 acts of rape. He stands trial in October 1994, and is cleared in 14 minutes. There are though care proceedings which go all the way to the House of Lords. The full judgment can be found here. This can be a little confusing because at paragraph 11 the accuser is alluded to as C, while at paragraph 60 she is alluded to as DI.

September 1, 1993: SEXUAL VIOLENCE Our War Against Rape by Linda Fairstein is published. Click here for more.

September 11, 1993: At Waterbury, New York, wife and mother Donna Palomba is raped in her own home. Or is she? Click here to find out.

Mid-September 1993: Tawana Brawley rides again! At Greenfield, Massachusetts, an anonymous tip off - presumably a phone call - leads to the discovery of a black woman, bound and dumped in a ravine. She claims to have been kidnapped at gunpoint by two white men. Later, she admits there was no rape, no men and no gun.

This report is a screengrab from the NewsBank version of an article by Jacqueline Walsh in The Republican, Springfield, Massachusetts, February 18, 1994, page 13.

September 19, 1993 onwards: This sordid Canadian case contains an unpleasant grain of truth. Extensive allegations of sexual abuse were made by a young boy and his twin sisters against their parents, then the foster parents with whom they were placed, and finally a total of 16 people. One person pleaded guilty, the natural parents were convicted, and then when they came of age, all three kids recanted. You can read some of the extensive background to the case here. Suffice it to say that some people got the wrong end of the stick, in particular John Lucas and his wife Johanna accused a police officer of complicity in child rape, and this became in their minds a massive conspiracy. Alas, there is never any convincing true believers.

October 11, 1993: A girl bunks off from Sylvan Hills Middle School, Atlanta with two friends. To cover herself she comes up with an horrific tale of kidnap and gang-rape, one that is treated seriously in view of a double murder in the city two months previously. This report, which includes her recantation, was published in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, October 15, 1993, pages H1 & H4.

October 19, 1993: The documentary Prisoners Of Silence is screened. Click here for more.

October 19, 1993: King’s College, London student Austen Donnellan is cleared of raping another undergraduate after a Christmas party the previous year. This is another notorious date rape case that needs no citations. Nigella Lawson summed it up poetically: “Rape is a terrible thing. That is beyond debate. But to wake up and find yourself in bed with someone, when sober you wouldn’t touch with a barge pole, is not such a big deal. We’ve all been there, honey. It’s called student life”.

October 21, 1993: Denzil Howell and his co-defendant are sentenced at Southwark Crown Court for kidnap and assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Howell is given a 5 year sentence; Darren Woodhead a 2 year sentence. This case highlights the dangers a woman can face when she makes a false rape allegation against the “wrong” man. When the unnamed woman here falsely accused Howell, he decided to administer summary justice.

October 29, 1993: Fairbairn causes rape anger by Stephen Bates.

The above article was published in the Guardian on said date at page 2. Sir Nicholas Fairbairn (1933-95) was a plain speaking Scot, a bit too plain speaking for some, including the sisterhood. His opposition to anonymity for complaints in rape cases was right on the money, in particular that this can encourage some to make false allegations.

October 30, 1993: A woman is kidnapped and raped in Sacramento. When the police investigate, they find CCTV evidence that shows her inside a convenience store three hours after the abduction. That and other evidence undermines her credibility, although she still insists she was raped. Clearly she shouldn’t have taken so much methamphetamine.

November 1993: Kenneth Johnstone is accused of raping a much younger woman at his Merseyside bungalow. Take a gander at this dude then ask yourself how a case like this gets anywhere near a jury, even without the doctors. The article was published in the Liverpool Echo, September 15, 1995, page 21.

November 1993: Archbishop of Chicago Cardinal Joseph Bernardin is accused of sexually assaulting Steven Cook, who files a lawsuit against him. This was another historical allegation/FALSE MEMORY. Cook recanted three months later.

This short clip includes footage of both men. Steven Cook died of AIDS in September 1995 aged just 36; Bernardin died the following year. I don’t want to read too much into this, but it may be that as a Catholic, Cook was looking for a way, albeit subconsciously, to pass the buck for his own sexual follies. Sinners don’t go to Heaven and all that.

According to this article by someone called Brother Michael Diamond, Bernardin raped an 11 year old girl in 1957 when she was 17. As part of a Satanic ritual, no less.

November 11, 1993: The book A Rock And A Hard Place: One Boy’s Triumphant Story is published; this is a really sad story about a boy whose parents were complicit in the systematic rape of their young son. He suffered a lot more, but when attempts were made to contact the author, he was found not to exist. Even so, this trash was republished several times, including an Italian edition.

November 19, 1993: Divorce’s Deadliest Weapon is broadcast. Click here for more.

November 26, 1993: The Court of Appeal for Ontario quashes the conviction of David Norman for having sex with a woman without her consent (Canadian parlance for rape) on July 23, 1992. The offence was said to have been carried out in September 1973 when the complainant was 13 years old. This woman had been in therapy since 1987, which had enabled her to “recall” these “blocked” memories. The trial judge was duped by this nonsense, but thankfully the appellate court remedied the injustice.

November 29, 1993: Married and divorced at 19? Yes, and behind bars for up to five years as Utah woman Lydia Ann Goodfellow is convicted of perjury after lying under oath about being raped by her ex-husband, as reported by the Deseret News, November 30, 1993, page B4. Mind you, the poor bloke did spend 23 days behind bars. She was also ordered by District Judge John Rokich to pay him restitution, including his legal fees.

November 30, 1993: A 12 year old boy is alleged to have raped a 12 year old girl in a sandpit at Cowes on the Isle of Wight. She was bigger than him, and he was rightly acquitted by a special court the following June. This article appeared in the London Times, June 25, 1994, pages 1 & 2.

December 1993: The first trial for marital rape in the Irish Republic ends in acquittal at the Central Criminal Court, Dublin. The anonymous non-victim had severe credibility problems, including an admission in a lower court of lying in a police statement.

[The above was reported in the Daily Mirror, December 9, 1993, page 13 - accessed here through NewsBank Newspapers - U.K. and Ireland].

December 18, 1993: At Punta Gorda, Florida, a teenage boy claims to have been sexually assaulted - ie raped - by a strange man. An ectoplasmic one, apparently. This article appeared in the Saratosa Herald-Tribune (METRO EDITION), December 22, 1993, page 3B.

December 25, 1993: At Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland, a young woman is dragged into a car by three men and raped by one of them. A nasty Christmas present, indeed, but happily, two days later it is reported this incident never happened. Scroll down for this briefest of reports. I cannot comment on the veracity or otherwise of any of the other cases mentioned here, but I can ask why was a 15 year old girl out alone after midnight on Christmas Day or any other day?

December 30, 1993: Jeffrey Scott Costa is arrested, accused of repeatedly raping his girlfriend Vickie Gray, and locked up. Shortly, she admits the sex was consensual. She was angry with him for reasons unrelated to sex. He is released from gaol on January 11, 1994, and it is said she may face perjury charges. This report is from the local press, the Ocala Star-Banner for January 15, 1994, page 1B.

December 31, 1993: At Pampla, Texas, Hank Skinner murders three people. Click here for more.

1994: False Rape Allegations by Eugene J. Kanin.

Although the above is an important article, the cases to which it alludes have been anonymised, so none of them are included here.

1994: In New Zealand, Allan Rust is accused of raping an underage girl. He is cleared at a retrial. The girl had been instrumental in instigating another false allegation of sexual assault.

1994: Crying Wolf: Hate Crime Hoaxes In America by Laird Wilcox is published.

The above is really a political tract but it does include some mention of false rape allegations, including the Tawana Brawley case.

1994: Law Enforcement Guide To Satanic Cults

Is the above really an educational tape? Did you know there are three levels of Satanism? Dabblers, those involved for spiritual reasons, and the criminal element. If you check out the list of symptoms that starts just before 40 minutes and compare with the list of symptoms given for rape trauma syndrome, you’ll see what I mean, barring semen found on the child’s underwear and other real symptoms, that is. If you want to watch the video at the above link, you may wish to download it first in view of the file size.

Here is an article about missing kids in America written by a rational human being. The real statistics are a lot more modest than those given here.

1994: Believe Her! The Woman Never Lies Myth by Frank S. Zepezauer.

The above is an excellent if disturbing article: read, learn and digest. Don’t blame me for any broken internal links!

1994: Roger Mennell is accused of raping and sexually abusing a woman when she was 7 years old two decades earlier. Uncharacteristically the jury was told that the accuser was a victim of FALSE MEMORY SYNDROME when the case came to trial in 2015, a case that should clearly never have been brought.

Circa early 1994: John McCurdy has sex with a young woman at a party in Belfast. He is accused of rape, but in June 1996 is acquitted.

January 1, 1994: Michael Seear, a police officer, has sex with a fellow, female, constable, after a party, but he does not have a happy new year. When her boyfriend finds love bites on her breasts and neck, she can’t bring herself to tell him the truth. Three months later, she accuses Seear of rape. He is cleared by a jury at the Central Criminal Court in February 1995.

January 27, 1994: A young woman from Madison, Ohio calls the police from a fast food restaurant late at night. Click here for more.

February 1994: In Tasmania, Father Alan Farrell is accused of sodomising a drunk, a man he’d tried to help. His nightmare lasts five years. For legal commentary see the journal article from November 2, 1998, (below).

February 1994: Anthony Tovey delivers a wardrobe to a woman’s apartment. She invites him in for a cup of coffee, which he accepts. The next day he is arrested; she had accused him of attacking her, holding her captive for three hours, and raping her. He was remanded in custody. Eventually, DNA tests showed there had been no such attack. His false accuser does not appear to have been prosecuted.

February 14, 1994: At Providence, Rhode Island, teenager Eva Baptista accuses her ex-boyfriend of raping her in his car. Click here for more.

February 19, 1994: In the Deep South, Richmond County deputy Billy Hambrick pulls over a car that is weaving across the road at 1am. The driver is arrested, but his female passenger is unable to drive home because she is intoxicated too, so Hambrick drives her home, whereupon she phones the Augusta Police Department and accuses him of rape. Hambrick is placed on administrative leave, but by Sunday - ie the day after - she recants her claim. She was 38 years old.

[The above is based on a report by Stephanie Hunter in the Augusta Chronicle, February 21, 1994, page A16, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

February 20, 1994: At Central Falls, Rhode Island, a 16 year old girl claims she was kidnapped at knifepoint and raped. Click here for more.

February 24, 1994: Edited by the demented Valerie Sinason, Treating Survivors Of Satanist Abuse... is published in both hardback and softback. It is incredible that any mainstream publisher would put out such rubbish. You can read what I thought of it here. Some academic reviewers have been far less flattering.

March 3, 1994: In Singapore, foreign domestic worker Gloria Cepria is sentenced to two weeks behind bars after being convicted of falsely accusing her employer of rape. This document was downloaded from this official Singapore website.

March 6, 1994: In sunny California, Monique Thomas is raped by a man who pulls her into an elevator, a despicable crime made all the more so by the 24 year old victim being in a wheelchair. She reports the assault not quite four hours later, the sort of thing a genuine victim would do, allowing for immediate shock and everything, but Monique is not a genuine victim. A thorough investigation involving over a hundred hours of police time results in the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office filing charges against her on March 10.

[The above information was extracted from a report by Peter Fimrite in the San Francisco Chronicle, March 11, 1994, FINAL/EAST BAY Edition, page A21, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

March 12, 1994: On this date, the New York Times reported that according to his lawyer Michael Kennedy, Ricardo S. Caputo was raped in an alleyway when he was a boy. (And that’s the reason I murdered those four women). We hear this sort of flim-flam all the time in mitigation at criminal trials. You can read all about this lowlife here.

March 21, 1994: At Bloomington, Illinois, Shelli Wills tells police her adoptive father Kenneth Wills (by his previous marriage) broke into her apartment and raped her. He is arrested promptly, but has a cast iron alibi, he was at a function with many witnesses. She recants, although the charges against him are not dropped until May. On November 9, she is arrested and charged with filing a false report.

[The above is based on a report in The Pantagraph, November 11, 1994, page A6, (accessed here through NewsBank); see also entry for August 7, 1994, (below)].

April 1994: This is another ASYLUM SNEAKER CASE. False accuser Seniet Abebe claims to have been arrested in her native Ethiopia in April shortly after the disappearance of her husband. That much is probably true. She claims to have been held in gaol where she was raped and abused. Unfortunately, she appears only to have realised this when she reached Australia, having made no mention of it in South Africa, from which she had travelled on a false passport.

April 2, 1994: This is a strange false allegation from the island of Bermuda. Richard Brangman phones the police and reports a woman being raped in his yard. He appears to have done this because he had a beef with the local plod. Don’t blame me for the poor formatting of this article from The Royal Gazette.

April 6, 1994: Indian national Manjit Kaur enters the United States where she claims asylum. At or about this time she claims to have been beaten and gang-raped in front of her children. Seven years later, she admits she had lied.

April 13, 1994: A Texas schoolgirl tells her teacher she was raped by Brian Franklin on an unspecified date the previous month in the backyard of her father’s house. She was thirteen at the time. The teacher does what is required, and in February 1995, the police officer goes on trial; he does not testify. This was especially foolish because there was evidence the girl had had sex, which is at least statutory rape. In 1998, the girl claims she was repeatedly sexually abused by her stepfather; this leads to an appeal in 2002 which Franklin loses. In 2016, he is finally cleared. Here is a video report.

This one should probably be filed under FALSE AND TRUE. I will refrain from making any comments about the girl’s mental state.

April 13, 1994: Deanna Ormiston of Summerfield, Florida, claims to have been kidnapped by a dude wielding an axe who took her to a wood and raped her. This one is solved in quadruple quick time. After identifying said dude from a line-up, he is arrested, whereupon the non-victim admits the sex was consensual and actually happened at his house. She appears in court and is dealt with appropriately with what a British Home Secretary once alluded to as a short sharp shock.

Victim on Wednesday, convicted false accuser on Thursday, and written up in the local press on Friday. This article appeared in the Ocala Star-Banner, April 15, 1994, page 1B.

April 26, 1994: At Inverness, Florida, Anna Brown claims her boyfriend Rudolph Van Tassell raped her. And her 15 year old daughter. And her 90 year old mother! Unsurprisingly the local plod found that difficult to swallow, especially as the two other alleged victims did as well! This appears to have been a grossly stupid allegation motivated purely by spite. Anna Brown was hauled off to gaol for filing a false report; she was said also to have resisted arrest.

[The above information was extracted from a report by Keith Morelli in The Tampa Tribune, April 28, 1994, page 1, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

May 17, 1994: In the Irish Republic, Helen Clune claims to have been raped in Cork on March 25 the same year. This was the first of a number of such allegations by a woman who was clearly deranged. She stood trial in June 1996, the judge ordering the jury to find her not guilty on medical grounds. Notwithstanding that, note the comments of Dr Margaret O’Regan, a man was responsible for this woman’s delusions, albeit an imaginary one.

May 20, 1994: Wright State University student Joy Birkhold is knocked unconscious. She claims to have been raped too, but if she was unconscious, she wouldn’t necessarily know. The good news is that she wasn’t raped, nor was she knocked unconscious, as a Greene County grand jury decided the following August. NewsBank credits the linked report to Mark Fisher in the CITY Edition of the paper, page 1B.

May 27, 1994: Teachers face rise in sex claims

The above article by Louise Jury was published in the Guardian, page 2. (A related article is also included). Its main subject is Jane Watts, who was accused in September 2007 of hitting (presumably smacking) the hand of a 5 year old girl. This is how a scenario like this would have played out in my day.

June 1, 1994: Children At Risk: The Secret Double Life Of A Paedophile is broadcast. Click here for more.

June 4, 1994: Nadine Pearson tells police at Bradenton, Florida she was raped in the street. She exhibits bizarre behaviour at the rape crisis centre, and ends up being charged with assaulting one of those nice detectives as well as with filing a false report. This article is from the Saratosa Herald-Tribune, June 8, 1994, page 3B.

June 20, 1994: At Colonial Heights, Virginia, late at night, Sharon Graves is attacked by not one but two of the most dangerous sexual predators: black ones. She is abducted and raped from outside a grocery store. That’s the bad news. The good news is they existed only in her tiny mind. She reports this imaginary incident less than three hours after it didn’t happen, and a prompt police investigation leads to her being charged with filing a false report later the same day.

[The above is based on a report in the Richmond Times-Despatch, City Edition, June 23, 1994, page B-4, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

July 1994: A middle aged man and two teenagers - who will not be named here - are accused of raping a prostitute in Tel Aviv. Two of them appear to be father and son. The men are remanded in custody, but the following month, the woman’s statement is found to be inconsistent, she was not bruised in spite of claiming to have been badly beaten, nor did she scream or seek help from neighbours in the building.

[The information above is based on an article by Raine Marcus in The Jerusalem Post, August 4, 1994, page 4 (accessed through NewsBank)].

July 1994: Early in the month, an unnamed 61 year old man is cleared at Teesside Crown Court of raping his own daughter. This was another HISTORICAL/FALSE MEMORY case. According to the report in the Sunday Times of July 10, the jury took a mere 27 minutes to clear him.

“The daughter, now 34 and with a history of mental problems, reported her father to police after psychiatrists and social workers teased out her childhood imagination, concocting the theory that her depression and suicide attempts were caused by child sex abuse. The first alleged rape had happened 30 years ago; the last when she was 16. She had not known about them until undergoing therapy.”

July 1994: Deceiving Others/Deceiving Oneself: Four Cases of Factitious Rape by Mark D. Feldman, Charles V. Ford and Tim Stone.

The above article from an academic journal speaks for itself. The Nordstrom rape hoax alluded to therein can be found in this database at January 3, 1993, (above).

Circa July 1994: Florida teenager Kelli Maguire makes her first false rape allegation. Click here for more.

July 8, 1994: According to non-victim Esther Harmon, the actor Craig Charles and two other men violated her in her London home. Click here for more.

July 14, 1994: Three professional basketball players are alleged to have raped a woman in a Detroit hotel room. Derrick Coleman, Jalen Rose and Chris Webber are soon cleared by forensics but Coleman especially is unhappy and launches a civil suit against false accuser Toia Maudette Reed.

This short report is from the archive of the New York Times.

July 16, 1994: This report so dated from page 5 of the Dutch language newspaper Amigoe reports a very heavy sentence imposed on an unnamed woman on the island of Aruba. The eighteen years was not simply for a false rape allegation though, there was also the little matter of three kilogrammes of the white stuff.

July 19, 1994: In the United Arab Emirates, Sarah Balabagan murders her employer Almas Mohammed al-Baloushi, stabbing him 34 times (more times than Jodi Arias stabbed Travis Alexander). This case was both extremely well publicised and extremely controversial; Balabagan was only fourteen years old at the time but was initially sentenced to death. She was released in 1996. Later that same year she admitted she had not in fact been raped but blamed this on the doctor who examined her after her arrest. This short but graphic video clip from the AP Archive was uploaded to YouTube on July 21, 2015.

Summer 1994: The San Antonio Four case. Click here for more.

Summer 1994: ANONYMITY FOR WOMEN IN RAPE TRIALS by Conrad Russell.

The above article is a fairly straightforward plea for maintaining the status quo by a London-based academic.

August 3, 1994: A girl is asked by a detective if she had ever been sexually abused by Robert Devereaux of Wenatchee, Washington State. She denies it but claims later that he had raped her and other girls in his care. She had actually been placed in juvenile detention on suspicion of poisoning Devereaux and another girl, something she admitted.

From this humble beginning, 43 adults would eventually be charged with a staggering 29,000+ counts of sexual molestation. Here is the full sad story of this ludicrous witch-hunt.

August 7, 1994: A letter from Lynn Wills of Heyworth, Illinois, appeared in The Pentagraph on this date; click here for more.

August 10, 1994: When the rape rap is phony is published by Alan Dershowitz. Click here for more.

August 12, 1994: Marianne Shuttleton tells police she was raped by two men at the Clyde Submarine Base, Faslane. The police think otherwise. The following February, she pleads not guilty by letter at Dumbarton Sheriff Court when a trial date is set. In May 1995, it is reported that after being convicted for wasting police time she had been fined £150, or #150 according to the Sunday Herald.

August 12, 1994: Ohio woman Melissa Ray and her boyfriend fake her kidnapping and rape. In December, she admits publicly the abduction was a hoax, and says she did it because she was pregnant and was worried about telling her parents, a curious thing to say in view of her age, and in 1995.

It remains to be seen how much money and how many man hours were wasted by law enforcement including the FBI on this wild goose chase. This report is from The Blade (Toledo, Ohio), April 1, 1995, page 9.

August 31, 1994: When therapy opens a pandora’s box is published in an Australian newspaper. Click here for more.

September 5, 1994: A first year student at Texas Tech, Lubbock, is raped. That’s the bad news. The good news is that on September 21, she is un-raped. Her recantation is reported by The Victoria Advocate (Victoria, Texas), September 24, 1994, page 3A.

September 12, 1994: In Florida, the Sebring State Attorney’s office informs law enforcement that Kimberly Mays then fifteen years old had accused her father of sexually assaulting her from the age of seven. She soon withdraws her allegations.

This one is actually rather complicated; Robert Mays was not her natural father, and the poor kid was clearly mixed up due to her unique personal circumstances. This article gives an insight into how she would go on to screw up her life.

September 13, 1994: At Bloomington, Illinois, late at night, Valerie Bray tells her husband and the police she was raped by John Cook. Before the police can take action, Robert Bray forces his way into Cook’s home armed with a blunt instrument, but comes off worse when the householder grabs a knife. The following day, Mrs Bray recants her claim, and is arrested.

[The above information was extracted from a report by Steve Arney in The Pentagraph, September 16, 1994, page A3, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

September 17, 1994: A student at Texas Tech, Lubbock, claims she has been raped. Two days later, after campus police get to grips with the investigation, she withdraws her complaint. This was the second false rape allegation on this campus in less than a month; see entry for September 5, 1994, (above).

October 2, 1994: Two men have sex with a disreputable young woman at Australia’s Surfers Paradise. She would have cried rape but apparently did not know what the word meant, even though she had once worked as a receptionist in a brothel. The jury takes 35 minutes to acquit them.

October 14, 1994: Shades of gray by Neomi Rao.

The above is a sensible essay about date rape written by a Yale student. A quarter of a century later it would come back to haunt her when she was nominated to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit by President Donald Trump.

October 21, 1994: At Kajang, Malaysia, a 15 year old schoolgirl tells the authorities she was raped by two men more than twice her age. The following week, the truth comes out; she had consensual sex with a 19 year old and pointed the finger at the two innocents because...Her tryst is charged with statutory rape; in the UK, this would probably not have attracted the attention of the police. This report is from the New Straits Times, October 29, 1994, page 9.

October 25, 1994: Beekman v Beekman is decided by the Court of Appeals of Ohio. Although not an allegation of rape, this child custody case is worth reading. As Judge Stephenson points out about false allegations of sexual abuse: “This tactic for achieving a preferential posture for child custody is almost as despicable as the act itself”.

November 1994: Drug addict and divorced single mother Irene Leung Sau-ying is fined $2,000 for obstructing justice and wasting police time by making a false statement. This woman is a real piece of work; she was said to have been propositioning taxi drivers in Fanling, Hong Kong, and had accused at least one of them of rape. She garnered her fifteen minutes of fame with the media, the high point of which appears to have been propositioning TV host On Tak-chuen during an interview. Her antics were reported by the South China Morning Post.

November 3, 1994: In the UK, the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act, 1994 is given the Royal Assent. Section 32 of that Act abolishes the corroboration rule for sex offences.

This was a very dangerous move, as you’ll understand if you’ve read this far.

November 8, 1994: This is the date of an alleged multiple rape. This file contains a long article in German by Sabine Rückert followed by a Google Translate translation in English. It tells the incredible story of Amelie, who although raped numerous times by both her own father and her uncle, was still A VIRGIN.

November 9, 1994: Convicted arsonist Debbie Tilford is allegedly raped in her own apartment by David Nuss, one of her former jailers at Muncy State Prison. Tilford had only been out of prison a week, and when it transpired her mark had a cast iron alibi, she was sent back there. This report was published in the Altoona Mirror, January 6, 1995, page 3.

November 11, 1994: A teenager is the victim of a vicious gang attack in Philadelphia; the next day, Edward Polec dies in hospital. The previous week, a girl and her friend had been set upon by a gang - stupid teen stuff. The girl denied claiming she had been raped. This is another, and in this case tragic example of the RUMOUR MILL.

The above is based on this report from the Allegheny Times, November 23, 1994, page A2 - this newspaper is an edition of the Beaver County Times.

November 24, 1994: Lynn McArthur is fined £800 at Dumbarton Sheriff Court for falsely accusing Robert Miller of rape. She’d had sex with him in the back of his car - a one-night stand - then fearing she might become pregnant...On December 13, 1994, the Daily Record reported (page 17) that Miller had turned to drugs (and petty crime) under pressure from the allegation. He faced various charges. This would not be the first time the victim of a false rape allegation had used the trauma to attempt to excuse or mitigate his own bad behaviour, but the court was told he had no previous convictions, so he does deserve some sympathy.

November 24, 1994: Police claim rape report a hoax published in The Tampa Tribune, FINAL Edition, page 2.

The above article (accessed here through NewsBank) gives two false rape allegations for the price of one. On November 23, 1994, Detective Ron Woods said Catherine June Bagley who claimed she had been raped, presumably very recently, admitted she made up the story. She admitted too that rape allegations - plural - she had made in 1993, were likewise false. She was said to have made these allegations hoping to get free lodging, but probably not in the Hernando County Jail where she was currently residing. It’s easy to laugh at women like this, but although she was only 31, this sounds very much like a homeless woman, and obviously a none too attractive one.

Information gathered from another source reveals her to be white, born at Milwaukee on January 2, 1963. She was arrested February 6, 2006 for simple battery at which time her address was given as 15820 Archer Street, Hudson, Florida, an assisted housing project.

November 27, 1994: According to the Moscow Pullman Daily News of May 10, 1995, Candice Wagner is not abducted from a mall in Washington State. Unfortunately, that is not what she told the police; in May 1995 after pleading guilty to making a false report, she is given a complex sentence including some time behind bars and a fine.

November 29, 1994: A thirteen year old girl is dragged into an alley and raped at Lodi, California. There is no doubt this crime happened, but the perpetrator was wilfully misidentified as Peter Rose. You can read all about this sad story here.

It remains to be seen if the actual rapist would ever have been caught, but it is clear that for whatever reason, the victim was pressured into identifying the wrong man. File under FALSE AND TRUE.

December 1994: On the Isle of Lewis, schoolteacher Gillian Small claims to have been assaulted and raped. In March 1996, she appears at Stornoway Sheriff Court accused of making false statements and wasting police time. [This report appears in NewsBank, the FINAL edition of the newspaper, but not, apparently, in the FIRST edition, the hard copy of which I was able to consult].

December 23, 1994: Patricia Hyde of Montgomery, Alabama has sex with a former lover. The sex must have been real bad because the guy shoots her afterwards! She accuses him of rape but shortly admits the encounter was consensual, although unsurprisingly Captain Wyatt Gannt wants to speak to him as a matter of urgency, a $2,500 reward being offered for an arrest.

[The above is based on a report in the Press-Register, December 31, 1994, AM Edition, Section B, page 3, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

1995: Prior False Allegations Of Rape: Falsus In Uno, Falsus In Omnibus? by Denise R. Johnson.

The above is an incredibly facile polemic from the Yale Journal Of Law & Feminism, the main thrust of which is that if a woman has falsely accused a man of rape on a previous occasion, the jury in the current rape trial should not be made aware of this.

From circa 1995: Cathy O’Brien is as far out as the lunatic fringe gets. Among her many other allegations is the claim she was sexually abused by all manner of the high and mighty. Including Hillary Clinton! You will find her ravings all over the Web, including videos of her speaking. What is really astounding about O’Brien is that so many otherwise intelligent people take her seriously. But she has never been sued for defamation, so she must be telling the truth, right?

1995: This is a notorious case from New Zealand; Hamilton University student Nick Wills is accused of rape by a HEAD CASE known only as Wendy. The police simply assume his guilt, and it is left to his family to demonstrate the falsity of her claims. Unbelievably, the local rape crisis outfit continues to support her claiming this was a case of mistaken identity. Or perhaps not so unbelievably if you’ve read this far.

1995: On the island of Bermuda, teenager Glennea Michelle Grant (or whatever her name was then) makes a false rape allegation. Eight years later with a broken marriage behind her, she does something far more serious and stupid.

January 10, 1995: Sabrina Montano of Watertown, New York tells police she was raped by two men in her garage. And this was...October 16, 1994! Her case is investigated by the same detective who investigated the allegation by Lenora Cole later the same year, and with the same result: she is charged with false reporting. Hers is the third entry herein. Sabrina really is a bad girl; five months after this, she and another woman were charged with disorderly conduct after getting into a catfight.

February 2, 1995: Teenager Sandra Stewart pleads guilty at Dingwall Sheriff Court to making a false rape allegation. She spent the night with a sailor then made up the false rape story to appease her angry father.

February 9, 1995: Businessman Owen Oyston is arrested at his Preston home. Click here for more.

February 14, 1995: Janet Hendricks accuses her ex-husband Joseph Arledge of unspeakable crimes against their young daughter.

Little information is available on the above case, but it appears to be a gratuitously false allegation based on the girl’s medical condition. At any rate, Mr Arledge was not prepared to take this sort of allegation lying down, and it ended up in the civil courts.

February 19, 1995: At Prince George’s County, Maryland, a teenager is kidnapped at knifepoint and raped. Click here for more.

February 23, 1995: At Aberdeen Sheriff Court, teenage mother Heather MacAndrew is given three years probation and 240 hours of community service for crying rape against a totally innocent dockland worker. Filed under NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED. This report appeared in The Daily Record, February 24, 1995, page 42. (My apologies for the blurred page number and newspaper title).

March 1995: Alveda Torrado is charged with making false rape allegations against two inmates of Union County Jail. Very sensibly, since this incident, new rules have been introduced barring the mixing of male and female inmates without supervision. Torrado took off to Puerto Rico on her release but returned and surrendered to the authorities in November 1996. On January 31, 1997, she was given a six month sentence for contempt of court and making a false declaration. It was reported that two prison guards had been disciplined for allowing her illicit liaisons.

March 8, 1995: The Liverpool Echo reports at page 29 the acquittal of Daniel Hannon who was accused of raping a teenage girl in a Saint Helen’s park. Twice. The case didn’t even go to the jury.

March 27, 1995: Gloria Grajo tells an American judge she was raped repeatedly in her native Philippines, apparently for political reasons. This appears to have been the first time she made this allegation - against a named individual. The judge is not impressed, and neither should you be.

March 28, 1995: Another case of FALSE MEMORY SYNDROME. At Teesside Crown Court, a man is cleared of raping his own daughter.

Spring 1995: Consent, Credibility, and the Constitution: Evidence Relating to a Sex Offense Complainant’s Past Sexual Behavior by Clifford S. Fishman.

The above is a lengthy article from the Catholic University Law Review by a leading American legal scholar. Crammed with case law, it covers rape shield laws, allegations by children and prostitutes, prior false allegations, prior truthful allegations, and much more.

April 1995: Pamela Boylan tells detectives she was stripped and raped by two men. After a full scale probe is launched, she tells the truth. She’d had sex with a former boyfriend, and told her then current boyfriend she had been raped because it was the first excuse that came into her head.

In September 1996, she is fined £200 at Tillydrone Court, Aberdeen. Her conviction is reported by the Daily Record, September 11, 1996, page 9.

April 9, 1995: The body of Mark Jackson is found by his mother, hanging from the staircase. He had stood trial for rape at Exeter Crown Court where he was acquitted, but his name had been all over the media, and he couldn’t take it. His suicide was mentioned in Parliament by John Greenway - Conservative MP for Ryedale - on July 8, 1999.

April 10, 1995: After partying with David Clarke and Lulu B., Samuel Hogan has sex with her. When he doesn’t pay for that sex with more of the drugs they’d been smoking the previous night, Lulu cries rape. Hogan is convicted, but on appeal the State of Wisconsin reverses, primarily because his lawyer was useless. The prosecution declines to retry him.

April 12, 1995: In Singapore, foreign domestic worker Swarnalatha Perera is given a four month sentence for making a false accusation of rape.

April 12, 1995: Teenager Janice Moore of Watertown, New York makes a false allegation, presumably against a man. She also makes a false allegation against a woman, of making an abusive telephone call. She is arrested the following week.

April 16, 1995: The body of Gonzalo Ramirez is found by the side of the road at Irvine California. Click here for more.

May 18, 1995: This is another well-documented false rape allegation that needs no citations. Yolanda Saldívar meets Selena Quintanilla-Pérez at a Days Inn motel in Texas and tells her she had been raped on a recent trip to Mexico. The kind-hearted Selena drove her to a hospital where an examination of Saldívar revealed no trace of this obviously phantom rape. On their return to the motel room, Saldívar murdered her. She was convicted of first degree murder in October 1995 and given a life sentence.

June 1995: Karla Masello is allegedly raped at knifepoint at Danvers, Massachusetts. Click here for more.

June 17, 1995: Three silly girls in Florida think it’s fun to phone the police and claim they are being raped. This report is from the Ocala newspaper the Star-Banner, June 20, 1995, page 18.

June 19, 1995: Daytona Beach man Leroy LaRoche is accused of orchestrating the kidnap and rape of a teenager, a co-worker, on said date. She claimed to have been snatched off the street after 11pm and violated for 5 hours. Although she had two black eyes, there was no evidence of rape, something for which she had a lame explanation. Eventually, her story fell apart although she did not recant. By that time though, LaRoche had been locked up for four months; he’d lost his fiancée and a great deal more besides.

This sad tale was related by The News-Journal, October 25, 1995, pages 1D & 2D.

June 23, 1995: Cressey Brazier of Dedham, Maine, is cleared of twice raping a teenage girl, in June and October 1993. Click here for more.

June 25, 1995: This report from the London Times, pages 1 & 2, covers the aftermath of the trial of the youngest boy ever to be indicted for rape in England. According to the defence there was no rape because there was no sex! In 1997, two younger boys were tried for rape. (See below).

June 27, 1995: Around 5am, Stephanie Kendle attends the Mary Washington Hospital in Virginia where she claims to have been carjacked in the small hours and raped numerous times. Detective Jeff DeBord conducts a lightning investigation, and it is soon determined that rather than being raped by a stranger, she had been with a man she knew, a man who was not her husband. This article appeared in The Free Lance-Star (Fredericksburg, Virginia), June 28, 1995. page B8.

July 10, 1995: Lawton Gay sets fire to the apartment of his lover Shelley Goodbread at Paddock Park, Florida. At his trial in September 1997, it comes out that Goodbread had falsely accused a man of rape before she began dating Gay. The judge excludes this, he is convicted, and given a ten year sentence.

In 1983, Gay had been convicted of serious charges following a dispute with a truck driver.

July 15, 1995: In Hampshire, traffic warden Anthony Hunt is invited into the home of a special constable known here only as AB. They have sex. Click here for more.

August 1995: William Massey is alleged to have broken into the home of a former girlfriend and raped her. The case against him is eventually dropped at Belfast Crown Court. She is said to have first made a (false?) rape allegation (against him?) in December 1992, but to have withdrawn it. A word here, the first version of this article I found was credited thus: Last Updated: Monday, February 25, 2013, 01:33.

August 1995: A woman known as Carter - an alcoholic as well as a head case - is arrested in Adelaide. She claims then or shortly after to have been raped by a detective when she was 13, (which would have been around 1983). Eighteen years later, she makes another false rape allegation, this time against a bloke named Morgan.

August 1995: Lenora Cole of Watertown, New York tells police she was raped twice, by the same man. The following month she is charged with false reporting. Her entry is the fourth down.

August 9, 1995: In the Philippines, Rogelio Javier is arrested for the rape of his neighbour Genalyn Barotilla. The accusation appears to have been made some time the previous month. Although the case against him is dropped, his employer sacks him for being absent without leave. He appeals, and after protracted litigation, the Supreme Court orders he be reinstated or compensated.

August 31, 1995: Kim Driver is given a suspended sentence by magistrates at Gloucester. She was said to have brought a police force virtually to a halt after claiming to have been kidnapped and raped. She does not appear to have pointed the finger at a named individual, and made up the lie to cover for a one-night stand. Although a mother of two she appears to have been single, but she had a boyfriend. Do the math. Conveniently, since her last court appearance she was said to have been diagnosed with an identifiable psychiatric condition; the rape claim was a cry for help. Yeah, we got that, help, I’ve been kidnapped and raped. Unreal. This report appeared in the Guardian, September 1, 1995, page 8.

September 1995: On Interstate 94 in North Dakota, motorist Amber Leno asks a man to help her change a flat tire. He rapes her. Double whammy! Fortunately no. She didn’t have a flat tire and wasn’t raped either. The following April it is reported she has been charged with filing a false report. Don’t ask me, I only document these crazy women.

September 1995-February 1996: In Victoria, Australia, a lawyer is allegedly raped twice. Click here for more.

September 25, 1995: PRACTICAL ASPECTS OF RAPE INVESTIGATION: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Second Edition, Edited by Robert R. Hazelwood and Ann Wolbert Burgess is published by CRC Press, Boca Raton; 391 pages including index.

Chapter 13, pages 219-40, is about false allegations; it was written by Margaret Aiken, Burgess and Hazelwood, and is said to be reprinted from False Allegation in the Journal Of Psychosoc. Nursing, 31(11) 16, 1993. The cases are the same as in the Third Edition. More interesting are the apologetics concerning rape trauma syndrome, which is discussed primarily in Chapter 3. On page 37 we hear about “silent reaction to rape” - in which the victim does not report. This is similar to “silent non-reaction” in which the victim is not a victim because she is not raped.

September-October 1995: DELAYED REPORTING OF SEXUAL ASSAULT Implications for Counseling is published. Click here for more.

October 1995: Jeopardy in the Courtroom A SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS OF CHILDREN’S TESTIMONY by Stephen J. Ceci and Maggie Bruck is published. Click here for more.

October 11, 1995: This report from the London Times, page 5, speaks for itself. The woman who accused John Griffin of raping her, wrote to him and retracted. She was subsequently charged with perverting the course of justice.

October 15, 2005: At Hebron, New York, Kara Siddons makes a false allegation of child sexual abuse to a child abuse hotline. This appears to have been a straightforward case of malice, and landed her in court.

October 16, 1995: Jim Fairlie is called to a family meeting to learn that his daughter, who had been undergoing psychiatric treatment, had accused him of unspeakable crimes including running a paedophile ring. Thankfully, a police investigation led nowhere, and eventually, Katrina Fairlie came to her senses. In October 2007, she received an out-of-court settlement from NHS Tayside which she held responsible for implanting false memories in her mind.

October 21, 1995: A teenage former student of University of Cincinnati is allegedly forced at gunpoint to walk from the campus to a nearby yard where she is raped. On November 6, Talandria Nation admits she made it up, says Lieutenant David Ratliff of Cincinnati Police Personal Crimes Unit.

[The above was reported in The Cincinnati Post, November 19, 1995, Metro Edition, page 15A, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

October 22, 1995: Two women tell police at Huntsville, Alabama they were raped. Click here for more.

October 30, 1995: Roxeen Newman tells the police she was raped by a named individual. On March 4, 1996, she appears in Hamilton District Court where she is convicted of making a false complaint. She had also made two false complaints of non-sexual assaults. She walks away with a slap on the wrist.

This report appeared in the New Zealand Herald, March 6, 1996, page 14.

November 1995: A woman alluded to as a mentally ill drug abuser claims to have been raped by a serving police officer and another man. The former has a rock solid alibi, he was at work at the time. This is a report from The Northern Echo.

November 15, 1995: This is a report of the case of teenager Caroline McKinlay, who became the first person in Scotland to be sentenced to detention for making a false rape allegation. This means youth detention, not staying behind after school to write lines every schoolday for three months. Not only did she stage the crime scene but she confirmed what every MRA and MGTOW (and one suspects every feminist with half a brain knows), women and silly young girls like her cry rape when THEY REGRET what they have done:

“I was happy enough until the sex was all over but later I didn’t want it to have happened.”

This slightly later report was written by a journalist who realises false rape is two words.

November 21, 1995: Student Twyana Davis gives birth in her campus dormitory at Ohio Dominican College. Click here for more.

November 24, 1995: A man alluded to only as G.D.D. is cleared at Halifax, Nova Scotia of unspeakable historical crimes against his clearly disturbed stepdaughter. As well as visiting a therapist, she had read The Courage To Heal. It is sad and tragic these cases ever get anywhere near a courtroom.

December 1995: Alan Collier (variant spellings of his name) is arrested for the 1980 rape of an unnamed woman. This notorious case from New Zealand saw him convicted in June 1996 then cleared on appeal when supporters revealed the police had made no meaningful investigation.

December 11, 1995: A man alluded to only as Nigel is arrested at his home. He is accused initially of five counts of common and indecent assault on a family friend between 1978 and 1995. He stands trial, and in spite of the judge pointing out that the prosecution case is full of contradictions, he is convicted by a majority verdict of committing two of the incidents alleged from ten years earlier. He is given a four year sentence but wins an appeal.

[The above information was extracted from NewsUK wherein it is credited to Oxfordshire County Publications, November 19, 1999, apparently the Oxford Mail].

December 11, 1995: Pastor Robert Roberson and his wife Connie of Waterville, Washington are cleared of all charges; they had faced multiple counts of child sexual abuse, including rape. This trial was part of the ludicrous paedophile witch-hunt that swept across the United States destroying so many innocent lives, women’s as well as men’s.

December 20, 1995: John Brown is alleged to have raped a woman at an apartment complex where he was working as a groundskeeper in Morehead, Kentucky. He had previously been a senior police officer from January 1990 to January 1994. On August 2, 1996 - my fortieth birthday! - the case against him was dropped because of “‘comments and actions of the victim’ at least three weeks before, during and soon after the alleged rape”.

Of course, if there was no rape, there was no victim. Here is the beginning of the article by Lance Williams from page C1 of the Final Edition, (NewsBank).

December 22, 1995: Los Angeles lawman Harris Mintz is alleged to have raped a Calabas woman. The following year his own wife accuses him of spousal rape on at least three occasions from December 1992 to May 1995. Then the truth comes out, the woman from Calabas had made a false allegation of a sexual nature before, and concocted this one for financial reasons. The officer’s wife had jumped on the bandwagon. By this time Mintz had spent five months behind bars. In April 1997, it was reported that he had been formally exonerated.

Circa 1996: A 55 year old woman from Melbourne, Australia is the victim of a vicious rape. Or is she? Click here for more

1996: In Dane County, Wisconsin, no fewer than seven women file false rape reports. This article from NewsBank appears on page 3A and is credited to Joe Schoenmann. Dane County includes Madison, see also this page and this one. In 2000, Dane County had a population of just under 427,000.

1996: Factitious Sexual Harassment is published by Sarah Feldman-Schorrig. Click here for more.

January 3, 1996: Ana Negron is not raped by Joel Gibilisco and James Born at Born’s Laureldale home; unfortunately, she doesn’t tell the authorities this until February. This report from the Reading Eagle, June 27, 1996, page B5, contains details of her sentencing.

January 4, 1996: A woman named Kaloti is allegedly raped by two different men. Raman Kumar is arrested, released, and rearrested the following month. He was accused of arranging the rape, not of participating in it. After a trial and a retrial at Warwick Crown Court he is cleared of rape but convicted of assault and intimidating a witness. He is sentenced to three years, four months, but his conviction is quashed by the Court of Appeal. See also the relevant entry for December 2006.

January 5, 1996: A 13 year old girl from Southport, North Carolina, has sex with her 17 year old boyfriend then claims to have been kidnapped and gang-raped. The police believed her, but she came clean to her family. This article was published in the Morning Star (Wilmington, North Carolina), January 18, 1996, page 1B. Two comments here, my apologies for the poor quality of the scan, this is not my fault. And 13 is far too young for girls to be having sex.

February 1996: Distinguishing Between True and False Allegations of Sexual Abuse Part I: Adults Alleging Abuse as Children by Felicity Goodyear-Smith, Vol. 25, No. 2, pages 47-50.

The above article from a New Zealand journal so dated covers many subjects and gives some sound advice, including without independent corroboration, adults’ claims of sexual abuse of kids are no more reliable than those made by the young. It covers such topics as jumping to conclusions, evidence of coaching - ie PARENTAL ALIENATION SYNDROME, and more.

With regard to adult claims, I would say that if anything these are far more unreliable for many reasons. A child accuser may be mistaken or coached, but an adult may have all manner of issues.

February 1996: In Scotland, Stephen McLaughlin has sex with former girlfriend Elidh Connell. Click here for more.

February 1996: Although this New Zealand case does not concern a false rape allegation, it is included here to show both that young girls can and do lie, and that women can also be the innocent targets of their ire. This girl admitted in court to lying about being sexually abused by her mother as well as by a friend of her father.

February 1, 1996: This is the date the incident was reported to law enforcement; it actually dates to May 6, 1995. This is a bizarre case which ended up in the civil courts with the accused winning damages against the accuser. The parties were referred to only by letters. In his Supreme Court of British Columbia judgment, Mr Justice Collver was not impressed with the claim about the condom in the hot tub. Nor should you be.

February 1, 1996: False rape accuser Liz Skene is given nine months of probation at Falkirk Sheriff Court. She had accused Brian Ross of rape. After his arrest, DNA testing proved they had not had sex, non-consensual or otherwise. Then in court, she accused him of raping her again, this time a year previously!

This report is from the Daily Record, February 2, 1996, page 15. Here is an earlier report - of her conviction - from the same paper, December 15, 1995. My apologies for the poor quality scans; these are the best copies possible.

February 3/4, 1996: Brown University student Adam Lack goes to bed with fellow student Sarah Klein, or Sara Klein ’99 as she is usually styled. In the morning, they exchange phone numbers. The following month, she accuses him of rape, claiming she was too drunk to consent. No criminal charges are filed, but the case generates wide publicity. Accusers like her make a mockery of genuine rape victims. This is an archived report from a student newspaper.

February 15, 1996: Courtni Mahaffy phones the police and tells them she has been raped at knifepoint in her own home at Rancho Bernardo, California. She identifies Kevin Baruxes as her principal attacker. At eighteen he is two years younger than her, and appears to have been a bit of a Jack the Lad. The jury doesn’t buy his alibi, and on her word alone he is convicted, receiving a sentence of 18 years to life. He was exonerated in 2003.

This article is dated May 13, 2016. Herein you can read about how the case against him fell apart, and how he was nearly murdered in prison.

February 20, 1996: This is the date of a Supreme Court of British Columbia judgment in a custody dispute. It is offered here without comment save that it contains lunatic ravings by a girl about her dead parents.

February 22, 1996: Mrs Nobuko Nobuhira accuses Soka Gakkai Honorary President Daisaku Ikeda of raping her on three occasions. This was a notorious case in Japan which appears to have had a primarily if not exclusively financial motive. She and her husband were totally discredited. This link is to a simplified webpage of a timeline in English.

February 26, 1996: A traffic cop in Palm Beach, Florida, tickets a female motorist. Click here for more.

February 28, 1996: Canadian woman Cathy Fordham is allegedly attacked in her own home by a former lover. Click here for more.

Spring to late May 1996: There are four false reports of rape in Madison, Wisconsin. Click here for more.

March 1, 1996: Edith Schoville of Madison, Wisconsin is allegedly raped at East Gorham Street. She ends up being charged with false reporting. Her case is reported extremely briefly in this article and in earlier reports. In April, she was arrested for the misuse of a pepper spray on former boyfriend Jason Staritt; in July she was charged with falsely reporting a rape in relation to the March 1 incident.

March 14, 1996: Teenager Tracey McManus is given a non-custodial sentence at Falkirk Sheriff Court after admitting making a false rape allegation against Lawrence Kelly.

March 17, 1996: A teenage student at the New College of Florida has sex with a former student in his room. A month later, she accuses him of rape, claiming after four glasses of wine she could not remember the whole incident and was too drunk to consent. Thankfully he was cleared. How pathetic are these stupid women?

This report appeared in the Saratosa Herald-Tribune, June 6, 1996, page 1B.

March 31, 1996: The documentary Cry Rape is broadcast in the 60 Minutes series. Here is an interesting document relating to it from the New Zealand Broadcasting Standards Authority.

March/April 1996: Counselors and the Backlash: “Rape Hype” and “False-Memory Syndrome” by Carolyn Zerbe Enns.

The above is a by and large hostile article. Any author who quotes Mary Koss with approval has to be suspect. The word confabulation appears only twice in its ten pages; it is confabulation along with loopy or outright mendacious therapists that has been responsible for so many of these terrible tragedies as in the Ramona case, see entry for March 15,1990, (above).

I have taken the liberty of adding a quotation mark to the above title.

March/April 1996: Distinguishing Between True and False Allegations of Sexual Abuse Part II: Allegations Involving Children by Felicity Goodyear-Smith, published in Patient Management, Vol. 25, No. 3/4, pages 61-4.

The above article from a New Zealand magazine so dated is the second part of or second article by the same author found at February 1996, (above).

April 15, 1996: This one is complicated. On said date, Indianapolis police officer John Walton is acquitted of rape. This appears to have been due partly to his eliciting testimony from two of the accuser’s co-workers that she had made two false rape allegations before. She denied making them, but the court accepted that she did, and so should you. Here is what the Supreme Court of Indiana said.

May 2, 1996: New York police officer Desmond Robinson and a female colleague go out drinking; the night ends with her accusing him of serious sexual offences as well as assault. Eventually she drops the sexual allegations, but Desmond is now an ex-police officer as he pleads guilty to assault. The words of the female Assistant DA are worth noting: “ all my years of experience working with sexual assault victims, I have never met a less candid individual who for months denied obvious facts.” Probably because she was married.

Circa May 3, 1996: Elise Makdessi makes a tape alleging she had suffered sexual harassment, including rape, at the hands of several US Naval personnel with whom she worked. Click here for more.

May 2, 1996: In Banbury, Norman Harvey is murdered by Susan Shickle. Click here for more.

May 4, 1996: Cheryl Davis of Madison, Wisconsin, is allegedly attacked on her way to a methadone clinic. Click here for more.

May 11, 1996: A woman is allegedly kidnapped from a parking lot in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Click here for more.

May 16, 1996: Cambridgeshire Police reveal that a woman who claimed to have been raped in her own home while under police protection had made the whole thing up. The investigation must have dragged on a long time because it engaged 30 officers and was said to have cost £200,000. No charges were being brought against the woman, so she can be filed under HEAD CASE.

[The above is based on a report called Fantasy rape which was published in the London Times, May 17, 1996].

May 27, 1996: Six military personnel consisting of four officers and definitely no gentlemen run a train on a student barmaid, who accuses them of rape. Their trial at Oxford Crown Court sees her admitting lying to the police, but she still claims to have been raped. All six are acquitted, unsurprisingly, and two years later, just as unsurprisingly, even though they cannot face court martial on account of the trial, all six are booted out of the Army. Was it worth it guys, seriously? Especially for the bloke who went last. Yuk!

June 1996: Glyn Kirpalani is questioned by the police after his anonymous former lover accuses him of raping her twice between January and April 1995. This false allegation results in an action for slander at the High Court presided over by Mrs Justice Smith. It ends with a hung jury. The plaintiff had spent (for him) enormous sums of money, and this woman had dragged his name through the mud, something with which she was said to have been pleased.

[The source for the above, the London Times, May 13, 1999, page 8 - accessed through NewsUK].

June 12, 1996: A woman is allegedly attacked in Token Creek Park, Madison, Wisconsin. Click here for more.

June 13, 1996: A 9 year old girl in Bolton is taken to Saint Mary’s Rape Crisis Centre in Manchester by her parents. It is suspected she was raped. The police soon get to the truth, and happily this was only a case of two kids involved in “sexual experimentation”, like that isn’t bad enough.

July 1996: A woman is allegedly abducted from a parking lot in Florence, Kentucky. Click here for more.

July 2, 1996: An article so dated from The Free Lance-Star, page C2, reports that Fredericksburg woman Tina Campbell had accused her estranged husband of abducting and raping her. When her story fell apart, the rape and abduction charges against Robert T. Campbell were dropped, and she was charged with filing a false rape report.

July 5, 1996: A 14 year old girl is allegedly raped in Clearlake, California although she does not make this claim until the following spring, to a drug counselor. Under mandatory reporting regulations, the police are informed, and two men are arrested. In spite of her testimony being all over the place, Brendan Loftus and Arvind Balu are convicted.

This is page from The National Registry of EXONERATIONS documents their roller coaster ride to freedom which involved a judge incorrectly applying rape shield laws to conceal the fact that at the material time the girl was A VIRGIN.

August 1996: A teenager accuses taxi driver David Cuthbertson of rape. She was said to have been living out a bizarre fantasy. In July 1997, he is cleared at the High Court in Glasgow.

August 4, 1996: At Bray in the Irish Republic, pregnant teenager Maria Doyle phones the police and claims to have been raped by a named individual. To DRAW ATTENTION to herself! This article was published in the New Ross Standard, February 26, 1997, page 4. The following April she was given probation for twelve months in a personal bond of £100.

August 5, 1996: In California, convicted child killer Richard Allen Davis makes a shocking statement. Click here for more.

August 6, 1996: I invented my rapist is the title on the front cover of the magazine. Click here for more.

August 13, 1996: Belgian police arrest Mark Dutroux. Click here for more.

August 18, 1996: Recovered memories or delusion? by Tim Klass.

The above article was updated 15 years later. It covers several cases: Julie Alley; Ross Cheit (the San Francisco Boys Chorus case); Patricia Rice; Steven Cook; and Chuck Noah.

Cheit is a nutter with academic credentials; it remains to be seen if he really did forget the sexual abuse he suffered as a boy; one can only speculate as to what would be his reaction if one of his former students were to suddenly remember the sexual abuse he suffered at Cheit’s hands.

Here is a critical review of his magnum opus.

September 1996: Ashley Pittman has sex with a fellow student. Two years later she withdraws her consent, or as the prosecution put it, she was was so traumatised by the alleged attack that she waited more than two years to contact the police. Yeah, right. Here’s a real gem: “The jury was told that because of the period that elapsed between the alleged attack and the allegation being made there was no forensic evidence to support the woman’s complaint.”

Fortunately, not all juries are as gullible as some prosecutors are venal. His trial at Swansea Crown Court ended on July 27, 2000 with the jury taking just 45 minutes to acquit him.

September 13, 1996: Deborah Sterling of Independence, Kentucky, is charged with false reporting. Click here for more.

September 16, 1996: Englishman Albert Wilson is arrested in the Philippines accused of raping a 12 year old girl said to be his stepdaughter (in reality his common law stepdaughter). Wilson was charged initially with attempted rape, later increased to rape. He was convicted and sentenced to death in spite of the exculpatory evidence. His conviction was reversed on December 21, 1999.

Here is a legal document that sets out the background to the case and the final judgment, and here is a report I found by chance in my local press. While researching false rape allegations, of course! This is from page 9 of relevant issue of Beckenham & Penge NEWS SHOPPER. This appears to have been a rare EXTORTION ATTEMPT.

September 1996: In Edmonton, Canada, Bonnie Ambrose falsely accuses a police officer of rape. Bad move! In June 1998, she is convicted of effecting a public mischief; she receives a 2 year sentence. If you want the long version, click here.

September 1996-February 1997: Police in Independence, Missouri, receive 13 reports of rape. Click here for more.

September 9, 1996: This article by Tony Ellin appears on page 7 of the Glasgow newspaper The Daily Record. A girl from Scotland on a school holiday in Italy does not want to ride home on a boring bus journey, so she claims to have been raped. A local man is arrested, more importantly perhaps, a friend backs her up, and she flies home. Unreal. File this one under WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH KIDS TODAY? and NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY.

September 16, 1996: At Lakewood, Colorado, teenage motorist Monica Wadley claims to have been raped by another motorist after a minor traffic accident. She claims when she went home to get her insurance information, the man followed her there and raped her. All that really happened was he made a derogatory remark while exchanging information! The truth came out shortly, and she faced two counts of false reporting. In NewsBank, this article is credited to Tillie Fong and appears on page 16A of the Final Edition.

September 20, 1996: A 13 year old girl who claimed to have been raped in a restroom at Crossler Middle School, Salem, recants, apparently after CCTV evidence shows no evidence of a 6 foot 4 white male with a swastika tattoo behind his ear.

The girl’s case is said to have been referred to the grand jury. A better idea would have been to tell her father to take her to the woodshed. This article appeared The Register-Guard (Eugene, Oregon), September 21, 1996, page 5B.

Circa October 1996: At Laguna Beach, Florida, Dawn Carpenter has dinner with a man who then rapes her on the hood of her car in a residential street. If you find that claim a tad unbelievable, it is with good reason. The man in question had recently jilted her, and this was an act of REVENGE. Sergeant Rahaeuser and his team put in forty hours of overtime on the case before she fesses us. She pleads guilty to filing a false police report, is given probation and a cost order. This report is extracted from an article by Anne C. Mulkern published in The Orange County Register METRO, November 25, 1996, pages 1 & 4.

October 1996: The Irish nun Sister Dominic and the homeless Pablo McCabe are arrested for historical sex offences. Click here for more.

October 6, 1996: A case from Rhode Island in which three men were accused of raping a drunken woman (although only two were on trial here) sees a local politician making a stellar pronouncement: “Four people were involved in this regrettable incident, three of them took responsibility for their actions. One did not”. The fact that the jury included six women indicates that ordinary women have more common sense than the sisterhood and the usual so-called anti-rape activists.

October 12, 1996: Christina Heaslet has sex with fellow student Nathaniel Lewis in her dormitory room at Akron University. Click here for more.

October 16, 1996: Archna Gupta claims to have been kidnapped at knifepoint and sexually violated by her former lover Michael Lewis (whom she claimed to have known as Mike Daniels). The New England man is arrested on October 24, 1996 and held on her word alone. Eventually, the forensic evidence comes back, and it clears him, but he is not released until April 1998; the charges are dropped on May 7, 1998. Archna Gupta is indicted for perjury, pleads NO CONTEST, and is sentenced to five years. Later, during civil proceedings brought by Lewis, it is revealed she had made a previous false rape allegation.

October 30, 1996: The Court of Appeal of Alberta dismisses the appeal against sentence in the case of R v Hudon. There is not much information about this case in the public domain, suffice it to say that the teenage false accuser Nicole Hudon gave the police a detailed, horrifying but entirely fictitious account of her sexual violation at the hands of three men. She caused them a great deal of aggravation, and wasted police time and resources. Her sentence of 15 months was found to be anything but excessive.

November 1996: Baldev Singh is arrested for rape. He is charged, and spends 23 days on remand. In May 1997, at Birmingham Crown Court, the case is thrown out by the judge. See entry for December 2006.

November 9, 1996: In the small hours, a drunken 46 year old slut has sex with four illegal immigrants from Mexico (undocumented workers, indeed). This report of their acquittal by a Sante Fe jury was accessed as usual through NewsBank; it is from page 1 and is credited to staff writer S.U. Mahesh. The full article points out inter alia that the forensic evidence was at odds with her account. Also, she appeared to have been expecting a few pesos for her services instead of giving them a free ride. The oldest defendant was 26; the youngest was 19.

November 13, 1996: West Point sophomore Su Jin Collier has sex with a fellow cadet - not for the first time - then accuses him of rape. Fortunately he is cleared, but she is in hot water.

This report is from The Daily Iowan, May 1, 1997, page 3A. She also made the New York Times the previous month wherein it was said she had hired a publicist, like any genuine rape victim would do. Not. Shortly she had an attack of common sense and threw in the towel.

November 14, 1996: Maria Hnatiuk tells a jury at Norwich Crown Court that she was a virgin when she was raped by the DJ Richard Skinner - this claim was actually made in a written statement; later on in the case, she said she had been put up to the false rape allegation. Hnatiuk was on trial for murder, and was convicted. In fact, the DJ had had a months’ long affair with the bisexual Hnatiuk, and there had apparently been some sort of plot between her and her lover to blackmail Skinner, who had wisely gone to the police.

On November 28, 1996, Hnatiuk was given a life sentence for the murder of teenager Rachael Lean.

November 14, 1996: A 27 year old woman claims to have been dragged into a garden and raped at Kincorth, Aberdeen late at night. On November 18, 1996, the Daily Record reports Aberdeen police confirm they have charged her with making a false rape allegation.

November 22, 1996: New Yorker Oliver Jovanovic meets Jamie Rzucek after lengthy cyber correspondence. What happens next is sordid and bizarre in equal measure, but she accuses him of rape. At his trial, Judge William Wetzel misapplies the rape shield law which results in crucial exculpatory evidence not being heard by the jury. It takes five years, but his conviction is eventually overturned.

November 22, 1996: A woman claims she was kidnapped and raped early in the day. Two days later, Orlando Police confirm the story is a hoax. She had picked up a man in her car who said he would take her to a crack house.

November 28, 1996: The heavily pregnant Maxine Malton is given a 4 month sentence at Manchester Crown Court after pleading guilty to perverting the course of justice; she had framed two strangers for a phantom rape.

This report is from the Daily Mail, November 29, 1996, page 27.

November 29, 1996: At Manchester Crown Court, a man is cleared of indecent assault. Although not a rape case it is important because it is said to be the first (recognised) case of false memory syndrome to come before a British court. (Having said that, see the 1994 Roger Mennell case for starters). The accuser - who was no doubt sincere - had, inter alia, read that most pernicious of books The Courage To Heal.

This article is from the London Times, November 30, 1996, page 1.

December 1996: MEMORY RECOVERY OF CHILDHOOD SEXUAL ABUSE by Francine Albach, Peter Paul Moormann and Bob Bermond is published. Don’t be fooled by the Ph.D. after the names of all three co-authors; these clowns are perpetuating dangerous and destructive fantasies.

“In this study, no empirical evidence was found for the notion that most patients recover memories of childhood sexual abuse because their therapist had suggested to them that they were abused as children.”

Indeed. Look harder next time. Start with one of the victims of your pernicous craft: Roseanne Barr.

December 10, 1996: The body of Dennis Proudfoot is found in his car, two days after he was charged with rape. Later that month, his father received a letter from the alleged victim in which she recanted. This case was raised in the House of Commons by the Conservative MP John Greenway in July 1999, and in the House of Lords by Lord Campbell-Savours in February 2003.

December 13, 1996: It is reported that Cornelius Magee and Michael McCausland have been charged with several offences at St Mary’s College, Belfast where they worked as security guards. McCausland was alleged to have aided and abetted a third man to rape a 21 year old student. On June 13, 1997, the charges against the pair are withdrawn without explanation.

December 16, 1996: Melanie Gibbons attends a Dublin police station and claims to have been raped by a named individual. There had been no sexual contact between the two. Seven years later she appears in court after being extradited from England. She can offer no cogent explanation for pointing the finger at this man.

Christmas 1996: In Iceland, a teenage Thordis Elva gets drunk and is taken home by her Australian boyfriend Tom Stranger. Click here for more.

December 25, 1996: In Singapore, foreign domestic worker Ira Kurnia Sari is fined $1,000 for making a false accusation of rape. Yes, they do celebrate Christmas in Singapore, but I doubt she did that year!

December 29, 1996: Nina Shahravan calls a Dallas TV reporter and tells him she has been raped by two Dallas Cowboys football players. The next day, she goes to the police. Dallas police hold a press conference. The case is given wide publicity before it becomes clear that Erik Williams and Michael Irvin have rock solid alibis. On January 9, 1997, Shahravan formally recants. On September 16, 1997, she is sentenced to 90 days in gaol and fined $1,500 by Dallas judge Dan Wyde after pleading guilty to misdemeanor perjury.

According to her estranged husband, Shahravan had falsely accused both him and a former fiancé of rape before.

December 30, 1996: A woman from Madison, Wisconsin is allegedly kidnapped forcibly as she is getting into her car at a gas station. She is driven to her kidnapper’s apartment and beaten as well as raped. She identifies her attacker, who is currently on parole. A man with a track record for some sort of crime coupled with a prompt reporting of the outrage surely amounts to...yet another false allegation, according to police spokesman Tom Snyder.

December 31, 1996: At Amsterdam, New York, Kelly Hammond stages a rape to cause problems for a former boyfriend. The local police chief is not amused, especially as this is her second false rape allegation in two years.

The linked article is from the FIRST EDITION of the newspaper that styles itself The Independent Voice of the Capital Region, page B6

Late 1996: The extraordinary Lynn Walker/Michael Garfoot case in the North of England. Click here for more.

Circa 1997: A young woman from Melbourne, Australia claims to have been sexually assaulted. Click here for more.

1997: Dreams, images and emotions associated with propofol anaesthesia by B. Brandner, M. Blagrove, G. McCallum and L.M. Bromley.

As its title suggests, the above is another interesting article from an academic journal concerning sexual hallucinations under anaesthetic. It appears that men are not immune from this sort of thing either.

1997: Assessing the Costs of False Allegations of Child Abuse: A Prescriptive by Susan Kiss Sarnoff.

The above is a very interesting article from IPT Journal. I can’t guarantee the internal links will work, but the Akiki and Wade cases can be found on this timeline, the former with a video.

1997 & 2005: In May 2017, I found Kendra Delsordo on Facebook. If you do, be sure not to friend her. In 1997 she falsely reported to two different police departments that she had been sexually assaulted or kidnapped, and in 2005 she clamed to have been kidnapped and raped in Colorado. As will be seen from this article from the Greeley Tribune website, she has done far worse. The arson conviction earned her a 12 year sentence which sadly appears not to have been served in full.

January 1, 1997: Whores Of The Court... is published. Click here for more.

January 30, 1997: In Louisiana, John Kinsel is charged with the aggravated rape of a young girl. Click here for more.

January 30, 1997: A young mother is pushing her baby in a pram at Little Hulton in the North of England when she is attacked and raped. Shocking. She also have severe lacerations on her body, so who could doubt she was raped? The police? Nope. How about the woman herself? Five days later, the public is told she has been referred for psychiatric counselling and support. Self-inflicted injuries or perhaps an accident as in the August 2, 1991 incident from Davis, California?

February 2, 1997: The Sunday Times publishes a letter from a woman whose daughter had been brainwashed by a therapist.

February 18, 1997: In the Irish Republic, mother of eight Mary Darcy is confronted by a detective 3 weeks after she was allegedly raped. By a serendipitous happenstance, another police officer had seen her being carted away in an ambulance at precisely the time she was supposedly being violated by a phantom who was said to have borne a remarkable likeness to an Australia soap actor!

Darcy - who appears to have been an alcoholic - had been drinking all day. She was given a suspended sentence at Dublin Criminal Court in October 1998.

February 20, 1997: Gail Ferland of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, tells police that earlier that evening she had been waylaid at a bus stop and subjected to a sexual violation lasting half an hour. The following day, a lawyer contacts the police asking for a copy of her report saying she would be applying for compensation. How often does a genuine victim do this so quickly after a rape or any assault? In April, Ferland is arrested, and when she appears in court she admits filing a false report. She escapes with a suspended sentence and probation.

[The above is based on a report by Brian D. Mockenhaupt in Providence Journal, NORTH WEST Edition, April 10, 1997, page C-01, (accessed here through NewsBank). There is no mention of a rape kit or even of a medical examination. Her age was given as 42].

February 21, 1997: After dining with Little Miss Anonymous, Greenwich Village businessman Paul Krauth takes her back to his apartment for some hot sex. Shortly, for whatever reason, she accuses him of aggravated rape. He is arrested, but on the last day of the month, the non-case against him is dropped as yet again modern technology comes to the rescue.

Here is some background written shortly after his arrest.

February 25, 1997: No Child Of Mine is screened by ITV.

Represented as a dramatisation about a schoolgirl who had been systematically abused by a gang of wicked paedophiles, including her own mother, the following day the London Times reported that “The film has been condemned by the Association of Directors of Social Services, which claims to have evidence that the child portrayed in the drama has a history of making false allegations of rape against men”.

At the time of writing, the full film can be found on YouTube. Here is the official trailer. Ask yourself if this portrayal is even remotely credible, namely a group of people which includes not one but three women inciting a child to commit indecent acts.

March 12, 1997: 5 Women Say Sex Charges In Army Case Were Coerced by Peter T. Kilborn.

The above New York Times article is an example of what can happen when police and other investigators go trawling for victims, and the alleged victims insist they are not victims. It is also further proof as if any were needed that women do not belong in the armed forces, at least not under the command of men.

March 14, 1997: Misty Wedding tells police she was intoxicated and playing cards at 5am when two of her companions forced her to have sex. The following month, she contacts the police and tells them she made up the story. This one can be filed under several categories including CAMPUS ACCUSER.

This report appeared in the Kentucky New Era, April 3, 1997, page 1B.

March 21, 1997: Staff Sergeant Nathanael C. Beach is cleared of sexual misconduct; on March 20, rape charges are dropped against a US Army captain.

Allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault and even of rape in the military became endemic, and no doubt some of the charges were well founded, but false allegations and truthful ones are the inevitable result of this politically correct insanity. Women do not belong in the military; where they are used in auxiliary roles, they should always be segregated from men and should always but always be under the command of a female officer.

This report is from page 15A of the Saratosa Herald-Tribune.

April 17, 1997: The Taint Hearing by Ralph Underwager & Hollida Wakefield.

The above paper by two leading researchers in the field covers the development of taint hearings in child sexual abuse trials since the notorious Kelly Michaels case; precursors are included.

April 17, 1997: Inspector Geoffrey Smith who is based at Paddington Green Police Station is alleged to have raped and indecently assaulted a woman in her London home. The first media reports seem to have appeared circa December 9 that year.

On July 17, 1998, the London Times reported simply (at page 9) that he had been accused of raping a 28 year old woman police officer, but that the case had been dropped because there was no evidence against him.

[The above report was accessed through NewsBank Newspapers - U.K. and Ireland].

April 20, 1997: According to this article from the Beaver County Times, in August 1996, Gerald Kowalski of Erie, Michigan, met Kimberly Tufts in a bar, had sex with her in a nearby alley, and ended up being charged with rape. Fortunately, after spending 25 days in gaol, the truth came out: the non-victim made up the rape claim because she was afraid of losing her boyfriend.

In December 1998, a woman named Kimberly Tufts was arrested in Michigan for a trivial offence. If this is the same woman, there is a serious age discrepancy; also the latter is said to have been five foot one but to weigh 145 pounds, so if it is indeed the same woman, Kowalski was obviously drunk as well as framed.

April 24, 1997: This report from page 9 of the Daily Record (so dated) tells the tale of Rosie MacKenzie and her future husband John Cato, who at this point in time was “too drunk to satisfy her”, so she went to the house of a former lover, (the apparently unrelated) Bill MacKenzie, a man 24 years her senior, had sex with him, then cried rape. She pleaded guilty at Dingwall Sheriff Court to making a false allegation. John forgave her!

April 25, 1997: Jill Harth files a lawsuit against Donald Trump in a New York district court. Click here for much more.

May 3, 1997: Christy Pallay of Denmark, New York tells the police she was picked up by a motorist and raped. Two days later, she admits she made up the story. Eleven years later she is arrested for public drunkenness in Statesboro, Georgia.

May 6, 1997: A 9 year old girl is allegedly raped by two 10 year old boys at a London school. Click here for more.

May 31, 1997: In New Hampshire, Mary Hensley tells the police she was raped by Corey Clark. After Clark’s arrest, a woman named Krista Witham claims she offered to drop the charges for a financial consideration. Clark made a foolish mistake by initially denying he’d had sex with Hensley, but on June 17, 1997, Hensley recanted officially, although she tried to pass the buck to another woman. She went on to make another allegation of rape, one she did not recant.

May 31, 1997: A teenager is allegedly raped in the North of England. The police put out an appeal for a man, and he comes forward. No rape was committed. This article was published in the St. Helens Star, June 12, 1997, page 2.

June 4, 1997: This report so dated tells the tale of James Chapman and “the Bitch from Hell”. His trial at the High Court in Glasgow saw his accuser taken apart under cross-examination.

June 25, 1997: This article so dated is a screengrab from a much simplied page which was published originally in the Daily Mail.

In 1986, it was reported that Beverley Hayles had accused Keith Desmond Burgher of rape, apparently three years previously. The police refused to take action, but she sought and was granted a temporary restraining order against him. In April 1999 she was back in the news for a bona fide reason. She was said to have permanently damaged her retina with an anti-bacterial shampoo.

File Miss Hayles under HEAD CASE.

July 1, 1997: Joel Hungerford and John Morahan are in effect found not guilty of committing unspeakable crimes. This is not one case but two from New Hampshire; Hungerford had been accused of violating his own adult daughter for most of her life; Morahan was a teacher who was accused of raping a pupil. These were both repressed memory cases; it is truly shocking that this sort of mumbo jumbo can be permitted to poison the minds of already mentally unbalanced young women much less be used to send men to gaol for decades. Hungerford went on to sue his daughter’s therapist.

July 11, 1997: Taxi driver Donald Lamont is cleared at the High Court in Glasgow of raping a housewife when the prosecution declines to proceed.

[Report for the above in The Daily Record, July 12, 1997, page 17 - accessed through NewsUK].

July 13, 1997: Lori Dell tells police at Hartford, Connecticut she was kidnapped the previous day by two men and a woman, driven to Hartford, and sexually assaulted. It is not clear if this is an allegation of rape or of a lesser sexual assault, but it is clear from this report that it never happened.

July 21, 1997: At Reading Crown Court, Professor John Cottingham is cleared of sexually assaulting two students. Click here for more.

July 29, 1997: Teenager Kelli Maguire of Pompano Beach, Florida is allegedly abducted from a mall. Click here for more.

August 7, 1997: In the small hours, Irish national Annette Mangan is making out with a man she met on the island of Cyprus. Click here for more.

August 14, 1997: Although this New Zealand case is said here to be a false allegation of rape, it appears to have been only an alleged indecent assault. It is included because of the lengths to which Debra Wood went to frame a total stranger, and the outcome, a two year sentence after her conviction for perjury.

Her case is discussed at length in this November 2004 document (in which her Christian name is misspelt).

August 18, 1997: In Hawaii, a grand jury indicts Lloyd West on four counts of sexually violating a young girl, including vaginal rape. Click here for more.

August 25, 1997: A Famagusta court on the island of Cyprus fines Susan Warburton and her lover Paul Shearsmith the equivalent of $645 after they plead guilty to public mischief and conspiracy. The previous week they had told police she was raped in her room by a hotel employee. Warburton was a mother of four, which begs the question why wasn’t she at home with her kids?

August 27, 1997: This is the date of a judgment by an Illinois court in a child custody case. A rather bizarre false rape allegation here was made by a man, who claimed his lover had been raped when she had not. He appears to have done this hoping to have the child taken into the care of the state.

Circa September 1997: A woman falsely accuses two (unnamed, apparently unidentified, and likely non-existent) Asian men of rape. She tries to claim a criminal injuries compensation payout, but is refused. This is an acknowledged false rape allegation. With regard to the others, this judgment was handed down by the Scottish Court of Session in October 2013. Presumably there must have been substantial medical evidence to support her claims against her uncle.

September-December 1997: This one is a doozy; Clare Allen of Litchfield stages a series of bizarre attacks on herself including of aggravated rape. There is no mention of a rape kit being administered, even though two police forces were searching for the phantom attacker. When she is found out, she admits she was SEEKING ATTENTION, and when she appears in court, she is treated like a victim. The second image in this file has come out considerably larger than the first.

September 1997: You must remember this... by Sandra Martin.

The above anonymised article tells the tragic story of one Canadian family and the damage caused by so-called therapists and recovered memories.

September 1997: Creating False Memories by Elizabeth Loftus.

The above is an interesting article by the world’s leading authority on false memories. It covers inter alia the case of Beth Rutherford, who was brainwashing into believing she had been impregnated by her own father.

September 10, 1997: A teenager is not abducted early morning from the entrance to an apartment block in Allegheny Township, Pennsylvania, held for 12 hours and raped before being dropped off that night at the cemetery.

This appears to have been a COPYCAT false rape allegation, and a particularly stupid one at that, although when she came clean she offered no explanation as to why she had made it. This article appeared in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (FINAL), September 18, 1997, page B-5.

September 20, 1997: Converse College student Elizabeth Bender is not snatched by an unknown assailant, blindfolded, handcuffed and raped as she leaves the Ground Zero nightclub. It remains to be seen why she told the police she was, but one female officer was not happy:

“We feel it is unfortunate, but often times communities are deceived by fictitious allegations” said Lieutenant Kendall of the Spartanburg Public Safety Department.

The above was extracted from the Herald-Journal, October 1, 1997, page 1.

October 1997: In the Philippines, Father Macario Peig Apuya is accused of raping a 15 year old girl, who for good measure ropes in his elderly mother. It takes five years to clear his name.

This report is from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, December 21, 2002, page A25.

October 1997: This is another well-documented horror story that needs no citations. Under pressure from her drug addict mother, 8 year old Chaneya Kelly accuses her own father of violating her. In the United States, crimes of this nature attract horrendous sentences, and Daryl Kelly is sentenced to 20-40 years in prison. As soon as she is able to understand her actions, Chaneya recants, but her voice is not heard. Daryl Kelly remains behind bars convicted on nothing more than words.

October 3, 1997: A Florida teenager reports being kidnapped and raped, but three weeks later her lies unfold and she is arrested. She is taken to the Marion County Jail then shortly released into her mother’s custody. This report is from the Ocala Star-Banner, October 24, 1007, front page & page 4A.

October 3, 1997: June Dufour tells police at Marlborough, New Hampshire she was raped in a public place on October 1, around 10am, by a stranger. The police go public on October 7, but on October 23, she admits she made it all up. She appears in court toward the end of the month receiving a $1,000 (suspended) fine in return for a written apology.

[The above is based on a report by Paul Montgomery in the New Hampshire Union Leader, October 28, 1997, State Edition, page a11, (accessed here through NewsBank)]. Said report contains an excessive amount of drivel by Elizabeth Sayre of Women’s Crisis Services.

November 2, 1997: In California, Damon Auguste is arrested for the rape of a 15 year old girl named Monique. He and Kamani Hendricks are convicted in October 1998; both receive heavy sentences. Auguste comes from a wealthy family, and eventually their money and persistence pay off.

This article gives a fair account of this case. The day after Auguste was arrested, Linda Marshall was kidnapped and raped, also in California. She lied to the police and was not believed. These two also lied. It remains to be seen if they would have been cleared had they been truthful about having sex with their teen slut accuser, but lying to the police - whether victim or accused - is always inadvisable, especially in a rape case, more so for an accused, whose ordeal has yet to begin.

November 3, 1997: In Pleasanton, California, Linda Marshall is kidnapped by James Daveggio and Michelle Michaud. Click here for more.

November 8 & November 21, 1997: Candace Kane of Agawam, Massachusetts, files a false rape report against a local businessman. He is arrested on account of one of these false reports, but twenty alibi witnesses undermine her lies! She rather than he ends up in court where she is ordered to undergo counselling.

[The above information was extracted from Union-News, January 7, 1998, page B2 and the Sunday Republican (Springfield, Massachusetts), March 12, 2000, page A01, (accessed through NewsBank)].

November 14, 1997: Elizabeth Wyper sleeps with James Crawford after a party then claims he raped her - to explain to her mother why she had stayed out all night. The victim is questioned for hours before his accuser admits she lied. On April 29, 1998, she appears before Sheriff Colin Miller at Ayr who orders her to do community service and pay Mr Crawford £500.

November 18, 1997: The briefest of reports so dated from New Zealand: Lohenet Zarmani makes a false rape allegation, but receives no punishment from the court.

November 22, 1997: This article so dated was published in the New Straits Times, page 16. Fake photographs be they of women being raped or of other atrocities are commonplace in war-time, even if the war is entirely one-sided.

See also the report for May 13-5, 1998 (below) for other false atrocity claims from Indonesia.

November & December 1997: In New York City, a 13 year old girl accuses a 17 year old youth of raping her two months in a row. Then she recants. Should she really have been charged with false reporting? For one false allegation, perhaps not, but for two? This article appeared on page CY6 of The New York Times, February 1, 1998.

1998: False rape statistics for Singapore. Click here.

1998: An unnamed nurse makes a false rape allegation in Devon. See entry for Roy Burnett for the full story.

1998: At Easthampton, Massachusetts, Kimberly Mileau is fined the maximum $500 after admitting making a false report of rape. She did it to conceal an extramarital affair.

[The above information was extracted from the Sunday Republican (Springfield, Massachusetts), March 12, 2000, page A01, (accessed through NewsBank). This article contains a doozy: “In a court of law, a confession is not enough; the prosecution must have corroborating evidence showing that the suspect’s confession is truthful.” The reality is of course that in rape and other cases with a sexual angle, not only is no corroboration required but no evidence is required, only plausible lies by an accuser].

New Year’s Day, 1998: Yet again, we see the first day of the year leading to REGRET SEX, and on this occasion there can be no doubt that he regretted it more than she did. Peter Phillips of Sunderland ends up in HMP Durham, but when his case comes up at Newcastle Crown Court, it doesn’t even go to the jury.

January 1998: Pennsylvania schoolteacher Michael Gallagher is suspended after a former student of his named Margaret Powell accuses him of raping her in 1985-6. He is arrested, charged and due to stand trial November 30, but prosecutors do their homework uncovering evidence that his accuser has experienced recovered memories. Gallagher gets his life back and says false accusers should be prosecuted; the problem is that women (and men) who make these kinds of false allegations are not lying, they believe their delusions.

January 1998: A teenager falsely accuses a man of rape; she goes on to falsely accuse Kevin Ford in June 2001.

January 1998: Jason Grant is accused of raping a teenager who claimed he forced her to take a bath afterwards to destroy the forensic evidence. The girl said their friendship had been purely platonic, but the defence said they’d had sex many times before. When he stood trial at Manchester in October 2008, the jury cleared him in three hours, and the judge awarded him his costs - a double endorsement of his innocence.

January 1, 1998: Rape Shield Laws and Prior False Accusations of Rape: The Need for Meaningful Legislative Reform by Christopher Bopst.

The above article by an American lawyer is a fairly comprehensive and unhysterical overview of this difficult subject.

January 3, 1998: In Malaysia, Army dentist Lieutenant Colonel Dr Harjandar Singh has sex with a subordinate. For whatever reason, she accuses him of rape. The case is rightly dismissed because as the judge pointed out, she didn’t use her army training or even scream. This report appeared in the New Straits Times, May 13, 2000, page 10.

January 5, 1998: At Fairfield, California, a teenager misses the bus home so claims she was dragged into a van by three men and raped. As any sensible girl would do. The truth comes out later in the month. The date is not shown on this PDF file, but the report was published January 21, 1998. No author is credited.

January 10, 1998: At Nairobi, Kenya, Nathan Birundu is alleged to have raped a woman. He is convicted. Three years later, his conviction is overturned. If you read this lengthy appeal judgment in full, you might ask how the case ever got to court in the first place. (There are formatting errors in the file, but there is a link to the original at the end; this has also been archived).

January 15, 1998: This is a rarity, a woman is cleared of rape. This case at the High Court in Kilmarnock didn’t even go to the jury. In the dock with Martin Hollywood was his girlfriend Stephanie McCallum. From previous reports it is clear that the two girls came up with this suggestion, and is a guy really going to object? Miss X made sure she shed a few tears, thankfully to no avail. File this one under REGRET SEX.

January/February 1998: Realities and Mythologies of Rape by Neil Gilbert.

The above is an excellent analysis of feminist hysteria masquerading as social science. It includes inter alia an analysis of the Koss study.

February 1, 1998: In Singapore, Shohag Gopal Chandra Mondal has sex with a teenage Indonesian maid, who then accuses him of rape. He is cleared by the High Court later that year. This article appeared in The Straits Times, December 16, 1998, page 40.

February 3, 1998: In the Golden State, a Stanford University student is allegedly attacked in her bed between 9am and 11am. The fact that she was apparently sleeping so late suggests she had been partying hard the night before. The fact that shortly she withdrew the allegation suggests strongly that she was taking something more potent than mere alcohol. The date and author are not shown on this PDF file, but the report was filed February 11, 1998 at 4.00am by Eve Mitchell.

February 6, 1998: A man meets a woman in a bar at Santa Rosa, California, and ends up accused of rape. Click here for more.

March 1998: Suzanne Farrell of Cabra, Dublin, is allegedly raped. On November 2, she appears at Dublin District Court charged with making a false rape claim and a false larceny claim. Do they still use that word? This case was reported by the Irish Times, November 3, 1998, (accessed here through NewsBank - no page given).

March 14/5, 1998: In Pennsylvania, Edinboro University student Michael Hoffman has sex with a teenager, apparently another student. On March 16, he is charged with rape. Get this, Hoffman is legally blind, usually he uses a guide dog; he can see only dark and light. In November, the case against him is dropped; according to his attorney, the accuser was bisexual and was trying to get back at her female lover after a fight. Weird.

[The above case of REGRET SEX was reported by Ed Palettella in the Erie Times-News, November 5, 1998, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

March 21, 1998: At Lee’s Summit, Missouri, the future Tina McKinley accuses her then husband Theodore White of sexually abusing her daughter/his stepdaughter. This is not a rape allegation but is included here because of the extraordinary circumstances relating to it. This judgment by the Eighth Circuit gives the full background to the case. Note especially the lies, collusion and the previous (threatened) false allegation by Tina McKinley against her first husband.

March 28, 1998: In India, a woman named only as Savitri files a complaint against four named individuals at Jatara - spelt Jtara on this legal blog. One of the accused - Bablu Ahriwar - is convicted (and sentenced to death according to another source), but the case does not end there, and in May 2013, Savitri is given a(n unprecedented) ten year sentence for making her false allegations.

April 1998: This is another example of women having no agency when it comes to sex. The following is summarised from The Independent, October 17, 2000, page 10, accessed through NewsUK:

British Airways purser Julian Henry and a stewardess enjoy a long drinking session consuming champagne suspected of being stolen from their aircraft. Initially the captain and another crew member are imbibing with them in Henry’s Washington hotel room, but after the other two leave, Henry and the stewardess end up in bed together. She wakes up in his bed and cries rape. The rape case is dropped in 1999, but Henry pleads NO CONTEST to assault and battery, he probably thumped her after she lost the plot. Unreal. If there is anyone who should have been outraged here, it was Henry’s wife.

April 1, 1998: A report so dated from the London Times, page 8: “Angela Brookhouse, 21, of Warrington, who claimed she had been gang-raped because she was ashamed of having sex with a man she hardly knew, was sent to a young offender institution for two months. She admitted trying to pervert the course of justice.”

April 4, 1998: In Singapore, teenager Ong Peng Peng has sex with Lau Siang Pin. On April 13, she lodges a false complaint against him, but on May 22, after a thorough investigation, she admits she had lied. This story was reported by The Straits Times on December 16, 1998, page 40, one of two false rape reports on the same page that day. The smudges on the image are beyond my control.

April 7, 1998: Sean Murphy and his mother Sylvia write to the Archdiocese of Boston demanding $850,000 compensation. Click here for more.

April 7, 1998: In South Africa, Zwelakhe Abedingo Luthuli is arrested for the violation of an underage girl. Click here for more.

April 12, 1998: At Flushing Meadows, New York, a young woman claims to have been abducted by three men and raped at gunpoint. Under questioning, the gun disappears, one of the men vanishes, and the rape becomes a consensual if sordid act. Bad girl Miss er, what was your name again?

April 14, 1998: At Wexford in the Irish Republic, Fiona McCabe tells the police she was raped by a named individual. On January 25! It appears there was not only no rape but no sex, and that the young lady had been taking too many antidepressants! This article was published in Wexford People later the same year.

April 22, 1998: At North Stonington, Connecticut, Tina Bourdon is charged with filing a false rape report. The previous summer she claimed she’d been raped by two unnamed men when really she’d had consensual sex with one, an act for which she was paid.

This article from the New London newspaper The Day, April 24, 1998, page 2.

May 2, 1998: At Cuttack, India, a teenage victim of gang-rape is brought to the S.C.B. Medical College where it soon becomes clear her horrific injuries were self-inflicted. This case is discussed in Fabrication of sexual assault: A case report by S.K. Nail, D.K. Atal, A. Murari and J.K. Balwantray; their paper was accepted for publication on June 15, 2010. Ignore the rhetoric and the statistics copied and pasted from the usual braindeads. Other cases are reported therein.

May 13, 1998: Thomas McKenna is cleared at the High Court in Kilmarnock of raping a woman in her own home. She had made two false rape allegations before, and had been charged with public mischief on that account in 1992. Her excuse for her behaviour on one of these previous occasions was that she had been sexually abused by her father when she was four. So that makes her a SERIAL FALSE ACCUSER.

[The above is based on a report in the Sun, May 14, 1998, page 34 accessed through NewsBank Newspapers - U.K. and Ireland].

May 13-5, 1998: Riots erupt in Indonesia. A number of Chinese women are alleged to have been raped, a claim that is bolstered by fake photographs distributed abroad. Here is the retraction of an honest man who admits he has been conned.

May 14-6, 1998: False allegations of rape in adults by K.L Gibbon.

The above article from a medical conference contains an anonymised and quite revolting case of a young white woman - a junkie - who turned up at a hospital (presumably in England) claiming to have been sexually violated by one of those dangerous black predators, the type who does not exist. She had been sexually violated all right, by herself. There are references to studies of false rape including Kanin.

I am not certain the actual date this paper was read because although I found a programme of events dated March 1998, the name Karen Gibbon does not appear in it, so I can only assume she was a late/substitute speaker.

May 17, 1998: Roger Raymond takes a teenager twenty years his junior home to his Camberwell apartment, has sex with her, and ends up accused of rape. Later that year he stands trial, and is cleared of all charges.

This report was culled from the South London Press, November 6, 1998, page 22.

May 20, 1998: Freed nurses to speak out on sexual abuse by Daniel McGrory and Michael Theodoulou is published. Click here for more.

May 21, 1998: Serial sexual predator Carl Butler is convicted of rape again, at Sheffield Crown Court. See entry for October 2015.

May 29, 1998: The National Association for People Abused in Childhood is registered with the Charity Commission. Click here for more.

May 31, 1998: A teenager claims to have been raped at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg on said date, although she doesn’t report it for over a month. On July 17, the local police chief tells the press she was pregnant when she fabricated the story, and did not know what to do. She will not be charged. This report is from The Free Lance-Star, July 18, 1998, page C4.

June 8, 1998: Elizabeth Gray has sex with co-worker Allen Conner; both are married, but not to each other - the clue is in her surname! The following month, she claims she was raped, but two grand juries in Augusta County, Virginia, refuse to indict Conner. Gray resigns from her job and sues her employer. She loses, but still claims over twenty thousand dollars in benefits for post-traumatic stress disorder from the imaginary rape. In 2004, the law catches up with her. And gives her a slap on the wrist.

June 19, 1998: In the Deep South, an underage teen tells the police she was sexually harassed and fondled over a period of six months and more by martial arts instructor Shahriyar Bakhtiarnejad. She claims on one occasion she was orally raped. This article gives a watered down, sanitised version of what didn’t happen. It was published in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, August 22, 1998, page J4.

June 22, 1998: In Santa Rosa, California, Mark Daley and an unnamed teenager are alleged to have raped a young woman. They are arrested the following day, but on August 17 they are released from custody. This could be because investigators working for the public defender discovered the woman had consensual sex with the teenager, while Daley had six alibi witnesses including a taxi driver who placed him elsewhere at the time he was supposed to have been raping her!

[The above is based on a report by Clark Mason from The Press Democrat, August 20, 1998, FINAL Edition, page B2 (accessed here through NewsBank)].

June 30, 1998: Tasha Cote of Waterville, Maine tells police she was raped by her former boyfriend David Porter. Two months earlier! Her family do not wait for justice, instead her brother and cousin go to Porter’s apartment and beat him up. When the police investigate, Porter gives them a tape recording of him and Cote in which she asked him to have sex with her. He refused! The following month, she is charged with filing a false report.

[The above is bases on a report in the Bangor Daily News, July 25, 1998, DOWNEAST Edition - no page given, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

July 1, 1998: A Coventry schoolgirl is raped. Or is she? Click here to find out.

July 2, 1998: This report so dated from Hong Kong is as bizarre as they come. A housewife aged 36 is married to a man aged 68. Big gap. Then she gets caught having it off with her 81 year old neighbour, and cries rape. A case of the truth and the fiction being equally unbelievable!

July 4, 1998: This article (so dated) reports the acquittal at Bolton Crown Court of Hakan Ekiz, who had been accused of raping an older woman, twice. Note what she said: “I didn’t realise I had been raped until I thought about it afterwards.”

No, if you have to think about it, you weren’t raped! Even if you are a much younger woman.

July 22, 1998: In Winnipeg, a woman reports being raped in the street. On July 27, she is arrested for false reporting. She’d had consensual sex with her non-attacker. There is no mention of money changing hands, but...This sad tale was reported in The Winnipeg Free Press, July 29, 1998, page A3. File this dumb belle under COPYCAT because the police were investigating the rape of a teenager that happened the previous day.

July 23, 1998: This report so dated sees Oliver Thompson cleared of rape at Harrow Crown Court. It also highlights an all too common problem, the police and the CPS failing to do their homework. Thompson picked up a HEAD CASE hoping to have a good time with her, and ended up in the dock. (My apologies for the missing photographs; blame the BBC).

July 25, 1998: Teenager Robert Gough is cleared of rape at the High Court in Glasgow. He had been drinking with the 15 year old, and there had been some intimate contact, but no sex, indeed a doctor who examined her said she was STILL A VIRGIN, which begs the question how did it ever go to trial?

Most interestingly, a teacher named Alastair Fleming testified for the defence to the effect that the girl had once falsely accused him of touching her breast, although later she withdrew the allegation. This report contains one uncorrected error; when I was at school, headmaster was one word.

July 30, 1998: This is the date of a judgment. As you will see, dear reader, the case concerns a male ASYLUM SNEAKER who got creative with his application, claiming his sister had been raped in his native Sri Lanka. The New Zealand authorities didn’t buy that or any of his other lies, and neither should you.

July 30, 1998: A 15 year old girl is allegedly raped by a 21 year old man and a 16 year old boy at Santa Rosa Creek, California. Click here for more.

August 1998: At Winchester Crown Court, Alexandra Grantham pleads guilty to falsely accusing salesman David Hazlehurst of rape. I know this will sound out of character, but I think this is one case in which prosecution was not in the public interest. This woman was obviously a nutter. This article is the story as related by the victim's wife.

August 1998: Drug addict Regina Birindelli tells police she was gang-raped by three men on May 16, 1998; she says they videoed the assaults which were vaginal, anal and oral. They are convicted, the jury being impressed by her apparent emotion and by the claim that she had no motive to lie. Emotions are easily faked, and motives hidden. Here is the truth.

August 2, 1998: At 4am in the Deep South, motorist Kimberly Adams of Duluth phones the police and tells then she has just been raped by a police officer, or by a man dressed as one. Or perhaps this guy was a ghost, because he vanished into thin air. A thorough investigation leads to witnesses who identify Adams and a male companion being helped to her car at a local tavern, apparently the worse for drink. Later that month, she was charged with false reporting. This article was published in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

August 2, 1998: In the small hours of a Sunday morning, Spokane police answer a 911 call from a residential area. When they arrive, a young female motorist tells them she has been gang-raped by five men from another vehicle. She is taken to hospital, examined and released. She is not interviewed formally until Tuesday when information about the alleged gang-rape is released to the media, but after seeing the resulting reports, she contacts the police and tells them the sex with the five men was consensual.

This report appeared in The Spokesman-Review, August 5, 1998, page B6. File this one under AIN’T NUTHIN’ LIKE A GANG BANG.

August 8, 1998: A teenager is allegedly raped in Selby Park as she walks home from Corina’s nightclub. A witness is said to have seen two men dragging a girl into the park. It may be that a rape actually happened but if so, it was not committed by Mark Sheldon. This report is from the front page and page 44 of the Selby Times, February 11, 1999.

September 6, 1998: White slut Shawn Stratton has sex with three black dudes at the University of Wisconsin, then accuses them of rape. This report from The National Registry of EXONERATIONS gives the details of this particularly sordid case. Jarrett Adams was seventeen at the time; he went on to become an attorney. Stay away from those ho’s, bro.

September 16, 1998: Missouri woman Judith Lummis is allegedly kidnapped at knifepoint and sexually violated. Click here for more.

September 21, 1998: Police in Morecambe close an investigation into a claim that a woman had been raped on York Bridge when the victim admitted she had made it up. Apparently the poor thing had been under pressure for a variety of reasons, and had been referred for medical help and counselling instead of being charged with wasting police time.

This article appeared on the front page of The Visitor (Morecambe), September 23, 1998. My apologies for the poor quality scan, which was beyond my control.

September 23, 1998: In Singapore, housewife Siew Yit Beng accuses her physician Tan Eng Huat of rape. This was an expansion of a false allegation she had made two months previously. (Tan Eng Huat is a doctor of Chinese medicine, hence the massages alluded to in the judgment). And the lies continue to grow! Eventually the truth comes out: the sex was consensual. Dr, No!

October 1998: An unnamed woman in her fifties has sex with the younger Roddy Henry at a Chelmsford hotel. Click here for more.

October 1, 1998: A young woman is kidnapped from a park in Santa Rosa, California. Or is she? Click here to find out.

October 13, 1998: Two false rape allegations the same day in New Zealand! Click here for more.

October 14/5, 1998: At Amsterdam, New York, a woman has a late night dust up with her boyfriend. She calls the police, and he is arrested after a scuffle. Then Miriam Rivera accuses him of raping and sodomising her. The major charges against Luis Torres-Rivera are soon dropped when she admits the sex was consensual. Subsequently, she too is arrested.

This article appeared in The Daily Gazette, October 16, 1998, page B14.

October 26, 1998: In spite of its title, this is a false allegation of attempted rape rather than rape period. A deranged wife on the island of Malta tries to win back her estranged husband by making a false allegation against another man. This one is actually quite complicated, but it remains to be seen why it took the courts until October 2002 to dispose of it.

November 2, 1998: Lies, Personality Disorders and Expert Evidence: New Developments in the Law by Ian Freckelton and Teresa Henning.

The above is an interesting article by a barrister and a legal scholar. It concerns a then recent alleged case of male-on-male sexual assault in Tasmania (and the reliabilty or otherwise of complainants who are not right in the head. Like most of us in the 21st Century!

December 1, 1998: This is the date ASYLUM SNEAKER Amina Muse claimed to have seen her brothers murdered in Somalia, where she was also gang-raped. The only problem was, she had been living in Sweden since 1995! She also went by the name Ayan Abdulle, and although she was granted Swedish citizenship, she is probably not originally from Somalia. In January 2011, she was given a four and a half year sentence at Harrow Crown Court for fraud.

December 3, 1998: A 13 year old girl is raped at knifepoint in the back of a postal van by a black man at Newton, Massachusetts. That’s the bad news. The good news is that the dude was actually white and the sex was consensual. The truth was revealed by Beverly Ford and Ann E. Donlan writing in the Boston Herald, December 31, 1998, page 1, (NewsBank).

Yeah, I know, a 13 year old girl can’t consent; the boy concerned is said to be 17. She should be taken to the woodshed; if he did face a statutory rape charge as suggested here, he has only himself to blame.

December 5, 1998: In Singapore, foreign domestic worker Sri Rahayu is given a 3 week gaol sentence for making a false rape allegation.

December 8/9, 1998: Here is a rape allegation that should definitely not have been taken seriously. Brian Salmi is found chained to a bed and gagged in an Earl’s Court hotel. He would tell the police he had been held prisoner and force-fed Viagra by two blondes! The hoax was exposed by the News Of The World on December 20. Salmi appears to have a track record for this kind of stupidity.

December 13, 1998: A motorist tells police she was forced off the road by a man in a pickup truck. She was then dragged from her vehicle and raped. This happened at Mendon, Massachusetts. Or did it? Three days before Christmas, Detective Ernest Horn announces this incident was fabricated “to obscure other unrelated behavior”.

[The above information was extracted from the Worcester Telegram & Gazette (Massachusetts), December 23, 1998, page B1, (accessed through NewsBank)].

December 19, 1998: Gerald Regan is cleared of all charges. This is a surprisingly little known and totally contrived witch-hunt of a powerful politician. Gerald Augustine Paul Regan was Premier of Nova Scotia from October 1970 to October 1978. In 1993, it was announced he was being investigated for historical sex crimes, and as often in cases of this nature, one allegation leads to another and another and another.

This report on his trial and acquittal is a good starting point. An attempt was made to bring further charges in 2002, but thankfully nothing came of it.

December 23, 1998: In Singapore, foreign domestic worker Pikati Slamet is given a one month gaol sentence for making a false rape allegation.

Christmas Day, 1998: Three young girls visit an octogenarian on their own initiative; they are aged 11 to 16 but are clearly not sugar and spice. In spite of their young ages, they have been drinking alcohol and are carrying bottles of vodka. After bluffing their way in they proceed to take liberties with this clearly vulnerable man, and when he asks them to leave they say they will tell people he raped them. They do precisely that, they tell one man at any rate, teenager Daryl Jee, who confronts the victim at ten o’clock the next night, forces his way in, and smashes the place up.

Prior to this he had gone to the wrong house and vandalised a car when no one answered the door. Jee was tried at a lower court, in Nuneaton on January 25, 1999 where he pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal damage and one of unlawful entry. WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH KIDS TODAY?

[The above was summarised from the Coventry Telegraph, January 26, 1999, page 2 - accessed through NewsUK].

December 31, 1998: This one takes the biscuit, and it is not even unique - see the May 2007 case of Victoria Patrick. Earlier in the month, two Edinburgh police officers are called to a party where Catherine Steven is drunk and abusive. Instead of ejecting her or even arresting her, they drive her home. So she accuses them of rape. Although she is given a 3 month sentence on New Year’s Eve, she serves only ten days before being freed on appeal, and in April 1999 her sentenced is quashed; she is given community service instead. This one can only be filed under NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED.

1999: Juvenile false rape statistics in Cincinnati. Click here for more.

1999: False rape allegation statistics in Dayton, Ohio. Click here for more.

1999: False rape statistics for Singapore. Click here.

1999: Rape Myth Acceptance: Exploration of Its Structure and Its Measurement Using the “Illinois Rape Myth Acceptance Scale” is published. Click here for more.

1999: Willie Baker of Florida is accused of raping his underage sister-in-law known only as D.A. The jury is not permitted to hear about her previous false allegations of sexual abuse, and he is convicted. More than a decade later his nightmare ends when his conviction is quashed and the Eleventh Circuit dismisses the State of Florida’s appeal.

1999: This case from Massachusetts of false accuser Rebecca Harland and victim Scott Smith is if not unique then surely a rarity, a rape victim who is also a wilful false accuser! This report, from the Bangor Daily News, September 16, 2005, page B2, says it all.

1999: In Singapore, the young factory worker So Lee Ciu Ling has sex with an unnamed individual, apparently a stranger, then claims to have been raped at midnight on the grass verge near some flats in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10. This fairy tale earns her a two week jail sentence.

January 1999: This is a really tragic case. Schoolteacher Darryl Gee is arrested at his home accused of raping a pupil some ten years previously. He is convicted and sentenced to eight years in prison. He loses an appeal. In August 2002, he dies in Armley Prison from a rare blood cancer, but his elderly mother vows to fight on and clear his name. In April 2006, he is cleared posthumously.

The same accuser was responsible for the false conviction of John Hudson.

January 1999: Crawley teenager Liza Watts claims to have been raped by a man who offered her a lift home. Click here for more.

January 1, 1999: SERIAL FALSE ACCUSER Shannon Taylor claims to have been raped outside a social club. In October the same year, in spite of no forensic evidence, Warren Blackwell is convicted and receives a 3 year sentence at Northampton Crown Court extended to 5 years on appeal! On September 12, 2006, he is finally cleared by the Court of Appeal. Taylor is named by Lord Campbell-Savours under Parliamentary privilege. The full judgment can be found here.

January 19, 1999: Samantha Heywood appears at Cardiff Crown Court. She had accused her mother of abusing her and no fewer than six men of rape. Four men had been arrested, and a thousand hours of police time wasted. She was said to have accused one man because he was “good-looking, had a good job but didn’t want to know her”. In spite of all this she was given probation after pleading guilty to seven charges of perverting the course of justice.

[The above is based on a report in the London Times, January 20, 1999, page 5].

January 26, 1999: Student Rowena Jones is found in the grounds of her university, distressed, having apparently been bound, and, she said, raped. She had already graduated - in a real subject rather than gender studies - and was studying for an MA. She made a 27 page statement and wasted 900 hours of police time before the truth came out. Exeter magistrates decided she needed a quiet place to continue her studies, so after her guilty plea they gave her a 2 month sentence. In mitigation, her solicitor said Jones had been raped two years before her false claim, but didn’t report it. So she can report a false rape but not a genuine one? Pull the other one.

February 1, 1999: A report is filed with the authorities of a rape at Mayflower Hall, University of Iowa. It is said to have happened around 12.30am on January 25. But it gets better, it is not the alleged victim who files the report; it is her mother.

This article appeared in The Daily Iowan, February 15, 1999, page 8A. Although this bloke is being extremely cautious - probably fearful of being branded a rape apologist - it is clear from this and from a previous report that no rape happened.

February 13, 1999: This report so dated has some interesting statistics on false reporting from South Korea. As these are based on actual arrests, they are far more reliable than the statistics thrown around like confetti by the sexual abuse industry.

February 16, 1999: At Knoxville, Tennessee, a woman is allegedly forced into her vehicle by two men, driven to a motel, and raped repeatedly. Nine days later, Jamie Satterfield of the Knoxville News-Sentinel reveals the truth. This article appeared on page A4 of the Final Edition, according to NewsBank. The woman went to the motel with one man, not two, and the sex was entirely consensual.

February 24, 1999: Juanita Broaddrick appears on Dateline NBC and claims she was raped by Bill Clinton in 1978. At the time she made this accusation, he was President of the United States; at the time he didn’t rape her, he was Attorney General of Arkansas. She appears to have first made this claim some time before, although not the day it happened and never to the police. For what it is worth, a transcript of the Broaddrick interview can be found here.

March 10, 1999: At Rangiora Districk Court, New Zealand, Amy Jelinek is given a non-custodial sentence for making a false allegation of rape. This brief report was published in The Press (Christchurch), March 11, 1999, page 24.

March 17, 1999: In New Zealand, teenager Helena Clarke makes a false allegation of rape to a detective. When she fails to appear at Christchurch District Court two days later, a warrant is issued for her arrest. This report was published in The Press (Christchurch), March 20, 1999, page 19.

March 20 1999: This article so dated reports on the conviction at York Crown Court of Moira Waugh, a mother of two from Scarborough who for no apparent reason fabricated a story about being raped. This led to the arrest of an innocent man. You will note the usual flim-flam from her barrister: even if she isn’t a victim she is still one because vagina.

March 21, 1999: In Singapore, foreign domestic worker Trishyah Astuti is given a 3 month gaol sentence for making a false rape allegation.

March 28, 1999: Julie Gavin bangs on the door of a police station at Nechells, Birmingham; she is crying as she says to an officer: “Can you help me? I have been raped”. (No question mark in the original). And no rape either. Her original claim was that she had been dragged into a Volvo after alighting from a bus, and driven to a nearby road where she was raped at knifepoint. Obviously the police launched an intensive hunt, their investigation included taking swabs from under her fingernails. But, on April 15, 1999, she returned to the police station and admitted “she had flagged down a passing motorist for a lift and then consented to sex with two passengers in the vehicle.” As you would do. Then, “feeling guilty and dirty for what she had done she concocted the rape story.” That much I can believe. She pleaded guilty to wasting police time, and was given 140 hours community service and ordered to pay £500 compensation.

[The above report was extracted from the Birmingham Evening Mail, January 21, 2000, page 4 accessed through NewsBank Newspapers - U.K. and Ireland].

March 30, 1999: In Singapore, an unnamed teenager reports boy soldier Tan Li Meng for raping her in February. In reality, they’d had sex twice - on March 10 and March 15. As she was only fifteen at the time and the age of consent in Singapore was 16, technically this was illegal, but a 20 year old who has sex with a 15 year old is hardly a paedophile. The girl was afraid her mother would find out. Doubtless she was equally afraid of the two week gaol sentence she received in June 2000 after coming clean. The fact that she continued seeing him after filing her complaint could only have undermined her credibility.

[The above is based on a report by ALETHEA in The Straits Times (Singapore), September 28, 2000, page 53, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

April 1999: Former Mayor of Bracknell Alan Ward is accused of rape by his mistress Angela Perret-Green, apparently ON A WHIM. Although he was arrested, the case was dropped, possibly due to her having threatened another former lover with the same treatment.

[The above is based on a report from the News Of The World, July 18, 1999, page 28 - extracted from NewsUK].

April 1999: After breaking up with her somewhat older lover, teenager Kerry-Ann Emmett accuses him of rape. He is arrested, spends 17 hours in custody, and is bailed. The following month she claims he had threatened her with a knife, and he is arrested again. In June, she admits she invented both assaults but is unable to explain why. On November 2, 1999, she is given a 6 month sentence at Winchester Crown Court, and bursts into tears.

April 1999: Tua Letuga has a steamy relationship with her car mechanic. He is a married man, and she is alleged to have attempted to extort money from him by accusing him of rape, which is why she ends up in the High Court at Auckland in June 2000. Whatever the outcome of that case, the sex was consensual.

April 1999: Robert Gorghan of Petersburgh, New York is accused of raping a woman two years previously. Click here for more.

April 1999: FALSE ACCUSATIONS OF RAPE IN THE NEWS by Linda Piggott and Keith Soothill.

The above article by two academics is not as bad as most of the drivel spouted by feminist cretins. It includes cases listed in this database.

April 2, 1999: In Singapore, foreign domestic worker Tarinah Cartian is given a 3 month gaol sentence for making a false rape allegation.

April 5, 1999: Dr Ashok Ramadugu is arrested at Elyria, Ohio on suspicion of the rape of a young multiple sclerosis patient in intensive care. He stands trial for assaults on her and another patient but is cleared when inter alia a bite mark is shown to have been made by a catheter. Best not to talk about the dream evidence. This report appeared in The Bryan Times, June 15, 2001, page 8. File under GENUINE MISTAKE.

April 10, 1999: In Singapore, a foreign domestic worker named only as Merry in this document is given a four week gaol sentence for making a false rape allegation.

April 13, 1999: In Malacca, a 15 year old girl goes to the police and tells them she has been raped four times. By her own father. When she is examined, she is found to be virgo intacta. Eventually she admits she made it up, and the reason? Daddy had opposed her relationship with a somewhat older individual. This report was published in The Straits Times, March 1, 2000, page 44.

April 16, 1999: In Hong Kong, advertising executive Yeung Chi-lin is cleared of rape. The court awards him his costs, an emphatic acquittal.

April 17, 1999: In Singapore, foreign domestic worker Siti Rofiah attends Jurong Police Station where she accuses her employer - a married man - of rape. The sex was real enough, but it was consensual. Feeling guilty, the man told his wife, and the non-victim was afraid she would be sent back to Indonesia. On October 7 the same year, she was given a two week gaol sentence.

April 24, 1999: This article (so dated) reports on the clearing in Olongapo, Philippines of Shay Cullen, a well-known Catholic priest who was accused of raping a seven year old girl. He claims here he was set up by paedophiles. Whether or not that is true, Cullen is a man who has made some powerful enemies on account of his PREDA Foundation.

May 1999: This is not a rape allegation but is included here because Francis Lawler accused three men of indecently assaulting her: one on one occasion and two on the other. Better still, all three were police officers - from two different forces in Scotland. She appeared in court 18 months later.

May 19, 1999: Andrea Dworkin is in a Paris hotel. Later she would claim she had been drugged and raped by two members of its staff. She didn’t report this rape to the police for a very obvious reason. Even feminist critics like Catherine Bennett have questioned this claim. This was not the first sexual assault Dworkin claimed to have suffered.

[For the avoidance of doubt, the Catherine Bennett alluded to above is not the false accuser listed below at August 26, 2011].

May 25, 1999: The Daily Telegraph reports on the trial of Matthew Hilliard at Nottingham Crown Court; the teenager is cleared of rape after the trial judge directs the jury to find him not guilty, a CCTV tape having come to light that exposes the lies of the non-victim.

May 26, 1999: A woman enters the United States from Germany; she is stopped at Washington-Dulles International Airport because of her suspicious passport, which turns out to be fake. Her name is given as Sandrine Jeanne Fokou/Jeane Sandrine Simo; she claims to be a political refugee from Cameroon, and would you believe she was raped by police officers in December 1998? Neither would I.

June-October 1999: Denley Bodkin of Lakeland, Florida makes no fewer than 18 calls to the state abuse registry accusing her former husband of abusing their two year old. It is not clear from this report if all these allegations were of sexual abuse, but she is charged with filing a total of seven false reports including two to law enforcement.

Between June 1, 1999 and June 2, 2001: The alleged victim was under 10 years old, and the alleged perpetrator was between 11 and 13. How likely is this? At the age of 26, Lee McGregor stood trial at Reading Crown Court, and fortunately common sense prevailed. He was found not guilty in July 2014.

June 17, 1999: An interview with Regina Walsh by the journalist Barry O’Keefe is published in which she claims to have been raped by a black man in London’s Leicester Square. (Strange how the dude is always black, but anyone who knew Leicester Square at that time will testify as to how unlikely this claim is). Walsh was one of the complainants in the notorious Nora Wall case.

June 18, 1999: Dallas County Jail inmate Patricia Thiemet claims to have been (gang) raped within its walls. She is taken to hospital, but no medical evidence is found. Detectives interview more than fifty inmates and staff, which results in a false report charge being added to the lady’s existing charges.

June 22, 1999: An ASYLUM SNEAKER from Ethiopia appears before a board at Ottawa. Click here for more.

June 23, 1999: Police slam cruel ‘paedophile’ slurs is published by a Kent newspaper. Click here for more.

June 26, 1999: In Singapore, foreign domestic worker Dhandapani Parimala is given a four month gaol sentence for making a false rape allegation.

June 27, 1999: In Hong Kong, single mother Kong Siu-kwan argues with her boyfriend then calls the police claiming to have been raped, though not by him. In October, she appears in court charged with false reporting. The last paragraph of this article reads: “Soon after police began investigating, Kong confessed. She was put on probation for 12 months and ordered to pay $500 costs.”

July 1999: A Pittsburgh woman makes the first of two false rape allegations against different police officers. In September 1999, she makes the second after claiming to have been carjacked by three men who inter alia sexually assaulted her. This article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, September 28, 1999, page A13 reports her arrest. Rather than sending her to gaol, she is clearly a candidate for the RUBBER ROOM.

July 17, 1999: A 16 year old girl is not brutally raped at Pitsea after being attacked by 3 strangers. Police went the whole hog setting up road blocks, then she admitted she had lied. Bad girl!

July 25, 1999: In Hong Kong, a domestic helper named only as Mardikyah is allegedly raped by shop owner Chan Ping. The victim is arrested, but the truth soon comes out. In NewsBank this article is credited to Elaine Pak Li. File this minx under REVENGE.

July 31, 1999: Strippagram girl Deborah White is not raped by two men in a public house after performing her act. Two days and 329 (three-hundred and twenty-nine) man hours later, the truth comes out, yet even though she admits lying to the police, she pleads not guilty at Bristol Crown Court to attempting to pervert the course of justice. She is convicted on September 1, 2000 and is sentenced the following month. Once again, CCTV comes to the rescue, and yet again we hear it is not the false accuser’s fault. She was high on drugs at the time, and she made up this story when her husband questioned her about how she had spent the evening. So it was either his fault or the fault of the man who sold her the drugs, or perhaps the fault of the man who hired her. Any man’s fault, but not hers.

August 1999: According to this report, Mark Cheetham of Bladon, Oxfordshire, was the victim of a particularly nasty campaign of vilification by Derrick Scott. Scott actually accused two men of raping underage girls, the other appears not to have been named. When he appeared in court at Bicester the following June, he was Sectioned.

August 1999: A woman tells police a man she met in a Huddersfield nightclub sexually violated her at knifepoint. The man is arrested, then the truth comes out: they had actually met through a telephone chatline. She admitted lying but pleaded not guilty when brought to trial at Bradford Crown Court.

August 1999: Kirsty Lindsay is walking her dog when she stops and shares a drink with down and out Donald McPake. Later, she accuses him of raping her at knifepoint; he is arrested and grilled, but when confronted, she breaks down and admits she made it up. The two did not have sex. In May 2000, Lindsay is sentenced to 3 months at Airdrie Sheriff Court. Lindsay’s advocate said she was a lonely and sad woman with psychological difficulties. Her mother said the sentence was disgraceful. Seriously?

[The above was extracted from The Daily Mirror, May 25, 2000, page 27, accessed through NewsBank U.K. and Ireland].

August 4, 1999: Judge David Bryant calls for a register of false rape accusers. This followed the collapse of the trial of a man at Teesside Crown Court. He had been accused of the rape of a 16 year old girl whom it was revealed had made similar allegations against other people which had been dismissed after a lengthy police investigation - to quote the London Times Legal Correspondent, August 5, 1999. It will come as no surprise that wimmin’s groups thought this was a thoroughly bad idea.

They might, but I don’t!

August 12, 1999: This article from Cincinnati so dated reports the recantation of a 10 year old girl who had accused Donald Vulhop of multiple rapes. He had spent two months in gaol, the girl having accused him in January 1999.

August 13, 1999: At Mesa, Arizona, Kari Rae Bodenski tells police she was beaten and raped by a man at a local elementary school. On August 23, 1999, a report in the Kingman Daily Miner, page 3, says she made up the story to get the attention of her husband. File this one under ATTENTION SEEKER.

August 16, 1999: In the Philippines, corrupt police chief Francisco Ovilla is accused of rape by May Gines. Click here for more.

August 24, 1999: Lois Morin fakes her kidnapping and rape by three masked men, apparently in a custody dispute. This report is from the Hartford Courant. She would eventually receive a non-custodial sentence and a massive cost order.

September 1999: Lynn (also spelt (Lyn) Wilson pleads guilty at Falkirk Sheriff Court to putting Mark MacDonald under false suspicion of rape. She had spent the night with him then cried rape the next day. Mr MacDonald worked at Cleo’s, a nightclub in Grangemouth. He was sacked over this. When she appeared in court later that month, Wilson was given 150 hours community service. Her advocate said she’d been suffering from depression due to the break up of her marriage. As she left court, she refused to apologise.

[The above was extracted inter alia from the London Daily Mail, September 24, 1999, page 39, accessed through UK Newsstand].

September 1, 1999: A woman is allegedly raped in Melrose Close, Eastleaze. She gives a description of her attacker, but, on November 26, 1999, David Humphrey reports in the Western Daily Press, page 21 (NewsBank version), that she has been charged and will appear before Swindon magistrates on January 5, 2000. This was the second alleged rape in Swindon in 3 weeks.

The woman was later identified as Caroline Green; her case was sent to the Crown Court.

September 4, 1999: Peh Wan Shien attends KK Women’s And Children’s Hospital, Singapore. She is bleeding profusely. No, not from her nose. She claimed she had been raped, and was advised to file a police report. She did, and this led to the arrest of her boss Andrew Chow, who was only a year older. Thankfully, the truth soon came out. Here is an extract from the press report:

“On Sept 3, he drove her to a hotel despite her protests. ‘Inexplicably, the defendant felt compelled to submit to his will and followed him into the room where Andrew ... had sex with her’”

Shien was said to be of limited intelligence. That much I can believe. She was fined $1,000 in May 2000.

October 1, 1999: Factitious Disorders and Trauma-Related Diagnoses by Daniel Brown and Alan Scheflin.

The above article by two legal scholars contains inter alia a discussion of false rape claims and Satanic ritual abuse, anonymised as usual.

October 6, 1999: An underage teen is raped on waste ground at Accrington in Lancashire. There is no mention of a rape kit or medical examination, which would be surprising if she really had been raped, but eighty police officers and seven days later it is reported she is to receive counselling instead of a summons for the youth court.

October 7, 1999-February 2000: Elizabeth Petersen of Taylorsville, Utah, claims to have been subjected to a campaign of victimisation (I hate that word stalking). The first incident is an alleged rape and wounding.

The above is based on this report from the Deseret News, May 18, 2000.

October 8, 1999: Aftab Ali, who appears to have been 19 years old at the time, has sex with a woman old enough to be his mother and then some. She accuses him of rape. Although at the High Court in Edinburgh he is only found not proven, the non-victim claimed she had been raped on four previous occasions. She had withdrawn the allegation on three occasions while on the fourth there had not been enough evidence to proceed.

Many people have been burgled or seriously assaulted on two or more occasions - including me - but is any woman this unlucky?

October 14, 1999: This article so dated appeared in the Evening Post (Bristol), page 5. It reports the acquittal of Stephen Wood who was accused of the attempted rape of an underage girl, with an alternative charge of indecent assault.

He was rightly acquitted; note the bizarre inspiration for this false allegation.

October 28, 1999: At Bristol Crown Court, Brian Randle is cleared of nine charges against two eleven year old girls, including three of rape. They didn’t report these phantom rapes until 1998, when one of them was 46 years old! Prosecutions of this nature are an insult to justice, something the judge appears to have recognised by granting a defence costs order. This article is from the (Bristol) Evening Post, October 29, 1999, page 14.

November 8, 1999: Soo Jin Kim arrives in Canada with her husband and child. In May 2004, the Korean nationals apply for refugee protection claiming she was raped in Argentina the year they left, a rape that was not reported to the police for the obvious reason. Read this judgment; women like this are pathetic, so is this one and her husband.

November 10, 1999: Rape statistics ‘ludicrous’ was published in the South Africa Times (UK), page 7.

November 23, 1999: DEDICATED FABRICATOR Alyson Cole is given a 4 month sentence by Leicester magistrates. There was little coverage of this story, but it did make page 3 of the London Times the following day. Cole is another of these madwomen for whom we’re supposed to feel sympathy. She pleaded guilty to 5 charges of wasting police time, seven hundred hours of it. She is said to have fooled so-called trained counsellors as well as detectives. Even then she claimed the first incident was genuine. Apparently it was all triggered by childhood memories (read: ultimately a man was responsible).

December 1999: This is another well-documented scandalous tale that requires no citation. Seventeen year old Ryan Glynn has sex with a fifteen year old girl in the grounds of Ross High School, Tranent, East Lothian. She accuses him of rape. CCTV evidence proves the girl is lying, yet the police withhold it for ten months. The footage - which was nearly deleted - is disclosed to the defence team the day before his trial is due to start - in February 2001.

A note here, in the US this would have been regarded as statutory rape because the girl was just below the age of consent. In the UK however, the authorities rightly take a pragmatic view when one party - usually the girl - is underage, and the other is still a teenager.

December 11, 1999: At Augusta, Georgia, a 9 year old girl claims to have been raped on the way home. This is as shocking a false report as any in this database. Shortly, the authorities determine the girl went to an apartment with an 8 (EIGHT) year old boy where they engaged in consensual sex acts other than intercourse. Her false allegation appears to have caused a panic among parents at Houghton Elementary School. The girl was said to have been charged with false reporting and the boy with sexual battery. Whatever happened to doli incapax? Charging either of them with anything was absurd in view of their ages.

[The above is based on a report in The Augusta Chronicle, December 21, 1999, page C10, (accessed here through NewsBank].

December 22, 1999: In North London, a nun is the victim of a vicious rape. Or is she? Click here for more.

Christmas Day, 1999: Oregon woman Dianne Reed tells her boyfriend she was raped in the back of her car. Click here for more.

December 31, 1999: Two teenage girls are kidnapped in Dayton, Ohio. Or are they? Click here to find out.

December 31, 1999/January 1, 2000: This is the probable date. Tommy Moran is invited by a long time friend to a Millennium party at the latter’s Dunfermline home. He had known the complainant (the friend’s wife) for 25 years, although this was apparently the first time they’d had sex - while her husband was sleeping off the drink. Is this any way to treat a friend? Afterwards, the woman cries rape. Moran stands trial in September 2000, and is cleared by the jury in twenty minutes.

[The above was extracted from The Sun, September 29, 2000, page 15, accessed through NewsBank U.K. and Ireland].

2000: A teenage Jamie Leigh Jones makes her first false rape allegation, on the day the divorce of her parents is finalised. She tells her mother, who takes her to the hospital and also tells Jamie’s father, her husband. He doesn’t believe her. No criminal charges are filed. See also entry for July 28, 2007.

2000: This incredible tale from India sees three men - a lawyer and two police officers - persuading a woman to make a false rape allegation against an innocent man in an act of revenge, complete with fabricated forensic evidence. As will be seen from this this report, it took a long time to resolve. File under NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY.

2000: The late Sir Nicholas Fairbairn is accused of rape by Julie X. In August 2014, she is identified as one of his daughters, Susie Henderson. How do we know her claims are false? Read this Daily Mail article; she also implicates a deceased QC, and any mention of Elm Guest House is the kiss of death for any article that makes allegations of this nature. (See entry for October 29, 1993 regarding Fairbairn’s own views on rape).

2000: This Canadian case was played out over seven years when finally the victim of the false allegation, former RCMP officer John Hudak, received an undisclosed but substantial sum in damages. False accuser Mildred Johnson was convicted of both perjury and fabricating evidence.

Circa 2000-2015: In the North of England, around the turn of the Millennium, serial offender Sharon Mincher begins a relationship with a bloke ten years her senior. She is clearly the dominant partner, and over a period of fifteen years she extracts an enormous sum of money from him by inter alia threatening him with false rape allegations. Six years into their relationship, she tries something similar with an older man. Eventually the law catches up with her. Take a gander at this second entry to see how this sick story played out.

January 2000: Kevin Turner of Darlington is arrested for the rape of a 9 year old girl. Nearly two decades ago when he was a teenage babysitter! He was alleged to have raped her repeatedly, to have locked the girl in a cupboard when she refused to have sex with him, and to have threatened a member of her family if she told. He stands trial on three charges, and is cleared by the judge, but as can be seen from this article, mud sticks.

January 1, 2000: At 4.30am, police and firefighters find a naked woman lying on the ground at Butler Street, Adrian in the State of Michigan. Click here for more.

January 12, 2000: A teenage girl is allegedly kidnapped and raped in Dayton, Ohio. Click here for more.

January 21, 2000: In Virginia, a 14 year old girl is allegedly raped and forced to fellate a relative (who is not identified in the relevant NewsBank report - this is part of the entry from the archive of the Harrisonburg Daily News-Record). The relative was charged, but the charges were dropped when the girl recanted her claims on February 17.

January 26, 2000: Emma Harrington tells Catford police she was sexually abused by her stepfather David Luxford eight to twelve years previously when she was between the ages of 13 and 16. He is convicted on specimen charges and sentenced to seven years. His first appeal results in a retrial, and the same verdict, but thanks to the persistence of his loyal wife, he is cleared. This is yet another example of a demented or simply capriciously malicious female taking away a man’s freedom and (in this case) nearly destroying him.

January 30, 2000: At Saratoga Springs, New York State, Joan Winslow makes a late night call to the police from a restaurant and tells them she has been raped. Shortly, she admits she lied telling them the man she accused had used her for sex then thrown her out of his motel room.

This article appeared in Schenectady newspaper The Daily Gazette, (FIRST EDITION), February 1, 2000, page B5.

February 2000: Another widely reported case, babysitter Wendy McClung is given a non-custodial sentence for making a false allegation against Stewart Nicoll. They had consensual sex, and she cried rape to avoid a row with her parents. Her nine months of probation is considerably less than he would have received had her deception not been unmasked.

The spelling of both this guy’s names varies, ie Stuart & Nicol.

February 2000: A teenager falsely accuses two men - Jason Barton and Philip Blackwood - of raping her in a South London nightclub. However did this one get to court? She goes on to make another false rape allegation a few months later.

February 19, 2000: The Gazette, a Blackpool newspaper, publishes a short interview on its front page with local man Harry Turner. The case dates back at least a year, and may have been historical in nature. He faced nine charges of indecent assault, but a jury at Preston Crown Court took only an hour to clear him.

February 27, 2000: A woman claims to have been abducted in Puxico, Missouri and raped in woodland. Asked to take a lie detector test (presumably a polygraph) she admits she made it up but gave or could give no reason for doing so. This report is from the Southern Missourian, March 8, 2000, page 6A

March 2000: Stacey Havemann of Rapid City is sentenced to a year in gaol. After spending 30 days behind bars for disorderly conduct, she accused a police officer of rape. The allegation was investigated by outside agencies and deemed to be false, whereupon she recanted and pleaded guilty to false reporting.

[The information above is based on an article in The American News (Aberdeen, South Dakota), March 5, 2000, page 1B (accessed through NewsBank)].

March 2000: Yun Kyeong Sung Kwon is not raped in a Las Vegas hotel room by the husband of Céline Dion. The con-woman and her husband are eventually arrested on extortion and other charges against René Angélil. In 2004 and 2005, the two crooks are convicted and sentenced in separate trials.

March 2000: Derrick Jenkins has sex with a teenager half his age in the bathroom of an apartment at Bristol, Connecticut. The case drags on for nearly a decade, but in February 2009, he is cleared by a jury.

March 17, 2000: At Fairbanks, Alaska, teenager Amanda Jennings is allegedly kidnapped by two white dudes with rape on their minds. This is only a false claim of attempted rape but it is included here because the young lady went the extra mile, ripping her clothes in the process. This report is from the regional press.

March 25, 2000: A woman from Medford, Oregon meets four boys (described here erroneously as men) downtown and takes them home where they run a train on her. She accuses them of rape; they stand trial later in the year. One of them, Rodolfo Garcia-Lopez is basically a retard. They are all cleared, and one of their defense attorneys makes a very good point: “She’s not required to fight back, but she said she did...yet there’s not a mark on her”. Best not to mention the dog. File this case under REGRET SEX. My apologies for the format errors in the article, these were beyond my control.

March 28, 2000: In Dublin, three Romanian nationals are alleged to have violated a woman described as an ex-prostitute. The case is so weak it doesn’t even go to the jury. This article was published in the Dublin Evening Herald, February 28, 2003, page 9. See entry for November 6, 2006 (below) for a broadly similar case.

March 28, 2000: Joanna Bell is given a non-custodial sentence at Canterbury Crown Court. She’d had sex with three Kurdish men the same afternoon - it is not clear if this was one after another or a GANG BANG. She had been married only two weeks! Kent Police were said to have put 65 officers on the case, and no fewer than 13 men were arrested! This was in October 1999. (The information herein was extracted from the London Times, March 29, 2000, page 3).

March 31, 2000: This article so dated is from page 3A of the Rome News-Tribune - a Georgia newspaper. Prison inmate Kevin Wayne Edge claimed to have been sexually assaulted - presumably bummed off - by two other inmates. Thankfully, it never happened, as he soon admitted.

April 2000: The Truth Behind Legal Dominance Feminism’s “Two Percent False Rape Claim” Figure by Edward Greer.

The above from an American law journal is an excellent article that thoroughly debunks this ideological nonsense.

April 2000: In Virginia, Karen Bryant makes the first of at least six false allegations of rape to law enforcement. Click here for more.

April & July 2000: In South Carolina, a woman tells the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office she was abducted at knifepoint by two men, taken to a warehouse, beaten, and raped. She does not report the alleged crimes at once, which could be (but isn’t) the reason there was no physical evidence. She identifies two men, who are charged, and apparently released on bond, because she goes on to accuse them of raping her in her own home in July 2000.

In February 2001, the charges against the men are dismissed. She goes on to make two further false rape allegations, the second against a police officer on August 3, 2008.

April 7, 2000: In Louisiana, Bridgette Yargo tells police she was raped at knifepoint by a motorist after her own car broke down late at night. Eight days earlier! She explained the delay by claiming the man had threatened her. Of course, if there was no rape, there was no delay. An appeal for witnesses brings only a report of her car at a different location. Later that month, she admits she’d made it all up.

The above case was reported by the Baton Rouge newspaper The Advocate on April 30, but here is her entry on instantcheckmate dot com.

April 10, 2000: A woman claims to have been raped in Southend. In answer to an appeal, a man walks into a police station and is arrested. Two days after her report, the woman admits the rape never happened. The Pitsea rape alluded to at the end of this article can be found on this timeline at July 17, 1999 (above).

April 10, 2000: In Virginia, a teenage girl tells Shenandoah County law enforcement that her stepfather had repeatedly sexually assaulted her from 1996 to 1999. Two days later, the man tells the police he spanked her - once - for failing to bring her schoolwork home. When re-interviewed, the girl admits she made it all up. This is part of the entry from the archive of the Harrisonburg Daily News-Record.

April 13, 2000: 18-stone woman gets life for killing partner was the headline in The Scotsman, April 13, 2000, page 10, (accessed through the UK Newsstand database via Croydon Libraries).

Adele Early is given a life sentence on her conviction for the murder of her lover David Riddler. She stabbed him to death in December 1999, then pulled down his trousers as part of an attempt to claim he had raped or tried to rape her. The fact that she struck him no fewer than 16 times tends to belie that claim. File under PRETEXT FOR MURDER.

April 27, 2000: At Plymouth, a teenager out socialising is allegedly grabbed, forced into Bath Street, and raped. The assault is reported promptly, the police are on the ball, conducting a swift but thorough investigation including checking CCTV. The following day, the girl admits there was no rape.

[The above is based on a report in the Western Morning News, April 29, 2000, page 2, (accessed here through Newsbank)].

May 2000: The Journal Of Forensic Sciences publishes an article about clothing damage and another about assessing child sexual abuse. Click here for more.

May 2000: Single mother Amanda Colvin claims to have been raped late at night. Mubur Rahman is arrested less than an hour after Colvin told a passerby about the non-incident; he is detained for 17 hours. Three days later, Colvin admits she lied, although she still claims to have been attacked while waiting for a taxi! In January 2001, she is given a non-custodial sentence by Cheltenham Magistrates’ Court. (Reported by inter alia the Bristol Evening Post, January 19, 2001).

May 2000: A girl designated only as T.P. claims to have been molested (ie sexually). This claim is false. She goes on to accused her stepfather Genaro Luna of interfering with her between the ages of eight and fourteen. The first allegation concerned her mother’s then lover; T.P. was said to have been five years old at the time it didn’t happen.

Luna is charged with no fewer than eight offences, and is cleared on all counts. The prosecution appeals, and in August 2010, the Court of Appeals of Indiana upholds the jury’s verdict.

May 2000-September 2001: Detectives in Toledo deal with 1,205 reports of sexual assault including rape; 259 were marked unfounded or baseless - meaning they did not happen. The actual figure may have been slightly higher due to the date of this report: October 8, 2001, (see also entry for September 18, 2001, below).

May 1, 2000: Freud And False Memory Syndrome by Phil Mollon is published by Icon Books of Cambridge.

The publication date of the above was taken from the Amazon UK website. This small book runs to 76 pages + advertisements. It gives an overview of the ideas of Siegmund Freud and their use today, especially during the repressed memory hysteria of the 1990s. While like many others the author appears to believe child sexual abuse is widespread, he cautions against the acceptance of repressed memories without “objective corroboration”.

May 1, 2000: A South African woman in Dublin tells the police she had been raped by a man while a woman and a man looked on. In the street, apparently. Or apparently not, because a Garda spokesman said: “She made the whole thing up and we don’t know why, she seems to have some problems”.

[The above was extracted The Mirror, May 3, 2000, page 8, accessed through UK Newsstand].

May 8, 2000: Abdirashid Said has sex with a lesbian who then accuses him of rape. He is arrested the following day. A jury at Newcastle Crown Court takes a mere hour to clear him.

May 11, 2000: In Virginia, a 12 year old girl pleads guilty at Shenandoah County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court to falsely accusing her stepfather of sexual assault. She is ordered to undergo counselling and perform community service. This is part of the entry from the archive of the Harrisonburg Daily News-Record; the full NewsBank entry has no more detail.

June 6, 2000: Sushil Gulati lodges a complaint against a police officer for allegedly molesting his wife. The man is suspended, but then with three others hatches a conspiracy to frame Gulati for rape. This tale of perfidy from India is one you couldn’t make up, indeed the judge said as much in March 2016 when the case was finally resolved.

Gulati died in 2014, but the Indian judicial system went out of its way to deliver justice for a dead man. And false rape aside, here is a quote you - and all who work in law enforcement - would do well to commit to memory:

When “protectors of rule of law become destructors, then court must respond with firm hands”.

June 9, 2000: Married teenager Gemma Collier claims to have been raped at knifepoint while out walking her dog. This evil little minx causes a massive investigation because police in the area had been looking into two genuine rapes at the time. She does not face prosecution after confessing, indeed she goes on to sell her story to a teenagers’ magazine called Sugar. At one point she boasted that her crying rape had led to a hundred men being questioned. After moving from Nuneaton to Rhyl she was back in the news in January 2001 when she fell from a first floor window, something that unsurprisingly resulted in serious injuries.

June 17, 2000: A teenager is gang-raped in Erith, South London. Or is she? Click here for more.

July 2000: Karen Kirshaw tells the police that after drinking in a public house at Houghton in the North East of England, she was waylaid in the small hours, dragged into a dark alleyway, and raped. She identifies her assailant as an ex-boyfriend. An intense investigation leads to a man who claims to have had sex with her that evening. As can be seen by this report, when Kirshaw appears before Houghton magistrates in January 2001, she pleads guilty to wasting police time.

But, as ever - she is not to blame because in this case, she “had been involved in a violent relationship with her partner for about five years before they split up.” So a) the bastard deserved it, and b) it was her mother who initiated the investigation.

July 2000: In England, probably in the Greater London area, a teenage girl tells police she was kidnapped and raped. See entry for February 2000 and the double rape that never was.

July 6, 2000: This article was published in the Irish Independent, page 6, so dated. It reports the acquittal of an anonymous man in an historical case from the Irish Republic. He had been accused of repeatedly raping a young girl between 1988 and 1992 when she was eleven years old at the latter date. The girl’s claims were refuted by contemporaneous medical evidence.

July 12, 2000: A businessman from the South of England is cleared by the Family Court of sexually abusing his 17 year old autistic son. This may or may not have been a rape allegation, but it was the first such allegation in the UK resulting from facilitated communication. See the entry for Prisoners Of Silence for the background to this dangerous quackery. In this particular case, Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, the most senior family law judge in England, condemned FC as dangerous. An aside here, one wonders what goes on in the minds of the people who are ultimately responsible for these allegations.

[The above case was reported by Helen Rumbelow in the London Times, July 13, 2000, page 9].

July 12, 2000: The Free Lance-Star for this date reports on the case of Ayana Renee Carter who was recently indicted by a grand jury for filing three false rape reports in Stafford County. According to the police, she had accused men of rape or sexual assault no fewer than seven times in the past three years - including detectives in Stafford and Fredericksburg!

July 23, 2000: A woman leaves a nightclub in the seaside resort of Blackpool; she takes a taxi with a man, and claims later to have been gang-raped by five men in a hotel room. The police mount an extensive investigation, but three weeks or so later this is called off when the non-victim withdraws her complaint, the investigation having drawn a blank.

There is no mention of a rape kit, but it remains to be seen if she simply made it all up or was a prequel to Danmell Ndonye. This report was lifted from the website of This Is Lancashire Dot Co Dot UK.

August 25, 2000: Miss X issues a statement of claim against the actor Steven Berkoff. Details are vague but she is said to be an Asian actress who accused him of assault and rape, aggravated by racial abuse on September 4, 1994. I have seen a number of documents relating to this case that I will not publish here; suffice it to say that this woman does not appear to have been entirely rational. In August 2001, she issued a further claim for libel because Berkoff had denied her allegations. A decade and a half later, the false accusers of Bill Cosby resorted to the same shameful tactics. Berkoff defended the action successfully.

Summer 2000 onwards: The Hollie Greig case and campaign. Click here for more.

September 6, 2000: Post-graduate student Nicholas Buoy is cleared at Cambridge Crown Court of raping a drunken woman at a party the previous September. It appears that both of them got drunk and then made out, or perhaps they didn’t, because he said he did not remember having sex with her.

September 8-15, 2000: False rape on Dartmouth campus, University of Massachusetts. Click here for more.

September 13, 2000: This report from New Zealand so dated concerns a case with a long and sordid history. It is also a salutary lesson for men. Guys, give women like this a miss. If you wouldn’t take her home to meet mother, she isn’t worth the candle. By the same token, women should think twice and thrice before engaging in these kinds of practices.

In 1996, Jason Dale, his brother Paul and their friend Callum McLeod had a sordid sexual encounter with a woman at Palmerston. They ended up behind bars after she withdrew her consent retroactively. In February 1999, she recanted her allegations, and in May 1999 she recanted her recantation! At their trial, there was physical evidence consistent with her testimony, but if you’ve read this far you’ll realise that even physical evidence can be manufactured, or simply misleading. The same woman went on to accuse two other men of similar offences, in which her own husband partook.

Having said all that, Messrs Dale, Dale & McLeod might have been better advised to let sleeping dogs lie.

September 13, 2000: This report from the New Straits Times, page 18 speaks for itself. A claim that women were raped in a hostage situation in the Middle East is retracted.

This one can probably be filed under GENUINE MISTAKE.

September 17/8, 2000: Thomas Cressman is murdered in his London home by Jane Andrews. Click here for more.