Notes And References

(1) An atrocity in Scotland in March 1996 in which a lone madman, Thomas Hamilton, slaughtered sixteen schoolchildren and their teacher and then committed suicide.
(2) As a critical reading of the Macpherson Report * reveals. Stephen Lawrence was stabbed by one member of a six strong gang; there were five members in the Acourt gang. The killer had long hair, and none of the Acourt gang did.
 * THE STEPHEN LAWRENCE INQUIRY, Cm 4262 - I & 4262 - II (Revised), published by HMSO, London, (February 1999). This document is available on-line.
(3) TRAGEDY AND HOPE: A History of THE WORLD in Our Time, by Carroll Quigley, Second Printing, Angriff Press, Los Angeles, (1974), page 919.
(4) Quigley, Tragedy And Hope, page 920, (ibid).
(5) I say finally, but doubtless more agile minds than mine can think of many other points.

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