Letter To The Daily Mail
Re Homosexual Propaganda

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October 5, 1999


Re your article Perks victory for rail workers’ gay partners in
today’s Mail. The writer, Matthew Knowles, states blandly that there
are “up to five million homosexual workers in Britain”. As there are only
about 20 million workers in Britain that would mean that one in four of
the population was homosexual!

Mr Knowles is obviously alluding to the oft’ quoted mythical one in ten
of the entire population being homosexual. In fact this figure, which is
bandied about by the organised homosexual movement with gay abandon
(pun intended) has absolutely no basis in fact; it is a well-documented
and fallacious extrapolation from the long discredited “researches” of
the American quack sexologist Dr Alfred Kinsey.

The plain truth is that homosexuals make up less than one per cent of the
entire population, but they make a lot of noise.

Yours sincerely,
A Baron - author Gay Rights: Rhetoric And Reality

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