Notes And References

(1) This article was completed October 25, 1996 and would have been posted shortly thereafter but for my arrest on trumped-up charges on November 1, 1996. I was acquitted and released from Brixton Prison only on May 1, 1997, so there has been an unavoidable delay in the resumption of my literary efforts. The original article has been augmented slightly.
(2) An overly optimistic forecast; see previous footnote.
(3) Deborah E. Lipstadt, the arrogant American-Jewish academic and author of a polemical attack on Holocaust Revisionism, Denying The Holocaust.
(4) This article is a feature rather than a simple review.
(5) The Hoax Of The Twentieth Century, by A.R. Butz, published by Historical Review Press, Brighton, Sussex, Second Edition, (1977), page 34.
(6) Melanie Phillips: she also writes for the Guardian. Her article appeared in the Observer (Review section) on October 6, 1996. According to the London Jewish Chronicle (October 4, 1996, page 26), Melanie Phillips has recently published a book, which is reviewed here. She is married to Joshua Rozenberg, legal correspondent for the BBC. A somewhat ironic quote from her book is given here: “Judaism understands the value of education in a way that our wider non-Jewish culture hasn’t appreciated at all.”
(7) Fumigant, disinfectant, call it whatever you want.
(8) Apparently not, for while I was in Brixton she replied to my letter. Unfortunately, while I was reliably informed that the letter was hostile, I never received it personally, for some reason. *
(9) I have documented both of these outright lies in my illustrated pamphlet WHY BRITAIN’S POLICE AREN’T WORTH A JEWISH FINGERNAIL..., the first edition of which was published in December 1995. For exposing these lies I was raided by the police and arrested. No such cavalier treatment has been handed out to the Exterminationist liars whom I set out to expose.
(10) Ibid. The evidence adduced by Suzman and Diamond led to the pamphlet Did Six Million Really Die? being banned in racist South Africa.
(11) AUSCHWITZ: Technique and operation of the gas chambers, by Jean-Claude Pressac, Translated from the French by Peter Moss, Preface by Beate and Serge Klarsfeld, published by the Beate Klarsfeld Foundation, New York, (1989), page 49.

* I received this letter on May 23, 1997; it is dated 5th November 1996 and reads as follows:

“Dear Mr Baron,

Thank you for your letter. Whether by accident or design, you have completely missed the point. The lie told about Anne Frank is that she died of typhus as if this was a pure accident of fate, whereas the truth was that she, like many other victims of the Holocaust, died of disease in the Nazi camps and as a result of being incarcerated there. As for Zyklon B, it was used to exterminate millions of human beings. I cannot accept that your objection to what I wrote has any validity whatsoever.”

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