Len Belmont - Introduction

Last month, while sorting through my old, unpublished manuscripts, I found two sketches I wrote for Len Belmont, a ventriloquist who contacted me through the Stage; that was all I could remember, actually, I didn't even remember he was a ventriloquist. I think probably he sent me a fiver for these sketches; I'm fairly sure I wouldn't have typed them up and sent them to him on spec.

Whatever, when I contacted him through his website on the evening of December 12, he didn't remember me, but said he was still working here and there, at the sprightly age of seventy-nine. We agreed that the Internet had changed everything; he said he didn't think there was much in the Stage anymore. When I said that to find jokes, all you had to do was key in for example “Tony Blair jokes” and thousands would come up, he replied “They would do”, which prompted me to point out that he'd just added another.

Anyway, for what they are worth, or not, the two sketches I wrote for him are linked below.

December 16, 2010

To Boy
To Marvo The Talking Dog

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