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The correspondence below is fairly straightforward. In accord with Internet protocol I have redacted the name of the individual concerned, although as he was soliciting my views for a study I do not imagine he would have any objection to my publishing it.

Apart from that I have tidied up the layout a bit (including removing quote signs, ie >), and added a few internal links for clarity. I have also used a two colour scheme - green for him. Finally, I have corrected one spelling mistake: “virtuall overnight” to “virtually overnight” - apparently the only one in the entire correspondence. That is all. There are a few grammatical errors, but I have decided to let them ride. At the time I was with NTLWorld; also this site did not yet have its own domain. As far as I recall, the following was the sum total of our correspondence.


 From: **********
 Date: 2007/04/08 Sun PM 08:10:04 BST
 Subject: questions
 Dear Mr. Baron,
 I am a student at the University of Pennsylvania who is conducting a study of 
 the Holocaust Conference and would like to ask you a few questions about your 
 position on the issue:
 1. What do you think actually happened to the Jews who were killed by the 
 Nazis in the Holocaust?
 2. What is your stance on the state of Israel? Why should the state exist, or 
 not exist?
 3. What did you think of the presence of rabbis at the Holocaust Conference? 
 What does it say about your cause?
 4. Are you both an anti-Semite and an anti-Zionist? What is the distinction 
 you make between the two?
 Thank you.
 **** *******


From: <>
Date: 2007/04/08 Sun PM 09:44:29 BST
To: <**********>
Subject: Re: questions


Am I an anti-Semite? Do you know anyone who hasn't been branded an anti-Semite 
including George Bush the Elder, Shirley Bassey and the son of Yehudi fucking 

As a starting point for the conference I would suggest you check out my website
and the Tehran Diary articles. I've also written about the conference on 
Mathaba.Net. You might also like to read the material I have written in 
conjunction with Rabbis, also on the site.

Regarding the State of Israel, much as I abhor the entity, as a racial 
separatist I think the only real solution is a two-state solution, so I suppose 
- shock horror - that makes me a Zionist of sorts. This is not the Islamic 
position, and certainly not the President of Iran's position but he is a great 
man nonetheless.

My cause? I have no cause as regards the Second World War, and I have not much 
interest in Holocaust Revisionism and haven't for a few years, I have other 
things on my plate.

Regarding the technical questions, refer to my paper, also on my site under 
Tehran Diary. The very least one can conclude is that as far as the Holocaust, 
Zionism and the Jewish Question generally is concerned is that we have been 
told a great many lies, and for whatever reason the vast majority of 
politicians and most particularly academics are totally spineless and refuse to 
see the elephant in the room. Time they removed the planks from their eyes, 
don't you think?

When you've read my site and if you have any further questions, get back to me. 
I will debate and defend my position on anything with any honest scholar, 
Gentile or Jew. When you find an honest scholar, let me know.

A Baron


From: <> 
Date: 2007/04/12 Thu AM 10:53:55 BST
To: <**********>
Subject: Re: Re: questions


I replied to this yesterday but the message bounced. I've got problems with 
ntlworld - who are a bunch of muppets - so if you e-mail me anytime in the next 
six months expect a long delay.


 From: **********
 Date: 2007/04/11 Wed AM 12:36:44 BST
 Subject: Re: questions
 Dear Mr. Baron, 
 I have read your diary and speech, and would like to ask you a few questions 
 to understand your point of view a bit better. Unlike many people who have 
 undoubtedly tried to contact you since the Conference, I am not approaching 
you for a debate, but only to get a first-hand account of the event.
I really should charge you for answering this lot.
 1. As you say, you are a racial separatist. As such, what would the ideal 
 Jewish state be in your opinion? Where would it be, and how would it behave?

Israel has no right to exist but neither does the United States. I can't see 
George Bush handing back the USA to the Red Man and by the same token we have 
to live with the realities of the Middle East, that is that there are a lot of 
Jews in Israel and a lot of Palestinians. Now the Palestinians have their own 
state - sort of - they should build on it.

How would Israel behave? It would prohibit torture, abolish all repressive laws 
and do all the other things Britain, the US and other "democracies" should 
 2. You call the Neturei Karta "real Jews" in your diary. Can they be 
 distinguished from the Jews of Israel? That is, can their behavior be 
distinguished from that of the state of Israel?  

Look, anyone can call himself a Jew, anyone can be called one, heck, I've been 
branded one often enough. Neturei Karta identify themselves as the followers of 
the Torah. They don't bother anyone and do their best to be good citizens of 
their respective nations, and when the chips are down they speak out against 

The "Jews" who live in Israel are really Israelis, the debate "Who's Jew" is 
endless but at the end of the day there are no proper racial criteria for 
Jewishness. Having said that I have no problem with "Jews" following Jewish 
benign traditions. 
 3. You argue that if other statesmen had enjoyed the courage of Ahmadinejad 
 in the last century that Israel would not have come into existence or would not 
 have been so militaristic. What would have happened to the Jews and the 
 landscape of the Middle East instead?
No I didn't say that, I said the situation in the Middle East wouldn't be 
anything like as bad as it is with the tail wagging the dog more often than 
not. There would certainly be less injustice in the world.

 4. Is Ahmadinejad an anti-Semite in your opinion? 
A ludicrous claim. Of course not.

From your account of him 
 hugging the NK rabbis, it appears that you would not hold such a view. 

I've just had a verbal punch up on Usenet with a guy who never tires of 
branding me a bigot because I don't like all Jews. Bigotry is blind adherence 
to dogma. A man who likes Jews regardless - for example those featured in the 
YouTube "If Americans Knew" video is not unbigoted, he is a creep. Why should I 
"like" people who break a man's arms with rocks?

I treat Jews the way I treat everyone else, some I like, some I don't, most I 
have no opinion of.
 5. Is Ahmadinejad an anti-Zionist? 


You suggest that he has said only that 
 Israel will no longer exist, not that he would be the reason for that. Is 
this accurate?

If you want to see what the President of Iran has actually said about the 
Zionist entity rather than what the Western media claims he has said I suggest 
you visit his website. Basically he said that Israel will disappear up its own 
exhaust pipe the same way as did the Soviet Union.

 6. From your "Jews Must Live (Why Anti-Semitism?)" poem it becomes clear that 
 you harbor some notion of Jewish stereotypes, or beliefs concerning the 
 nature of the Jew? Would you agree? What are these beliefs? What is your 

If you check out the poetry section of my website you will find all manner of 
unfavourable "stereotypes". The most ironic thing about the people who complain 
about such stereotypes is that they are generally the ones who best fit it. 

  7. One of your colleagues who attended the Conference wrote that the event 
 was not about anti-Semitism or anti-Zionism, but the right of free speech. 
Would  you agree? Was this everyone's "agenda"?
I think everyone who attended that conference had his or her own personal 
agenda. It is ironic though is it not that such a conference could not have 
been held in "democratic" Germany?

 8. You propose a re-enactment of the Holocaust gassings to prove once and for 
 all that such an action was not possible. How would you carry this out?
There is a very good computer simulation of the Kennedy assassination. Recently 
there was a bird flu outbreak in Britain and close to two million turkeys were 
gassed virtually overnight. Ten years ago there was a similar cull of cattle. A 
cow is a big animal but human beings are not cattle - well, most of them - and 
I really can't see how mass gassings would be possible. As I state in my paper, 
the scientific/medical literature concerning such gassings is non-existent. Why 
do you think that is?

In addition to that most of the testimony concerning murders in the camps is 
transparently false. Read the literature with a critical eye and you will see 
what I mean.

 9. If lies have been told about the Holocaust, as you allege, do you fault 
 the Jews?

No "if" about it. Oh boy, "the Jews" again. Read what I say about this 
dishonest rhetoric in my book HOLOCAUST DENIAL: NEW NAZI LIE OR NEW 
INQUISITION? And don't forget to throw in the Protocols of Zion.
 10. Out of curiosity, what was the reaction at the Conference to your joke 
 about the delousers at the Holocaust camps ("Nice work if you can get it.")?
That appears in the unedited version, which was not read at the conference. 
Like most speakers I didn't realise we would have so little time. If you check 
"Tehran Diary" you will see that I had to cut down the paper overnight.

 11. You portray the Jew as the "boy who cried wolf," seeing anti-Semitism in 
 everyone. What is real anti-Semitism and where would you find it today? 

Real anti-Semitism? I'll give you a very simple definition. "Hating Jews 
because they are Jewish. Hating Jews regardless". Nothing else. Not a belief in 
"Jewish conspiracies" Not stereotyping, not anything else, simply hating 

Was Hitler anti-Semitic?

Dumb question. Yes, but read what he said about the Jewish Question in Mein 
Kampf. Hitler was an ideological anti-Semite but not a mass murderer of Jews. 
He was though undoubtedly a murderer, and at the end of the day he destroyed 
Germany, and his anti-Jewish policies "before the War" were outrageous and 
inexcusable, but don't demonise the man. 
 12. If you could change one thing about Jews, what would it be?

Which Jews in particular? Again, it's not me who is stereotyping, is it?

 Thank you very much for cooperating. I am really interested in your 
 responses. I hope I can learn from this experience.
 **** *******

And your cheque will be in the post I think not.


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