Letter To A Braindead “Feminist” Academic And Zoora Shah Supporter

[The missive below was sent November 12, 2011; unsurprisingly there was no response. It is difficult to believe this woman is not only an academic but a PhD in Law. Incredibly, in her paper ZOORA SHAH: ‘AN UNUSUAL WOMAN’ she argues that Lord Justice Kennedy is guilty of hate speech. (Kennedy is not my favourite judge; I have actually appeared in front of him).

At the time of writing - November 2012 - the appeal judgment in Shah’s case has been removed from BAIILI for some reason, but I have commented on it briefly elsewhere.


Just read your pseudo-analysis of Zoora Shah; how did a dumb bitch like you ever earn a PhD? Not
on merit, that’s for sure.

So Lord Justice Kennedy branding the murdering cunt “an unusual woman” is “hate speech” - words fail
me. Obviously you miss the point; the language used in the Court of Appeal is generally far more
restrained than say mine. Zoora Shah was a cold-blooded killer who poisoned her lover on two
occasions, endangering her own children the first time.

On top of that she solicited a hit man, told the court a pack of lies, and was an all-round manipulative,
scheming little tart.

When Southall Black Sisters got on her case they fabricated a new defence with her that the Court of
Appeal saw through. She gave it her best shot at the trial, and when that failed, she wanted a second
bite of the cherry on different grounds. Tough titty, it doesn’t work like that.

I’d wish you better luck with Satpal Ram, but I’ve been there first.

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