Open Letter To Loony Larry O’Hara

November 15, 1998

Hello O’Hara,

You pathetic, paranoid little tosser. And now proven liar. In your latest ravings about how everyone under the sun is working for the “Secret State” save you and your gallant bunch of “anti-fascists” you have made the spurious claim, not for the first time, that I have plagiarised your research. Do you know what the word plagiarise means, Larry? According to my dictionary, a plagiary is “one who steals the thoughts or writings of others and gives them out as his own”. Do you understand that, it involves literary theft and the passing off of those words or ideas as original? Notwithstanding that we each and every one of us in all our writings must to some extent by definition pass on the thoughts and words of others, because we have all to some extent borrowed from those who came before us, nowhere in any of my scholarly writings have I ever plagiarised anyone, because in keeping with proper academic practice, all my works are footnoted, some of them quite heavily.

In the new issue of Notes From The Borderland you have accused me specifically of plagiarising your “research” into the Notting Hill bomb plot nonsense. My writings on the bomb plot appear principally in my unauthorised and unsanitised biography of Ray Hill, of which the highly fictional bomb plot is one small part. Nevertheless, on page 2 of the Acknowledgments appear the words “I would also like to thank...Larry O’Hara...” That is clear, isn’t it? You were both acknowledged and thanked.

Chapter 12 (actually Part 12) of the book is the one which deals principally with the bomb plot. My analysis covers the various different versions, in particular as presented by Hill’s “autobiography”, in the national press, in Searchlight magazine itself and in the pseudo-documentary The Other Face Of Terror.

On page 67 I use the phrase “As O’Hara points out”, and on page 122 a footnote gives the full citation for this quote. Is that plagiarism? In fact, as you well know, I began researching Gable and his gang around the same time or quite likely a bit before you. I first met Mark Taha in November 1990 and it was his giving me The Other Face Of Terror to read shortly after our first meeting which led to our (my and his) researches into the Searchlight Organisation, so you didn’t even inspire me.

There are 29 footnotes in my chapter on the bomb plot; my sources include both a letter from and a telephone conversation with, a Special Branch officer. That letter has long been in the public domain, or at the very least Gable has seen it because it was included in my list of documents served on his solicitors in my successful libel action against him. How many Special Branch officers did you speak to or correspond with during the course of your “research”?

My other research for this chapter and for the book included, but was not limited to, spending many hours at the Newspaper Library poring over back issues of the Leicester Mercury, the News Of The World, the Jewish Chronicle, and even South African newspapers. It included corresponding with two overseas Jewish academic organisations, going to considerable lengths to track down George Lewis - the Jewish businessman whom Ray Hill set up for disgusting sexual offences - and speaking with a then - and still current - member of the British Movement. That and other things. My book has an eight page bibliography and nearly thirty pages of footnotes; that is not plagiarism, that is proper scholarly research and citation. Do you get the message, Loony Larry? In case you don’t, let me spell it out. In the first instance, this book and all my still ongoing researches into the Searchlight Organisation was my idea, and in the second, none of it is plagiarised from you.

Your “research” consists of a series of unsupported assertions that Gerry Gable, the Searchlight Organisation, and almost everyone associated with him and it is in cahoots with the “Secret State”, yet you adduce no meaningful evidence for this, for the obvious reason. In your previous paranoid garbage you have even accused me of making “printed defences” of Searchlight, a statement Gable himself will surely find incredulous. Again, there is no meaningful evidence that Searchlight is an organ of or a front for anything called the Secret State any more than there is any truth in your claim that Searchlight does not submit accounts, but you know that already because you’ve read my previous reply to your ravings, SEARCHLIGHT WATCHING FOR BEGINNERS..., which corrects this error. It also corrects another “error”, namely that it was you who “researched” the antecedents of Mrs Sonia Gable, the former Sonia Hochfelder, and put them well and truly in the public domain. Who is the plagiarist now, Loony Larry? And no, Sweet Sonia was not, during her youthful innocence, ferreting out “anti-fascists” in order to set them up for assassination by Loyalist death squads, rather she was a genuine racial-nationalist who combined European nationalism with a passionate defence of Zionism.

A few comments are in order about the time I spent in Brixton. In November 1996 I was fitted up and thrown into gaol on the whim of a bent copper. I was acquitted. Do you understand? Not guilty? Oh and by the way, Gable did not claim to be in contact with “200 BNP members”. When I cross-examined him at the trial in reply to my question how many BNP members are you in regular contact with he replied: “About a hundred”. Does that constitute another “printed defence”?

With regard to my sojourn in Brixton this year, this was for five weeks and was again the result of a police fit up, in particular by the same Filth hellbent on revenge for my acquittal last year. Although my appeal against my conviction for harassment was dismissed at Inner London Crown Court on November 2, the court accepted, after I had produced overwhelming evidence, that I had not made the “menacing” phone call which led to my arrest. This means that my conviction - which will now be appealed to the High Court - resulted from my writing two letters to a civil servant, one in reply to a letter she wrote to me.

For all the talk of you and your ilk about the evils of “fascism” Larry, you are remarkably ignorant. We are living under fascism now; the framework of tyranny is already in place. I managed to prove I had not made any such phone call by obtaining disclosure of British Telecom phone records which proved that no calls had been made to the specified number from any call box in the vicinity at the given time. Obviously you didn’t know it, although you may well have “speculated”, but British Telecom, and therefore the “Secret State”, have a permanent record of the time and duration of every call made from every call box in the land, and by the same token from every private phone.

So next time you order one of my publications, Loony Larry, don’t waste money buying a postal order, send me a cheque. I won’t pass on your banking details to my masters in the “Secret State”, because they have them already.

One other thing Larry, you mention a publication attributed to a certain Judge Watts, as you seem to know so much about this, you might like to explain it to Southwark C.I.D., so I’ll be passing on a copy of your article to them.

Yours with contempt,

A Baron

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