The Conspiracy We All Know
Doesn’t Really Exist -
And How It Operates

An Address Concerning
The Machinations Of The
“International Jewish Conspiracy”
In The Modern World

by Alexander Baron

delivered February 21, 2000



Published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing,

Distributed by InƒoText Manuscripts,
93c Venner Road,
London SE26 5HU.

ISBN 1 898318 64 6

Copyright Alexander Baron, 2000


[This speech was delivered to the Redbridge Branch of the British National Party on the evening of Tuesday, February 21, 2000. It was completed about a year before. The text as published here is more or less verbatim, but this dissertation was not written primarily as a speech, rather as a presentation - verbal or written - to further enlighten those already in the know. The footnotes were not cited at the time.]

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