ABaron Had A PeeCee

In May 2002, I was doing some hard disk maintenance and deleted some of my less inspired stuff. In this context there were a few poems that I posted to CIX many years ago. Well, maybe not such a few!

I found the following ode in a file dated April 9, 1994, reprinted here verbatim. I have no idea now who was the author, DaveP.

My contemporaneous (or fairly contemporaneous) note reads:

I donít think this poem has a title. It was downloaded from CIX, and itís obviously a piss take of Yours Truly.

I have no idea what the carat C in the last line means.

August 28, 2010

ABaron had a PeeCee,
ABaron had a curse,
ABaron wrote a program
To write a lot of verse.

ABaronís cyber-Pegasus
Went promptly into flight,
And found some fine poetic themes
To set the world alight.

It found that a love is good or bad;
And cardboard cities smell;
And people can be nasty
In cinemas as well;

And loneliness is not much fun
When New Yearís clarion rings;
And ripples can remind you
Of impermanence and things.

The harmless Loch Ness monster
Could not escape its song -
ABís poetic PeeCee
Went on, and on, and on.

ďOh do not patronise!Ē it cried
ďAnd do not humour me...Ē
To all the little Cixen
Who longed for ^C!

[Sorry... DaveP.] by Ariadne

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