Fan Mail From Argentina

The following E-mail was received March 2, 2003 from a researcher in Argentina.

Alexander Baron:

I have been searching some interesting and accurate material in the 
internet about the Federal Reserve Bank and I have found some great 
difficulties. First,there is too much ideologically far right antisemitic stuff 
around, and besides it is difficult to be sure that any given information is 
actually reliable. Since i read some of your work about some conspiracy 
theorists (the interview to Eustace Mullins)
i realy liked te way you try to isolate solid proven facts from bullshit and 
antisemitism. so I am writting you this mail to ask you for some serious 
imformation in the subject that i have already mentioned. I am actually 
trying to establish contact whit serious researchers who are intending to 
make a fact finding effort toward the ultimate enlightment of the real 
conspiracys and i found your articles very usefull to describe the 
psychology of conpiracys and conspiracy theorists.
It would be really gracefull to receive an e mail back
sorry if i made some gramatical or spelling mistakes but i am argentinian 
and english is my second language.
Questions or Thoughts in other subjects are also welcomed.

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