Fan Mail From Canada

The following was received from a fan in Saskatchewan, Canada, on November 22, 2011 under the subject heading Re: Wow. I just found some old stuff you wrote. I really like it.

It is reproduced here verbatim.


Iíve been doing some searching and I had no idea you have written so much over the last few years. I was impressed with your defense of revisionists and their right to freedom of speech for one thing. I was also happy to see you talk about the difference between Jews and hardcore Zionists. I see you are a fan of neuri Katra (sp?) like I am. I highly respect them. Mainly because they are responsible for educating me on Zionists frustrating the efforts of Jews to get out of anti semitic European countries like Germany (to some extent) in the second world war. Their famous internet essay 10 Questions to the Zionists is one of my favourites. In other words, Zionists will kill Jews for political gain and then claim anti semitism if you expose them, when THEY are in fact anti semites if they are killing Jews. Iím glad to see you on this bandwagon about exposing the TRUE Jewish anti semites. It seems to me that the ultimate tragedy is that a Jewís greatest enemy is another Jew.

I was also happy to see you dismissing the protocols of zion as fiction. I canít tell you how many times I have heard ignorami claim this is genuine. It really bothers me. I mainly see it from people who deal in white power pamphlets and crappy internet movies that anyone can make on youtube. In other words, people who donít have the capacity to read and understand books that are even remotely dense and deal in proper arguments and history.

I also saw on your website a writeup where you mocked people who blamed Bolshevism as a totally Jewish conspiracy. That made me happy. These so called Jewish controllers like Lenin were mental defectives who were paid to say what they said publicy and they did have secret international banking support. A lot of them were in fact PREDATORY capitalist banker gentiles who did partner up with some Jews to fund the Bolsheviks like the Warburgs and Schiffs. I love directing ignorant anti semites that have an irrational hatred for all Jews to Anthony Suttonís book WALL STREET AND THE RISE OF BOLSHEVISM since it focuses in on a lot of Gentile elements behind Bolshevism. They have no response except insults. They hate having their world view shaken up. And I see you and other respected authors as continuing that tradition. To say we can question Zionism but not hate Jews. We can question Zionism and still defend and want to protect Jews who are just as innocent and deserving of their rights as any other human being. For that you have my intellectual and philosophical support. Itís the best thing if we can expose these nutters while at the same time educating duped and innocent Jews that the real Jew haters are also ones that trick the Jews into thinking the holocaust is as was taught to us all, and that every gentile wants to kill them. In other words the Zionists are preventing Jews and Gentiles from being friends and are preventing peace for selfish political gains. This is not conspiracy theory. This is a matter of public record in my opinion. Not too many people can see that, but Iím elated to see that youíre one of the writers who are pointing that out. IS THAT ANOTHER POSSIBLE REASON YOUíRE BEING ATTACKED AND THAT NOT TO MUCH IN THE SO CALLED ALTERNATIVE TRUTH MOVEMENT KNOW ABOUT YOU? BECAUSE YOU ARE ATTEMPTING TO DIFFUSE THE IRRATIONAL AND INSANE HATRED OF ALL JEWS AND EXPOSE IT, THEREBY DEPRIVING THE ZIONISTS OF A POLITICAL WEAPON? Yes, that is mainly a rhetorical question.

We may not agree on some things, but Iím finding you have written a lot I agree with. If this mail order does reach me and the mailmen do their job right, I will have more questions for you about what books/pamphlets you have available for me to purchase. I am convinced I will be a repeat customer of yours.

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